Freedom to Surrender (MFM)

Freedom, Colorado 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,154
5 Ratings (4.2)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Ashley Milosino has no job, no money, and few job prospects. When her friend’s brother, Tatum Morganton, moves to Freedom, Colorado to fill the vacancy of deputy, she gives in and agrees to show him around. His roommate, Drexel Ford, great-grandson of Henry Ford, is in town to find himself. He can’t afford for anyone to get close and learn his secret. Then why did he suggest Ashley work at the auto repair shop where he just signed on?
The sexual tension heats up, and when the three of them do get together, things explode. Against his better judgment, Drex falls for Ashley, and when he tells her the truth about himself, she is furious. Trying to solve the problem, he buys a building for her so she can fulfill her dreams. She wants to succeed on her own and dumps him.
What can he and Tatum do to restore order to their breaking hearts?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Freedom to Surrender (MFM)
5 Ratings (4.2)

Freedom to Surrender (MFM)

Freedom, Colorado 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 70,154
5 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Melody Snow Monroe outdoes herself with each new book she writes and with this one she has done just that again. An amazing story of learning to accept who you are and others will accept and respect you as well, wanting to show independence and be accepted as an individual and the fulfillment of helping and guiding others to a better path. All this mixed into the characters journey of trust, acceptance, passion, finding true love throw in some BDSM and it gets HOT fast! You will find you can't put it down and you won't want it to end, I know that's how I felt. "Surrender some of your freedom and read this book" ;)




Ashley Milosino was awaiting settlement of a stock trade for one of Bresson Investments’s clients when her cell phone rang. Her stomach sank when she saw the name on the screen.

“Hello.” She kept her voice soft, not wanting the other security brokers to hear her take a personal call.

“Ms. Milosino, this is George Cantel from Freedom Federal. Your car loan is a month past due.” Irritation sawed through his words.

Shit. Closing her eyes, she tried to rub away the tension headache that was already forming. She’d been waiting for her paycheck to clear before she sent the money. Two more days was all she’d need. “I’ll send in a payment today. It must have slipped my mind.” It had never left her thoughts.

“You said that last week.”

Caught me. “I just got paid. I promise I’ll put the check in the mail today.” It was a little white lie, but by the time he called again, she would have the money in her account.

“If we don’t receive it by week’s end, we’ll be forced to repossess your car.”

No! She wouldn’t be able to get to work without transportation. “Don’t worry.” Even though this George person couldn’t see her, she smiled in an attempt to elevate her sinking attitude.

“I hope for your sake that you do.”

She disconnected and slumped forward in her seat. If her landlord hadn’t raised her rent by ten percent three months ago, she could have managed. The thought of taking on a second job was looking more and more likely, but could she really handle more hours at say, a waitress position? The stress of not making it financially was taking its toll.

As if the haughty woman materialized out of thin air, the firm owner’s secretary stepped up to her desk. “Mr. Bresson needs to have a word with you.” Margaret turned without making further eye contact.

Ashley’s stomach tumbled once more. She’d heard rumors about her boss possibly being in trouble, but she refused to believe Roger would do anything to raise a flag with the Securities and Exchange Commission. He was an honest man and had been very good to her.

The stock settlement she’d been waiting for showed up on her screen, and she quickly e-mailed the confirmation to the client. Ashley pushed back her chair and smoothed out her skirt as nervous sweat pooled under her arms. Since she’d never been called to Bresson’s office before, this had to be bad.

Stay calm. I didn’t do anything wrong.

Then why assume the worst?

“Ashley?” Margaret stood at the boss’s door waiting, her frown deepening.

“Coming.” The chatter of the brokers talking with their clients, along with the comforting sound of phones ringing, helped calm her for what she knew would be a day to remember.

As she maneuvered between the other workers’ desks, she glanced at Roger’s glassed-in office. His chair sat empty, causing her pulse to race. Her gaze searched the office, hoping to spot him. She’d spoken with him just this morning, and he always told her when he had to leave to meet a client. So where was he?

To her chagrin, she didn’t need any psychic ability to see her future when three of the men looked up, pressed their lips together, then dropped their gaze. She was going to be fired. She just knew it.

Do not throw up and do not cry.

The sounds seemed to dim around her as she neared Mr. Bresson’s office, and she had to force her feet to take the last few steps. The urge to fist her hands was compelling, but she managed to appear as if the summons was an everyday occurrence. As soon as she stepped past Margaret, the door closed with a resounding thud. Welcome to hell.

“Ms. Milosino, please have a seat.” His gravelly voice contained a boatload of doom.

Bresson’s overstuffed chair was leather and swiveled while the one he’d pointed to might be leather, but the seat cushion appeared tired and thin. Why couldn’t they have this conversation by the corner window seated the lounge chairs with the view of the Colorado mountains?

Because he doesn’t want you to get too comfortable.

“I’m very sorry to have to tell you that Roger Dilett is no longer affiliated with our firm.”

