Creed (MM)

Gates Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,163
12 Ratings (4.7)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Alternative, Paranormal, Vampires/werewolves, MM, HEA]

In a city which eats up weaklings like him, Omega wolf Luke Weaver has kept his head down for most of his life. After running into a violent gang of hyena shifters, Luke thinks it's the end for him until a mysterious savior appears. Everyone knows who Creed Gates is. He owns this city and everyone living inside it. Luke plans to show the arrogant Alpha he has claws but the more time he spends with Creed, the more his heart wavers.

Creed Gates had one goal. To avenge his murdered brother. Finding his fated mate had never been part of the big picture, until he stumbles upon the Omega being ganged up in an alleyway. Luke's skittish, scared but Creed’s a patient man. The mating call between them is strong, undeniable. Creed will show his mate that once an Alpha find his mate, he’ll do whatever it takes to protect and possess him.

Creed (MM)
12 Ratings (4.7)

Creed (MM)

Gates Brothers 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 31,163
12 Ratings (4.7)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“I’m never going to be your breeder. Hell will have to freeze over first.”

“You don’t seem to understand what kind of situation you’re in,” said Bash’s amused voice.

Creed unraveled. His temper spiked up, went from hot to icy cold. Creed could feel fur beginning to cover his arms and chest. Claws slid from his clenched knuckles, but he willed the shift back. Creed couldn’t remember the last time he lost control, felt so much rage, but now, he let it wash over his entire body.

How dare Bash Wayland claim what rightfully belonged to him? Creed didn’t remember moving. He stood in front of the room, practically tore the door off its hinges. Wood splintered as he tossed the door into the corridor like it didn’t weigh a thing.

Creed stepped into the room, tried to calm the growling Alpha wolf inside of him that only wanted to rip out of his skin. Destroy the poor fucker who actually tried to poach his property, his Omega. He should’ve ripped Bash’s deceitful tongue out of his mouth, before sinking his teeth into Bash’s throat and tearing it out.

There would be repercussions. A war even, so Creed, hanging onto his fragile control, walked to where Luke was seated. The Omega stared at him, open-mouthed, as if Luke didn’t quite believe he was there. Creed placed his hands on Luke’s shoulders.

Damn. Just the simple contact made his blood surge, his dick wake. Luke’s enticing scent wrapped around him, teased his wolf.

“This Omega’s mine,” he told Bash Wayland in the face. Bash’s nephew gaped at him like a stunned monkey while Bash’s lawyer took refuge behind Bash’s chair.

“Creed,” Bash said slowly, recovering from his entrance. “I don’t see any marks on him.”

“Not yet. We have an agreement. This Omega’s already struck a bargain with me.” He closed his hand on Luke’s wrist and jerked the Omega to his feet.

“Luke’s sister is very sick. I’m providing him a generous offer,” Bash said.

“How dare you—” Bash’s nephew began, face red, but he didn’t finish his sentence. In seconds, Josephine moved. She dragged the foolish young werewolf from his seat, shoved him against the table, and wrapped her partially shifted claws around his throat.

“The boy’s done nothing. Let him go,” Bash said simply.

Sweat tickled down Bash’s skull, and Creed could hear the other Alpha’s elevated heartbeat. So. Bash cared for this little monster. Creed smirked. Leverage was always welcomed. Now, he had the upper hand here, and he wasn’t leaving this hospital, not until Bash surrendered Luke and Hannah Weaver to his care.

* * * *

Luke couldn’t believe his eyes. He was beginning to think Creed wasn’t coming when Bash maneuvered him inside the conference room. Bash even had legal documents ready for him to sign. Luke didn’t even bother reading them.

He’d heard rumors that Bash Wayland badly wanted a son, and to do that, the bastard had been collecting Omegas. Breeders. Plural. Luke would be nothing more than breeding livestock for Bash if he was stupid enough to put his signature on those papers.

If he didn’t have Creed’s calling card, he wouldn’t have hesitated. Bash had him cornered, and when desperation set its teeth on him, Luke would have caved. Saving Hannah was his number one priority. Luke felt relieved he wouldn’t need to resort to such a measure, but seeing Creed wreck that door like it was a cardboard box, Luke began to have second thoughts.

The blonde and blue-eyed female werewolf, covered in scars like the other male, looked deceptively tiny, but he’d never seen any shifter strike that fast. Creed however, was the biggest threat in the room.

Luke had never felt anything like Creed’s wolf. Creed made the entire room warm, simply standing above him. When Creed yanked Luke to his feet, he didn’t protest, because instead of being frightened, his wolf only wanted to do one thing. Surrender.

“Please. Tom’s like a son to me,” Bash said.

Luke widened his eyes. Bash had always ordered around Tom and his brothers like his minions, but he had never seen the mob lord show any affection, until now.

“Release the pup,” Creed said. The female werewolf did as he asked. Tom scrambled away from him, hatred burning in his eyes as he touched his throat. “Now then, I’m taking what’s mine.”

Before Luke knew what was happening, the other golden-haired werewolf grabbed his arm and tugged him out the door.

“This is far from over, Creed. No one walks into my hospital and takes something from me,” Bash said in a quiet voice that scared Luke shitless.

