Mason Returns to His Mate (MM)

DeWitt's Pack 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,574
32 Ratings (4.4)

[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]

Mason DeWitt is on his way to see his brother after ten years of exile, but after stopping in at the local pawn shop to get some gas money, he runs into the one person he hoped not to see. His mate. Derek McTavish has never forgotten Mason, even after ten years, despite the fact that they only had a one-night stand—or four—together, and when he sees Mason again, he needs to act before the man leaves him again. But Mason cannot forget that night when his wolf attempted to claim Derek. He believes it was sexual assault, and Derek believes otherwise, but will they reconcile their differences before a new group of hunters arrives to start a new war between wolf and man? Especially after Derek kills a hunter in self-defense, and now they want his head as much as Mason's.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Mason Returns to His Mate (MM)
32 Ratings (4.4)

Mason Returns to His Mate (MM)

DeWitt's Pack 8

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 36,574
32 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
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That had always made his memories of their time together all the better. The thought that a built guy like Mason would ever look twice at a stick figure like Derek had always been something nice to think about whenever he remembered the other man.

Mason smiled hesitantly and stepped forward. Only one step before he stopped. “What happened to you?”

“Late growth spurt, I guess,” Derek replied. “Work out three or four times a week though, for about an hour, and I don’t drink any protein shakes, so I’m pretty sure it was a growth spurt.”

Mason nodded, his eyes still glued to Derek’s body.

Derek liked the way he was being looked at. It was something he’d not quite gotten used to, and it was always flattering, considering he was the kid who got shoved into lockers in high school.

Now, although still smaller than Mason, he had the stomach and shoulders of a GQ model. He even had something of a beard growing out if he didn’t shave in the morning, which was a look he enjoyed, so he tended to skip shaving every two or three days.

He knew the orange T-shirt he wore was stretching over his abdomen, and he couldn’t help but be pleased as Mason stared.

“When did you get back into town?”

Had Mason come for him?

Mason blinked and seemed to come out of the trance that Derek’s body had put him in. He shoved something into the pocket of his faded jeans and cleared his throat.

“Just now. On my way to see my brother.”

“Oh, that’s nice,” Derek said, doing his best to hide his disappointment. “How is everyone doing?”

His choice of wording was done on purpose. He dared not ask how the pack was doing. No, he remembered how Mason didn’t much like talking openly about what he and his family all were.

Though the pack was situated just outside of Brampton, Derek didn’t keep in contact with any of them. Not even Mason’s older brother.

Oh, he saw them around once in a while whenever they did their odd jobs to bring in money, but they avoided him and he avoided them. He pretended not to know werewolves existed, and they pretended he didn’t know. It was better that way.

Sometimes he thought he was the only man in Brampton to figure it out. Everyone in town had their own superstition with wolves because they were always in the area and always seemed to be howling at night, but Derek had been especially interested in them. He’d been a geek, really.

He’d always known about the group of people who lived just outside of town, but most people thought it was just another group of houses. They avoided those houses and those people because of all the injuries and the occasional death that supposedly happened there.

He had been an incredibly curious geek.

He’d seen Mason for the first time, in an unguarded moment, in the woods just outside the property where the other houses and cottages were. Derek had thought him to be the most beautiful man he’d ever seen in his life.

He hadn’t meant to spy on them. He’d honestly just taken the day to go hiking. Then he’d watched the man shift, and he still thought he was beautiful.

Mason had sniffed him out, and after a brief chase, they’d stopped and spoken.

Talking with a real werewolf, who was naked, was the most amazing thing Derek had ever done in his short life. Maybe it was his obvious attraction to the other man that drew Mason to him in return. Somehow they’d come together, and Mason had sworn him to secrecy from that day on.

Even after Mason had left town, Derek had kept his promise. Really, who was he going to tell?

“Honestly, I don’t know,” Mason said.

What? “You haven’t kept in touch?”

Mason’s face turned scarlet.

Shit. “Sorry, I didn’t mean―”

“No, no. Not your fault. I haven’t been keeping touch. Not after…”

Mason trailed off, and Derek didn’t push him. He did bite down on his bottom lip, though.

He had a fairly good idea of what it was that made Mason run away from his pack, and Derek was certain it had something to do with the fact that they’d been fucking.

Why the hell not? Derek’s family had thrown him out after he refused to go to one of those pray-the-gay-away camps. After the sudden way Mason came to him and then left, it only made sense to Derek that he was banished from his pack for having a relationship with another man.

He was still having trouble deciding if the fact that he was also human had something to do with it, too.

Was Mason going back to try and get back into their good graces? Why would he even want to go back if they tossed him out?

Mason smiled at him and took a step back, his heavy boot making the floorboards groan. “It was good to see you again, Derek.”

