Going South (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,732
1 Ratings (5.0)
[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Futuristic Romance, M/M, HEA] 
In a post-apocalyptic world, Jacob and his lover Pete long to go south to find the family and safety they have lost. While they are terrified to leave, they both know the wild, passionate sex the two men enjoy with each other will not save them from the grim world in which they live.
But the two lovers have secrets they don’t dare speak aloud, secrets that involve how things came to be the way they are, how the worship of the ancient gods still affects their lives, even why their families chose to abandon them to a harsh winter landscape never to return.
When the two studs finally begin their terrible journey, they find they must maintain all the resolve they can muster if they are to survive – and if they are to find the people who can help them.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Going South (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Going South (MM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 20,732
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing



“There’s nothing more to consider,” Jacob responded, furrowing his eyebrows and silently noting the irony that it was Pete who had accused his lover of not being on board with leaving. “The winter is taking us over, slowly as time goes on. You said yourself the South has many good things. Can we not indulge ourselves in those?”

“Indeed we can. The winters have not just gotten longer. They’ve also grown colder.” Jacob could hear the gravity of Pete’s voice as his lover spoke. As serious as Pete could be, he was often lighthearted when it came to his personality. But not now. Not with this. Pete stared directly into his lover’s eyes. “We’ll die if we stay, won’t we?”

“I believe so.” It didn’t please Jacob to confess this, but he knew both men were well aware it was true. They were nearly out of food now. They already had to ration their consumables so carefully, and game was scarce around this area. An occasional deer might bound by, but, for the most part, there was nothing. One more winter would likely end their lives.

Jacob hesitated for a moment, but he fought for courage to bring up the next bit of business he knew Pete wouldn’t be happy about. “You know,” he said, but then hesitated again. Pete’s eyes bore into his, and Jacob realized he could keep him waiting no longer. “The full April moon will be approaching soon,” he finally said, and he was nearly out of breath with fear as he spoke those few simple words.

Jacob watched Pete’s shoulders rise and fall with every passing breath. He knew this news—or rather, the reminder of this news—would not bode well for either of them. Not for Pete because it put him in such a foul mood. Not for Jacob for the same reason. When Pete was in a bad mood, they both suffered. It was as simple as that.

“Do you think you have to tell me such things?”

“Only for you to be reminded. That’s all.”

The anger that was once in Pete’s eyes started to subside. Jacob figured his older lover must understand his devotion to him was unquestionable and unfathomable. But he also knew he must have angered his partner.

“You know how I hate that ritual,” Pete said, turning once more and facing out the window. “How I hate to be reminded of the past.”

“The past brought us to where we are.”

“It was a terrible past!” Pete responded, taking his fist and beating it against the doorframe. “Yes, a terrible past.” He spoke the last words more gently than the first. Jacob believed Pete must feel guilty from time to time for lashing out at him, but that still didn’t stop him from doing so.

“It’s a quick ritual, but there’s no need to think about that now. I just wanted to remind you.”

“Well, you’ve reminded me.” Pete’s eyes were filled with both love and anger, and sometimes Jacob had trouble telling the difference with his lover. Still, he was glad this discussion was finally coming to an end. Besides, he also knew Pete’s ire would eventually subside as well, and that he would ultimately be fine.

Besides, the anger in Pete’s voice added an oddly erotic sensation to Pete, and he found himself craving once more. He wondered if his lover was also craving when he became angry. It was as if, in Pete’s anger, he fucked him that much harder, and such was one of the hottest fantasies Jacob had yet entertained. On the rare occasion his lover was out hunting and Jacob was alone, he would stroke his own throbbing cock at night as he wondered just how angry he could make Pete before the man grabbed him and pressed his cock into him on the bed, ravaging his ass without mercy for hours.

“We have other things to think about now,” Jacob said, trying to bring his mind back to the present moment. “We need to pool our supplies.”

“We have some containers to carry the food. Game won’t last though.”

“What game?”

“Good point,” Pete said. “But we’ll carry what we can. We have a few canteens, and we can fill them up as we run across streams along the way.”


Pete approached Jacob excitedly now, as if he had never before been angry in his life.

“This is really happening, isn’t it, Jacob?”

“Yes,” Jacob responded. “We’re going south.”

“Do you think the others are there?”

Jacob was silent, and his eyes were empty. He had often wondered if the others had made it. He had also wondered if he and Pete should have gone with them to protect them. Only the ancient gods knew if they were still alive.

“I hope so,” Jacob responded with a weak smile.

Pete put his hands on his shoulders, and the two stood in silence staring into each other’s eyes as the long shadows of the sunset began to overtake them, just as they had done the night before when both were craving.

“We begin preparations on the morrow.”

“Yes,” Jacob responded again. “Yes, we will.”

“I would pray to your gods that we find the others in our camp.”

