Dance of the Dragon Sorceress (MFM)

Tangere Tales 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,478
17 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Menage Everlasting: Erotic Contemporary Fantasy Fairy Tales Menage a Trois Paranormal Romance, M/F/M, HEA]
Basile and Rainger are sworn to defend and foster the baby dragons of the Eastern Kingdom. While searching for the heir to the dragon king's throne, they fall under the spell of a bewitching brunette. Desire takes a back seat to duty because they must find the baby dragon before it falls into the hands of the evil queen, Draconia.
Seeking shelter from a storm for herself and the odd little stray she picked up, Elaina takes refuge in the stronghold of the Knights of the Order of the Dragon. She's discovered sound asleep with the tiny dragon king curled up beside her, and mayhem ensues when the prince, the huntsman, and the seven knights learn firsthand she's not some damsel in distress.
When Draconia learns of the enchanting beauty that has stolen the hearts of the men whom she desires for herself, she sets a plan into motion that endangers Basile and Rainger's love for Elaina before it's barely begun. 
Note: This book contains double penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Heather Rainier is a Siren-exclusive author.


Dance of the Dragon Sorceress (MFM)
17 Ratings (4.8)

Dance of the Dragon Sorceress (MFM)

Tangere Tales 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 73,478
17 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Kalissa Wayne
Oh my gosh. So loved this one. It is very well written. I loved the intre between Flappy and Elaina. Loved the saying "I make them pretty. We get you boyfriend?” A must read. I think the other knights needs a story or Selena needs her story told too.





“I am Rainger Galterrium. The one who grabbed you is Basile. He and I spotted you in the forest earlier. We thought you were a witch.”

“A witch?”

“You were chanting. We didn’t realize you had a companion.”

“Chanting? I was singing for Flappy.”

“Flappy? Is that what you call him?” Amusement filled his tone.

“Well, yes. We only just met in the cave.”

“Cave? I know of no caves near here.”

“Well, there is because that’s how I got here, although I don’t know how to get back, and it closed up behind me…or something.”

He drew back and looked at her. “A cave that closed up behind you? Have you ever met a woman named Selena? An enchantress?”

“A what?”

“A fae enchantress,” the silver-haired man said before turning aside to cough.

“Fae?” Elaina replied, turning to him so suddenly Flappy squeaked.

“Yes, Mistress. A fae. A rather devious fae if memory serves me correctly,” he added in a wry tone. “Cave portals are her specialty.”

“Cave portals? That’s a thing?”

“Of course, Mistress Elaina.”

Elaina shook her head. “I’m just Elaina White, no title. And nope, I’d remember if I’d ever met a fae enchantress.”

“Elaina the White. So you are a witch?” Rainger asked.

“Just Elaina White. It’s my last name. My family name.”

“A family of white witches. This could be a good sign,” he replied to Rainger. “We could use all the help we can get.”

“No. I’m not a witch. No woo-woo stuff.” Sheesh! Get it through your heads!

“But the…” He pointed at the pepper spray canister.

“That is a device for self-protection.”

“I see. A witch who says she’s not a witch.” The silver-haired man bowed over her hand and then said, “I’m Lord Violet, the leader of this motley crew.”

Flappy jerked his head and then murmured to her. “Nurk-nurk?’

“I don’t think he means that Motley Crüe, Flapster. Less head-banging and more ass-kicking would be my guess. And I’m really not a witch.”

Rainger chuckled as he and Lord Violet drew her out of the chamber, leaving the others to recover, but not before she snagged her backpack and her pepper spray from blue-leather-dude who was in peril of pepper spraying himself again.

“We will leave them to recover and for Bleu to repair the disarray you left his bed in.”

“That was his bed I was using? Dang. I tidied the covers back up and everything, too. What’s his problem?”

“He’s very particular about his personal belongings,” Lord Violet said.

“Wait. His name is Blue?”

“Bleu,” Lord Violet enunciated, drawing out the ‘oo’.

“And you’re Veeyolay—You’re Violet! Violet. What the heck?”

“No, Violet,” he replied, looking askance at her American English pronunciation of his name.

She flicked a thumb back toward the sleeping chamber. The other dude. He’s Blue.”

“Bloo. Bloo. Oh, never mind. Yes. He is.”

“This is awesome. But you’re Rainger. Why aren’t you named after a color?”

Rainger stood looking at her as if she had two heads. “I am not a member of the Order of the Dragon.”

“The what? What the—what? What the fuck? Dragon? That’s symbolic, right?” Even to her own ears her giggling sounded hysterical. This is some sort of breakdown. Did I eat mushrooms in the forest?

“I think she’s trying to cast a spell,” Lord Violet muttered as he stared at her.

“She sounds amused.” Rainger watched her closely. “At one point, she seemed like she was having some sort of fit back in the forest. Perhaps this is the same.”

“Oh, how rude! I was showing Flappy how to bang his head.”

Rainger nodded, remembering that expression.

“Dancing! I was dancing! Gah! Doesn’t anyone here ever dance? Never mind. A bunch of guys named after Skittles colors, you’ve probably never heard of dancing.”

“The abbey of the Order of the Dragon is certainly no place for frivolity, Mistress,” Lord Violet said, keeping his eyes on Flappy as the little guy stretched his neck out to look around.

Flappy sneezed, and she said, “Oooh! You poor baby! I hope you’re not coming down with a cold, Flapster.”

“He’s not coming down with a cold,” Rainger said as he watched Flappy rather carefully.

