Healing Their Mate (MMM)

Rockstar Shifters 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,546
4 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Menage Everlasting ManLove: Menage, Shape-shifters/werewolves, Rock Stars, Contemporary, Paranormal, MMM, HEA]

Jason Fox never in his life wanted to be mated to a werewolf. Never mind being mated to two of them! He can have friends who are werewolves, and he loves the rock band 'The Alphas.'

Now he’s mated to two members of the band.

Damian Black and Steven Whitmore are nothing but patient with him, and the instinct of the mating is pulling Jason closer.

Surely this can't be a trick. Not like the last time when werewolves fooled him, breaking his heart, his trust and his body.

He wants to give in to instinct and let go, but Jason has more to worry about than just the wolfish instincts of his mates to have sex, and lots of it.

A dragon shifter, and the leader of the band 'Fang and Fury' wants something from the singers of 'The Alphas' and he knows Jason's secret, and is more than willing to use it to his advantage to get what he wants.

Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.

Healing Their Mate (MMM)
4 Ratings (4.8)

Healing Their Mate (MMM)

Rockstar Shifters 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 25,546
4 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“You don’t have to talk me into anything.”

Damian’s heart stopped. He snapped his gaze around to the sound of Jason’s voice.

A sound he’d barely had the chance to hear, and enjoy, since meeting the man.

Jason stood right there. Tyler was at his side. They looked as though they had heard everything.

Steven stepped forward. “We weren’t going to try to talk you into anything.”

Jason shook his head. “Yes, you were. But that’s all right. I’ve made my decision.”

* * * *

Steven was horrified. Worse. He didn’t have a word for how horrified he was, and he was the one who did a lot of the writing for his songs.

But his mate stood there, so determined and strong.

As though he thought he were about to sacrifice himself to a dragon.

Not exactly the best way to start a good relationship.

“I don’t know why you’re so worried about this,” Steven said. “But whatever it is, we’re not what you think we are. We’re not scary and we’re not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to do.”

Jason nodded. “I know. Tyler and I were talking about it.”

“You were?” Steven looked at Tyler and he had to wonder what they’d been talking about.

Especially when Tyler had that guilty expression on his face.

Not just guilt. He looked as though he had the burden of a terrible secret on his shoulders.

That was never a sign of good things to come.

“Yes,” Jason said. “We were talking and we hashed some things out. Details don’t matter—what matters is that I’m willing to give this a go. I just needed a minute to think about it.”

More than a minute. The show lasted two hours.

But Steven wasn’t about to get into the details. He didn’t care. The only important thing to him was that Jason would be giving him a chance.

“All right,” he said. “Whatever you want. We’ll do this entirely at your pace. Right, Damian?”

Damian went back to being his sour and his nonverbal self. He crossed his arms and grumbled a little, but Steven couldn’t figure out what his problem was. They were essentially getting what they wanted here.

Unless he too was picking up on that feeling of secrecy and guilt.

Shit. He probably was.

Jason scratched at the back of his neck. It was clear that he was attempting not to look at anybody else in the room. The poor guy oozed discomfort.

And that gave Steven all kinds of bad feelings about this.

Something had happened here. Something he was almost afraid to make a guess about, so he didn’t.

He didn’t want those terrible thoughts in his head. And he didn’t want them to be true either.

So he was going to wait until Jason was ready to tell him.

Which might not be for a while if the way Damian growled and glared was anything to go by.

Cynthia, on the other hand, looked as though she had just been presented with a Trojan horse.

A beautiful, wonderful gift that was likely a trap she would suffer for later down the road.

But, in her endless greed, she accepted it.

“Well.” Cynthia clapped her hands together. “That was easier than I thought. Of course, you are all now bound to each other, so it would only make sense that Jason would accompany you on your tour. He will also be given access to your hotel rooms, and anything backstage where he can cheer you on from the sidelines.”

“You are unbelievable sometimes, you know that?” Chase asked.

“You don’t have to defend us. We could do that ourselves,” Damian said.

Steven struggled against the intense urge to pop his knuckles, but he knew what that would look like. Doing that in front of Jason right now would only make him look as though he were trying to be a tough guy. Maybe as though he were trying to be threatening.

Considering how skittish his mate was, Steven wasn’t going to take that risk.




“Why do you both have to be so damned sexy?”

“Because we’re paid to be,” Damian said.

This guy had more jokes in him than he wanted to admit to.

That was fine—Jason was enjoying watching both men moan and pleasure each other.

Damian wrapped his arm around Steve’s chest. He pushed his hand beneath Steve’s shirt, and God, Jason had to struggle to hold back his orgasm one more time as he watched Damian bite against the sensitive shell of Steve’s ear.

“His legs aren’t over your shoulders yet.”

Steve blinked and shook his head, as though he were coming out of a spell. “Right.”

Jason smiled, adjusting himself on his back and helping the other man to get his legs over those massive shoulders.

“You’re already liking this, aren’t you?”

Jason nodded. He didn’t have to lie about that. He’d worried he would have to, but the truth was easy enough to spit out.


He was liking this. He was liking it so much that he didn’t have to fake it. He wasn’t even embarrassed anymore, or worried about the helpless situation he was putting himself into.

“I trust you. Both of you.”

That was true, too. And it felt nice to admit to it.

Steve’s face softened. Even Damian looked at him as though they had just overcome a major hurdle together.

One they hadn’t expected to be conquered so soon.

Thankfully, Steve and Damian didn’t make a big deal of it. They acted as if everything was normal, as though this was right where they all needed to be.

No other words were spoken. They didn’t need any more, and Jason was happy to be without them as Steve slicked his fingers and pressed them to Jason’s hole.

He hissed, anticipation, pleasure, and even a little nervous tension getting the better of him in that moment.

But it wasn’t that horrible fear he’d had earlier. This felt like something natural.

He was about to have his first time with his mates, and it had been a while.

Luckily, Steve took it slow. It must have been difficult for him to do so considering the way Damian teased him from behind.

Steve’s eyes were half-lidded and glowing with lust. Jason thought for sure he could see the man’s wolf within those eyes, but he didn’t ask about it.

He just enjoyed the burn and the breach.

It had been such a long time since he could enjoy having sex. Probably why he rarely had it.

“That’s nice,” he said. “Just like that.”

Damian growled. Jason enjoyed watching him press biting kisses to Steve’s throat, and he enjoyed it when Damian pressed those same kisses to his ankle and lower leg.

When both of Damian’s arms wrapped around Steve’s middle, and Steve thrust forward, Jason knew just why those glowing eyes popped wide.

Jason saw the man’s fangs as his mouth opened in a pleasured sigh.

Damian had just pushed his cock inside of Steve. That rhythmic back and forth started, and Steve’s fingers suddenly felt a little eager to get down to business.

Jason was only too eager to let him. He didn’t care if he was ready yet.

His mind and heart certainly were. The body could adjust as they went.

“Do it. I need it. I need you,” Jason said, reaching down for the man’s cock and bringing it to his asshole, and he sighed when Steve removed his fingers and began pressing forward.

Yes. This was what he wanted. This was what he needed.

His body only gave off a mild amount of resistance before he opened, and then there was that long forward thrust, pulling him apart, stretching him to his limits, and making Jason come alive with pleasure.

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