Shay's Shifters (MFMM)

Mountain Men of Montana 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,433
13 Ratings (3.8)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Capture Romance, M/F/M/M, werewolves, voyeurism, HEA]

Free-spirited, voluptuous Shay Mathews isn’t afraid to strut her stuff and live life on the edge. But when she crashes her car then wakes up slung over the back of a hot, naked man, she thinks she’s either hallucinating or dead.

Werewolves Rosh and Renkon McClain and Walker Ramirez fall for the feisty Shay and want her to stay with them in a mystical world for supernatural beings, but she’s set her mind on getting back to the real world outside the secluded paradise of The Hidden. Not heeding her lovers’ warnings, Shay is abducted by the leader of the wretched creatures called The Cursed to become his mate.

Can they find her before she’s changed by The Cursed? If they’re too late, will they be forced to kill her, thus saving her from a life of misery?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Shay's Shifters (MFMM)
13 Ratings (3.8)

Shay's Shifters (MFMM)

Mountain Men of Montana 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,433
13 Ratings (3.8)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Awesome first book in this series, I cant wait to read the next one.
Barefoot Okie



She shook her head and came to her feet, albeit a bit wobbly. He grasped her by the arm and kept her steady. Suddenly she wished she was naked, too, so she could feel the touch of his hand on her arm.

“No, I didn’t. I saw an animal or whatever in the road, and I stupidly tried to miss it, which sent my car into the trees.” She turned around, only now taking the time to see where they were.

The forest lay behind them as they stood in a tiny clearing. She pivoted around and stared at the open expanse before her. Taking a step forward, she was grateful that he still held on to her.

They stood at the precipice of a cliff overlooking a roaring waterfall. A river rushed below them, the white caps of the waves testifying to the speed and power of the current. On the far side of the divide, the forest spread out and led up the mountainside.


“What did you see in the road?”

The serious tone of his voice caught her, sinking fear into her heart. His hold tightened on her, causing her to whine against her will.

“I don’t know. I can’t really remember what it looked like. Hell, I’m not even sure I got a good look at it. It had red eyes, I remember that, and it was thin. Really thin.”

“And then you crashed into the tree.”

She nodded, confirming his words that weren’t a question. Carefully, she pulled her arm away. “Yeah. I think I conked out for a bit. Then I got out of my car, and that’s when I saw this enormous wolf about to attack a poor little fawn.”

He let out a long breath. “And you thought you could take down a wolf?”

His frustration was evident in his snarl. “Okay, I admit it wasn’t my best idea. But I wasn’t thinking very clearly right then, you know?”

“Yeah, I know.”

She had to stop thinking with her libido. Granted, he was hot as hell, but he was still a stranger who had slung her over his shoulder and taken off with her. A naked stranger. She stepped away, putting a few feet between them.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

What do the experts say about handling kidnappers? Keep them calm?

“Look, I appreciate you, uh, carrying me, but I’m going back to my car. I think I’ll have a better chance of someone finding me there.”

“Not now you won’t.” He glanced toward the setting sun that was coloring the sky with purples and blues.

If they’d met under different circumstances, the sunset might’ve seemed romantic. As it was, she knew he was right. Trying to go back to her car through God knew how big a forest was a bad idea. But what choice did she have?

“You’ll have to come with me.”

“I don’t think so.” Going with a stranger was bad enough, but a naked stranger who hung out—literally—in the woods? Not a chance. “Why don’t you have any clothes, anyway? Is this Montana’s answer to the annual polar bear swim?”

“The what?”

“You know. That ritual where normally sane people go swimming in the middle of winter in ice-cold water.”

“So you think I’m insane? But no, that’s got nothing to do with this. You’ll find out soon enough.”

Is that a threat or a promise? I think now’s the time to get the hell out of here.

She turned and ran even though she knew she’d never outrun him. He caught her before she’d gotten ten feet.

“Calm down. I’m doing this to save your hide.” He grabbed her jacket and tugged her out of it.

Panic took over, but she was no match for his strength. She struggled, fear clogging her throat so she couldn’t scream. Tossing her jacket aside, he ripped her blouse from her in one quick move.

Shay struck out as he took her arm and tugged her closer to the edge. She broke free, but he snatched her up by the waist and put her ass flat on the ground. Kicking him was like swatting a dinosaur with a stick. He got her boots and socks off without much trouble then took hold of the top of her jeans and yanked them down her legs. She lay shivering in the snow as he threw them over the side of the cliff. He bent over her, and she struck out, hitting him in the face.

He jerked his head away then confronted her again, the snarl bigger than before. Growling, he reached out and tore her panties off. “I told you to calm down. Don’t you ever listen?”

His voice sounded calm and determined, but she saw a flash of heat in his eyes. Was it anger or lust? Was he going to rape her? Then what? Leave her to freeze during the night?

“Hang on to me. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He tugged her to her feet then picked her up and carried her even closer to the drop over the waterfall.