She waved a hand to clear the dust from the air as she hacked. “Ack! I think he must’ve gotten into some dust while I slept. It seems to make him sneeze.”

“That’s not sneezing,” Violet said as his scarred eyebrow arched.

“And that’s not dust,” Rainger added, a smile forming on his face as he sidled close to her. “It’s ash.”

“Ash? There was no ash in the fireplace. I checked, and it was clean.”

“It’s ash, because he’s a baby dragon.”

“Huh? The fuck you say?” she asked in a perfectly reasonable tone. Well, what else could one say when faced with the impossible? Nothing intelligent, certainly.

Turns out it was a good thing Rainger had sidled close. He caught her up under her knees just as the roaring in her ears overtook her other senses.

“We should’ve sat her down before telling her she’s bonded with a dragon.”

The last thing she heard was Flappy crying out, “Meemee!”




“We’re so hard for you, sorceress.”

“I’m not a sorceress. Not really,” she replied with a shudder as he kissed her throat.

“Yes, you are,” Rainger said as he came closer and leaned down to kiss her lips. “You must be, for we are most assuredly under your spell.”

The heat from the water and the desire coursing in her veins loosened her body, and she allowed them to hold her in place as they kissed her. They took turns with her lips and her throat until Rainger grew bolder and he pressed kisses along her collarbone. Another shudder rippled through her as he cupped her breasts in his hands, squeezing gently and giving a little growl as he stroked her peaked nipples. “So lovely.”

Basile’s fingertips were straying down her midsection just as Rainger closed his lips around one areola and sucked slowly while tonguing her nipple.

“Oh, fudge!” she cried out as Rainger’s mouth sent flickers of sensation straight to her—

Basile’s fingers slid over her mound and found her clit and her slick inner labia.

“Oh, fuck!”

“That’s much better, sorceress,” Basile said with a chuckle as his fingers slid through her swollen pussy lips, igniting a blaze inside her that, if he kept it up, was likely to make her climax embarrassingly quickly. Her pussy tightened around his invading fingers, and she moaned her approval of his technique.

“I love that sound,” Basile murmured while rubbing his tremendous erection against her backside in time with the thrusting of his fingers.

Rainger plundered her lips again, groaning deep in his throat as she wrapped her hand around his thick cock. Thoughts of him pumping that shaft in and out of her cunt were enough to get her so hot she didn’t worry about adjusting to their size. Lust rode every impulse as Basile nibbled her throat and her ears while stroking her clit and pumping two fingers in her entrance, making her crazy for the feel of something even thicker there.

She hadn’t even played in the hot springs yet, but she wanted out already. Wanted them in, already. “Out of the water. Fuck me, please.”

It took them no time at all to reach the water’s edge, and Rainger removed several thick linen cloths from a row of hooks and laid them in a cushioned layer at the water’s edge. “These are clean.”

She wouldn’t have cared if they were or not, but she nodded her thanks and laid down on them, reclining back on her elbows.

They didn’t hesitate to join her, Basile lifting her briefly and settling her back so she reclined against his torso while Rainger positioned the lantern closer on the bench.

She giggled. “You want to be able to see?” She was visual, too, and appreciated the enhanced lighting.

“Without question, Elaina,” Rainger said as he kneeled between her legs and pushed her knees up, spreading her thighs wide so they could both see her pussy.

They stilled, eyes glued to her, and then Basile stroked her mound. “You are beautiful all over, sorceress. Touching you felt different in the water.”

“Where I come from, women do whatever they like with their pussies. I like the hair down there to be neat and tidy, so I wax or shave it.”

The smile on Rainger’s face made her heart tremble and throb. A corresponding ache in her pussy made her hips twitch. She grew even hotter when he looked directly at her cunt and whispered, “You’re soaking wet and swollen. You want us, don’t you?” He stroked her clit with one callused fingertip, and she gasped, her back arching in response.


Basile clasped her knees, freeing Rainger’s hands and holding her open for him, and he didn’t hesitate. Bending low, he licked a long, slow stroke from her entrance up to her clit. All the oxygen left the room.


“Oh, don’t worry, sorceress. You’ll have more than you can stand,” he murmured as he licked again and then sucked on her clit, already distended and engorged from all their attention and oh-so sensitive.


His cock bobbed between his legs, and although she reached, he kept it out of her grasp with a chuckle.

“In a hurry?” Basile whispered in her ear, that velvety voice of his setting off more shivers that all centered in her pussy.


“First things first,” he replied. “She’s very tight. Make her come so we’re sure she’s hot and ready for us.”

Rainger responded with more licking and sucking on her clit, and he stroked her opening with two fingers, teasing her by pushing in but not thrusting very deep.

The heat grew between her legs, and she moaned plaintively, hoping for mercy. He just chuckled and teased her some more until she was writhing between them, panting, and hoping.

“Now, Rainger,” Basile whispered, spreading her pussy lips with his fingers to give Rainger greater access.

In response, he slipped his fingers deeper and sucked on the flesh around her clit while he pumped his fingers in and out, over and over.

“Oh please don’t stop! I’m coming!”

Her whole body tightened further with each thrust, and then a climax flashed through every nerve ending, stealing her control. He stayed right with her, pumping his fingers with each orgasmic pulse, until her legs trembled and she went limp.

Basile shifted his hold, grasping behind her knees, still holding her open, while Rainger held her hip with one hand and positioned the broad head of his massive erection at her still clenching opening and glanced up at her. Waiting.

“Fuck me,” she pleaded breathlessly. “Please. I need you.”

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