Changing Their Wolfen Heritage (MFM)

A Wolfen Heritage 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,197
45 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters]

What happens when brother wolf shifters fall in love with the same woman? Wolves don’t share their mates, or do they?

Ethan and Latan can’t keep their hands off the Pack’s new schoolteacher.  Unfortunately, Kitania is proving to be quite the mystery. She has no scent identifying her inner beast, no background they can verify, and she seems entirely too interested in their family’s arch enemy.

Kitania’s in love for the very first time. Even knowing they’ll send her packing if they find out what she truly is, she’s still dreaming of family, and happily ever after. She can’t afford to be distracted if she wants to complete her mission for the National Council.

When their enemy captures a family member, Kitania must decide where her loyalties lie. She can reveal her true nature and help with the rescue, but will it cost her the love of the brothers?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Changing Their Wolfen Heritage (MFM)
45 Ratings (4.3)

Changing Their Wolfen Heritage (MFM)

A Wolfen Heritage 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 82,197
45 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
A continuation of this series about those who struggle with their shifter backgrounds, who worry about the outcome of their lives within that context, and those who want the romance of the moment but wonder about what a life-long commitment would mean for them if, indeed, they claimed their mates. As always, Ms Martine writes beautifully and her characters, for all the paranormal fantasy at the core of the story, smack of real life, with real responses to situations that could come out of any scenario in today's world--minus the shifter stuff, of course. I have enjoyed all her books and find that she keeps the flow of the story consistent throughout, and a reader's interest is captured from word one. That means a really good novel, in my book.
Dr. J
Loved this book, great story line funny,with lots of great love seens really enjoyed this book.
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5 TEA CUPS: "Changing Their Wolfen Heritage by Missy Martine is an exceptional book with so much passion, sadness, and pain but overall happiness. The book setting out in the mountain areas, surrounded by the forest, the wilderness makes this book just memorizing. You get lost in the scenery but there are big creatures, beasts called The River Wind Pack. This Pack is mesmerizing in how werewolves come together in showing their support whenever they need it and never leave anyone behind no matter what the situation might be. There are several plots in this short story and several relationships that will be forming and lets see how they can survive the situations that happen to this pack, and most importantly will all the new relationships, survive at the end. There are a couple of characters that are introduced in the beginning of this book that are very unique. The brothers to the Alpha have been sharing a woman since they have been able to date. Ethan and Latan are adorable but they have their own personality that is, Ethan is the clown of the family and Latan is more of the serious brother. They are adorable and they are funny and witty, but when it comes to protecting their family they are the first to jump up and ready to protect. I would like to have these as brothers, even one, as my significant other know that they will be there for you at all times no matter what. The passionate, loving nights that you could have with either one of them showing you the time of your life in bed and out. The brothers have had their fun but after meeting a sexy young woman that will be the school teacher, Kitania, they both want to date her. Kitania is a very special person that will certainly bring change to this pack that will impact everyone. Kitania is an amazing woman that can handle her own problems and will not let anyone get in the way of her mission. Her character is so independent and has no problem with violence since it seems that she has gone through hell and back throughout her life. She has this grace about her and loves that she has been able to hold back her own true else to this pack, but for how long? Ethan and Latan are wanting a serious relationship with Kitania but can it actually work after finding out the truth about her interest in being in that pack. These are amazing characters that have so much to offer and only their closeness, love and patience can overcome their hurdles in life. Like I stated in the beginning there are several plots in this book that are disturbing, painful and sickening about how a single person can do so much damage. In trying not to give too much of the story line, there will be a danger to several wolves in the pack that will be detrimental to the Alpha and his anger will not be good. Several wolves will be hurt and chance of recovery is unknown to the pack, only time will tell. This situation is one that will leave her wanting to read more and more and not put the book down until you know what happened to everyone. I recommend this book to anyone to read it is amazing and Missy Matine did an amazing job. You will not regret it; it will captivate you from the beginning to the end." -- Monica, Happily Ever After Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "Remus has his hands full in this installment of the wolfen series. Maddie his mate is pregnant and his brothers find their mate, as does Mali. Add in the danger of a new scientist bent on finding, studying and making a new species from any shifters that he can capture, which include his pack and mostly Maddie right now. I really enjoyed watching Latan and Ethan process and than figure out their love for Tania and just what they were going to do about it. Both of the brothers are wonderful men who love Tania with all their hearts and are more than willing to fight for her. Tania may have secrets in her past but she finds that she can stand on her own but does not have to and learns to lean on her mates as well as the rest of the pack. As we watch the three become one we also get to see Mali find his mate in Melissa. Mali is a wonderful man who wants nothing more than to love his mate. Melissa is a woman ready for change and being a good friend she has come to stand by Michael's side as he starts his new life. When Melissa finds out just what Mali and the rest of Michael's new family are we get to see what a strong woman she really is and just how far her love for Mali reaches. There was a lot going on in this book but Missy Martine weaves it all together into a magical tale that keeps you turning the pages to find out what will come next. With characters full of emotions and depth making this is a book that should not be missed. I loved seeing everything play out. It was nice seeing all the characters continue to be in each book of this series. When you start to read Changing Their Wolfen Heritage and see everyone it is like going home. I really enjoyed visiting the Wind River pack again and hope to find more stories about them in the future." -- Gabrielle, The Romance Studio

