Sophie's Surrender (MFMM)

Viper's Dungeon 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,146
19 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Sophie had no interest in the BDSM club down the road, but when the Copeland brothers walked into her small bakery, heat was rising from more than just the bread.

As the new owner of Viper’s Dungeon, Alex Copeland is more than ready to find a full-time sub. Sophie Richards, with her delicious curves and warm smile, seems to be a perfect choice.

His brother, Adrian, wasn’t quite ready to settle into domestic Dom-sub bliss but one glance at the beauty behind the counter makes him wonder. Maybe it only takes the right woman to make him want the same thing as his brother. As experienced Doms, sharing seems almost natural.

So what happens when they discover that Sophie not only misunderstands their way of life but divorced the head of security at Viper’s Dungeon because of it?

Hell, everyone at Viper’s knows Malcolm Richards still loves his ex-wife.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Abby Blake is a Siren-exclusive author.

Sophie's Surrender (MFMM)
19 Ratings (4.5)

Sophie's Surrender (MFMM)

Viper's Dungeon 4

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,146
19 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This was a smoking hot book.
I love the Vipers Dungeon series, but this is pretty close to perfect. Loved finding out about Malcolm, and the added bonus of Alex and Adrian made it even better. Loving Abby Blake!!
Professional Reviews

5 STARS: "I have been enjoying the Viper’s Dungeon series, and I also liked Sophie’s Surrender. Malcolm has never stopped loving his ex-wife, Sophie, even though she divorced him once she knew of his BDSM proclivities. She has always associated the genre with slavery, and has never wanted to give up her independence and decision-making, that is part and parcel of her small business owner persona. When she meets Alex and Adrian, she is hooked on them before she finds out they own the local BDSM club. Then she high tails it in the opposite direction. The two brothers plus Malcolm decide to pursue her and teach her she can be whatever she wishes outside the bedroom as long as she takes on all three of them behind closed doors. We have a great heroine’s journey here, plus three deliciously sexy men doing Sophie’s every bidding, as long as she does theirs in the bedroom. I also liked the idea that the men tried valiantly to help the women in their club that obviously needed psychological help. Blake obviously knows the lifestyle intimately or else has done a lot of research. The books all stand alone, although many characters recur in each book. Either way, all the books are good reads for a snowy night or a day at the beach." -- Alberta, Manic Readers

4.5 STARS: "Sophie owns a small bakery down the road from Vipers Dungeon, the local BDSM club. Her ex-husband Malcolm works at Viper’s and is still in love with Sophie. Alex Copeland is ready for a full time sub and is attracted to Sophie. Adrian Copeland is not ready to settle down but Sophie makes him think twice about it. Alex, Adrian and Malcolm all agree that sharing Sophie is the most logical choice. They only have to get Sophie to agree and to trust them. Sophie’s Surrender is the fourth book in the Viper’s Dungeon series by Ms. Blake. While this book is part of a series, it can be read and enjoyed as a standalone, though it does help to have read the prior books since many of those characters make appearances. Sophie is a submissive that does not want to be one. She ran from her ex because he was a Dom. I enjoyed seeing Sophie try to explore the kinkier side of life. I enjoyed how Ms. Blake addressed the issue of communication without pushing it down your throat. Throughout the book, Sophie learns the importance of communicating with your Dom (or Doms). I liked that Alex, Adrian and Malcolm did not push a relationship on her, but let it grow slowly, allowing her time to adjust. The chemistry between Alex, Adrian, Malcolm and Sophie is blistering. The sex scenes were not just scorching but also inventive, and the scenes with all four of them together were easy to follow and understand. I liked that the book was not just about Alex, Adrian, Malcolm and Sophie...there was also the issue of Gina that kept popping up. I now wonder if the next book in the series will address Gina and her many issues. I am interested in what was causing her to act the way she did. Overall, I enjoyed Sophie's Surrender a lot. This is one of the few books I can see myself reading again in the future. " -- Arianna Bolger, Just Erotic Romance Reviews

4.5 HEARTS: "If you are looking for a hot erotic menage then this is the book for you. Sophie is a woman that left her husband five years ago because he went to work at the Viper’s Dungeon and wanted to start bringing it to the bedroom. Sophie wasn’t comfortable with that so she wanted a divorce. She thought that BDSM was something that you did all the time. It mean giving away your independence and doing whatever your Dom said for you to do. That wasn’t something she was comfortable with. So she opened her own business. Five years down the road Viper’s Dungeon has a new owner and when Alex and Adrian meet Sophie they know she is the woman for them. Sophie gives them one night and then she finds out who they are. With the help of these two brothers and some women, Sophie starts seeing that she was wrong. I enjoyed this book. I wondered what I would be getting myself into when I started reading this book. It was something that I couldn’t have imagined in my wildest imagination. The author did a wonderful job showing Sophie’s fears and what it took to get over them. I am so glad that these three men didn’t fight over her and made a relationship work. The storyline was easy to follow and even though I didn’t read the other three I never felt like I was missing out on anything. I will warn you that this is a M/F/M/M. There is no M/M. There is anal sex and toys with BDSM. I enjoyed this book and will read more by this author in the future." -- Crystal, Smile Somebody Loves You

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Alex was suddenly really glad for his martial arts training and quick reflexes.

