Destinies in Darkness, Part 1 (MM)

Kaldor Saga 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 111,859
44 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, vampires]

Eric is a young human psychic, struggling to make ends meet and achieve his dream of becoming a famous painter. His life changes completely when he meets Keenan, a 500 year old vampire.

Before they know it, the two fall in love. But Eric has to overcome the trauma of his past, and Keenan needs to learn how to love. To complicate things even further, a mysterious traitor attacks Keenan's city, threatening to tear their fragile relationship apart. Keenan and Eric have to resort to stolen moments of passion, while an enemy masquerading as a friend watches from the shadows, waiting to strike.

Thrown into a world he doesn’t understand, Eric becomes an unwilling participant in a crazy game of cat and mouse. Will Keenan succeed in finding the traitor before it is too late, or will Eric pay the ultimate price for loving a vampire?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Destinies in Darkness, Part 1 (MM)
44 Ratings (4.6)

Destinies in Darkness, Part 1 (MM)

Kaldor Saga 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 111,859
44 Ratings (4.6)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
OMG i could not drop this book fantastic read reading book 2. It is a must to read
Professional Reviews

5 CUPS: "I’ll admit I was initially disappointed that this book did not take place on Kaldor and introduced a whole host of new characters. However, once I got into the book, I was really happy Ms. Hyacinth had decided to go this route. Eric and Keenan are wonderful characters, and getting to read their story has been a real treat! Ms. Hyacinth excels at world building, and her paranormal world on Earth is no exception. Her explanations of fairies, shifters, vampires and the like are very detailed and entertaining. I can see a whole bunch of possible storylines she could take in future books, and as such, I love the idea of more books in the Kaldor Saga series. I especially loved how the author drew out the relationship between Eric and Keenan and really built on it instead of just having it be a quick thing. While quick is okay, too, when done right, I really loved the length of this book and how while much was fleshed out and explained, she did an excellent job of leaving a lot left unsaid for future books as well. The emotions between Keenan and Eric are very well drawn by the author, and I loved how well she was able to show us who Keenan really is and why he is the way he is. The sex of course is positively singeworthy as it always is, but the emotions, world building and storyline are what make this book a keeper." -- Regina, Coffee Time Romance

5 NYMPHS: "Destinies in Darkness, Part 1 Kaldor Saga 3 is a superb romantic suspense. The setting is New York. The building plot is well paced. The engaging storyline centers on finding the culprit among a cast of fairies, demons and shifters as well as vampires. The characters are convincing. The intimate scenes are breathtaking. Being a vampire, Keenan has never experience love or jealousy. Before meeting Eric, Keenan considered humans as simply prey. Now he is torn between sending Eric away for his safety or keeping him with him so that he can personally protect Eric. Keenan also must find out who sent the hunters to kill the paranormals. Eric has an abusive past, which he learned to mostly block from his memory. As the story unfolds, Eric’s past is revealed. Art is Eric’s only lifeline until he meets Keenan. The bond Eric and Keenan share is heartwarming and at times amusing. Scarlet Hyacinth has created a fantastic saga that I thoroughly enjoyed." -- Chocolate Minx, Literary Nymphs Reviews

"A wondrous escape from reality can be found in Destinies of Darkness, Part 1. A mini saga with a larger than life storyline and a huge cast of characters, though you won’t need to read the previous stories to understand this one. The characters are fascinating and distinctive with Keenan front and center – dominant, seductive and bold, yet he has a tender heart. Eric, on the other hand, is sometimes difficult to connect with. He’s got valid reasons for his mood swings but the aggression, hostility and bratty attitude at times makes it hard to like him which interrupts the flow of the story. Luckily, by the story”s conclusion Eric evokes positive sentiments and redeems himself. Passion, betrayal, and plot twists are intricate parts of Destinies of Darkness, Part 1. Major plot points are resolved, but there are plenty of doors left open for Part 2 which I’m betting will be eagerly anticipated. Destinies of Darkness, Part 1 is the real deal." -- Lisa, Joyfully Reviewed

4 GOLD CROWNS: "Having enjoyed the first two books in the Kaldor Saga, I was not disappointed with Destinies In Darkness Part 1 by Scarlet Hyacinth.Ms. Hyacinth has given us more to think about after Gabriel’s disappearance in Over the Edge. Eric, young, psychic, artist, unexpectedly lands in the lap of Keenan, vampire. As Keenan discovers how tenuous the emotions are of his young love, the more determined he is to protect him. As things deteriorate in the paranormal world Eric has stumbled into, he learns how strong he really is.Seeing the ups and downs of not only the connection between Keenan and Eric but also the in and outs of the paranormal community was fascinating. I look forward to reading the sequel and seeing how things turn out. Ms. Hyacinth has melded both of the worlds in the Kaldor Saga seamlessly together. Wonderful characters and a great story isDestinies in Darkness Part 1." Jaymes, The Readers Roundtable

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Keenan looked down at the dripping wet figure of his prey. Yes, the young man was delicious. Very pretty, too. High cheekbones, big green eyes, and blond hair that currently covered a perfect face. The rain flattened the T-shirt the human wore, providing Keenan a tantalizing view of little, pretty nipples and a slender, yet muscled body. Yes, he’d have fun tonight.

