With Cherry on Top (FFMMMM)

Loving in Silver 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,773
14 Ratings (4.3)

[Ménage and More: Erotic Cowboy Ménage Romance, F/F/M/M/M/M, with F/F, public exhibition, bondage, spanking, whipping, pegging, wax play, sex toys, HEA]

When Cherry Malloy goes to Silver to visit her sister, Peaches MacMillan, after years of healing from an attack which nearly killed her, she has hopes of connecting again with the men she loves. Cherry knows after the way she treated them, throwing their love back in their faces during a difficult time, she doesn’t deserve their forgiveness, but Cherry prays Mick, Jake, Collin, and Cody Preston will find it within their hearts to give her another chance.

As they begin the healing process together, there’s an unexpected glitch. Another woman is in love with the brothers, and they decide they just might want her, too. When Cherry meets Gracie Harper, she finds she’s as intrigued by the possibilities as the men are. But just as they are exploring their newly formed relationship, someone decides that they shouldn’t be together at all. And the perfect solution for this unknown person seems to be to kill them all.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance

With Cherry on Top (FFMMMM)
14 Ratings (4.3)

With Cherry on Top (FFMMMM)

Loving in Silver 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,773
14 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Christine Kirchoff
This book took me places in my mind I didn't even know I'd like....A Must Read and I can't get enough of this series....love it
Hot hot hot damn this book was on fire !!!!!!!
donna b buccella



Taking a deep breath, Cherry drove the final mile to the ranch where her sister, Peaches, lived with her husbands and their children. She didn’t know if she was ready to be back in Silver, but here she was, for better or worse. It had been three years since she had last been here, though she had seen her sister, brothers-in-law, and niece and nephew many times since then.

Cherry smiled as she thought of her last visit. It was a very good memory. She had been there for the birth of her nephew, which had taken place less than three months after Peaches’s wedding, both truly spectacular events in her sister’s life.

Her sister had come to Silver after she had been involved in a shooting at the convenience store where she worked. She had shot two men, killing one. The gang members had come to the store to kill her, as she was the only witness to a robbery a few weeks before. The witnesses with her during the attack were Damien and Ryan. Peaches had met Damien hours before at a rodeo she had gone to with a friend. She hadn’t had any plans to see him again and the meeting was fortuitous. After the shooting she left town with them with the intent of keeping herself alive and to get to know the two men a little better. It hadn’t taken long for them to become lovers, but longer for the third man to accept her as anything but a very unwelcome irritation after they first met.

They could all laugh at Logan’s resistance now. But back then it had taken some serious effort and a near-death experience to bring them together. Now Cherry didn’t know anybody who was happier than Peaches and her three husbands.

She sure wasn’t, though she didn’t begrudge her sister her happiness. Far from it. Cherry was genuinely happy for her sister, but just wished she’d had that kind of success in her relationship.

As she turned into the long lane to the house Cherry wondered if she would have the nerve to see the Preston brothers during her visit. A shuddering breath escaped as a wave of pain washed over her. It was a familiar sensation, one she had felt so many times since she had made it known she no longer wished to see or speak to them. The pain, a dull throbbing which seemed to make her entire body ache at times, was now very much a part of her.

When the front door to the house opened and her family came spilling out, Cherry knew she had done the right thing by coming here, even if she had to experience any pain seeing the brothers might bring to her. Her body was all but healed. It was time to heal her spirit. She and Peaches had always been the closest of all the siblings. They had claimed it was because they were the only two named after fruit.

“Oh, you finally made it!” Peaches cried, handing off a child to her husband Logan before wrapping her arms around her to give her a heartwarming hug. “You should have let us come get you at the airport.”

“And trap Logan in the car with toddlers again?” Cherry chuckled, remembering the tales her sister had told about past incidents while the family rode in the car. Logan, a man who always needed control, couldn’t quite figure out how to get his children to be little angels all the time. “I wouldn’t do that to my favorite brother-in-law.” Grinning up at the tall, very muscular man standing beside her sister, she wrinkled her nose at his stoic expression. She knew he was a real teddy bear on the inside, and he had a sense of humor, but he rarely let either be seen. Except when the man was playing with his children. Then he seemed to turn into one himself. “How are you, Logan?”

“Good, Cherry. We’re glad you’re here.” As if to prove it, he stepped forward to wrap her close in his arms, careful he didn’t squeeze her healing body too hard.

Cherry appreciated the care taken. There were still moments when her ribs and back protested rough treatment. Well, hell, about every part of her body made itself known every day. While some things were getting better, others were slow in their recovery. The flight and the drive from the airport hadn’t helped.

She turned her attention to the toddlers clinging to their parents’ legs. Huge eyes were peeping at her curiously. Lowering herself stiffly to her knees on the lawn, she waited until they were ready to come out to greet her.

“Don’t you remember me? I talk to you all the time on the computer. And you came to visit me when I was sick.”

“You all better?” their oldest, a boy, asked in a serious voice, finally stepping out from behind his father. He had dark hair and golden eyes.

“Yes, all better. Now, JJ, can you come give your Aunt Cherry a hug?”

