Freedom to Love (MFM)

Freedom, Colorado 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,814
7 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light consensual BDSM, spanking, sex toys, HEA]
Military man Harper Anderson should be able to control himself. Hell, his life depended on it many times. But Holly Morganton is so damn caring and sexy that she makes him lose all sense of what’s right and wrong. She’s a siren who’s tempting him to forget his love for his murdered wife—and he hates that.
Conner Gillespie, Harper’s cousin and casino co-owner, knows Holly is the perfect woman for them. While she’s shy about her lack of curves, she’s a listener, and he’s certain she’s the one to show Harper that life’s worth living again.
Holly, a computer geek, is blown away by the fact that two hunky casino owners find her attractive, so why then does Harper keep pushing her away when she tries to help him move on? When they take her passion to new heights, she vows to do whatever it takes to earn their love.
Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Melody Snow Monroe is a Siren-exclusive author.
Freedom to Love (MFM)
7 Ratings (4.4)

Freedom to Love (MFM)

Freedom, Colorado 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 53,814
7 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Melody Snow Monroe just keeps outdoing herself with each new book and this one has really shown that! This story has pulled on my heart strings with such an emotional jolt. Each of the characters draw you into their lives and you can't help but feel the emotions they feel. I cried, laughed and loved right along with them. The past isn't always easy to forget, memories can be happy ones and moving on can be hard and following these characters through conflict, issues, passion, discovery of new loves and acceptance of themselves has been a journey I thoroughly enjoyed being on as I read this fantastic book in an awesome series!
This was so sweet and loving....amazing! !!! I loved these 3 together. Just shows that love can strike twice!!!!!! This was fantastic
donna b buccella




Dani nudged Holly. “Don’t look now, but your two loves are approaching. All I can say is it’s about time. They’ve been glancing your way for an hour.”

Thrills danced along her spine. Don’t get your hopes up. She turned her back to the men in case they could read lips and leaned close to her good friend. “They aren’t my two loves. I just happened to find them fascinating.” So what if she’d spent endless hours investigating their background on the web? The sad tale of Harper losing his wife still made her heart ache. “If memory serves me, you and Dani asked me to find all the dirt on them.” What she found, however, endeared them to her instead. Conner had grown up in a working-class family where his dad had struggled to keep food on the table, just like her mom.

“I agree you were just doing your job, but I was impressed you were attracted to who they were as men even before you found their pictures and saw what hunks they were.”

Her cheeks heated. “I liked that they did what it took to be a success.” From the beginning, her gut told her these men had been innocent of human trafficking. Good thing she’d been able to convince her partners of that fact, thus prompting Dani and Nikki to go after the real criminal, Jack Marr.

Holly only had a brief conversation with Conner when he and Harper first arrived at the party. Harper had taken one look at her and headed in the opposite direction. She wasn’t hurt exactly, as the reaction was rather common from men, especially ones who were this gorgeous, but she’d be lying if she said she hadn’t been disappointed. One of her strengths was that she’d always been realistic. She knew was too tall, too thin, had no boobs and no ass. Basically she was a stick with a big head and lots of hair, or so the kids in school used to say. The large, black-framed glasses probably didn’t help, but without them she got eyestrain from the computer.

Oh, shit. She was still wearing them. Immediately, she dragged them off her face. “Can you put these somewhere? I completely forgot I was wearing them.”

“Sure.” Dani grinned and took the eyewear from her. “I’ll put them in the bedroom in your purse.” She nodded to the men. “I’ll leave you now so I can visit with my men.”

Conner and Harper weren’t her men. Hell, she’d barely spoken with them. “Don’t go.” That was selfish, but being around them unnerved her.

“You’ll do fine.” Dani winked and rushed down the hallway, presumably to keep Holly’s eyeglasses safe. She glanced down and tugged on her top. Nikki had insisted she try a push-up bra to give her some cleavage, but she knew no amount of padding would give her A-cup tits a lift.

Oh crap, they’re here. She dragged her palms down her jeans, hoping to wipe off the nervousness. She held out her hand to Harper. “I’m Holly Morganton. I work with Dani and Nikki doing—”

The right side of his mouth lifted into an adorable half smile. “I am very aware of your contribution to saving our asses, and I thank you.”

When he clasped her hand, all sorts of emotions raced through her. Part was lust, part sympathy, and a lot was just plain yearning.

She glanced to the side. “I was just doing my job.” She slipped her fingers from his. Being near someone so big jumbled her brain, but she couldn’t help it. These imposing men threw her off kilter.

Harper’s light-brown hair was cut military short. Research indicated he’d been out of the service for years, but maybe old habits died hard. Hell, she still wore the same hairstyle since high school.

Not only did she love that he was a good four inches taller, but she bet he could pick her up and sling her over his shoulder with little effort. That wasn’t to say she wanted to be in that position or anything, but touching his body would be—


Conner’s question brought her back to reality. “Excuse me?”

What was wrong with her? Conner, too, was a good-looking man, though he wasn’t classically pretty. His strong nose was perhaps a bit too large for his face, and some might even say his lips were too full, but she liked the proportion between his eyes, forehead, and chin. His high cheekbones were a little sunken, but she wasn’t one to talk—far from it. When she was growing up, she’d trained herself only to eat twice a day, and the bad habit was hard to break. If she’d eaten as much as she’d desired, her twin brother and younger sister wouldn’t have had enough food.

