[#376 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM]

Dana Michaels knew from a very early age that something about her was different. After an abduction attempt a few years ago, she understands just how different she really is. Now she lives her life on the run, ready to up and leave at a moment's notice.

Peter Nash is just trying to do his job, but when he meets the person he is assigned to protect he discovers Dana is the woman he and his brother, John, have been waiting for. Dinner leads to an undeniable attraction, an attraction that becomes overwhelming when Dana discovers that empaths can also have a link to each other's sexual desire.

Terrified by the instant emotional connection, Dana wants to run, but when Peter and John's sister is mistaken for Dana and abducted, Dana must choose between the life she's always lived or the future she never expected.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

Note: Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author


Runner (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I loved this book! Its a must read.
Barefoot Okie
Open ending because it is part of a series. Great book.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "Life on the run for Dana Michaels was not joke. After a few abduction attempts, Dana was always prepared to leave at a moment's notice. Intuition was telling her that it was time to run again, but, it appeared that she might have waited too long. Had Dana's luck finally ran out or were these people here to protect her from the evil determined to seize her? Federal Agent Peter Nash and his sister/partner, Sandra had been assigned by their elite government team to safeguard Dana Michaels. From the moment he met her, Peter knew that she was the mate to him and his brother, John. Frightened by her undeniable, yet strong attraction to two different men at the same time, Dana was set to do what she does best - run, but, before she could Sandra was mistaken for Dana and kidnapped. Will Peter and his team be able to rescue his sister before it's too late? More importantly, will Peter and John be able to convince Dana that the three of them are destined to be together? For me, book two in a series is always very important because it's the key to making me want to buy future installments. Let me tell you that Abby Blake has managed to successfully pique my interest with her magnificent, yet dangerous plot in her Altered Destinies series; the best part about it is the fact that each book can be read as a standalone novel. Basically, the storyline revolves around a group of people with special mental abilities that were bred in a lab by a mad scientist who was determined to reclaim them when they reached adulthood. Dana was quite a character; because of the life that she had lead, she didn't trust easily nor did she know how to handle compassion directed towards her. Peter and John proved to be the perfect mates for her-not only did they provide protection and fortification, they also made her feel safe for the first time in her life. So, if you are looking for a suspenseful, action-packed, lustful romantic novella; then Ms. Blake's Runner is the ideal choice for you." -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

4 HEARTS: "In "Runner," Theresa helps rescue Dana, with at least one brother and two sisters somewhere out there waiting for their rescue. The books are stand alone but I definitely want to get the whole series. The premise is intriguing, the writing is flawless "Abby Blake-style," and the characters, especially the defensive and suspicious Dana, are quite believable and likeable. As with book one of the series, a woman with psychic abilities is too much for one man and Pete's brother, John, is a great addition to their relationship. I like books where the characters are a little resistant to change at first but learn to grow and love as the stories progress. "Runner" is that kind of book. Blake has excellent instincts for producing real characters and fast, well-plotted action. The Altered Destinies series is no exception." -- Kathy F., The Romance Studio