Once he hurried forward to give her a quick hug, his little sister Merilee trotted over, not to be outdone. She fussed over both, again feeling a familiar ache as she held them close and inhaled their sweet scent.

If only…

If only she had told the Preston brothers yes.

If only she had quit her job and moved to Silver to be with them.

If only she had not filled in when another officer had called in sick to work that night.

If only…

Knowing Mick, Jake, Collin, and Cody Preston were all interested in having children, Cherry realized she could have had a baby close to Merilee’s age by now. She felt the pain keenly, as real as any pain she had suffered since the attack.




“I want to fuck your beautiful ass,” he told her in a husky growl. He bit her again, and then licked at the bite, soothing the sting away. A powerful tremor shook her body at the erotic image which came to her mind at his declaration. “But I’m going to wait until tonight. I’ve waited so long to love you that I don’t want any distractions. Right now I’m going to fuck your beautiful pussy. Then Collin will take it. You’re ours now, darling. There’s no going back.”

“I don’t want to go back,” Cherry whispered, knowing her heart was in her eyes. Love was blooming more fully in her chest. It rolled through her, the love she had kept in tight check for years. If she had let it live freely, it would have hurt her so much more until she had taken the final step to give these men, their love, a chance. “I want a life here with you, Collin, Cody, Jake, and our sweet Gracie.”

Cherry didn’t mind that there wasn’t a bed. It was exciting to be taken by impatient, sex-starved men. There was only one moment when there was a break in the contact between herself and Mick. That was when he stopped to pull his impressive cock out of his jeans and to roll a condom down its length. She was relieved. They had talked at length about children so long ago. She just wasn’t ready to worry about getting pregnant yet. It was something they would decide on later, much later. Right now being lifted and pushed against the wall sent a thrill through her and made her blank her mind against everything else. It took a bit of effort, and a little help from Mick, but she managed to wrap her legs around his lean waist. A moment later she felt the head of his cock pressing against her hot flesh. It was a tight fit as he worked it in. Not quite virgin tight, but close enough to count. It had been so long since she had used it properly.

Grinning, she stared into his dark-blue eyes. Mick was simply gorgeous from the top of his dark head to the bottom of his big feet. And he was all hers. Hers and Gracie’s. They both gasped when he was fully seated. They stilled, staring at one another, trying to catch their breath. She could feel the pulse of his blood pumping through his cock.

Leaning close, he nuzzled her cheek. “You okay, sweetheart?” he asked hoarsely, his breath hot on her ear. Goose bumps rose on her skin. Her hard nipples rubbed against his chest. “No pain?”

Cherry shook her head. She would probably feel it in the morning, but at the moment she wasn’t feeling anything but pure pleasure. “No, I’m good.” She nipped his chin playfully, loving it when he growled. “I love the feel of your hard cock in me.”

Her reassurance and her hot declaration was enough to send Mick over the edge. Holding her ass tightly in his hands he began thrusting into her like a madman. His breathing was ragged, his cobalt eyes molten with lust, as he tried to fuck her through the wall.

With her arousal setting on high, Cherry was completely lost in the sensations filling her body to overflowing. She could feel her toes curling, her calf and thigh muscles tensing. An orgasm wasn’t far off. She only hoped she didn’t ruin the moment with a muscle spasm of the wrong kind. It would not only be painful, but it would all kinds of embarrassing. Yep, it would be a mood killer.

When she heard a moan that wasn’t Mick’s, she opened her eyes to see Collin standing off to the side, completely naked, stroking his cock vigorously in a huge, tight fist. The erotic sight made her pussy clench hard around Mick’s thrusting cock. Turning her head slightly she saw Cody on the couch behind a kneeling Gracie, fucking her in time with every one of Mick’s thrusts into Cherry, while the petite woman leaned over a seated Jake to suck his cock down her throat.

It was too much. The sights, the sounds of slapping flesh and passionate moans, the scents of aroused lovers, sent her hurtling over the edge into an abyss of a pleasure so intense she became light-headed.

Screaming, Cherry’s back arched as her pussy gripped Mick’s cock, the swollen flesh pulsing around it, her clit feeling as if it had been hit by electricity.

Oh, yeah, she had done the right thing.

It was confirmed when Mick moved away and Collin took his place. Lifting her into his arms, he carried her to the second couch in the room, laying her upon it before following her down. Cherry wrapped his big body in her arms, welcoming his weight as he settled between her legs. His cock was evidently outfitted with a homing device, because he hit the mark, burying his cock into her softness with one powerful thrust. They moaned together as he set a steady, demanding rhythm. They stared at one another, their gazes never wavering. Callused fingers stroked her nipples, pinching them a little, until he had her gasping and begging for more.

Locking her ankles in the small of his back, she used his much bigger body for leverage as she lifted and tilted her pelvis to achieve maximum penetration. His long, thick cock slid easily in and out of her cream-filled pussy. When he added a slight hitch in his thrust, striking her clit every time, Cherry knew she wouldn’t last much longer. She couldn’t last much longer as she felt the pleasure spreading through her body in one tremendous wave.

“Collin, fuck me harder!” she begged, her mind and body reaching out to grasp the next orgasm. How had she gone so long without this? Because she hadn’t known them like this before, she reminded herself dazedly. “Fuck me harder!”


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