His beautiful prey gasped as he accepted Keenan’s offer and took his hand. The human started trembling violently, and Keenan suppressed the urge to lick his lips. It must be just the cold. After all, his prey had been in the rain for a long time. The vulnerability in the young man almost made Keenan lose control and devour him right then and there.

“Here, take my coat.” Keenan took off his long black coat and put it over the blond’s shoulders.

“T-thank you, sir.” The young man closed his eyes and took a deep breath. At first, he hesitated, but then he closed the buttons of the cloak. “You’re very kind.”

Keenan arched a brow. The young man’s tone and behavior seemed peculiar. Certainly, some precaution was to be expected when meeting strangers in the park, but humans didn’t react as they normally should when dealing with Keenan.

What could be wrong with this boy? He sent a mental probe and arched a brow. The young man had shields, weak, but they were there. Keenan inwardly shrugged. It wouldn’t be the first time he’d met a human with mind shields, and after all, they could be easily broken later.

“Come on, young one. You look like you need a warm drink,” he coaxed, his voice dripping with seduction.

The human nodded but wouldn’t meet his eyes. Strange. They walked through the park in silence for a few seconds. Keenan opened his mouth to say something, just to break the heavy atmosphere, when the blond asked, “Sir? Can I ask you for a favor?”

Keenan smirked, now on familiar ground. They always asked him for favors. He wondered what this one would ask. He ruthlessly squashed the strange feeling of disappointment in his chest. For some reason, when he saw the youth’s mad dash through the park and when he first gripped that pale, elegant hand, he thought this new human could be different. There was no real rational reason why he would think this, but a creature as old as himself knew to trust his instincts. Unfortunately, on this particular occasion, it seemed that his instincts had been wrong. “Sure thing,” Keenan agreed, careful to keep his voice warm and friendly. “What is it that you wish?” What would the boy ask? Money, a ride, sex? He wouldn’t complain if it was the latter. Sooner or later, they’d end up in bed anyway, but Keenan preferred it to be sooner. For an immortal, he didn’t have a lot of patience.

The young human’s answer turned out to be very different from what he’d expected. “When you kill me, can you make it painless?” he asked, stopping Keenan dead in his tracks. That phrase, that single phrase, squashed his thoughts of a leisurely fuck with this young human, of slowly devouring and driving the blond crazy with lust. It changed everything. Somehow, the boy knew what he was. How could he possibly know?

“Excuse me?” he inquired, fighting to keep the steel from his voice.

“Please, when you kill me, make it painless,” the human repeated in a trembling voice.

 For all the tremor in his voice, the slender blond seemed certain that he would find his death at Keenan’s hands. In truth, Keenan didn’t have any intentions of killing the human. Bleeding him, yes. Fucking him, most definitely. Not killing him, though. Nevertheless, the human’s suspicion hit too close for comfort. Losing control, Keenan set loose his power over the young man, shattering his pathetic mental shields. The human screamed at the sudden assault, the pain of having his mind invaded so brutally too excruciating to bear. Ignoring his prey’s cries, Keenan probed relentlessly into his mind and memories. Who was he? How did he know? What did he know? It stopped being just about him finding a pretty toy for the night. This needed to be done for the safety of his people, and Keenan had a responsibility he could not forsake, not even for someone as beautiful as this young human.

Flashes from the past spun through Keenan’s mind’s eye as he analytically registered the information. Eric McAllister. Age twenty. Student at the School of Visual Arts. Psychic. The human was psychic. He’d seen images of Keenan’s past when they’d touched. Just erratic flashes, nothing clear or coherent. Keenan felt strangely relieved at the thought that he would not be forced to hurt this young man further. He slipped out of the human’s mind, deciding against further investigating into his past, at least for the moment. It could wait. After all, Keenan had long ago stopped being entertained by hurting people just for the sake of seeing their pain. He needed to allow the human to recover from the brutal assault before he delved deeper into his memories.

Falling onto the wet concrete, Eric sobbed, clutching at his temples in pain. “Please, sir. Please. I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to—”

Keenan arched a brow, considering his next course of action. Yes, indeed, Eric didn’t mean to do anything. There should be no reason why Keenan should abandon his initial plan. Eric may be psychic, but he was still so very delicious. Keenan looked forward to having him in his bed.

“Don’t worry, little Eric. It will be fine. It will be just fine.” Dropping the umbrella, he grabbed the blond in his arms and whispered, “Sleep.”