“My sister,” he began, as Creed and the female werewolf exited the room.

“Which room?” Creed asked him simply.

“302, that one,” Luke said, pointing to Hannah’s room. “But she’s hooked on machines.”

“There’s no need to worry. Everything’s taken care of.” Creed took out his phone. “Our ride has arrived.”

Luke blinked, confused. “Ride?”

Creed pointed to the ceiling. Luke listened and thought he heard the sound of whirring blades. A helicopter? Luke didn’t know what to say. The world Creed lived in seemed so different compared to his own.


Time to get the difficult words out. Luke took deep breaths, hoping Creed wouldn’t be disappointed Luke didn’t have plenty of experience in this particular area.

“I’m a virgin.”

No surprise registered on Creed’s face, only obvious pleasure. Creed let out a sexy little growl that made all the hairs on his arms rise. “I know.”

“You do?”

“Yes, but that pleases me a great deal.”

“It does?”

“I’ll be the first man in you, and I’ll be the only one able to taste this sweet body of yours. I can’t wait to sink my dick inside that virgin ass of yours.”

Creed didn’t speak after that. The Alpha closed his big hand on the back of his neck, and zeroed in for a kiss. Creed took, he plundered his mouth, and Luke didn’t resist one bit. Tongues tangled. Teeth clashed. Luke only wanted more. For Creed to take control, show him a whole new world of pleasure he only fantasized about while he was alone in bed at night.

Creed bit on his lower lip, drawing the tiniest bit of blood. Luke tasted copper, but that, combined with Creed running his hands all over his body, only turned him on. His dick woke to life, went from limp to half-full with just Creed sliding his fingers under his shirt to touch his skin.

Then the Alpha moved his hands lower, down the waistband of Luke’s loose jogging shorts. Luke hadn’t bothered with underwear. Creed cupped his ass, gave each butt cheek a squeeze. Luke became aware of Creed’s own erection, straining against his jeans. Creed pressed up against him, fingered his crack. That taboo place. Luke squirmed, parted his legs a little wider.

Creed released his mouth from the kiss and whispered in his ear, “I love how Omegas are self-lubricating. Have you played with your hole, Luke?”

“No, just my dick and balls.”

Creed paused, parted from him only to push aside the plates and cutlery on the table. Creed’s dining table was made up of one massive and beautiful, polished mahogany piece, so there was plenty of space.

“Show me,” Creed demanded.

For a moment, confusion filled him. Luke was a little disappointed Creed had stopped touching him.

“Take off your clothes. All of it.”

“Are you going to do the same?” Luke cheekily asked. He knew he was pushing it, but Creed only rewarded him with a wolfish grin.

Luke didn’t need any further commands. He felt a little self-conscious as he stripped down naked. Luke always felt awkward about his skinny body, but Creed’s appreciative snarl made him feel tons better. It also helped Creed looked at him like he was the most desirable thing he’d ever seen in his entire life.

“Now sit on the table, spread your legs. Show me how you masturbate.”

Blushing, Luke did as Creed asked. He sat his ass on the edge of the cool wood and parted his thighs. Like this, Creed could clearly see his balls and thickening prick. Cool air touched his privates. Luke closed his fingers over his shaft, all too aware of Creed’s intense gaze, watching him like any alert predator.

God, but it felt good. Erotic. So much better than when he did this on his own. The view was great too. Creed’s apartment had large windows that gave Luke a glimpse of the sky. They were so high up that Luke could only see the tips of the city’s skyline.

Luke moved his fingers up and down his prick. Creed unzipped his jeans, took his pants off, and Luke halted, stared at the monster of a cock between Creed’s legs.

“Wow,” he whispered.

Luke had only seen pictures of cocks on the internet, but his Alpha was certainly impressive. He wasn’t sure if Creed could fit all that meaty cock inside his tiny hole, but he wanted to see if Creed could. Luke always kept himself pure, didn’t let any of his dates move to the next level. He always thought it was because of his insecurity, his fears some random shifter would get him pregnant. Now he knew better. Luke had waited all this time for the right man to come along. To make Luke his. Creed.

“You stopped,” Creed said, voice barely human. “Continue.”

Luke touched himself again, sliding his digits faster up and down his dick. Creed started doing the same, and Luke licked his lips, seeing the pre-cum glistening on the crown of Creed’s shaft.

“You want my dick, Omega?”

“I do,” Luke whispered. He groaned, threw his head back. Seeing Creed masturbating only sent him off the edge. Luke cried out, mind fogging over as he exploded all over his fingers.

Creed stood in front of him, between his parted legs, and gave his softening prick a squeeze. “Bad Omega. I didn’t say you could come.”

Luke only groaned, gasped when Creed suddenly flipped him with ease. He found himself being bent against the table, chest against the wood, ass up in the air.

“Yes,” Luke found himself muttering. “Are you going to punish me for that?”

Creed must have stooped lower, because Luke soon felt Creed’s warm breath against his asshole. He squirmed, but Creed held his ass in place with his firm grip. Luke gasped as Creed slid his tongue into his puckered hole.

“Oh my God.” Luke clawed at the wood.

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