Einarr (MM)

Demon Warriors 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,456
54 Ratings (4.7)
[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Romance, M/M, demons, HEA]
Kendrick Walsh is smitten with Einarr the moment he lays eyes on the demon. They spend weeks getting to know one another. And then trouble strikes and Einarr tries to push Kendrick away, but Kendrick isn’t a man to give up so easily.
Einarr grew up in the worst city the demon realm has to offer. Abandoned by his parents, Einarr is raised by his sadistic uncle. He knows nothing of love and can't understand why Kendrick refuses to walk away.
As Einarr desperately tries to shield Kendrick from his violent and chaotic life, he finds himself falling for the human in ways he never dreamed possible. Unfortunately, Einarr's past refuses to release its nightmarish grip. Einarr must go through hell in order to find heaven. But will Kendrick still look at him the same when Einarr has to kill in order to save the one man who just might show him what love truly means?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Einarr (MM)
54 Ratings (4.7)

Einarr (MM)

Demon Warriors 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 28,456
54 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole
Lynn Hagen has done it again with another great add to the series. Kendrick is taking care of his nephews Dylan and Omar. They are important and must be keep safe. When Kenrick meets Einarr he feels attraction to him and will not let him push him away. Einarr knows that Kenrick is his mate, he just does not feel that he deserve him. When his Uncle comes back into the picture and threatens everything that he love, what will he do?
This is a must read book and they series, will not disappointed you at all.

virginia lee
This book had a few inconsistencies from the previous books in the series. For example, in the last book Kendrick was portrayed as this absent minded man who would often forget his nephews existed when he was working. Now in this book he is this former lot haricot hat used to live a wild life. In the last book it talked about how he never second guessed raising his nephews, while in this book he says he asked the lawyer not to leave them with him. I'm a detail oriented person and in a series these types of issues bother my enjoyment.




“Are you serious?” Kendrick Walsh asked as he stared at a creature that both fascinated and scared him in the same measure. “The last time I went to the demon realm, my nephew was attacked.”

“That was a freak occurrence,” Einarr said. “We were in the wrong place at the wrong time.”

Kendrick paced his office as he considered Einarr's offer to show him around Serenity City. He and the demon had been friends and hanging out for weeks now. Kendrick had to admit that Einarr was a charming man, but he didn’t want to get zapped with electricity. When his nephew, Dylan, had been attacked, Kendrick thought he would lose his mind. Some random demon had walked into the coffee shop where Kendrick and his nephews were getting something to drink when the demon demanded to know where Jake was. Kendrick didn’t even know who Jake was. And then the demon had shot an electricity ball into Dylan's chest.

“And what if that freak occurrence happens again?” Kendrick asked. “Although the demon realm intrigues me, I'm not going to put myself in harm's way. Besides, it's late and Omar has school tomorrow.”

Einarr twisted his lips to the side. “You know good and well that Dylan takes him. There is no excuse for you not to go.”

“I have work I have to catch up on.” He tried for another excuse. “Those computer programs aren't going to write themselves.”

“Okay, fine.” Einarr held up his hands. “I'm not going to force you. I can see you've made your mind up and there's nothing I can do to change it.”

Kendrick didn’t want any static between them. He didn't like to argue. As a matter of fact, he was allergic to conflict. It broke him out in hives. “I can see you're upset with me.”

“Not upset,” Einarr corrected. “Just disappointed.”

That was worse in Kendrick's opinion. They'd been getting along so well and now he felt as if he'd let the man down. He'd say that Einarr was just his friend, but Kendrick wasn't young and naïve. He tried his best to be honest with himself. His feelings toward the man were growing and every time the demon came around, Kendrick became flustered, his heart rate rising, and his palms became wet. He didn't like the disappointed look in the man's eyes.

“And what are we going to do there?” he asked.

Einarr's pretty blue eyes lit up. “I planned on showing you around. The city never sleeps and there is plenty to do there.” He crossed the office and nudged Kendrick with his elbow. “Come on. You know you want to go.”

Kendrick did. He really did. But his resistance wasn't just about the demon realm. He was growing a little too fond of Einarr. The man hadn't made one move to show he wanted to be more than friends. They'd watched movies, sat in the living room in front of the roaring fire as they talked, and hung out almost every night.

But the man hadn't made one dang move.

And now he wanted to go hang out in the demon realm. But Kendrick wasn't going to ruin their friendship because he wanted more and Einarr didn’t. The man was fun to be around. Kendrick enjoyed his company immensely.

He pointed a finger at Einarr and hid his smile when triumph gleamed in the demon's eyes. “Fine, but nothing better happen and I need to be back here early enough to get some work done.”

“Deal,” Einarr said. He held his hand out and Kendrick moved closer, entwining their fingers. The man was much taller than him and wide as hell. Einarr's body was built like he spent his entire day in a gym while Kendrick was slim, like a swimmer's body. The contrast was noticeable as they stood next to each other.

Einarr gave his hand a light squeeze and then turned the lights off in Kendrick's office. The room blinked into darkness and Kendrick was acutely aware of the demon standing next to him. Somehow, with the lights off, it seemed more intimate.

“Ready?” Einarr's voice was deep and sent a shiver over Kendrick.


They took two steps and then Kendrick blinked, trying his best to adjust to the change of scenery. He was a bit lightheaded and stood on the streets of Serenity City for a moment as he swayed slightly.

Einarr's husky chuckle was light. “Feeling okay?”

“I don't think I'll ever get used to that mode of transportation. Don't you guys have a railway system or something between the realms?” He ran a hand over his stomach as the slight nausea eased and he started to take in his surroundings. They were once again in front of the apartment building they'd visited the last time Kendrick was here. He could see Jake's Java Hut from here and the memory of his nephew being injured flashed in his mind.

