Serpent's Creed (MM)

Spirit of Sage 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,889
6 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Action-Adventure, Shape-shifter, Contemporary, MM, HEA]

Kobi, a black python serpent shifter, has lived a life wielding death and misery, forced into a life he didn't want by an evil rare shifter collector, Mr. Osaki.

Now the leash has snapped, and Kobi is determined to finish Mr.Osaki, after Osaki murdered Kobi's sister.

Kobi rescues five young shifters and delivers them to Sage II, home to his mate, Morgan, a sexy lion shifter who's reeling Kobi in slowly, showing Kobi what a life of love and laughter could be like.

Kobi hooks up with an old friend and serpent's creed brother, Xian Lu, who's found his happy ever after...and the pair, with Morgan and their friends in Sage, plan a deadly attack on Osaki's precious island in a bid to free Osaki's "zoo".

Kobi wants to renew the honor to his creed of serpents, brothers in arms who were borne to an honorable band of warriors and atone for his sins. With Morgan at his side, Kobi has hope they might just succeed.

Serpent's Creed (MM)
6 Ratings (4.7)

Serpent's Creed (MM)

Spirit of Sage 20

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 32,889
6 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Keep writing, this series is great. Thank you for keeping the
original characters in the stories.
Mountain Mist


Kobi froze as a shot sounded, loud and angry in the darkness. No ricochet meant it probably hit its target. He tasted the air. Blood. He heard a low gasp followed by a thin snarl, then the rasp of harsh, labored breathing. John. Fuck.

Men came from the camp, running and laughing as they prodded John’s furry body. Why hadn’t he stayed put? Kobi noted that one guy had night-vision specs, brandishing a large rifle. Sniper. Fuck, John had been a sitting duck. His heart leapt into his mouth. Had they spied him and the little ones earlier? Were they in danger too?

“Got him,” one guy chortled, kicking John in the leg.

“He’ll fetch a pretty price,” another agreed. “Osaki wanted us to capture as many rare species as we could. Snow leopard is up there.”

“But no child, like we were told,” a third argued. “This guy was patrolling. Probably from the town. Osaki may not want one with a hole in it.”

“Ain’t one of the head honchos a snow leopard shifter?” a fourth cut in.

Kobi listened to their chatter, sliding closer, counting ten hunters. Not Osaki’s chosen few, but clearly, they were contracted somehow. So they were Osaki’s stooges. Perfect. It meant he didn’t need to mind his manners. And dammit, he was cold. He needed to warm up—fast—and stop these fuckers targeting any more shifters. The laws were clear. On shifter land, anyone attempting to kill a shifter was subject to shifter-style punishment. He sensed these fuckers were human…now they’d learn how shifters dealt justice.

Shifting, Kobi immediately launched himself at the hunters before they realized he was there, lashing out with everything he had, taking down hunters in rapid succession, Bruce Lee style. They yelled, sounding the alarm, trying desperately to fend off his deadly attack. It wouldn’t do them any good. Kobi was on autopilot, using skills learned over three decades. This was child’s play.

Three more came from camp, rushing to help their friends…to no avail. Kobi was the deadliest assassin Osaki had ever created, his motivation lending him extra strength. Focused, Kobi mowed through Osaki’s minions like a fire tornado, killing everyone in his path. They didn’t deserve to live, knowing children were on Osaki’s shopping list, yet still doing his bidding.

The last hunter fell under a flurry of fists and feet, collapsing in a dead heap along with his friends. Fuckers wouldn’t be collecting any more shifters for Osaki. He heard running feet, whirling to confront a man who looked a little like John, bare-assed naked, with five little red pandas racing after him. Jay.

“Wow!” That was Sam, who shifted the instant he drew close enough, shivering a little in the chilly air. “That was pretty cool, Kobi.”

“John’s down,” Kobi told Jay. “I didn’t have time to check on him…had to take care these bastards. They said they were hunting shifters—children. On the payroll of Osaki.”

Jay snarled, kneeling beside John, quickly checking for the bullet wound. “Here. His breathing’s not right.”

“Punctured lung?” Kobi asked.

Jay nodded. “I’ll run back for help.”

“They have radios here. I heard one in use,” Kobi said.

Jay shook his head. “Too dangerous. Flashpoint’s dregs, splinter groups who despise shifters, monitor frequencies into Sage. There may be some operatives out here. I can be there and back in a few minutes.”

“Is he gonna die?” Lou-Ann asked, after shifting.

“Guys, you’ll catch a chill. Where are your clothes?”

Sam looked solemn. “But, Kobi, we heard the gun go off. We had to check you were okay. Jay ran like hell to help.”

“I may be able to get the bullet out, or at least help him breathe better,” Kobi said. “I saw a TV show once, where they pushed a straw into an incision in a guy’s chest and drained the fluid off.”

Jay eyed him, brow arched. “Did the guy live?”

Kobi shrugged. “Probably.”

Jay whirled as three male African lions pounded toward them, manes billowing.

“Thank god. I thought you went back home.”

One shifted. “We were tracking something when we heard the shot. Turned out to be a real cougar, not a shifter. Scared the crap out of it.”

“John took a hit, Slade. Punctured lung. We need to get him home, but we have to help his breathing, or he’ll die.”

Another lion shifted. “I’m a trained medic,” he said. “Might be able to help.” The third lion stood guard, his hazel eyes scanning the area, a snarl on his lips.

Kobi’s tongue lodged in his throat at the sight of the huge male. Oh my. He recognized that voice. The shifter stared at him, his eyes a warm, golden brown, twinkling with awareness. “Hi. Remember me? Morgan.”