4 DRAGONS: "If you are a fan of having two stories for the price of one, then you need to pick up a copy of Missy Martine’s Changing Their Wolfen Heritage. The plot was enriched with secrets, devastation, danger and numerous sizzling sexual encounters. The courtship of Tania and Melissa was hot enough to melt chocolate. I really enjoyed both romances and how they were uniquely their own all while enclosing the twosomes/threesomes into the disturbing chaos had that managed to surround the entire pack. There was never a dull moment to be found in this spectacular read. You will find yourself quickly caught up in this passion-filled tale from start to finish. While Changing Their Wolfen Heritage is part of a series, it was easily a standalone read and a pleasurable one at that. Nevertheless, I would suggest reading the previous two novels within this series for more enjoyment pleasure." -- Nikita Steele, Veiled Secrets Reviews

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Latan looked around the Pack House meeting room as the Elders, and a few other wolves from the pack, gathered. Remus had called everyone together on this beautiful Sunday morning to discuss some problem the pack faced. Personally, he would prefer being curled up in his bed dreaming of the hot, new teacher. He snickered as he watched his brother Ethan slowly shuffle through the door. They had both been up pretty late last night, trying to come up with a foolproof plan for getting on the teacher’s good side.

“Did they start without me?” Ethan mumbled as he took the seat next to Latan.

“No, Remus is still talking to Vanard.” Vanard was the head Elder of their pack, and Latan had often wondered how Remus kept from killing him. The Alpha was the top ruler of any pack and always had the final word in any situation. Vanard had a tendency to forget who was in charge. Latan stared into his brother’s bloodshot eyes. “Man, you look like shit.”

Ethan took a deep breath and then glared at his brother. “You’re no vision of beauty yourself this morning.” He rubbed a hand over his forehead. “Do you know what this meeting is supposed to be about?”

“No, Remus hasn’t said anything.”

Before Ethan could respond, Remus’s voice shot out over the room. “Okay, my fellow pack mates. We have a new threat to address.” He waited until every wolf in the room was silent before continuing. “Yesterday, Koril discovered that Dr. Constantine left a bunch of records in a safety deposit box at the bank. They’re now in the hands of Dr. Vincent Kaugh.”

“What kind of records?” asked Taynor Wind River.

“At this point, there’s no way to know for certain. We’re operating under the assumption that they’re records from his so-called medical research on shape-shifting wolves.” Remus took a deep breath as a fierce look came over his face. “He’s probably now in possession of all Constantine’s records on Maddie.” His voice was a mixture of pain and fury.

“What do you think he’ll do with them, Remus?” Taynor’s voice carried a soft growl with his words. He was an extremely fierce wolf, despite being an investment counselor who handled all the pack’s finances.

Remus walked over to the window. For a moment, he stood quietly, seemingly lost in thought. Then he turned and growled before answering. “I think he’ll try and continue Constantine’s work. Hell, he may even try and kidnap Maddie so he’ll have the same test subject.” He walked over and sat back down, then glanced down the table. “Koril, why don’t you fill them in on what you’ve learned about Kaugh?”

