Cherry Hill 6: Love Shouldn't Hurt (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,731
10 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

Love shouldn't hurt, but that is exactly how Harper feels when it comes to her secret relationship with four sexy mercenaries. She loves them so much, but they insist on rules, for her to be a good soldier and be there for them when they come home between missions. She's losing her mind. It just isn't fair to love them so much, to give them so much, but have nothing to show for it but pain. Other soldiers like them claim guardianship of a woman, and even have families. Why can't they?

When she has an opportunity to explore old feelings for two other men, she decides to try and figure things out, but as soon as it gets a little intimate she puts on the breaks, feels guilty for loving her four mercenaries so much and she calls things off. When they find out they rage, but they admit to loving her, and worrying about her safety. They claim guardianship of her, and she's willing to be there no matter how long it takes between missions. What they never expect is by loving her, they've made her a target to an enemy they still hunt, and Harper may become the ultimate sacrifice.    

Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Cherry Hill 6: Love Shouldn't Hurt (LoveXtreme)
10 Ratings (4.0)

Cherry Hill 6: Love Shouldn't Hurt (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 6

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 33,731
10 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
The book wasnt bad, its just that its the same book every time. I've read every book she has written, some series are great, but lately its the same book over and over again. Strong military men, petite woman, relationship hurdles, they are her first lovers, they live in safe town in the middle of nowhere, but terrorist/ exes/ stalkers/ enemies always show up to kidnap the woman, she gets rescued, they live happily ever after.
I think they wrote the blurb for the book wrong - it's more about the girl surviving being kidnapped than anything else. So based on the blurb, it's rather disappointing.

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“Well that was a long night,” York said to Harper as they locked up and headed to their cars with Ade.

“Sure was, and right back at it again tomorrow,” Ade said, and then waved goodnight.

Harper saw the deputy patrol car drive into the parking lot slowly. “Looks like your friend is making sure you’re getting home safely,” she teased York.

“What makes you think it’s for me?” York asked.

“Oh come on, York, give the men a break. It’s obvious they care about you.”

“Not interested, plus I’m too young for them.”

“In years maybe, but life experience and maturity, no way.” The patrol car pulled up and Deputy Finn McCuen smiled. “Late night, ladies?” he asked, but his eyes were on York.

“Yup,” York said, and then Ade honked his horn as he pulled past them slowly.

“See you tomorrow. Night, Finn!” Ade said, and left the parking lot as Finn gave a wave.

“Well. See you tomorrow,” Harper said and gave York a sympathetic smile. She understood that York was resistant to engage in any relationships. She liked to keep things simple, and she had trust issues. She also knew not to push considering Harper wasn’t exactly following the rules of Cherry Hill and was having a sort of secret relationship with four mercenaries. She sighed and pulled out of the parking lot as she saw Finn get out of the patrol car and York lean against her car. The McCuen men were good men, and they were ten-plus years older than York. She felt badly for York and hoped maybe she could let her guard down and let the McCuen brothers into her life. Considering her recent phone call from her mom, Harper knew York was embarrassed by her family, and also her past. We all do stupid shit, but a juvenile record would be hard to admit to two deputies, and two Marines, the other McCuen brothers.

As Harper made her way home, she thought about Ferrion, Broaden, Lextin and Snipe. She missed them. Six months and counting, and still no word. Like they would contact her if they had an opportunity? Who was she kidding? She absolutely hated when they left and despised the fact that they kept their relationship with her, for better lack of a word, a secret. No one knew what they shared. They had to sneak around, and she was starting to get tired of feeling like a sexual object, a bedmate instead of their woman.

The sex was incredible, though. A connection deep, but what did she have to show for it? An aching heart. As she pulled up along her driveway and to the small house she owned, she longed for things her friends had, and other people in Cherry Hill. Committed relationships, guardianship, and companionship on a daily basis instead of convenience. She signed on for this type of relationship when she said she was okay with no strings attached. She didn’t think she would fall in love with them. She thought it would ease her desires, and in between she would work, focus on business, and then enjoy when they came home from their missions. She wasn’t getting any younger, though. Twenty-six, and suddenly living in this town, watching other people achieve happiness, and she suddenly wanted more. Maybe she needed to call things off with them? The thought instantly made her heart ache something terrible and a pain form in the pit of her stomach. She was so stupid. She’d gotten herself into this mess, and there seemed to be no way out but pain.

She got into her house and didn’t bother to turn on all the lights. She headed to the bedroom after locking up and then began to undress. She started the water—a nice quick shower just to help her relax and sleep better. She stepped under the spray of hot water and nearly moaned. She was more sore than she thought, especially in her shoulders. She finished up, turned off the faucet, and then dried off and put on her robe. She turned off the lights and headed into the bedroom and gasped, feeling like her heart nearly leaped out of her chest.

