Cherry Hill 18: Nothing but a Heartache (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,853
10 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, MFMMM, light spanking, HEA]

Leeann knows nothing but heartache, and specifically from men in her life including her own father. She's been used, abused, and made to feel worthless and unwanted. Instead of giving up on life, she fought hard to get where she is today. Independent and surviving.

So when she meets four older soldiers with bad attitudes and on the verge of destruction, she won't risk a broken heart times four or to wind up a punching bag, and worse, used goods. However these men are just as affected by her, and together they realize this bond is something special. With a bit of persuasion it becomes too difficult to push them away, and she takes one final chance on true love, ménage style. Leeann is making major changes in her life, returning to being a therapist like she loved before and starting this relationship with the men, when her estranged father contacts her. It's been six years and he reveals a lie he thought was true and apologizes for the wrong he did. Life seems perfect, and she is finally happy, until she is abducted for ransom, and it will take her father and her men to find her and destroy those responsible before it's too late.


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Cherry Hill 18: Nothing but a Heartache (LoveXtreme)
10 Ratings (4.7)

Cherry Hill 18: Nothing but a Heartache (LoveXtreme)

Cherry Hill 18

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 43,853
10 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley

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Leeann was running around like crazy. The place was packed, people were being rude, and she about cursed out some woman who had way too much to drink and insulted Leeann. She was getting rather annoyed, and then Tina, one of the new waitresses, smacked a guy across his face. In a flash the bouncers came over, but holy God, Tina had a temper on her and wasn’t going to last long working here. Leeann made her way to the bar.

“What in God’s name is that girl doing?” Ade asked her. Leeann shrugged her shoulders. She was tired of this. Tired of the hard work, the bad attitudes, and not feeling like she was fulfilling some inner need inside of her. She might have to talk to Harper about cutting her hours and doing a bit more work for the clinic in Benter. She enjoyed talking to people and helping them ease through their problems and just feeling appreciated.

“You okay?”

“Yeah, fine,” she replied, and Ade gave her a sympathetic smile as he placed the drinks for her order down onto the tray. When he was done, she lifted it up and started to squeeze her way through the crowd.

“Coming through, coming through,” she had to yell louder as she approached a large group of men who stood at least six feet three or more. She knew they were tall and big because Louis, Voight, Worin, and Hunt were six feet three and these men were slightly taller. She swallowed hard as one turned around to look at her, and holy shit, she froze in place. His deep green eyes were as fierce as the hollow, angry expression he gave her. She gulped as her nipples hardened while those green eyes swept over her body.

“Hey, Leeann, it’s crazy in here tonight. What’s going on? Harper giving drinks for free or something?” Louis asked her. She pulled her gaze away from the tall dude with the green eyes as she brought her attention to Louis. Now all the men looked at her, and four others she didn’t recognize eyed her over.

“I don’t know, Louis, but it stinks. I’m exhausted and it’s only ten o’clock.” She shook her head.

“You work so hard,” Voight told her.

“I need to deliver these drinks.”

“Well, stop by and we can introduce you to our friends.” She glanced at the others and gave Voight a nod before she walked away. She could feel the men’s eyes on her, and as she placed the drink order down to the table of guys and women, she looked back and caught two of the three men watching her. It made her feel uncomfortable, or like she wasn’t good enough for some reason. She wondered how she looked in her tight blue jeans that hung off her hips and revealed her belly ring but not her tattoo. Her top wasn’t too low, but with breasts as big as hers she didn’t need to wear anything too revealing. Her 36 D’s stood out anyway. She smiled at the people at the table and then made her way back to Voight and them. The guy with the green eyes still watched her, and the other one with crew cut hair and fine lines by his deep blue eyes stared at her as she approached. Both of these men seemed on edge and not happy at all.

“Leeann.” Louis placed his arm over her shoulder, and her head barely reached his chest. She was five feet four. These men had a foot plus over her.