Malcolm Richards—employee, very large, highly trained Dom, and a man he thought of as a friend—looked ready to kill him. Alex held up his hands in supplication. Whatever the problem was they were both old enough to settle it without throwing punches…he hoped.

“What did you do to her?”

“Her?” Alex asked, his thoughts immediately turning back to Sophie and her fearful response when she’d learned he and Adrian owned Viper’s Dungeon.

“Sophie,” Malcolm practically growled. His tone of voice was a damn good reminder why he was the head of security here. “Sophie Richards.”

Oh shit! Richards? Malcolm’s sister? Cousin? Some kind of female relation? It was a fairly common family name and until this very moment Alex hadn’t put two and two together.

“Adrian and I spent the night with her,” he said, figuring that it was best to get the whole story out there as quickly as possible. “She’s very special to both of us. We have no intention of hurting her.”

“Too fucking late,” Malcolm said, his fists clenching and unclenching as he tried to control his temper. For a man who was usually tightly controlled and very much in charge, it was an interesting thing to see him struggle with his rage like this. It was also a little unnerving to be the target of the man’s wrath.

Alex wouldn’t go down without a fight, but they could do each other a lot of physical damage if this conversation spiraled out of control.

“What happened?” Alex asked, trying to keep his voice calm. Considering that every muscle in his body was tensed for a fight, it took way more effort than usual. “Did Sophie call you?”

Malcolm closed his eyes and took a couple of deep breaths.

“No,” he said, his fists still clenching and unclenching. “I called her and she accused me of setting her up.”

“Why would she think that?” Alex asked, trying to relax his muscles as Malcolm’s obvious attempt to calm down seemed to lessen the chances of a physical altercation.

“Because Viper’s Dungeon is why she divorced me.”

“She’s your ex-wife?” This was bad, really, really bad. Every member of the club knew Malcolm was still in love with his ex-wife. The fact that it was Sophie somehow didn’t surprise Alex. After only one night he wasn’t willing to let her go either.

 Malcolm took a step back and leaned against the wall. He folded his arms and shook his head, staring at the ground as he finally began to explain. “She hates the idea of being a submissive. She never even let me explain the lifestyle I wanted for us both. She just walked away.”

“I’m sorry,” Alex said. He wasn’t apologizing for wanting Sophie. He was only sorry that Malcolm knew what it was like to love the woman and not have that feeling returned. “I doubt it helps, but she pretty much did the same when she learned about me and Adrian. The three of us had an amazing night together, the type of night we hoped might lead to something more permanent, and with a few words it was over.”

“So you’re walking away from her? You’ve had your fun?” Malcolm’s anger was back full force and this time Alex didn’t need an explanation why.

“No, we’re not walking away. We’re giving her space.”

Malcolm shook his head, calming down a little. “It doesn’t work. I’ve given her five years of ‘space.’” He practically spat the word. “She thinks being submissive will make her a sex slave.”

“She’s too independent to be a slave,” Alex said as confusion swirled through him. It had seemed obvious to both him and Adrian that Sophie would only ever submit in the bedroom. She was a strong-willed woman and she would never be happy being told what to do in her day-to-day life.

“I know,” Malcolm said quietly. “But she’s also stubborn enough to not listen.”

“So where do we go from here?” Alex asked.

Malcolm shook his head. “I don’t know.”

“She’s naturally submissive in the bedroom.”

Malcolm glared at him angrily but nodded in agreement.

“If she’s not going to listen, maybe it’s time to show her what our lifestyle is about.”

“Good luck with that,” Malcolm said sarcastically. “You’ll never get her to step foot in this place voluntarily and if you even think about forcing her, I won’t even bother to try and stop myself from ripping you in half.”

Alex smiled. He had no doubt that Malcolm meant every word, but it also proved that he was as protective of Sophie as he and Adrian felt. This wasn’t a territorial “she was mine first” reaction. They were the words of a man who truly cared for his ex-wife.

“I was thinking more along the lines of introducing her to Emma and Maya, perhaps even Bianca if it’s not too soon since the baby’s birth. I think they’d be willing to help us all find the path to true love.”

