[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, shape-shifters, light consensual BDSM, sex toys, HEA]
Thomas Barre is a polar bear shifter that is prepared for whatever fate throws his way. But he never expected a little wolf named Braxton, since he’s never been attracted to men before.
Braxton Johnson has kept his sexuality a secret his whole life, afraid of losing his pack and family. One night he opens up and tells his friends, Emily and Harper. That same night, he meets Emily’s brother, Thomas, face-to-face.
Thomas doesn’t know what to do. He’s never wanted another man so badly in his life. Afraid to make a move, he packs up, ready to leave North Ridge and Braxton behind. Fate intervenes in the form of pack Alpha Gabe Wolff. The man takes Thomas to a little cabin on the outside of town. Once there, he isn’t alone for long. Braxton shows up and everything changes as the two men meet again, face-to-face. Will the cabin become their love shack? 
Note: While His Little Wolf is a stand-alone title and it is not necessary to read this book to follow the series, it is suggested that this book be read for series continuity.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Alicia White is a Siren-exclusive author.
His Little Wolf (MM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Thomas gripped the steering wheel, his knuckles turning white. He approached the North Ridge city line. This should be easy. He shouldn’t care that he was leaving town. It was time to go home. He had done what he came to do, Emily was settled and in love with her men. Now, he could go back home to Alaska and get his life back. There was a lot of work to do with his clan.

His agitated bear paced right at the surface. It wanted to get free to go to its mate. The animal didn’t want to go anywhere, didn’t want to leave North Ridge or Braxton. The bear didn’t care if its mate was a male wolf. He wanted to claim, mark, and fuck. Right now, man and beast weren’t on the same page. His emotions were all over the place. His head was telling him to keep driving, but his heart was begging him to give the other man a chance. Thomas fought to keep control, to stay in charge.

“Fuck! Fuck! Fuck!” He yelled as his fist hit the steering wheel.

He didn’t know what to do. Could he really just be gay? That question actually had him taking pressure off the gas pedal.

Thomas passed the weathered North Ridge sign and pulled off the road. What the fuck is wrong with me? God damn it, just hit the gas pedal and get out of town. He shook his head as his inner bear whined. If Braxton’s our mate, you can’t leave him behind.

Thomas leaned his head back and listened to the rain pelt his truck. The rhythmic pounding brought him a certain amount of peace. I need a sign. I don’t know what to do. He’d always been so confident, now it was as if he was drowning in an ocean of self-doubt. He stared blankly out the windshield, his eyes tracing the racing path of raindrops.

A rough tap on the window had Thomas jerking his head up. The shock of being interrupted from his thoughts subsided when recognition dawned—Gabe Wolff. What does he want? Rolling down his window, Thomas pasted a smile on his face.

“Morning, Alpha. What can I do for you, Sir?” He asked in his most respectful tone.

“Please follow me,” Gabe ordered. The big wolf shifter turned and got back in his black four wheel drive, never looking back to see if Thomas followed.

Thomas didn’t think twice. He was in the man’s territory, so it wasn’t as if he could refuse. Making a U-turn, he drove back into North Ridge. As they turned off the main paved strip, the new road turned into a rocky muddy mess. Thomas had no idea where they were headed.

The further they moved away from town, the more Thomas began to wonder where the hell was the Alpha leading him. He didn’t think he’d done anything to upset the man or draw any unwanted attention on himself. Hell, for the last week he’d been locked away.

The Alpha stopped in front of a small log cabin and Thomas pulled up alongside him. When Gabe got out of his truck and headed for the screen door, Thomas followed his lead. He shoved his keys deep into his pocket, ducked his head and briskly walked up onto the porch silently waiting for Gabe to explain what was going on.

“Go inside.” Gabe gestured to the door. “Don’t come out until this thing between you two is settled.” He said before stepping off the porch and climbing back into his vehicle.

Thomas watched, stunned, as the man drove away. What the hell is going on? Shaking his head, he pushed the front door open, taking a look inside. The layout was clean and simple with minimal furniture. A living room, kitchen, and dining area were within sight but there wasn’t a soul in the place. Inhaling, he tried to scent where the owner might be, but the smells were old and faded.

“Hello? Is anyone there?” He called out, not really expecting a response.

Thomas wiped off his feet before stepping over the threshold. Why am I here? His eyes darted around the place, taking everything in. There were two closed doors side by side, and he assumed it was probably a bedroom and bathroom. It didn’t seem as if this cabin belonged to anyone. So why had the Alpha brought him here?

“Um…hello?” Again there was no answer, not even any noises.

Thomas stomped around the cabin, hoping that if someone really was inside the bedroom, they would hear him and not be scared. A bright-yellow notepad caught his attention. It was sitting out on the kitchen counter. Stepping closer, he recognized the handwriting.


Dear Thomas,

Please don’t be angry. I love you so much and I hate that you’re fighting fate. I asked Gabe to bring you here to this cabin. I knew the moment you and Braxton met that you were meant to be together as mates. You’re here to spend some time getting to know Braxton. Don’t be afraid. Love, Emily


P.S. I left a present for the both of you in the bedroom. Have fun!