Her chest caved. Roger was gone? “What happened?” Oh, my God. The man had a wife, two kids, and a new home with a large mortgage.

“I’m not at liberty to discuss the specifics, but let’s just say the SEC didn’t like the way he handled some of his transactions.”

Her heart nearly stopped. As Roger’s assistant, would the SEC think she was guilty, too? The best-case scenario would be a loss of his broker’s license. The worst would be jail time and a huge fine. She frantically thought back to all of the transactions she’d done for him but couldn’t think of anything that wasn’t on the up and up.

She struggled for air, thinking Mr. Bresson might consider her guilty by association. She waited for him to ask so that she could truthfully answer, but even if she did get a chance to explain, would he believe her?

He merely stared at her and her nerves exploded. She finally dragged in enough oxygen to speak. “What does that mean for me? I was Roger’s assistant.”

The firm’s owner wove his fingers together and looked so much like her dad, she cringed. She knew the look of pity all too well. Shit.

“I know you’ve been studying for your Series 7 license, but times have been slow, and since you have not taken the test yet, I’m afraid we have to let you go. I’m very sorry.”

He’s letting me go?




Before Drex walked back over, Tatum had her bra unhooked and was cupping her breasts.

Drex pulled them apart. “Let me at her.” He stood next to her and Tatum. “I hope you’re ready for an experience of a lifetime.”

He hadn’t told her not to speak, so she responded. “Does that mean I get your big cock in my ass and Tatum’s ginormous dick in my pussy at the same time?”

His brows furrowed. “Are you saying Tatum’s cock is bigger than mine?” She could tell he was playing with her. She was positive Drexel Ford never had any kind of complex about the size of his cock.

“When you’ve both impaled me, I’ll let you know which feels larger.”

His face sobered. “All fun aside, we never want you to feel like you have to compete for our affection or that we’ll be jealous if you want to make love with just one of us as long as you give the other guy his time, too.”

“That’s fair enough.” She glanced downward and spotted their cocks pressing against their flies. “Can I take off my clothes and have you watch?”

Drex glanced to Tatum. “Only because I’ve been away will I grant this wish, but I make no promises that I’ll be able to last once I see your pussy or your tits or your glorious ass.”

She laughed. “Then we better get started. Please sit.”

Tatum grabbed his crotch then undid the top button on his pants. “The big snake needs some breathing room.”

She grinned. “Big snake. I like it.”

Drex sat and tugged off his boots. “Don’t mind us, darlin’. I want to be ready as soon as you’re naked.”

Asking them to wait until she could take off their clothes probably wouldn’t go over well. She’d take what little freedom she had.

After removing her boots and socks, she set them off to the side then returned to stand in front of them. She always thought it would be fun to strip for a man and rub her breasts in his face, but knowing her men, as soon as she neared, they’d grab her and take over.

With slow deliberation, she undid a button and eased open her shirt before lowering her fingers to the next one. Tatum would whistle after each freed button.

Drex leaned back on his elbows. “If you take much longer, I’ll have to paddle your ass.”

She opened her mouth to complain but wisely shut it. She needed to learn to read him better. “Fine.”

With speedier fingers, she finished with her shirt quickly and lowered the material down her arms. When she removed her top, instead of placing it on the floor, she stepped over to Drex and tossed it on his face. He grabbed the shirt, balled it up, and inhaled.

“I’ve missed this smell.”

Her bra straps had fallen forward and the cups were balancing on her tits. She inhaled, and when she exhaled, the bra fell.

“Let me have that, angel.” Tatum held out his hands and she walked over with the bra. He, too, brought it to his face. “I’ve missed this.”

She glanced at Drex. From his lack of reaction, he must have known she hadn’t made love this week with Tatum. His gaze focused on her nipples. Slowly, he rose.

“I’m not done yet.”

“Yes, you are.” He dipped his shoulder into her belly and lifted her in a fireman’s hold.

When she lightly beat his back, he not-so-lightly smacked her ass. Good thing she still wore her jeans or it might have hurt.

“Tatum move. Our woman is going down.”

A second later she was on her back and both men were tugging on her pants. In seconds she was naked. So much for fancy underwear.

Drex straddled her. “The only thing that has kept me going this last week is knowing you were waiting for me.”

“You didn’t call.”

He glanced down for a moment. Guilt seemed to sweep across his face. “The truth?” She nodded. “If I had called, I wouldn’t have made a rational decision. Being away from you was the hardest thing I’d ever done. I’ve never loved a woman before. I was scared, okay?”

Tears leaked out of her eyes. “Me, too. Being scared that is.” She looked over at Tatum. “Tatum is everything I want in a man, but somehow I need both of you to make me whole.”

The grin that spread across Drex’s face told her tonight would change her world. “I think when Tatum and I plug you, you’ll know what whole feels like.”

She loved when he talked dirty. “Then what are you waiting for?”

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