Jacob did pray often for their safety, though he secretly believed he would never see them again. He even more secretly believed they were dead, but he fought to keep such dark thoughts out of his mind. If only they had been as brave then, as they were now. Perhaps they could have protected them from any dangers they might have faced going south.

As Jacob went to sleep that night, he tossed in the bed, and only Pete could hold him tight, keeping him still, sending him to a land of dreams before a busy next few days.




“We need to get you out of these,” he growled, lifting Jacob’s ankles, and eventually his ass, into the air and pulling off those short pants. Soon Jacob, too, was as naked as his partner and lover. “Today, I want to serve you.”

“You almost never serve me, Pete. Why?”

Pete was suddenly gentler, and he brushed his hand against Jacob’s cheek. “Because I love you. That’s why. Do I need another reason?”


Pete leaned forward and bent down to take in the man scent of Jacob’s throbbing, precum-dripping dick. Slowly he opened his mouth and took it in. Pete was good at this, though Jacob was right. Pete rarely served him. Still, Pete moved his hot, wet, full lips over Jacob’s cock, and he could feel the light fur on Pete’s face as it glided against his throbbing rod.

As Jacob fully experienced the sensations of Pete’s blowjob, he rolled his head back, his eyes drooping, and his mouth hung open just a little. Jacob pressed his palms and his heels into the mattress, lifting his body up and trying to fuck Pete’s mouth as he sucked him. Pete was clearly pleased with Jacob’s efforts, and he rewarded Jacob by sucking even faster, moving Jacob still closer toward a potential climax.

“Oh, fuck!” Jacob cried out, now clenching his eyes shut as Pete continued sucking his shaft, swirling his tongue around his cock as he moved his lips up and down, up and down. Pete even licked the precum off Jacob from time to time before moving back to the warm, wet blowjob with which he was gifting him.

“I love it when you serve me, Pete, but it’s so rare.”

Pete didn’t respond, but simply continued worshiping his cock. Still, Jacob could see the whites of his eyes as he stared into his face, even as he took the hard piece of meat in his mouth and continued moving his lips up and down the shaft. Jacob was still leaking hot precum, and it was starting to drip down Pete’s face.

When Pete came up for a short break, he wore a sexy grin on his furry face.

“I love to serve you, Jacob. I don’t do it very often because I know you prefer to serve me.”

And it was true. While Jacob did tend to enjoy his lover sucking his dick, he relished even more the act of serving his lover. He supposed that was because he was the more submissive in the relationship, but he never truly knew why.

“Would you like me to serve you now?” Jacob asked, but he didn’t wait for a response. He watched as Pete lay back on the bed, intertwining his fingers behind his head as it lay against a flat pillow, waiting for Jacob to take his hairy cock into his hot mouth. Jacob didn’t make his lover wait long. No, his excitement only further fueled the intensity of the blowjob, and he instantly went for Pete’s dick. He opened his mouth and took it all in, feeling his own lips swallow up the thick piece of meat. He so loved the sensation of that huge cock in his mouth, he thought of nothing else while he worshipped his lover’s throbbing flesh.

As he did so, Pete fucked Jacob’s mouth, just as Jacob had done before when Pete was sucking him off.

“Ohh. Fuck, Jacob!” Pete cried out, his lover removing his hands from behind his head and pressing them against Jacob’s, pushing it further toward his groin, practically forcing Jacob to take even more of his man meat into his mouth. “I love the way you suck me off, Jacob. It’s one reason I sucked you off earlier. I wanted you to do it to me.”

As Jacob continued worshiping his lover’s cock, the irony was not lost on him that all Pete ever had to do was ask him, and he would gladly serve his lover. But Jacob put such thoughts out of his head for the moment. He was solely focused on allowing his partner and boyfriend to fuck his mouth.

Suddenly, just before Jacob was sure Pete would spill his seed deep inside his mouth, Pete moved his hands from Jacob’s head to his cheeks, removing Jacob’s mouth from his cock. Jacob looked up at Pete, as best he could see him in the darkness of their shack lit only by a pale moon peeping in through the window, and he stared at him with eyes of wild bewilderment.

“I will spill my seed, my young lover,” he said, “but not in your mouth.”

“As you wish, Pete,” Jacob replied, a grin on his face, and he knew at that point he should prepare his tight ass to take his older lover’s hot rod.

Jacob got on his stomach, daring this time to choose the position Pete would fuck him in, but Pete didn’t object. He crawled on top of Jacob and grabbed a handful of his hair, pulling his head back.

“You’re mine, Jacob. No one else’s, mine.”

“I’m yours,” Jacob responded, and he could hear Pete spit into the palm of his hand and slather his dick before beginning to move it inside his ass. But even as Jacob took that massive cock inside his manhole, a quiet unease overcame him as thoughts of leaving their home came over him. Both men were eager to make the move, but Jacob also knew that both he and his lover were beyond terrified. What they would find—and even what they may not—kept the men in a state of fear that served as a barrier from their making the plunge and starting their journey south and their new life.

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