Groaning, Thomas pushed the pad off the counter. Emily had seemed a little too mellow when he was saying good-bye. Now, he knew the reason. She was trying to help him. God, save me from my meddling little sister. His curiosity rising with each second he stood in the small kitchen, Thomas made his way to the bedroom.

Reaching out, he grabbed the handle and turned it slowly, pushing the door open.

He froze, eyes wide, and mouth hanging open in utter shock. The room looked like a pornographic Hallmark store…if one actually existed. There were huge bouquets of balloons with Congratulations written in bright, bold letters, rose petals shaped into a giant red heart on the bed along with multiple bottles of flavored lube, condoms, and an array of sex toys.

“Oh, my God,” he breathed out.

His cock jerked in excitement thinking of all the wonderful things he could do with Braxton. With the amount of toys, the two of them could keep each other occupied for weeks, maybe even months. Images from his dreams floated through his mind. Vivid pictures of Braxton in various positions with Thomas in complete control of his pleasure. His little wolf would follow his orders, his soft voice would beg, plead, and moan for release.




Finally warm and dry in his blanket cocoon, Braxton stood in front of the fire, staring at the dancing flames. The colors were beautiful and hypnoticreds, oranges, and blues all mixed together in a sensual dance. He tried to ignore the larger-than-life angry bear shifter silently brooding on the couch behind him.

Taking a deep breath, Braxton gave himself a pep talk. It’s now or never. If he didn’t make a move, he was pretty sure that Thomas never would. Hell, the man had been ready to leave town. Dropping the blanket at his feet, Braxton suddenly felt exposed and unsure. Why was Thomas quiet? After about a minute of silence, Braxton nervously licked his dry lips and turned away from the fire. He was relieved that Thomas seemed frozen to his spot on the couch. The man didn’t run from the room. That was a good sign.

Dropping his eyes, Braxton hid his smile when he saw that Thomas wasn’t unaffected. Thank God! This was his chance. I can do this. I can win over my mate. Staring into Thomas’s eyes, Braxton slowly lowered himself to his knees and started crawling toward the couch.

“What are you doing?” Thomas’s voice was shaking slightly and Braxton wondered if he was scared or furious.

He didn’t speak as he made his way toward the couch. Braxton kept his eyes focused on Thomas as he situated himself in between the man’s spread legs. With shaky hands, he reached out and touched Thomas’s jeans. When Thomas didn’t protest, Braxton ran his hands up the man’s massive thighs and stopped when his thumbs brushed with the outline of Thomas’s cock. The strong, clean scent of his mate’s arousal slid over him, making Braxton tremble with desire.

“I want to give you pleasure.” Braxton grabbed the top of his mate’s jeans and unbuttoned the top button.

When Thomas didn’t respond and just continued to silently stare at him with unfathomable blue eyes, Braxton continued his task of unzipping Thomas’s jeans. Thomas’s thick cock sprang free, its steely length almost slapping Braxton in the face. He lowered his gaze and leaned forward to kiss the very tip of the purplish mushroom head. Thomas’s body jerked and Braxton felt a hand on the back of his scalp.

“Suck it.” He heard Thomas growl in a deep voice that made Braxton’s knees weak. I want to do anything you ask me to. Or command.

Wrapping his lips around the head of Thomas’s cock, Braxton began to suck, his tongue tracing the bulging veins, his cheeks hollowed. He glanced up, making eye contact with Thomas. The intense look in his mate’s eyes made him feel shaky with desire to please his mate.

Feeling Thomas’s hand guiding his head, Braxton sucked harder, taking the huge cock deeper, all the way down his throat until he almost gagged. One hand gripped Thomas’s thigh, while the other palmed his sac, rolling the flesh in his hand before tugging gently.

“Yes, my hungry little wolf,” Thomas panted. “You are an amazing little cocksucker.”

Hearing Thomas’s praise, Braxton pulled back, his tongue swirling around the head even more enthusiastically. Dipping the very tip of his tongue into the slit, Braxton could taste the salty-sweet favor of pre-cum. Braxton moaned, loving the taste of his mate’s essence. Braxton rocked his hips unconsciously mirroring the motion of Thomas’s hips. Wishing he had more body-to-body contact, his own shaft was painfully hard and straining in desperate need of release. But Thomas hadn’t given him permission to come, so Braxton stayed focused on the task he loved.

He wanted to beg Thomas to take, claim, and mark. Thomas owned him, body and soul without even trying. He said he wanted to give Thomas pleasure, and that’s what he intended to do.

Braxton bobbed his head, building up speed. He swirled his tongue around and around, swallowing the length a little further each time. His hand pumped Thomas’s cock, spreading his mate’s amazing taste onto his tongue.

“I’m about to come,” Thomas groaned, trying to pull back, but Braxton shook his head and sucked harder. He needed to taste his mate. It was as if his life depended on it.

“Fuck! I’m coming…Damn, little wolf!” Thomas roared out his release as Braxton sucked his seed down his throat, his cock erupting spurt after spurt of cum.

Braxton did the best he could to swallow each and every drop. As Thomas’s cock started to soften, Braxton licked and kissed his shaft. Feeling connected to his mate and cherished by his choice of endearment, Braxton leaned his forehead against Thomas’s muscled thigh and tried to get his breathing under control. He wanted more, so much more. And he was willing to do anything to have his mate feel as deeply for him.

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