Koril stood and bowed respectfully to Remus before he addressed the rest of the pack. He and Brenner handled all security matters for the Wind River Pack, and it would be dangerous to have him for an enemy. “Kaugh comes from Carsonville, California. He’s been involved in secret research for more than twenty years. The National Council believes the research involves shifters, possibly more than just wolves. He showed up here after he learned that Constantine had been killed.” Koril grimaced and shot an apologetic look toward Remus. “We were careless and didn’t find out about the dummy corporation that Constantine set up until it was too late to stop Kaugh from getting his hands on the safety deposit box. He just waltzed in with a key and took everything there.”

“We don’t want to just go storming in to retrieve the files until we have more facts,” Remus said. “We need to know exactly what we’re dealing with and how many others might be involved. We don’t want any more scientists showing up after we take this man out.”

“Right now, Kaugh has three associates with him,” Koril said. “Sean Cross, Marty Dyer, and Calvin Ames. None of these men are scientists or doctors, and they’re human. It’s pretty obvious that they’re his muscle.”

“Alpha, what is it you want us to do?” asked Vanard.

“Kaugh has rented a place on Main Street, just across from the building where Michael is setting up his office. I don’t think he would have gone to the trouble of renting space unless he was up to something.” Remus looked out at the members of his pack. “I want to keep him under surveillance until we figure out what he’s planning. I want to find out who else knows about his research and if there are any other test subjects that might need our help.” He got to his feet and took on the fierce aura of an Alpha. Shoulders back, canines extended, his inner power snaked through the room.

As Latan watched his older brother, a movement to the right caught his attention, and he turned to look toward the windows. Down on his knees, Taynor was looking at something under the table.

“I want help in guarding my mate twenty-four hours a day,” Remus cried out. “I won’t let anyone take her from me again.” He lowered his head in an unusual show of humility. “I need your help to protect her.” He raised his eyes, and they swept the room. “It’s vital that we keep her safe. She’s expecting our first pup.”

As the room broke out in a round of congratulations, Latan watched Taynor crawl under the table. Intrigued, he stood and walked toward the older man. Suddenly, he stopped and watched, incredulous, as Taynor rose to his feet holding a small black cat by the scruff of its neck.

“Well, lookey, lookey! I tink I see a puddy tat!” Taynor laughed, mimicking the line from a children’s television cartoon, as the cat hissed and thrashed about trying to free itself.

Latan groaned. He’d always hated cats. “Looks to me like you found a snack, Taynor,” he encouraged, with an exaggerated wink.

Vanard came rushing over. “No, for God’s sake, don’t hurt it. If I’m not mistaken, it belongs to our new teacher.”


Latan’s hands gripped the bottom of her shirt and began inching it up. Wanting to feel their skin against her own, Tania lifted her arms to make it easier and soon found herself standing in only her bra and jeans. Warm skin cocooned her, filling her with an internal fire that threatened to consume her very soul. Why does it feel so right to be here, between them?

Without warning, Tania was turned around, her back firmly against Ethan’s warm chest. Latan bent and nibbled lightly at the corner of her mouth then traced her lips with the tip of his tongue. Ethan pushed her hair aside and bit the back of her neck before trailing his lips down the middle of her back. His hands squeezed the cheeks of her ass before coming around to caress her mound through the stiff denim.

Her eyes closed as Latan pulled down the lacy cup of her bra and captured the taut nipple between his fingers, rolling the tip. A whimper of pleasure escaped her when his mouth moved down and covered the aching crest of one breast. Ethan’s hands smoothed across her naked back after he released the hooks of her bra and pushed it down her shoulders. Latan’s lips kept it from falling to the floor.

Arms slid around her hips, fingers opening the fastening of her jeans and tunneling underneath her silk panties. It felt so wicked to have a pair of hands searching between her legs while another tortured her breasts. Tania decided she’d been a bystander too long. It was time for her to do some exploring of her own.

