[#398 Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romantic Suspense, M/F/M]

Jason has been working undercover to try and rescue two of his sisters. He's never met them, but he knows that they were bred in an attempt to create superior humans. When he learns a young child was stolen from her mother, Dana—another of Jason's sisters—he finds a way to return the baby to her family but blows his cover in the process.

Cody and Bec have spent the past year trying to recover from bullet wounds sustained in the line of duty. Happy to be called back onto active duty, they manage to extricate Jason from his self-appointed undercover mission.

But when they find Jason injured, without a place to stay or a way to support himself, they invite him into their lives and discover there is more to the man than even he knows. Can love and respect grow amid tragedy, fear, and unusual behavior?

Note: Each book in the Altered Destinies series is a stand-alone and can be read out of sequence.


Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among the men.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author


Stolen (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
this was such a good book.. just got to read it again.
Barefoot Okie
Still loving this series....I know it says you can read them out of order but I wouldn't.
Professional Reviews

5 FALLEN ANGELS: "One down, one to go. Jason had been working undercover in an experimental laboratory trying to rescue the two sisters he had never met. Eight months ago, he had managed to smuggle one of them out. Just as he was on the verge of discovering the identity of his remaining captive sister, Jason learned that a baby had been stolen from her mother - another unknown sister. Immediately and without a second thought, Jason managed to escape with his niece; but his cover was blown. Injured in the line of duty on a federal mission, partners Cody and Bec were eager to get back to work. So, when they received a call to assist with a self-appointed, covert representative, Cody and Bec were overjoyed. The team arrived to find Jason badly injured with the bad guys hot on his trail; nevertheless, they managed to save him and his niece. Now, on the run and with no place to go, Cody and Bec invited Jason into their home. Instantly sparks ignited individually from both Jason and Cody towards Bec. Will Bec welcome both men with open arms and if so, how will Jason and Cody deal with their attraction to the same woman? Okay, I hate to sound like a broken record; but, I so love Abby Blake's Altered Destinies series. Every since his first cameo appearance in book two, I had excitedly been awaiting for Jason's story and let me tell you that I well satisfied with the results. I just knew that Jason was special and I was totally awe struck with his special paranormal capabilities. As with its previous three predecessors, Stolen contained a super-hot menage a trios that left me breathless with heated desire and thrilling suspense that had me hovering on edge of your seat with great anticipation. I found Stolen to be all that I could have wished for and more. Enjoy!" -- Contessa, Fallen Angel Reviews

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4 STARS: "The Altered Destinies series has me hooked! STOLEN, the latest book in the series, is a continuation of the suspense, steamy eroticism, and fantastic plot that keeps me coming back for more. STOLEN is the story of Jason--the brother of Theresa, Dana, Alana (and others we haven't really met yet)--who has been working undercover to get his siblings out of the labs at which they have been held captive. Jason's cover is blown when the man behind the experimentation steals Dana's newborn daughter and he has to get the infant out of the lab. He is now without a purpose, a job, and a family as he feels like an outsider with his sisters. He has no idea how his life is about to change. Cody and Bec have been partners in the agency, and they are both on leave while they are recovering from injuries sustained on the job. They are also just discovering their feelings for one another but don't know how to go about dealing with them. After rescuing Jason and Dana's daughter, they invite the man into their home. Bec soon realizes that she has feelings for both men, and they have feelings for her. And Jason sees the possibility of the family he's always dreamed of having. Ok, let me just say that this whole series is just fantastic. STOLEN is the fourth book in the series, and while it can easily be read as a standalone, I have loved how each book has progressed in sequence. The plot is so fantastic. With tons of suspense and lots of action, I read from beginning to end because I wanted to know what happens next. Steamy sex was definitely present in this book as with all of the books in the Altered Destinies series. I liked the relationship development because although Bec and Cody had been partners, they weren't in a relationship prior to having Jason join them. Actually Jason's presence moved their relationship along. Besides our main trio, we also get a glimpse at the old trios as well as a glimpse of who we will be meeting in the future. I love that we get to see life after the HEA for the previous trios in the later books, it's like getting a bit of an epilogue for them. I have no idea when and how this series is going to end, but I really hope it's no time soon. With the great plot, intense action, steamy eroticism all with a paranormal twist, STOLEN, just like the other three books in the series, is a definite hit!" -- Rho, The Romance Reviews

