Awakening the Incubus (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,884
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Menage, Paranormal, Werewolves, Romantic Suspense, MMMM, HEA]

Harvey Mays is an ordinary human being. After getting attacked by some men, he's caught up in a series of murder cases. Some of the victims are supernatural beings or creatures. That's how he meets Zachary Carr, Cameron Hopkins, and Allan Schwartz, three attractive men who happen to be werewolves. The werewolves also claim that Harvey is their soulmate.

The four men date and nurture their relationship while investigating certain suspicious activities. They discover that Lilu, the first incubus to ever come into existence, is involved in the murder cases. Lilu's believers are sacrificing humans, along with supernatural beings and creatures, to awaken the incubus and summon him onto the mortal plane. Allan, Cameron, Harvey, and Zachary must work together to thwart the evil plans. 

Will the four men succeed in defeating Lilu and his believers while creating a bond of love that is meant to last for all eternity?

Awakening the Incubus (MMMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Awakening the Incubus (MMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 44,884
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Allan peeked at the back of the car. The unknown man had yet to open his eyes, but at the very least, he was still breathing. Aside from the sound of the man’s breaths, Allan could also detect the beating of the stranger’s heart. He was relieved, but his concern wasn’t alleviated much. He stepped a little harder on the gas pedal. Less than fifteen minutes later, he arrived at the hospital. After parking the car, he carried the unknown man all the way into the emergency section. A part of him was relieved when a doctor and a couple of nurses greeted him before taking charge of the situation, but he was also angry and worried because his prospective mate had been taken away from him. He had to force himself to calm down. He was glad he succeeded because, a moment later, Beth, one of the nurses, inquired about the man’s identity, and he was unable to give any answers. He had to explain the circumstances. Beth didn’t bother him afterward, but she told him to remain at the hospital because she needed to report this case to the police, and one of the officers would definitely want to talk to him.

“I’ll stay here and wait for the police,” Allan promised.

Cameron and Zachary reached the hospital before the police did, and Allan summarized everything to his mates. When he got to the part about the stranger smelling like a potential mate, Cameron and Zachary stared at him in silence for a few seconds. He could tell that they were curious about the unknown man.

“What…what’s his scent like?” Cameron asked.

“Sweet and fragrant,” Allan replied, and he couldn’t help but smile a little at the memory. “Like honey, sugar, breads, cookies, and cakes, but the combined aroma was much more intense. Most importantly, I could feel myself becoming rather high and intoxicated when I inhaled it earlier.”

“Yummy,” Cameron interjected, and Allan chuckled a little.

“Yeah,” Allan agreed, and then he had to suppress his fury when he recalled the stench of blood and pain all over the unknown man.

It was too late, though. His anger had leaked out some, and Cameron and Zachary were looking at him.

“What’s wrong, baby?”

Allan sighed while gazing into Cameron’s eyes. “I don’t know the extent of his injuries, but they must be bad because he lost consciousness while I was fighting against his assailants.”

Cameron and Zachary appeared really mad. Allan noticed that his mates’ claws had lengthened slightly, and even their fangs were starting to become rather obvious. Fortunately, Cameron and Zachary somehow managed to calm down, and their claws and fangs retracted soon after. The three of them couldn’t continue with the conversation because a couple of police officers approached them then. The cops pulled Allan to the side.

“Mr. Schwartz, I’m Officer Terrence,” one of the policemen introduced himself while flashing his badge before pointing at his partner. “And this is my partner, Officer Samantha. The doctor gave us the victim’s wallet earlier, and we found his ID. The man’s name is Harvey Mays. Can you tell us what happened?”

Allan explained that he had no idea why or how the fight started, but he couldn’t ignore the fact that it was four against one. He also informed Terrence and Samantha about the location where the assault had occurred. Terrence and Samantha had a few questions for him afterward, but he was unable to answer them since his knowledge was limited. When the police officers were satisfied, they requested Allan’s contact information before they walked away. The police needed to have another chat with the doctor, nurses, and, if possible, Harvey before leaving the hospital. Unfortunately, Harvey still hadn’t woken up by the time the police officers were done with the doctor and nurses who were in charge. Zachary, Allan, and Cameron decided that it would be pointless for them to remain there. It would be best for them to return the next day to check up on Harvey. They were lucky that the doctor in charge of Harvey happened to be at the nurses’ station at the time, so they quickly approached him.

“Can you please give Harvey our numbers when he wakes up?” Zachary said while writing down his, Cameron’s, and Allan’s phone numbers on a piece of paper. “Just in case he regains consciousness during the night or in the early morning hours.”

Allan had no idea where Zachary had acquired the paper and pen from. He hadn’t been paying attention. The important part was to make sure that their future mate had a way of getting in touch with him, Cameron, and Zachary. The doctor accepted the paper from Zachary.