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4 STARS: "Action, suspense, lust, love, and family...and that's just in the first chapter. RUNNER by Abby Blake has got everything an erotic romance lover could want. Great plot along with smokin' hot sex make RUNNER just about perfect. Dana has been on the run her whole life, so it's no wonder when some woman comes into her work saying that she's her long lost sister, she doesn't believe her. Whether she believes her or not, her so-called sister is set out to protect her from people who are wanting to capture her for their sick experiments in the name of creating a super-human race. What she doesn't expect is Peter, the agent who's been charged with protecting her. Their attraction is instant, and when she meets his younger brother as well, she's amazed that she has the same immediate and intense set of feelings for him as well. Peter and John know that Dana is their mate from the moment they meet her. Dana doesn't know what to do with all of these feelings and she's itching to do what she always does...run. However, when Peter and John's sister, Sandra, is abducted, she realizes that she has to stay and fight for the family that she never knew she wanted. This book takes place shortly after the first book in the series, Lost. It can be read as a standalone, but I think reading the first book helps give a better background to what's going on with the plot. The plot is probably the best thing about the book. The story is based upon a developing storyline about a group of people with special powers who were bred in a lab by an evil scientist in order to make super-humans with extraordinary mental powers like telepathy, telekinesis, and empathy. These children were given to infertile couples and then abducted some time later, so they've all been lost. Now this evil person is trying to find them all again to breed them, just like their biological mother was bred. But there are also federal agents who are trying to find them, to help protect them as well as to find the man behind all of the chaos. It's such an intense story that I literally fly through the books taking in what's going to happen next. Dana is quite the character. She's been alone and running so long, she doesn't know how to react to people actually caring about her. It's lovely to see her flourish though under the care of Peter and John as well as Sandra, their sister. Dana and Theresa (from the first book, LOST) are sisters and I love how different their personalities are as well as the different paths they decided to take after finding their true loves. Peter, John, and Sandra are siblings, and they all have telepathic powers. Sandra and Peter work for the Agency though, but they are all very close. It's quite interesting watching the relationship develop between Dana and the men because Sandra knows exactly what's going since they are all linked. In essence, RUNNER was fantastic. With wonderful and diverse characters, intense sensuality, and an amazing plot that just keeps getting thicker, it will appeal to romance lovers across the genres while titillating those of us who enjoy romance's more erotic side." -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

"Dana Michaels has been on the run for years. She has always known that something was different about her, and it was proven several years ago when someone tried to abduct her. Nerves tell Dana that she has been in the same place too long and it's time to run again. But it appears she might have waited too long. The question is, are the people who found her friend or foe? Peter Nash and his sister have been assigned by the agency to not only watch over Dana, but to get her to accept them and come into the agency of her own free will. Peter has spent time getting to semi-know Dana but he had no idea until they actually met that Dana was much more than someone to protect – she is also his, and his brother John's, mate. Dana finally agrees to come into the agency to meet her sister, when yet again, someone tries to abduct her, and unfortunately, mistakenly kidnaps the female agent protecting her. Dana is scared of what might happen but it's not even close to the overwhelming passion she comes up against with Peter and John. When together, either all three of them or just two, they are hot enough set the sheets on fire. That intensity scares Dana and once again she wants to give in to her protection mode and run. However, until Peter and John's sister is found and rescued, Dana can't go anywhere. Peter and John know that Dana wants to run, so they will just have to show her that she was always meant to be with them, while rescuing their sister. When passion comes from two brothers, what's a woman to do but fall into both sets of arms at once. Dana finds this out with Peter and John in Runner. One of several genetically changed children that escaped a lab of horror; I could understand why Dana kept running. After she is located by the agency her sister is part of, it was interesting to see Dana try to ignore the agents talking with her day after day. I found the fact that both Peter and John could tell what the other was doing when they weren't twins interesting, especially when it came to sexual situations. Luckily for both of them, Dana was a woman made for them together, or it might have gotten sticky. Yes, the passion is fast and furious but so is the urge to protect, and the love that quickly follows the passion. I also liked that Dana felt the need to save Peter and John's sister like it was one of her own siblings. The ending tells me that we will be finding more of the lost siblings soon. Runner is one fast and hot journey with a splash of suspense and danger mixed in to keep you guessing until the end." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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As she snuggled sleepily against John’s warm body, Dana marveled at how different her life was right now compared to just a few hours ago. She actually felt connected to John as well as Pete, an emotional bond forming between the three of them, a feeling unlike anything Dana had experienced before in her fractured life on the run. She’d barely met John, but somehow she knew him and Pete more intimately, emotionally as well as physically, than any other person she’d ever met.