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4 HEARTS: "Jason is the product of genetically altered DNA, an attempt to increase psychic abilities. The monster who took eggs from Jason's mother for the cruel experiments created an unknown number of children. Jason knows two, Theresa and Dana, who found each other and new lives. If he can stay undercover long enough to find and save the other two sisters he knows about, Alana and Jenna, he can then, maybe, find a life of his own. When he gets in trouble and needs to run for his life, he uses his untrained telepathic powers to call Teresa and Dana for help. Two agents of their organization, Cody and Bec, rescue him and his precious cargo. When he's injured, they take him into their home to recuperate. Stolen is Book 3 of Abby Blake's Altered Destinies series. Theresa's and Dana's stories are covered in the earlier books. The premised seemed a bit odd to me at first, but as the books progress, I realized it worked very well. These are stand alone books, but I'm sure you'll want to read them all. I really like Jason's character. It wasn't until after he became a doctor that he learned what he was and that he had siblings. He made it his duty to go undercover and try to save them. When he had done the best he could, he finds himself broke, injured, and alone. He's at the lowest point in his life and doesn't know which way to turn or where to start. Cody and Bec's characters are strong enough to help Jason through, even with their own problems. They were both injured in a shooting the year before. As the cast builds through the series, with the addition of Jason and his friends, the love and relationships between the altered siblings and their spouses really shines. I highly recommend all of Blake's books, and this series is just another good example of what she can do. Enjoy." -- Kathy, The Romance Studio Reviews

"Jason has been working for months to get them all free from the mad scientist who created them by conniving and then messed with their genes to create gifted people. The horrors that Jason has seen just during the time he has been on the inside has strengthened his determination. Now after so much work, he only has one more sister to free and then he can get away. At least that was his plan before he discovered that one of his sisters, Dana, was shot and his niece is now in the wrong hands. Jason has to make a choice to either protect and free his baby niece, which will break his cover, or continue as he has been and see if he can reach his last sister. For Jason there is no choice. That night many lives are going to change. Cody and Bec are agents and partners who are working their way back to full strength after being injured in the line of duty. They are about ninety-percent right now. While they were never involved before their injuries, all this constant time together has them just about to make the change from partners to lovers. Both Cody and Bec are surprised when their boss calls and gives them an immediate rescue assignment. More than ready to prove themselves, Cody and Bec suit up and head out. Things might not have gone as Jason hoped but the end result was the same, his niece is safe and with her family again. Hurt during the escape, Jason is wondering what he should do when Cody and Bec invite him to stay with them. That night begins an intense attraction that has all three of them exploring a passion that should seem strange but feels very right. Tensions and the danger is high as everyone is praying for Dana's recovery when Jason discovers another gift – one that will help not only Dana but also the agency. Strangers become intense lovers as danger threatens in Stolen. I could understand Jason's dilemma when he had to choose between his baby niece or his sister. I have to say I would have made the same choice with the same circumstances. Cody and Bec were already friends on the brink of becoming lovers when Jason added an intensity of passion to all three of them. I enjoyed watching all three discover what was happening, and how it would give all of them a new outlook on life. Seeing Jason embrace his new helping gift as wonderful as watching the siblings come together as an extended family. Actions toward the end of the book have me wondering if that last sibling will ever be a part of this new family. Stolen is filled with intense emotions, erotic passion, and just enough suspense to keep you wondering till the end." -- Jo, Joyfully Reviewed

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Bec felt the familiar rush of adrenaline spread through her veins. God, she’d missed this. Glancing over at her partner, she could feel his similar excitement tinged with a little nervousness. She understood his unease. They hadn’t even been medically cleared for active duty and here they were charging in to rescue a child abducted after her mother had been viciously gunned down. The fact the child was their boss’s niece should change nothing. They were well trained, well prepared, and more than capable of pulling off what should amount to nothing more exciting than a taxi service. Somehow, telling herself that didn’t mean she believed it. This assignment was more important than anything they’d done before.

Her focus narrowed as they approached the rendezvous point, ready for anything, hoping for the easy outcome but expecting the worst. It was full dark by the time they rolled to a stop on the quiet country lane. She’d switched off the lights more than a mile back and had donned her night vision goggles to be able to maneuver the vehicle without hitting a tree. It was dark, and it was very, very quiet.

Speaking telepathically, Cody checked the time with her. “We’re right on time. He should be here,” he said. She could sense he had his teeth clenched tightly.

“Give him a moment,” she sent, sounding calmer than she actually felt. “It can’t be easy negotiating bush land like this at night with a small infant.” Her own words heightened her anxiety. How would Jason, a doctor, not a field agent, manage to keep the baby quiet and get himself through dense bush land in the dark?