“It’s the end of my shift, and I’m about to head home, but I’ll pass this paper to one of the nurses,” the doctor promised.

Zachary, Allan, and Cameron thanked the doctor before they made their way to their cars. They didn’t stay back much longer because there was no point in doing so. They weren’t the man’s family members. Moreover, their mate-to-be had yet to regain consciousness.

“I’ll drive Allan’s car home,” Cameron informed Zachary.

“Okay,” Zachary said. “Be careful. I’ll see you both at home.”

After that, they split up. Allan was grateful to have Cameron with him. He found it rather difficult to concentrate because he couldn’t stop worrying about their prospective mate lying on a hospital bed all alone. He would most probably find it hard to fall asleep that night, but he had to try. He needed to rest up properly so he could wake up early the next morning and return to the hospital. He had to make sure that Harvey was all right.




“Are you ready for my cock, baby?”

Harvey was so delirious it took him quite a few seconds to figure out Allan’s words inside his head. “Yeah, but use plenty of lube. Your cock is huge.”

Allan chuckled. “It’s only nine inches.”

“But it’s really thick,” Harvey retorted.

“It is,” Allan agreed before kissing Harvey briefly on the lips. “Do you want me to put on a condom?”

“Do you have any sexually transmitted diseases?” Harvey shot back without missing a beat.

Allan shook his head. “Werewolves can’t catch any diseases. We have immunity against them, and most toxic substances are also useless against us.”

“I got tested recently, and the results are good,” Harvey said. Then he grinned at Allan. “Will you fuck me raw and come inside my ass?”

Allan seemed to stop breathing for a second or two before he nodded. After that, he accepted a bottle of lubricant from Cameron. He slicked up his dick with plenty of lubricant before lifting Harvey’s legs and placing them on his shoulders.

“I’ll fill you up with as much cum as you want.”

Harvey laughed, but it quickly turned into a painful grunt when Allan abruptly thrust into him. “Fuck!”

“That’s the idea, baby.”

Allan didn’t give Harvey any time to adjust to the intrusion. He immediately started pounding into Harvey’s ass without any mercy. It hurt like a bitch, and Harvey couldn’t stop screaming as Allan rammed into him repeatedly. After a while, he began to enjoy the incredible sensation of being hammered by Allan. He must have gotten used to the length and girth of Allan’s dick inside his ass. Or maybe he was distracted by Cameron and Zachary, both of whom were taking turns to kiss him on the lips and cheeks, licking his ears and neck, and using their fingers to play with his nipples. He wanted to stroke his leaking cock, but Allan would slap his hands away every single time.

When Cameron buried his dick inside Harvey’s ass moments later, he was less sadistic than Allan. He slid into Harvey’s hole slowly. Harvey was thankful for that because Cameron’s cock, while not as thick as Allan’s, was at least half an inch longer. He could feel every inch as it went into his ass. Cameron was a fun lover, and he took his time, pushing in and pulling out as if he had all the time in the world. Harvey appreciated that very much, but he didn’t get to fully enjoy it because Zachary demanded his attention by pressing their lips together. Meanwhile, Allan was pinching one of Harvey’s nipples between his index finger and thumb. He was also slurping hard on Harvey’s dick as if he were doing everything he could to siphon out every single drop of Harvey’s cum.

However, Harvey failed to reach his orgasm time and time again because Allan would stop sucking on his dick whenever he was mere seconds away from going over the edge. Harvey became angry, frustrated, and even hornier than he already was. After a while, Allan took over from Cameron, slipping his dick into Harvey’s ass and pummeling him. Cameron would replace Allan several minutes later. The two werewolves did that multiple times, and Harvey was confused because Zachary seemed content to simply make out with him. As much as he loved Allan’s and Cameron’s dicks inside his ass, a part of him was curious why Zachary had yet to get inside him.

“Zack, are you not interested in fucking me?” Harvey asked when Allan and Cameron swapped places with each other for what felt like the hundredth time.

He loved breathing in the intoxicating scents of the three werewolves. They made him feel full. They also gave a similar inebriated effect that one would have after consuming several glasses of the world’s best alcoholic beverage. He gazed into Zachary’s eyes when the alpha kissed him on the forehead. Then Zachary smiled at Harvey.

“Later, baby.”

Harvey couldn’t understand why Zachary wanted to wait, but he didn’t get the chance to ponder any further because he noticed Allan and Cameron were trying to penetrate his ass at the same time. He was terrified, but he was simultaneously excited. He didn’t think both of those gigantic cocks could fit inside his ass. Hence, he was shocked when both Cameron and Allan managed to bury their dicks deep inside him. His ass stung from being overstretched, but it also felt amazing. While Cameron and Allan were thrusting in and out, Zachary would kiss Harvey with so much passion and tenderness. Harvey was also overwhelmed by the abundance of sexual pheromones in the air. He wasn’t totally sated yet, but he was no longer starving.

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