[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, werewolves, vampires, light bondage, spanking, HEA]

Shannon Newman’s out to stake the vampire that killed her younger sister. Yet her attempts keep getting foiled by two of the sexiest men alive. She’s burning to kill the vampire, but she’s even hotter to have the men between her legs.

Werewolves Daniel and Anderson Holms recognized Shannon as their future mate. But they’re less than thrilled to find out she’s out to kill a vampire friend. Keeping their friend alive proves a lot harder than getting Shannon into their bed, but they won’t give up. Trouble is, neither will she.

Even after she finds out that they’re werewolves, can they make Shannon realize she’s got the wrong vampire, but found the right men? Or will they die trying to keep the vampire and their future mate apart?

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among cousins.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.

Wild for Her (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Ms. Jamison did it again, another Fantastic book in this HOT, HOT, HOT series.
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4 STARS: "Reality as Shannon Newman know it is blown away when her baby sister is killed. Neither money or society position can protect her from the reality that vampires do exist and walk among us. She has finally tracked Deacon Slater down to the small town of Forever, Texas and she has come to make him pay end his undead existence. Yet two men seem to thwart her every attempt. Daniel and Anderson Holmes, two of the hottest men Shannon has ever seen, are standing in her way. The cousins know Shannon is there mate and try to get her to give up her vendetta before it gets her and them killed. They are determined to protect her even from herself. This series just keeps getting better. The stories, although they carry on a theme, have individual story lines that keep each one unique. The man characters are not shallow or stereo-typical paranormal caricatures. They are strong, independent types with minds and opinions of their own. The town is the type many long to live in, picturesque, warm and friendly. From the moment I opened the book and read about Shannon's past, and the pain that she carries, all the way to the final scene I did not want to put it down. Wild for Her is the fifth in the series, but can easily be read as a standalone. There is enough information to explain references to the previous books, but only just enough. Those same tidbits leave you wanting to read more about the characters mentioned. So I recommend reading the series in its entirety starting from the beginning. Jane Jamison is a talented author who uses her words to draw us into the world of shifters, vampires and other supernatural beings. She makes us glad we came for a visit and wish we could stay forever. Pick up a copy today!" -- Delanna, Night Owl Reviews

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They hurried after Deacon, who was already waiting for them at the back door. Patrick swung the door wide, his body moving to the music he was listening to on his iPod. He jerked back, obviously startled, as Daniel and Anderson came up behind Deacon.

“Is something wrong?” He pulled the earbuds out and darted his nervous gaze between the three men.

“Do you remember the blonde woman who came in during your shift?” At Patrick’s nod, Deacon continued, “Apparently, she’s decided to end my existence.”

“Oh, shit.” Patrick glared at Daniel. “See? I told you she was trouble.”

“Yeah, yeah. So you got one right. Back off, man, and go sell a few condoms.”

Anderson snorted at Daniel’s verbal jab then stepped into the darkness outside and shifted to bring out his werewolf eyesight. He scanned the area around the Cadillac and wished he’d thought to move the car closer to the back door.

“Don’t dawdle,” urged Daniel.

Deacon didn’t bother glaring at Daniel again. “I never, as you call it, dawdle.”

The vampire stepped out of the building, and Anderson would’ve sworn he blended in with the darkness. He pushed Daniel ahead of him, urging him to stay close to the vampire while he lingered behind a few steps. He scanned the lot and had turned around to walk backward and check their rear position when he heard a screech.

A dark figure hurled itself at Deacon, the stake held over its head, ready to plunge into Deacon’s back. Anderson shouted a warning and leapt between the attacker and Deacon.

He grabbed the arm of the attacker and wrestled for the stake. He and the attacker landed on the ground in the same moment he saw Daniel push Deacon into the car. The car sped out of the parking lot, leaving the werewolves to deal with the would-be killer.

Dark, furious eyes latched onto his from a face that could only be described as angelic. Even with a snarl curling her lips, she was beautiful. And stronger than any human female he’d ever encountered.

She screamed again as he wrenched the stake from her hand and flipped her onto her back. Daniel grabbed her legs as she tried to kick free while he took hold of her wrists and sat on top of her. The spark, that indefinable something werewolves felt when they first met their future mate, rocked him, almost making him forget to hold her. She widened her eyes, and he saw the confusion in them before the anger came roaring back.

“Let me go, asshole.”

“Whew. Daniel, you didn’t tell me about her potty mouth.”

The hood of her sweatshirt fell off to reveal a tumble of silky blonde hair. “I told you to get off of me, dirtbag.”

She finally stopped struggling, the weight of his body on top of her making it hard for her to breathe as she dragged in air. But the fire in her eyes hadn’t subsided.

“If I get off, will you stay put?” Anderson threw her stake into the Dumpster. “Well, what’s it going to be? Do I sit on you until the vampires come and take you? Because, trust me, they don’t take lightly to one of their own getting snuffed out.”

At her nod, Daniel released his hold on her ankles and jumped away. Anderson stood up and pulled her along with him. Although she’d stopped fighting him, she slid her gaze around, looking for a way to escape.