Smiling, she pushed Latan away and let her bra drop to the floor. His eyes lit with a whole new interest. Ethan pulled free of her jeans and then grabbed the waist and peeled them, along with her panties, down her body. He encouraged her to step out of them and then allowed his hands to move slowly up her thighs. Gripping her hips tightly, he traced his tongue from the back of her knee up to the curve of her ass. Nuzzling between the round globes, he licked a line straight down, stopping to tease the tiny, puckered opening. Tania tensed and clenched the muscles tight.

Ethan chuckled. “That won’t stop me, honey. Nobody ever play around back here before?”

Tania gulped and had trouble answering. Latan had discovered the silky hair covering her sex. “No, never,” she managed to groan.

“That’s okay, we’ll take it slow. I promise, if you don’t like it, we’ll stop.” He went back to caressing the virgin territory, leaving goose bumps along her skin.

Latan abandoned her breast and dropped his hand to the area between her legs. His fingers trailed leisurely through the trimmed hair and then traced around her labia, causing Tania to go up on her toes. “What’s wrong, baby?” He laughed.

She decided it was time to make these macho men squirm just a little. Latan’s chest was broad and very muscular, with just a smidgen of hair trailing down the middle. She reached out and flicked the tip of her tongue back and forth across one male nipple a couple of times, delighting in the sound of his gasping breath. Ethan came to his feet behind her. She could only guess he was envious of the touches she lavished on his brother.

Her fingers delved beneath Latan’s jeans, her fingers curling around his hardened flesh. He stepped up close to her caressing hand when she reached between their bodies to tear open his fly. Tania’s eyes widened when his cock jumped out eagerly as his zipper lowered. He hadn’t bothered to wear underwear under his jeans. He was huge, at least nine inches, and fully aroused. There’s no way I can even get my hand around that monster.

She turned her head when she felt movement and heard the rustle of clothing behind her. Ethan pushed his jeans to the floor, quickly stepping out and kicking them away. He was nude, his thick cock rising up from a nest of black curls. He wasn’t quite as thick as Latan, but she would be willing to bet he was a little longer. Tania licked her lips and reached out to cup his sac while stroking her hand firmly up and down Latan’s cock. Both men growled, their eyes closed, their heads thrown back.

Leaning over, she licked across the head of Ethan’s twitching cock. He growled loudly, reached out, and hauled Tania clear off the floor, plastering her against his chest. His lips ravished hers almost brutally.

“On the pillows, Ethan, now.” Latan groaned as he discarded his own jeans.

Tania felt herself lowered to the floor and then sank into the softness of the pillows. It had grown dark outside, and the firelight made dancing patterns across the muscular bodies of the two brothers as they dropped to lie on each side of her. Latan’s hand caressed across her chest, his palm filling with her breast as she pushed into his touch. She groaned as he massaged, plucking gently, rhythmically, at the nipple.

Ethan’s fingers played across her other breast, right before his tongue flattened over the rigid tip. He licked and sucked at the tiny nub before moving to her mouth. Fingers threaded through her hair as he captured her lips in a hot kiss, sucking steadily on her tongue, filling her with his taste. Her tongue twined with his, teasing it back into her own mouth, where he explored, finding all her sensitive spots.

Latan released her nipple, slipping his hand down her belly to rake his thick index finger along her cleft. He plucked and teased her clit before slipping his finger inside her slit, moving it slowly in and out before tracing her cleft again.

Tania looked down as they each grabbed a thigh, coaxing her legs apart. She could see Ethan’s very large cock bob up and down in his excitement. She swallowed hard and wondered if it would hurt. She’d never been with anyone that large before. Ethan began to suckle her breast, while Latan ran his fingers through the hair guarding her pussy.

“This is so sexy, the way you trim here.” Ethan leaned down and inhaled deeply. “I can smell the cream that’s collecting between your legs.” His finger ran up her slit gathering the proof of her desire. While he held her gaze, his finger plunged between his lips. “God, you taste good, baby.” Moving to lie between her spread thighs, Ethan lowered his face to her pussy and inhaled deeply once more. “I feel like I could take you inside me and hold you forever.” His shoulders pushed her legs wider. “I’m gonna bury myself in your velvet wetness, Tania, and I may never come out.”

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