After making sure the interior light was switched to the off position, Bec eased the door open slightly and carefully lowered one foot to the dirt road. Straining to hear any unusual sounds over the night insects, she thought she heard movement off to her left. She froze in place, once again trying to hear any sounds that didn’t belong.

A small noise alerted her to Jason’s presence at the same moment her empathic senses picked up on his distress. He was hurt, and he was bleeding, dragging his badly damaged ankle behind him. Without conscious thought she moved from the car and toward the injured man, sighing with relief when she saw him through her night goggles moving toward them. Her gun was in her hand before she really thought about it, her years in the field coming back to her as if the last year had never happened.

She reached Jason just as he stumbled again, jolting the infant in his arms. A small cry rang out over the area as the baby girl woke with a start. Speaking telepathically, she called his name as she approached, reassuring him she’d been sent by Sandra and her boss. She went to take the infant from his arms, but it was clear he wouldn’t relinquish the precious bundle until he knew for sure they were safe.

She helped him instead, guiding him over the rough ground, grateful the baby had only made that single noise. She heard Cody start the car and throw the back door open for them as they approached. She guided Jason into the backseat, quickly following him in and closing the door, still trying to be quiet.

“Stay down,” Cody told them telepathically, obviously aware of a danger Bec had missed while she helped Jason. He moved the car forward quietly as Bec struggled to get a seat belt around Jason and his precious cargo.

“Hold on,” Cody ordered silently. “We’re about to have company.”




Jason sat a moment on the sofa, stunned at the strange turn of events and again unsure of his place in all of this. His cock strained against his jeans, his body very clearly telling him where he wanted to be.

“Come on, Jase,” Bec called to him telepathically. “Don’t overthink it. Please just be with me and forget everything else for a while.”

Jason grabbed his crutches, levering himself up and moving toward Bec’s bedroom. As he entered the room he watched from the doorway as Cody kissed her, then lifted her dress over her head as he walked her backward. Her knees hit the mattress, and with a soft smile she fell onto the bed. Cody looked over at him, probably sensing his disquiet as Bec levered herself up onto one elbow and held her hand out in invitation.

Something unraveled in Jason’s chest. A need to be included, a need to be part of something special, and he found himself moving toward her, awkwardly removing his clothes as he neared the bed. He sat beside her as she helped him to pull his T-shirt over his head then lowered her hands to remove his jeans. She moved off the bed to get the denim over his cast and then pushed him onto his back as she straddled his hips and kissed him like the world was about to end. On and on she kissed him as she writhed against his hard cock, straining to get closer.

Cody’s hands smoothed over her shoulders, pushing the bra he’d undone over her arms, releasing her plump breasts. Jason groaned as they brushed against his chest, his cock straining against the cotton of his boxer shorts. She crawled higher up his body, clasping their hands together and stretching his arms over his head, her breasts swinging near his face until he latched on to one, sucking it into his mouth and worrying the nipple with his teeth. She cried out at the same time he felt Cody lift her slightly so he could remove her underwear. Then he pressed a condom into Jason’s hand.

Still greedily sucking her breast, Jason managed to rip open the little packet and sheath himself with the condom. Bec quickly fit her body to his and impaled herself on his cock. He released her nipple, groaning his ecstasy as the walls of her pussy rippled around his engorged flesh, the sensation more intense, more amazing than he’d ever known.

Jason gripped her hips, lifting her higher and then plunging himself back into her welcoming heat. He ground his teeth as his orgasm raced to claim him. It had been too long, way too long, and he wasn’t going to last. He kissed her hard as he anchored her hips to him and pumped into her a few times more before he exploded. He barely registered that Bec was coming as well until he felt her tight pussy spasm around his cock, milking the last of his cum.

She collapsed onto his body, her head tucked under his chin. They breathed heavily for a few moments, and then Bec’s breath hitched as he felt Cody lift her off him and roll her under his body.

Cody kissed her hungrily. Jason could feel his intense need to claim the woman who had become the center of both their worlds. Bec kissed him fiercely, maybe sensing his need also. Cody pushed straight into her, then held still for a moment. Bec moaned as he lifted her knees over his arms, pushing his cock deeper into her dripping pussy.

Jason rolled onto his side, his hand gently caressing the breast nearest to him. He lowered his head to take the stiff nub into his mouth as Bec writhed against them both, desire tightening her muscles. Cody pulled back, pounding into her harder and harder as Jason found her clit and pressed it rhythmically, smiling when Bec let out a loud groan as her climax drew nearer.

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