“Turn me loose.”

“Do you promise to be a good girl and not run?” He didn’t know why he offered, because she had no intention of staying put. Still, he wanted to give her a chance to explain herself.

She let out her frustration with a big huff of air. “Yeah. Sure.”

Anderson couldn’t help but smile at her lie. Acting as though he might believe her, he took the time to get a good look at her body. She wore the drab gray clothes Daniel had described, but after sitting on top of her, he knew she had curves. In fact, his cock was already primed and ready for a more intimate examination.

Daniel laughed as he came beside her to touch the scrape on her cheek. “Why don’t I believe her, cuz?”

“Because you’ve got a thinking brain in your head.” Anderson drew in a long breath and closed his eyes. Damn she smelled amazing. He committed her sweet scent to memory then opened his eyes. “I’m Anderson Holms. Daniel’s cousin.”

She tugged, trying to get out of Anderson’s grip. “Ow. You’re hurting me.”

Anderson had to admire her guts. She wasn’t a big woman, and yet she’d tried to take on a vampire and two werewolves.




Daniel held her down, his big hand easily capturing her wrists. He laid his naked body on top of her, using his weight to keep her from squirming too much. She was naked, too, as was Anderson, who was busy tying her legs to the bedposts.

Daniel skimmed his teeth along her neck. “I can’t wait to sink my teeth into your soft flesh.”

She met his gaze, saw the amber taking over the light blue, and shivered. “When?”

“As soon as you’re ready to be ours,” answered Anderson.

Daniel dipped his head lower and caught her pebbled nipple in his teeth. He tortured her, sending sharp zings of delightful pain into her breasts. He released one wrist as Anderson moved to wrap the binding around it and tie her to the bedpost. He tied her quickly then moved to do the same to her other wrist. She yanked, tugging on the restraints to see if they would hold her.

Daniel chuckled then swept his tongue along the seam between her lips. He lingered at the corner of her mouth to nibble then slanted his mouth and pressed it to hers. She gasped and drew in his breath. He swept his tongue inside her mouth, wrestling his tongue with hers, until she chased his back into his mouth. She tasted him, the wild flavor mixing with a spiciness that was his and his alone.

He pulled away from her, his hot amber gaze burning her flesh, then took her nipple into his mouth. She arched, wanting him to take more of her tit, to palm the other one and rub his thumb over the hard bud. But instead he slid his tongue between her breasts, wetting the skin.

Moving up, he straddled her and brought his long, hard cock between her breasts. He pushed her breasts together, holding his cock between them. “This feels amazing. Your tits are perfect for fucking my cock.”

She lifted her head, reaching for his cock each time it peeked out from between her breasts. She licked the tip of it, catching the pre-cum. She groaned, the sound coming from deep inside her throat. “Let me suck you.”

“Easy, girl. You’ll get to blow me before I fuck you.”

Yet she wasn’t so sure when she saw him close his eyes and struggle to keep from coming. He squeezed her breasts together, capturing his cock between them. Moving her tits in opposite directions back and forth, he set up a delicious friction on both sides of his dick. Rubbing his cock between her breasts excited her as much as it pleasured him.

She’d concentrated so hard on Daniel that she hadn’t noticed Anderson crawling between her legs. He teased her, using his tongue and teeth on the tender flesh of her inner thighs. She moaned and tried to spread her legs wider.

At last Anderson parted her pussy lips and flattened his tongue against her clit. She jerked as much as she could with Daniel sitting on top of her and tugged at her restraints. Yet she didn’t want to get free. Not yet.

Daniel scooted back a little so he could take both her nipples into his mouth. He whipped his tongue around them then bit the taut buds, torturing her when he brought them together to bite both at once.

“Use your fingers, Anderson.” She hadn’t expected him to do what she asked, had thought he’d want to stay in command, but she was wrong.

Anderson added two fingers to her pussy, and her vaginal walls clamped around them. She tightened her pussy, giving him a preview of what it would be like to have his cock inside her. The sound he made, somewhere between a groan and a growl, turned her on even more. She thought she was as excited as she could be until Daniel returned his cock to between her breasts and thrust forward, giving her more of his cock to lick.

Anderson drew her clit into his mouth and pumped his fingers into her pussy. She bucked as the whirlwind started in her abdomen, the storm heating up as her climax neared. But it was too soon. She didn’t want to lose control yet.

Anderson took his fingers out, and she wanted to cry. She loved it when a man finger-fucked her, and he’d taken her to the edge before pulling her back. She wanted him to add more fingers and find her sweet spot. But he didn’t leave her alone. Instead, he plunged his tongue inside her pussy then swept it over her clit. Her juices burst from her to ooze down the sides of her pussy, and he lapped up her cream.

Daniel’s strong inner thighs bumped into the bottom of her breasts as he worked his hips back and forth. He sped up his thrusts, poking his cock from between her breasts far enough that she could catch more than just the tip of it in her mouth.

“I don’t know how much longer I can stand this, cuz. She’s driving me insane.”


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