“Jesus Christ all mighty! What in God’s name are you doing here?” she asked as her eyes locked onto Broaden Dortry. She could hardly move. She was shaking from the shock of seeing the six-foot-plus muscular soldier in her bedroom. She wasn’t used to their sneaking into her place like resourceful soldiers do, and she felt guilty for thinking about ending things. Now that one of them was right here and in her bedroom, relief filled her heart.




Harper caught sight of the truck down the block from her home as she arrived after work. Her heart began to pound inside of her chest. All week long the men came and went, leaving her alone before the sun rose and anyone could see their presence. She felt her nipples harden, her pussy throb with need. She was glad she wore the sleeveless dress to work, and would look good when she arrived home. Back at the office, she had some things in her bathroom to freshen up, so she was ready if the Dortry men surprised her. It seemed they hardly made it to the bedroom before one of them was thrusting their cock into her body or she was naked and sucking on one of their cocks. She loved them so much, and all day when they were apart, she wondered if she should end things with them so she could move on and have more. Then came the guilty feelings. A roller coaster of emotions of feeling like she deserved more, wanted more, yet had accepted them as lovers for two years, no strings attached, and perhaps she had become more of a convenience to them and nothing more. How long would it last? Was she wasting her time, her emotions, her love and her body on a dead-end road?

She pushed the thoughts away and parked her car, got out, locked it up, and then went to her door. She unlocked it and walked into her home to find all four men waiting for her. Ferrion grabbed her by the material on her dress and pulled her against his chest. His hand went to her ass and he squeezed her hard. “What took you so fucking long?” he demanded to know, but before she could answer him, he kissed her hard on the mouth, plunged his tongue in and explored her with vigor and need. She felt the second set of hands on her shoulders and then lips against her neck as the zipper to her dress lowered.

“This dress is too fucking sexy. How many men hit on you tonight, Harper?” Broaden asked.

Ferrion released her lips. Her heart raced at his words and show of care, jealousy that fed her need to believe that there was more here than just sex.

“What does it matter, she’s here with us. She’s ours,” Snipe said, and then her dress fell to the rug. All four men eyed her over, and Ferrion and Broaden caressed her skin, removed her bra and her panties, and then Ferrion lifted her up over his shoulder and carried her to the bedroom. Her back hit the fluffy comforter and he fell between her legs and feasted on her cunt. She cried out as he nipped her clit, and Broaden raised her arms above her head and then kissed her mouth.

Lextin and Snipe joined in, cupping her breast and nipping on them at the same time. It was sensitivity overload and she couldn’t believe how much she was coming.

“I need in now,” Ferrion said, and Lextin and Snipe released her nipples. Broaden still held her hands above her head until Ferrion slid between her thighs, aligned his cock with her pussy, and took over restraining her as he plunged right into her cunt. She tilted her chest forward and Ferrion grunted as he held his cock in her cunt, then leaned down and licked her nipples. He was relentless with his strokes.

“I love this body. Love how your big, full tits bob and sway while I fuck this sweet, wet cunt over and over again.”

He slid his hands from her arms to her armpits and stroked into her deeper. She moaned and cried out her release. He then moved his hands to her hips and then thrust into her hard, fast, his eyes on her breasts as they bounced.

She reached for him and he shook his head. “You keep those arms above your head, Harper. You obey my orders,” he said to her, and she felt her cunt leak more cream as Ferrion thrust and stroked into her pussy until he roared and came. He eased out, kissed her belly, and Snipe was there to take her next. He didn’t hesitate. He aligned his cock with her pussy and shoved right into her. He gripped her armpits and arms and ground his hips slowly, deeply as he stared into her eyes.

“So fucking good. You feel perfect, baby. So wet and ready for your men. You make us happy, Harper,” he said to her, and she felt a little off, like she wanted deeper emotions from Snipe, but this was all she was getting. He continued to thrust into her and then lowered down, gripped her thighs higher and pounded into her cunt. He came with a roar and then eased out. Lextin gripped her hips, lowered down and kissed her deeply. He then ran his mouth along her collarbone, down over her breasts, and then to her belly. He nipped her clit and licked and lifted her thighs over his shoulders and feasted on her, then ran a tongue along her asshole.

She moaned. “Lextin.” She said his name and reached down, but then Broaden gripped her hands and pulled them above her head. She felt the wet digit to her asshole and he slid it into her.

“Fuck, look at her. Look at her asshole and cunt. So accepting to my touch. She’s fucking hot. Fuck,” Lextin said, and then eased his fingers out and aligned his cock with her cunt, thrusting right into her. Broaden released her hands and she gripped Lextin’s shoulders, moaning at the invasion of his relentless strokes. She gasped as he pulled out and flipped her onto her belly, then aligned his cock with her pussy from behind and thrust back into her. She gasped for breath against the comforter as she felt his large, warm hands caressing her shoulders then gripping them as he thrust and ground into her pussy from behind, then came with a roar.

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