“Meet good friends of ours, men we served with. This is Lex.” She reached her hand out to shake his. He nodded, looked her over, and Jesus she felt her body tremble. He was a good-looking, older man. Maybe forty.

“Nice to meet you. Welcome to Harper’s,” she said to him. He slowly released her hand, and then Louis introduced the others.

“This is Pierce.” He had deep green eyes and looked clean-shaven, sharp, and almost G-Q by his dress shirt, cologne, and aura about him. His tight, short haircut was very military and to perfection. Almost like he was an officer or was maybe stuck up. She wasn’t sure.

She pulled her hand back as he squinted like he felt an attraction to her, too, but she knew these types of men, even these older ones, and they were all after one thing, a roll in the hay. She then reached her hand out to the guy with the green eyes, who looked fierce and whom she first noticed when she’d passed earlier. Those green eyes held hers, and when he reached his hand out to shake hers, she felt the same attraction she had for Pierce and Lex. So weird.

“This is Rad. Rad, meet Leeann. She’s a good friend of Faith’s and Genesis as well,” Voight added.

These men saw action and then some. She knew it immediately as she stared up into Rad’s lost, unemotional expression, yet felt a shiver of desire run through her hand, up her arm, and somehow straight to her cunt as they shook hands. She pulled back, being smarter at this point in her life to know trouble when she saw it.

“And this is Mick,” Louis said, and she gave Mick a smile, which he didn’t return. Instead he held a steady, dark, expression that was similar like Rad had shown, and she gave a soft smile but pulled her hand away in annoyance as she felt that tremble of attraction. What was with soldiers and those drawn-out, experienced looks that got to her? Not like all soldiers did, but shit, she could just tell from her experience that these men were on edge, and maybe recently retired and under a lot of pressure and stress trying to adjust.

“Nice to meet you all. Please let me know if you need anything,” she said to them. They nodded, and then a group of guys walked by and one stared at her chest.

“Christ, the waitresses are one hotter than the next. Look at this sweet thing,” one said and went to reach for her and ask for a table, but she pushed down his arm and turned him toward his friends.

“Keep an eye on your buddy. Any trouble and you’re all out of here,” she said firmly.

The drunk guy eyed her over and licked his lips. “Later, baby,” he said, and his friends chuckled and pulled him along. It wasn’t until she was sure they were walking away that she sensed two bodies pressed pretty close to her. Not enough to touch, but enough to let her know she was being watched over. A glance up over her shoulder and holy crap, Mick and Rad were there.

She gave a little smile and then looked at Louis, Voight, Worin, and Hunt who seemed smug. “See you in a bit. Enjoy,” she said and then walked away, still feeling those eyes on her and knowing it was the four soldiers she just met.




They followed Leeann to her house after they walked through the farmer’s market. When they arrived at her small house in a nice neighborhood outside of the main town, they were all impressed. They had talked about how slow they needed to go with her, about concerns over the abusive relationship she survived and additional things she might not have explained. They could all understand her need to hold back. Rad definitely did, considering he wasn’t coming straight out telling her he had PTSD, that he had been caught behind enemy lines and nearly died. No, instead he focused on how Leeann affected him and the team. This was the real deal. They didn’t have to sit on the sidelines and watch other fine women who meshed well with a team. They could have it themselves with Leeann.

As soon as they got inside, she placed the blueberries and other items into the refrigerator. “Anyone want a water?” she asked and passed some out.

“Where was this taken?” Pierce asked, holding up a picture and smiling.

“Oh, like a year ago at a concert in Benter. A bunch of us went,” she said.

“You friends with all these women still?” Mick asked, peeking at the photo.

“Yes, but they are all in ménage relationships and living new lives.” She pushed a strand of hair behind her ear after she washed her hands, dried them, and then took a slug from her bottle of water.

Rad reached out and gently grabbed a handful of the material of her dress by her belly. “You like going to concerts and hanging out with friends?” he asked, and she went willingly to him. She ran her palms up his chest.