Malcolm grunted, but didn’t say anything. It wasn’t until that moment that Alex realized he was already thinking of Malcolm as part of the relationship with a woman he and Adrian both adored. Sophie had already accepted two men in her bed at one time.

Perhaps she would consider three.

“I need to make a few phone calls.”




A trickle of cool water over her mound took her by surprise, her natural instinct to flinch away easily thwarted by her bonds. What she assumed was shaving gel felt a little warmer as Malcolm caressed it over her outer pussy lips.

Adrian and Alex took turns distracting her, alternating between kissing her breathless and licking her nipples. By the time Malcolm had scraped the razor over every quivering inch of her pussy, she was damn near ready to come.

But he wasn’t finished. A quick adjustment of the table pulled her ass lower, her anus most likely exposed to his attentions. She could feel a blush steal over her entire body as he caressed shaving gel over and around her tiny bud. The gentle touch of the razor that close to so many nerve endings felt naughty and forbidden but somehow amazingly erotic at the same time.

“Well look at that,” Malcolm said to the other two men in the room as he rinsed cool water over her pussy and ass. “She also has a very pretty virgin asshole.”

Virgin asshole?

If she hadn’t been breathless with excitement she might have blurted the question, but her thoughts scattered once more as he rinsed her thoroughly, patted her skin dry, and then reached for something on the medical tray. The cold touch of gel made her wonder if he’d missed a few hairs, but when his finger pushed into her ass, his meaning finally dawned on her.

Her virgin asshole wasn’t likely to be virgin much longer.

Adrian and Alex continued to distract her, their hands, lips, and tongues touching every inch of her upper body as Malcolm slid his finger gently into and out of her ass. She nearly screamed when his warm tongue traveled over her newly denuded mound, licking and laving the incredibly sensitive skin.

She shook on the verge of orgasm, her body a riot of sensations she had no hope to control.

Adrian moved to lean over her, his face filling her field of vision as Malcolm shoved a second finger deep into her ass and sucked so hard on her clit her eyes couldn’t focus.

“Come for us, little sub,” Adrian ordered in a kind but bossy tone.

She could do nothing but comply, screaming as climax shook her immobilized body, the sensations somehow more intense when she realized she truly couldn’t move. All three men continued to torment her, their intimate touches prolonging the feeling, her climax going on and on and on.

Finally she closed her eyes, sagging against the table as if she’d run a marathon at top speed. It took a few moments of semiconsciousness to finally realize that Malcolm still had two fingers buried deep in her ass.

He started to move then, his fingers sliding into her ass over and over, the nerve endings flaring to life again and again until she thought she’d go insane. When he pushed in a third finger, she gasped from the heated sting, her anal muscles pulsing rhythmically as her breathing faltered.

“It’s okay, little sub,” Alex said as he brushed a loose curl out of her eyes. “It’s about to feel a whole lot better.”

She whimpered at the loss as Malcolm pulled his fingers from her back passage and then watched nervously as he removed the gloves, reached for a condom, and then sheathed his hard cock. Holy fuck, she’d been so involved in her own pleasure she hadn’t even noticed him take off the doctor’s face mask or drop his trousers.

He held her gaze as he squeezed lubrication from a tube and then thoroughly coated his condom-clad erection. She held her breath at the first slippery touch of his cock against her throbbing asshole, but another hard pinch on her nipple had her gasping for air.

“Relax,” Adrian ordered in a tone that was no longer indulgent. He was suddenly as dominating as Alex and Malcolm, his demeanor very serious as Malcolm slowly pushed the head of his cock into her anus. She gasped, trying to pull away from the horrible sting, her confinement a little bit frightening.

“It hurts,” she whispered, blinking rapidly as tears threatened to fill her eyes.

“Are you using your safe word, little sub?” Adrian asked, once again blocking her field of vision as he leaned over her.

She shook her head, the awful pain stealing her voice.

“Give us a color, little sub. Red or yellow?”

She was about to scream the word “red” when something changed, the heated sting in her ass morphing into something far more appealing. She hesitated, staring into Adrian’s eyes as pleasure began to take over. She moaned, wanting now to move closer, to demand Malcolm thrust deeper.

“Red or yellow, Sophie?” Adrian practically growled.

“Green?” she offered on yet another soft moan.

Adrian closed his eyes, his relief seeming to flow through her as well. “Does that mean you don’t want to stop, little brat?”

“Sorry,” she offered as Malcolm slid a little further into her ass. “I just…um…panicked for a moment.”

“No, little sub,” Adrian said with a slightly feral grin, “you forgot to trust your Doms. When Malcolm is finished fucking that beautiful ass, I’m going to smack it until it glows in the dark.”

Malcolm groaned as her ass squeezed around him, her reaction to the thought of another spanking not at all what she’d been expecting.

Adrian shook his head and whispered one word.


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