Einarr released Kendrick's hand and then ran it down Kendrick's back. “Steady enough to walk?”

Kendrick wanted to curl into the man's touch. “I'm fine. Now show me this great city of yours.”

As they walked, Kendrick was reminded of the city Batman lived in. Gotham. The streets were dark, hardly lit by streetlamps. There was steam rising up from manhole covers. Cars passed and he was fascinated that they had those here. The air was still and heavy, thick clouds blotting out most of the stars. As they passed alleyways, Kendrick peered down them and shivered at how truly dark they were.

“Stop it.”

Kendrick turned to Einarr. “Stop what?”

“You're acting as though trouble is going to jump out at you at any second,” Einarr said. “Just relax and enjoy yourself.”

Kendrick nodded and released his breath, allowing the tension to drain. He let his worries fade and decided to enjoy the experience. And if a demon jumped out with electricity zapping between his hands, then he was throwing Einarr in front of the guy.




This was a huge mistake. Einarr shouldn't have talked Kendrick into watching a movie with him. That hadn't been his intention at all. He'd planned on seducing the human and damn if it didn't work. Kendrick was lying under him, aching and writhing, as if the man couldn’t wait to be fucked.

Einarr framed Kendrick's face before lowering his head. He stared into the man's gorgeous green eyes and then licked at Kendrick's lips until the human opened for him. He plunged his tongue deep as Kendrick's hands continued to massage and play with Einarr's cock. He lapped and sipped from Kendrick's mouth, his fingers tightening around the man's jaw. Kendrick whimpered and moaned.

Kendrick pulled back and licked his lower lip as he gazed up at Einarr. Those kiss swollen lips had Einarr growing even harder.

“Maybe we should go upstairs.”

Einarr bit at Kendrick's jaw and smiled. “Everyone is asleep,” he said. “Besides, I like the idea of having you in front of the fireplace, the crackling fire…kinda adds to this moment, yeah?”

“Oh my god.” Kendrick's smile widened as he rubbed his finger's over Einarr's jaw. “You're a romantic.”

One of Einarr's brows rose slightly. “I'll deny it if you tell anyone.”

Kendrick moved closer, his lips barely touching Einarr's. The human drew in a breath and Einarr liked that they were breathing the exact same air. He leaned in a little closer, their lips an inch apart before Einarr moved back, teasing Kendrick. He smiled when Kendrick did. The man hook his hand behind Einarr's neck, drawing him closer.

“Don't tease me when it comes to kissing me,” the man warned. “You're kisses are to die for.” Kendrick's eyelids slid down until they were mere slits. Einarr wondered if the man knew just how devastatingly beautiful he truly was.

No one had every complimented him on kissing before. Einarr's ego was stroked as he gave a soft chuckle and then closed the distance, their tongues tangling as he reached between them and unfastened Kendrick's pants. He teased his hand back and forth just under the waistband as Kendrick tried to maneuver his body so Einarr's fingers would go lower.

This might have been a mistake, but Einarr was too fascinated with Kendrick, wanted the man so badly that there was no way he could pulled back now. Kendrick was the light to Einarr's darkness, hope in his dismal world. Kendrick was everything Einarr was not. He knew he needed to walk away. But the selfish part of him refused to go—refused to leave Kendrick alone so the man could find someone else to share his beautiful soul with.

God help him, but Einarr didn’t have the strength to walk away.

He pulled back from the kiss and worked Kendrick's jeans free. Einarr gazed at his lover's long and slim cock before wrapping his hand around the hard shaft. He nuzzled Kendrick's neck, licking, biting, sucking as his fingers played at the head, and smoothing the pre-cum around.

Kendrick's breath hitched, his back, arched, and he made sensual sex noises in Einarr's ear. For the first time in Einarr's life, he wished he was a different man, someone worthy enough to deserve someone wholly good like Kendrick. He felt like a vagabond trying to seduce an angel.

Einarr moved back and then stood, undressing. Kendrick turned onto his side, biting his lower lip as he watched. For some strange reason, Einarr began to peacock, taking his time so Kendrick could take in every line, every hard earned definition to his body. He even turned slightly so Kendrick could get a good eyeful of Einarr's ass.

Kendrick grinned. “You are truly a work of art.”

And Einarr's ego was stroked once more. “Me?” he asked as he let his jeans fall to the floor. “This old body?”

Kendrick turned to his stomach, lifted his arm, and held his hand out. Instead of taking Kendrick's hand, Einarr pulled the man from the couch and placed him in on the rug in front of the warm fire. The glow from the fire cast shadows over Kendrick's face, making him seem even more angelic, a bit mysterious, and downright breathtaking. The green in Kendrick's eyes grew darker as they filled with hunger—a hunger that matched what Einarr felt. He scooted down the rug and lowered himself until he was between Kendrick's legs. Locking eyes with the man, he pressed a kiss against his lover's inner thigh and then moved to kiss the other one.

Kendrick's lips were slightly parted as he watched. There was also longing in those dark orbs, begging Einarr to his hard cock into his mouth. He knew he would want one more kiss from his lover. One more caress. One more moment to laugh. One more moment of talking about nothing and everything. He wanted one more of everything with this man. He began to wonder if he could make this work between them somehow.

In the mood to tease, Einarr rubbed his chin over Kendrick's cock, moving his head so the hard shaft moved over his cheek. He darted his tongue out, sliding it along the large vein that ran under Kendrick's cock.

“D–don't you dare tease me,” Kendrick warned.

Einarr kept their gazes locked as he moved lower and mouthed Kendrick's balls. He took one into his mouth, bathed it with his tongue, and then moved to the other.

“Einarr,” Kendrick whispered.

Hearing Kendrick say his name made any resistance he still considered, weak. He said it as though he truly worshiped what Einarr was doing to him.

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