“Not anymore. Kind of gets tiresome,” she said.

He slid his palm up under her hair and tilted her head back. “All the guys hitting on you, looking to rub up against you on the dance floor?”

“Something like that,” she said, and he pressed his lips to hers.

“Yeah, no more concerts for our woman,” Lex said, joining Rad. Lex pressed up against her back and started to unzip her dress. She tightened up. “Just getting more comfortable. We want a good look at your body, sweetie. A body we’re going to claim as soon as you give the okay,” he said, and her dress began to fall the moment he unzipped it. She moaned into Rad’s mouth, and he pulled back slightly as her dress fell. Now she stood in only panties and a bra. Thong panties, he discovered as he slid his palm over her ass.

“Holy fuck,” Pierce said, and Rad released her lips and then stared down into her eyes.

“You okay?” Her lips parted, and then she gasped as Lex slid fingers up into her cunt from behind.

“Oh God, Lex.” She moved her hands off of Rad and reached back at Lex. Pierce took her one hand and wrist, restraining her, and Mick took the other one.

“You’re a damn goddess, woman,” Mick said, and then they unclipped her bra, pushed down her panties, and there she stood naked and pliant in their arms. Rad lowered to one knee as Mick and Pierce tossed off her bra. Rad suckled one breast, and Mick lowered to suckle on her other one. She was rocking her hips with every thrust of Lex’s fingers.

“You are sopping wet, baby. Got my dick so fucking hard,” Pierce told her, and he caressed her hair and held her gaze.

Rad released her breast. “More, baby?”

“Yes. Oh God, I want to taste you,” she said, and it shocked him. Rad lifted up and Mick took his place as he lowered down and began to explore her breasts with Pierce.

Behind her Lex thrust fingers into her pussy and caressed her back then under her hair. “You are going to be a sensational lover. I can fucking tell,” Lex said as Rad undid his jeans, shoved them down, and stepped toward her. He gripped her hair and head, and she leaned forward and immediately licked Rad’s cock.

“Sweet mother, Leeann, that mouth. Fuck,” Rad exclaimed and began to rock his hips with her suckles.

“I’m ready to come in my pants,” Lex admitted.

“I want to come in her cunt. We need to mark her and claim her so no other men try to take what’s ours,” Pierce said, and he and Mick tugged on her nipples.

“You want that, baby? Want a cock in every hole claiming you, marking you our woman?” Lex asked and used his fingers like a cock to thrust into her pussy.

She moaned against Rad’s cock.

“Fuck, I’m there. I’m there, Leeann.” He shot his load, and Leeann swallowed his seed and then gasped as she pulled back and came.

“Yes! Oh my God, yes.”

They all stopped what they were doing. Lex pulled his fingers from her cunt, lifted her up and into his arms. The sight tugged at Rad’s heart. She looked so feminine, sexy, and was going to be theirs. All theirs.

They were all breathing heavy.

“No regrets. We do this, and we’re in it for the long haul. We’re too fucking old for games, little one,” Rad said as he caressed her cheek with his pointer.

“I may be young, but I don’t want the games. I need so badly I ache. Please, Lex. I’m ready,” she said, and he smiled and kissed her. He carried her blindly to the bedroom down the hallway. As he lowered her to the bed, he kissed along her chest, to each breast, and then to her pussy.

The team began to undress. “Condoms?” Pierce thought to ask as he paused from pulling off his shirt.

“I have an IUD. Oh!” she exclaimed, holding on to Lex’s head as he licked and tugged on her pussy and clit then pulled her down to the edge of the bed so her ass and cunt were off the edge. Rad ran his fingers through his hair. His cock was already recharging and ready to claim her too. One look at Pierce and Mick and they looked serious and ready as well.

“Make this incredible for her. I want her begging for cock everywhere,” Lex commanded, and it was on.

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