Don’t go there.

Conner’s long, black queue was tied neatly with a leather sleeve, and every time it swayed, it twisted her insides in a good way. The man looked dangerous but spoke tenderly.

He didn’t hide his smile. “I was asking about your plans?”

Her pulse raced. Was he asking her for a date? “Plans?”

“As in what your next case might be now that you’ve vanquished our villain.”

She laughed, but it came out sounding nervous instead of excited because he’d given her some credit. “We’re waiting on Mr. Sussman to give us another case.” She nodded to the white-haired man speaking with Dani’s fiancé, Brady Braxson, Freedom’s sheriff and all-around hero.

Harper turned to go, but Conner stayed him with a hand. “Harper and I were wondering if you might like to visit the casino, say tomorrow, so we can show you around?”

It is a date! “Yes. I’d love to.” Her cheeks hurt from grinning. “I haven’t been to a casino in forever.”

“Great.” Conner nodded to the empty glass in her hand. “What are you drinking, baby?”

Ooh, she loved the endearment. “A club soda.” If she had her usual wine or mojito, she might say something stupid.




Harper moved behind her and slid his hands under her shirt. Before his fingers reached her bare breasts, she planted her elbows above her belly to stop him.

“I want to undress myself.”

He nuzzled her neck. “But you always like it when we take off your clothes.”

“I know, but I want to do something for you. Can you both sit on the bed?”

They actually obeyed, which gave her hope this might work. These men gave her to courage to like her own body and not see herself as a victim of her mother’s mistakes.

She ran her palms down her pants and prayed she didn’t make a fool of herself, though she actually believed it wouldn’t matter. They’d love her no matter what.

She tugged off her boots and then her socks. Now came the hard part. While she was working on Nikki and Dani’s case today, she spent a few minutes surfing the web on how to strip for a man. While she’d never considered such an occupation, these women had seduction down to an art. She, too, wanted to entice her men.

“You can’t touch until I give the word. Okay?”

Conner jabbed Harper. “Our woman wants us to be the submissives. Ain’t goin’ to happen, baby, but we’ll be good and watch—at least until we can’t stand it. Then, you’re all ours.”

Her pussy gushed. “Okay, here goes.” That was tacky. She shouldn’t  have announced her intention.

She inhaled and lifted the top layer as slowly as she could over her head. When the material covered her eyes, she feared the men would make their move, so she whipped it off. To her delight, they were still seated but now were grinning. Her pulse soared.

Next, she lifted off her undershirt. Once she slipped if over her head, cool air pebbled her nipples. Naked, she was tempted to cross her arms as their gazes latched onto her breasts. You can do it.

Slowly, she laced her fingers behind her head and stepped closer to them. “Anyone want one lick?”

Both scooted closer. Harper cheated by taking one step and pulling her close. Holding her with one hand his mouth latched onto one tit while Conner feasted on the other one. Streaks of pleasure burst all over her body and her pussy went wild. Violent contractions spasmed her inner walls, and she jerked back.

“I’m not finished. That was just to tease you into wanting me.”

“Baby, if you glance at our crotches, there’s no doubt about us wanting you real bad.”

That made her look. Sure enough their cocks made their jeans bulge. “I’m not finished yet.”

Harper waved a hand. “By all means, continue.” He leaned back on his elbows, the smile on his face never receding.

All she had left to remove were her jeans. To add to the show, she turned her back, undid the button and zipper, and wiggled her hips.

“You better hurry, sugar. You’re testing our willpower to stay seated.”

Their encouragement was probably for show, but she loved them all the more for it. As she eased her jeans over her ass, she wiggled her butt. She bent over and pushed the tight material down her legs. When she reached her ankles, she lifted her foot to take her jeans off one leg, and she lost her balance and had to plant her palms on the floor.

In a flash, both men were on her. Harper swooped her up. “Let us help.”

She didn’t know if they feared she’d hurt herself or if it was an excuse to touch her. Either way worked for her. Harper placed her on the bed and Conner quickly tugged off her pants.

He whistled. “What happened to your panties, baby?”

She laughed at his concern. “I though it would be easier if I had less to take off.”

He crawled between her legs and spread them wide while Harper slid alongside her. It seemed like forever since she’d been with both men.

“I think we should lock you in our house naked so we can drive home anytime we want and make love to you.”

“I think I’d have a hard time doing my job.”

Harper cupped her face and kissed her. “Not if we tire you out every night so much that you’ll need to rest all day.”

Her brain would atrophy. From the twinkle in their eyes, they were kidding. “Let’s see what two you got.”

Conner flipped her over and lightly spanked her three times. “Don’t question us like that. We’re fierce and powerful.”

While she couldn’t see him puff out his chest and squint, she knew that was what he was doing. She laughed, causing the next three blows to redden her ass. “That’s better.”

“Hear that, Conner? Our woman likes a little pain.”

Yes, I do.

Conner flipped her once more, leaned over, and lifted her legs onto his shoulders, then rose to his knees. Her butt shot into the air, but Harper slid a knee under the back for support.

“How’s that feel, sugar?” Harper pushed an errant hair from her face.

“Good, but a kiss would feel better.”

The men exchanged glances. “I think we need to show Holly that we’re in charge.”

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