“Please. Don’t.”

His strong arms pressed against her breasts as he held her in front of him. She continued to struggle against him. She doubted she’d get free, but she was damned sure going to go down fighting.

“Relax. You’ve got this all wrong.” He tightened his arms around her, keeping her back to his chest. “Close your eyes. It’s not as scary that way.”

“What are you talking about?”

If he answered her, she never heard it over the scream ripping out of her throat. Holding her tightly, he jumped off the cliff, taking her with him.




Rosh slipped two fingers between her folds and found her pussy, hot and wet, ready for him. His palm lay against the soft curls, and he swore before long he’d bury his nose between her legs and drink in her scent as well as her flavor.

A vision of Renkon sucking on her breasts as he feasted on her pussy shuddered through him, but for now, he would take her without his cousin. Those in The Hidden coupled with more than one, usually three men to one woman, and, although he’d have no problem sharing her with his cousin, he wasn’t as sure about another man. Could he stand someone other than Renkon tugging on her nipple? Would he enjoy seeing another man rut her from behind? Or would the jealous twinge inside him grow stronger? But he’d worry about that tomorrow, too.

Her clit pulsed against his fingers as he began to massage the sensitive area. She lay back and spread her legs wider, and he followed her without turning her pussy loose. Rubbing her clit in alternating hard then soft circles, he watched as she tugged the top of her dress under her breasts. The material supported her full tits, making them seem even larger and plumper.

“Finger-fuck me.” She clutched her breasts, mimicking his circular motions with her thumbs on her nipples.

He shoved a finger into her pussy, and her mouth fell open in a silent cry. She was so damn beautiful, radiant in the throes of sex. Her pussy walls clamped around his finger, giving him a preview of how fucking wonderful she’d feel once he replaced his finger with his cock.

“Harder. More.”

He added another finger and rammed them inside as hard as he could. His palm slapped against the skin between her cunt and her butt hole. She lifted her head then laid it back and threw it side to side as her body shuddered under his touch. Warmth flooded over his hand as she bucked, trying to get away as her climax tore through her.

He moved between her legs, shoving his jeans down to his ankles. Lifting her legs so she could wrap them around his waist, he positioned his cock to tease the opening of her pussy. Unable to hold back a moment more, he plunged into her, sinking his cock into her sweet, hot core. He grabbed her ass cheeks, sinking his fingers into her skin. She cried out, but he could no more stop fucking her than he could’ve stopped the moon from rising.

He sank into her, harder, faster, needing her more than ever. Her soft uhs turned him on even more, and, impossibly, he felt his shaft grow bigger. She was a mesmerizing temptress, and he was her willing servant.

If he could’ve stopped, could’ve found a way to slow down, he would have. But as it was, he needed her too much.

She lifted onto her elbows and thrust her pelvis forward, giving him everything he gave her and more. Growling, he fell onto his back, taking her with him. Unlike most of his kind, he didn’t think having the woman on top meant he wasn’t the dominant one. It simply meant he could sink his cock even deeper inside her.

She took the shirt he had worn just for her and, to his surprise and delight, tore it open. She took hold of his pecs as he did her breasts. Her long hair drifted over her breasts that were still held by her dress, giving him an erotic show.

He pounded into her, getting her to make the mewling sounds again. She rode him, bucking on top of him like a sexy rider determined not to get bucked off. Her ass met his flesh to make a satisfying sucking noise.

The orgasm that he’d managed to hold back would no longer be denied. His balls drew up and his seed rolled toward the finish. He held on to her tighter and rammed against her as hard as he could, his panting sounds mixing with hers. With a growl that turned into a groan, he let loose, shooting his cum into her pussy. His body shuddered, jerking out the remainder of his cum.

She stayed on top of him, her hair draped over her chest, her mouth parted and her eyes softened with desire. Slowly, his cock softened, and she slumped forward to put her head against his chest. Turning on his side again, he rested her on her back and smiled as she cuddled against him.

She traced patterns on his chest as he turned to place a kiss on her forehead. “You know this doesn’t change anything.”

He pulled back to look at her. “What are you talking about?”

“I’m still getting out of here. With or without your help.”

Rosh sat up, pushing her to the side then tugging his jeans up and his shirt together. “Like hell you are. You’re staying put until I say you can leave.”

She sat up and pulled her dress to cover her body. Her eyes flashed with anger as she poked a finger against his chest.

“Look, Tarzan. Nobody tells me what to do. I’ve already overlooked your earlier caveman routine, tossing me over your shoulder and all, but you’ve pushed my patience as far as it’s going to go.”

Even now she made his cock twitch with need. But he had to make sure she stayed where she was. “You will or else.”

He was stunned when she laughed at him. “Or else what?”

Reaching behind him, he stuck his hand into a large basket that contained several items and drew out a long piece of rope. “Or else I’ll have to tie you up.”


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