They’d found a way past her emotional armor and into her head and her heart—literally, thanks to their abilities, and figuratively because of their caring. She was well on her way to loving them both, but she quickly squashed that thought, lest they hear in her mind something she was not ready to share.

Hot on the heels of that thought was another that made her laugh out loud. Pete’s attention was drawn to her by the noise.

“That’s right,” he agreed. “After everything we just shared, you, my sweet thing, are still technically a virgin.” He rolled her toward him, pressing his growing arousal into her soft belly. “Lucky for you,” he said, devilment dancing in his eyes. “We know just how to fix that.”

She giggled softly, loving the feel of being pressed between the brothers, and the rightness of the way they fit together. Pete kissed her lips, sucked them gently, and then pushed his tongue into her mouth, slowly exploring the moist recess. She gasped in surprise when he pushed her onto her back and threatened to spank her if she moved. He left the room for a few moments, and John pulled her against him and kissed her hard. Pete returned quickly, lifted her into his arms and lay her face down on the towel John spread across the middle of the mattress.

“Relax, sweetheart, we’re going to make you feel good.”

She felt the bed dip as Pete climbed onto one side and John moved to the other. Firm hands massaged fragrant oil into her shoulders, her spine, smoothing down her ass, rubbing her thighs, her calf muscles and her feet. One of them paid special attention to her bottom, rubbing the globes affectionately, lifting them in his hands, separating her, exposing her puckered anus. He blew a stream of warm air against the dark entrance, making her muscles quiver and tighten. Dana’s body melted into the mattress the same time her arousal rose higher, their gentle ministrations leaving warm tingles and pulsing need coursing through her.

“Okay, sweetheart, roll over so we can do the front,” Pete whispered into her ear, softly nipping the earlobe with his teeth.

Again strong hands roamed over her body, relaxing her, infusing her with calm, her skin tingling all over. John massaged her breasts, playing with the nipples, teasing them to aching life. He dipped his head to suck one into his mouth, gently biting and soothing it with his tongue. Dana’s body lifted off the bed, her back arching against John’s mouth, pressing her nipple deeper, encouraging him to suck harder.

Pete massaged her legs, running his hands up her thighs, pushing her legs wider. His fingers tangled in the coarse hair, separating her folds. She felt her clit swell again with need and her cream glide down her swollen labia. Pete blew air onto the moist skin, and Dana raised her hips off the bed in delight.

Lifting her legs over his shoulders, Pete dipped his tongue into her pussy, and then ran it over her swollen clit, flicking harder as she moaned her need. He tongue fucked her, licking her labia, spreading the cream, nibbling, biting, sucking as she writhed in sensual agony. Dana shook, her pussy muscles grabbing, clenching against nothing.

Her blood roared as she felt Pete move up the bed and position the head of his cock at her entrance, stretching her carefully, moving in slowly, pushing her arousal to boiling point.

Desperate now for his full possession, Dana grabbed his hips, frantically trying to pull him deeper into her body, but John gathered her hands and lifted them over her head. Pete continued plucking her nipple, his other hand smoothing down her stomach to her clit, tangling in the hair, finding the swollen nerves and rubbing rhythmically.

He pushed his cock in further, holding himself away from her. She could feel his desperate need to claim her, to ram his cock in hard and fast, but he held it in check. He swallowed, groaning loudly as his dick sank further. He moved his hand away from her mound as her entire body began undulating against his.

Slowly he pulled halfway out, pressing back in just as carefully.

Dana flexed her hands in John’s hold. She wanted to pull Pete closer, needed to claim more of him. She wanted to dig her fingers into the strong muscles of his ass cheeks to force him deeper.

Pete groaned as he heard her thoughts and lost control. Dana bucked wildly underneath him. He pounded his cock into her again and again, groaning as Dana’s release hit her, her mind and body screaming in sensual agony, her pussy grabbing at his cock, her hips pushing harder into the mattress, her fingers frantically grabbing Pete’s ass as John finally released his hold.

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