“Hi. I remember you. The guy Xian Lu tipped into a wall.” They exchanged grins at his teasing. He shuddered, shaking Morgan’s hand, and felt a ripple of sexual tension flood his nerve endings, right to his cock. Fuuuck.




Kobi led the way to the bedroom, drying off on the way. Morgan brought a second towel and gathered Kobi’s long dark locks, rubbing gently. He felt Kobi relax slowly, and nuzzled his slender neck, turning his face for a kiss. Kobi mewled like a hungry kitten, meeting him halfway, responding as though he was starved of affection. Which he had been. Morgan couldn’t begin to contemplate what it would be like to grow up with no family, knowing only pain and misery, and trained to kill from the cradle by all accounts. What kind of existence was that? Kobi and Xian Lu had lost their innocence far too young.

“My safe word is banana,” Morgan said, nibbling Kobi’s lips.

Kobi gasped. “Your safe word?”

“Sure. I’ve heard the first time you bottom can be painful.” Morgan waited for the penny to drop. He didn’t wait long.

“You’re letting me top you?”

Morgan grinned at Kobi’s shrillness. He figured not much surprised the sexy ninja.

“Be gentle,” Morgan teased. “And never let anyone know. I’m a top all the way…except with you, baby.”

Kobi turned in his arms, his gorgeous face full of wonder. “You don’t have to,” he said firmly. “My safe words are red, amber, green. If it gets too much, I’ll shout red. If I need a pause, I’ll say amber.”

Morgan read his determination and fell more in love with his mate. So proud. So strong. So beautiful. “How about I slip into something more comfortable? Then you can have your wicked way with me,” he suggested, teasing Kobi with the play on words, and threw himself onto the bed, on his back, waggling his thick dick. “You call the shots, Kobi,” he added seriously. “We don’t have to do anything today, if you don’t want to.”

Kobi crawled up after Morgan, his dark eyes hot with lust as he studied Morgan. “I want to.” He leaned forward, taking Morgan’s cock between his lips, and began to suck, moaning wantonly.

Morgan groaned, uncertain he’d survive the experience. Fuuuck.

* * * *

Kobi’s first taste was nectar on his tongue. Morgan tasted so good, his cock thick and long, throbbing with need. Kobi traced the thick veins lining Morgan’s dick, taking his time to explore every crevice. He relaxed his throat, taking Morgan as deep as he could, massaging seductively. Morgan’s fluid groans were musical, mixed with swear words and pleas for mercy.

Popping off briefly, Kobi gazed up Morgan’s heaving body, and winked. “Come for me, baby.”

He took Morgan deep again, sucking harder, and reached for his mate’s balls, squeezing gently, like a stress toy, and tasted more precum as Morgan moved restlessly beneath him. Morgan whimpered, yelled loudly, then came on a roar. Kobi swallowed every bit of cum, humming with pleasure. Morgan was addictive. The big goofball was so sexy. Kobi was ashamed he’d overreacted…and was determined to get over his fears. This was his mate. His forever love. He deserved a mate who’d love and cherish him…not a mewling coward.

Kobi continued his ministrations, gentling his touch, bringing Morgan back to the boil. Morgan was incoherent, now, shallow fucking Kobi’s mouth. Kobi imagined Morgan deep in his ass, filling him, loving him…healing him.

He sat up, sliding up Morgan’s body, and kissed his mate, writhing atop his warm body, pleasuring himself as well. Morgan’s thick cock was trapped against his belly, and he ground down, rubbing like a cat, wanting to mark himself with Morgan’s scent.

Reaching behind him he fingered his hole, preparing himself, stretching the tight muscles.

“Help me,” he pleaded.

Morgan reached under his pillow, grabbing a large bottle of lube, and slicked his fingers, his lips still fused to Kobi’s. Kobi moaned as Morgan pulled him higher, probing his tight hole with one thick finger, then slid it inside alongside Kobi’s own digits. They both gasped, shuddering.

“So fucking tight, baby. I can’t wait to be inside you, darling. I’ve dreamed of this since I first heard your sweet voice, talking sass in that interview room. Then all the phone calls, sharing your dreams and fears.” Morgan added a second finger, gentle as could be. Kobi felt only pleasure, focusing on his lover’s sultry tones, driven wild by Morgan’s loving touch.

“I only ever shared those things with you,” Kobi admitted against Morgan’s lips.

“I’m honored,” Morgan said simply, plumping Kobi’s ass, kneading his taut buttocks.

Oh god, that felt good. Morgan took control, moving Kobi back and forth so their dicks slid together, slick with precum, thick and throbbing. It was erotic as hell.

“Ready for phase two?” Morgan asked, nipping Kobi’s lower lip. Kobi nodded, tensing a little.

“Safe word?”

“Green,” Kobi replied firmly.

Morgan lifted him higher, positioning him over his dick, then lowered him slowly. Kobi panted as Morgan breached him, waiting for the pain…none came. A pinch. A twinge. Nothing drastic. Kobi’d had worse breaking a nail. Fuuuck.

He wailed loudly, head thrown back, sinking lower, inch by inch, stretching around Morgan’s hard dick. Morgan caught his cock in a firm grasp, pumping him steadily. Kobi’s attention splintered, torn between the fat dick in his ass and Morgan’s glorious touch. Morgan proved ambidextrous, using his other hand to tease Kobi’s nipples, tweaking them gently. Before he realized, Kobi was fully impaled, gasping for breath, his butt quivering around the intruder.

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