Panic seized Derek like a fist squeezing his heart and lungs, and for a second he struggled to breathe.

Mason opened his mouth. What he was going to say, Derek didn’t know, because he shut it again and turned around.

Derek hurried to the glass door and pushed it shut just as Mason tried to open it.

Mason looked at him quizzically.

Without taking his eyes away from the other man―his pale-blue eyes were more gorgeous than Derek remembered, and when had he shaved his head?―he flipped the lock and turned the “Open” sign to read “Closed” to any customers who might try coming in.

It was one thirty on a weekday, so Derek was pretty sure they had some time.

“What are you doing?” Mason asked.

Derek recalled the way the other man was always able to smell when Derek wanted him. Judging by how Mason’s nostrils were flaring now, he had no doubt in his mind that Mason knew what he was up to.

He took Mason by the hand and pulled him away from the door. “Stay a while,” he said.




Derek dragged Mason down onto the floor with him, putting the other man on top of him, luxuriating in the feel of their bodies pressed together.

They were actually going to do this. Mason wasn’t going to run away from him again, and Derek wasn’t about to let himself get put off.

His jeans were way too tight. He wished he’d been able to borrow a pair from someone a little bigger because right now these ones were way too uncomfortable.

Still felt pretty damn good when Mason humped against him, creating the best kind of friction for the still-clothed swells of their cocks. He did it again, and then again, until Derek thought he would come from that stimulation alone.

“Stop, wait.” He pushed Mason off him and undid the button of his jeans pulling down his fly. “You need to return the favor first,” he said, pressing his hand down on Mason’s shoulder.

The man grinned, wolfishly was probably the most appropriate way to describe it all things considered, and then sank down between Derek’s legs.

He grabbed him by the base of his heavy cock, stroked it lovingly, and his too-blue eyes looked up at Derek for every little reaction he might have. Then he pressed his mouth down on the head of Derek’s prick, kissing it and then hardening his tongue into a point and pressing that into the slit.

Derek moaned. “Holy shit! Oh fuck, that’s nice.”

Of the few people who’d given him head since Mason had left, none of them had done that. Derek couldn’t imagine a reason why they hadn’t or why he hadn’t thought to do it. It was amazing.

He didn’t just want Mason to kiss his dick. He wanted that whole warm mouth around his cock, sucking it, pulling back and forth with his lips, and swirling his tongue.

“Suck it, Mason. Put my cock in your mouth, right now.”

“Love the way you talk,” Mason said, and then thankfully, he did as he was told.

Derek’s body went as tight as a bow string, his head pressing back against the tiled floor of the kitchen as Mason gripped his hips and tightened his mouth around Derek’s penis, and then pulled up and down, sucking back leisurely, like he had all the time in the world.

He supposed that right now he did.

Derek moaned low, trying to keep himself from being too loud as he pressed his hands to his mouth. He tried to pump his hips in time with Mason’s mouth, but Mason’s strong hands on him were too much, and he could barely move. It was a form of sweet torture in and of itself.

He suddenly didn’t care if he came with Mason’s cock in his ass or with Derek’s cock in Mason’s mouth. Right now, everything was good so long as he reached the end.

The pulsing in his body grew worse, and Derek reached his hand down to grip the back of Mason’s head, trying to push him farther down, to take all of him in.

Mason let him do it. He deep-throated Derek easily, and Derek pulled his hands away and gripped his hair. He was losing it, he really was.

“Fuck, you’re good at that. Your mouth looks so pretty wrapped around my dick. I love it,” he said.

When Mason’s eyes met his, and the other man winked, Derek’s body responded and everything inside him tightened, preparing for release.

He pumped his hips hard until Mason was forced to release him and just let him do it. So close, his balls became tight between his legs, he was so. Fucking. Close.

Mason halted that by grabbing onto the base of Derek’s penis, squeezing tightly enough to almost cause pain but in reality just stalling the release of his orgasm.

Derek shouted his despair. “No, no! What are you doing?” he demanded, desperately.

“You’re not coming yet. Not until I put my cock in your gorgeous ass,” Mason said, keeping his grip on the base of Derek’s prick just as tight as they stared at each other.

Mason meant it. There would be no coming for Derek until Mason could enjoy himself with him.

Already Mason’s hand was moving up and down the exposed flesh of Derek’s thighs, tickling him as they moved down and around, touching his crack. His fingers went in, finding the sensitive hole, and they circled.

Derek gasped and lifted his hips as much as he was able to allow those wicked fingers a chance to really move.

Mason’s eyes were no less wolfish as he watched Derek. They watched each other, really.

“I’m gonna put my heavy dick in your ass, and I’m gonna fuck it until you pass out.”


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