Instantly, the tense body of the human went limp as Eric’s mind succumbed to the supernatural command. Unseen by anyone, Keenan took off, abandoning the park, his prey in arms.





Eric clung to Keenan, hoping to communicate his overwhelming need through his touches. He must have managed to successfully transmit his message because he didn’t even realize when Keenan removed both of their clothes.

Keenan assaulted his mouth once again. As they kissed, his vampire tweaked Eric’s nipples. The little nubs peaked and reddened at Keenan’s ministrations. Keenan’s mouth swallowed Eric’s moans, and Eric lost himself in the passion, overcome by sensation. Keenan’s voice ghosted into his mind.“So perfect, so passionate, my beautiful Eric.”

Eric realized that Keenan had opened their connection once again, and all traces of his previous fear vanished. He could feel his vampire’s love and his passion. Why had he ever doubted Keenan?

“Don’t worry, pet. Don’t fret. I’ll take care of you.”

Keenan’s clever mouth moved down to his neck, and Eric waited impatiently for the bite. Keenan just nibbled gently and then advanced to his chest, licking his collarbone and playing with his erect nipples. Eric had never realized that his nipples were an erogenous zone. Well, he’d never explored the opportunity either, but now, as Keenan’s fangs passed over the tiny nubs, he could certainly appreciate it. With every touch, he felt hotter and hotter, pleasure coursing through his veins.

Keenan’s hands roamed Eric’s body, caressing his sides. Eric could feel his vampire’s lust as well, and he could tell Keenan tried to control it, attempting to be gentle, to take it slow. Eric didn’t want slow. He wanted hard and fast and, most definitely, now.

“P-please! Now. Keenan, p-please.”

Keenan took a deep breath, apparently struggling against himself. After a second that seemed like a lifetime to Eric, Keenan let out an inhuman growl, and in a flash, he shifted his position. He flipped Eric over on all fours, holding him down with a powerful hand.

Eric clutched the bedsheets as he felt his ass cheeks being separated. Finally, they were going to become one. He gasped in surprise when he felt Keenan’s tongue passing over his opening, feasting on his ass.

“Mmmm, pet, you taste so good, so good.”

The words slipped into his mind again, and Eric thought his mind would overload with lust. Keenan expertly swirled his tongue around his entrance then thrust it in and out of his body. 

“You’re so beautiful, so fucking perfect. I need you so much.” Eric almost missed the words, barely registering himself moaning and gasping like a slut. Oh, God! It felt so magnificent. He could come just from Keenan’s tongue teasing his hole, but he wanted Keenan inside him. He ached to be possessed fully, to feel Keenan’s cock taking him, fucking him, marking him as forever belonging to him.

Keenan must have caught on to the thought. With another snarl, Keenan flipped Eric yet again on his back, positioning Eric’s legs on his powerful shoulders. Eric screamed as Keenan’s cock thrust into him without a warning. Unwillingly, he felt his eyes tear. It hurt! Was it supposed to hurt so much?

“Sorry, pet,” Keenan murmured into his hair. “Wait a second. It gets better.”

Eric opened his eyes, smiling at his vampire. If Keenan said it would get better, then it would. He trusted Keenan. Keenan wouldn’t hurt him. Taking a deep breath, he willed his body to relax.


* * * *


Keenan cursed himself as he felt his pet’s pain. In his lust, he discarded the fact that Eric was a virgin. Even with the preparation, his human hadn’t been ready for such an abrupt penetration of his large member. Keenan should have used more adequate lubrication. He should have gone slow.

Looking into those wide, teary, green eyes, Keenan knew he could never let Eric go. He wasn’t so noble as to allow his pet to live far away from him. He wanted Eric too much.

Keenan forced himself to stay still, to wait until Eric’s body adjusted. Eric was so tight, and his channel gripped his cock like a fist. It took all his willpower not to start thrusting into Eric as his instinct demanded.

Closing his eyes, Keenan tried to think something boring and nasty, something to take his mind from the exquisite sensations. Gritting his teeth, Keenan reviewed in his mind the statistics of the von Klein corporation, budgets, profits, equipment, losses, gains, marketing strategies.

Through their connection, Keenan could tell when Eric’s body relaxed and the pain diminished. Thank God! Keenan didn’t think he could stand it much longer. Eric nodded and urged him to continue. “Okay. It’s okay now.”

Keenan didn’t waste a single moment. He thrust in and out of Eric’s passage, angling carefully so that every time he hit his human’s prostate. Eric mewled, and desperate screams started sounding in the room. “Oh, God! Oh, my God! Harder, oh, please, harder! Oh, Keenan! God!”

Keenan would have felt smug if pleasure didn’t overcome all his senses. Harder and harder, he took his pet, his thrusts gaining an intensity and speed impossible for a human. Eric howled and moaned helplessly, lost in ecstasy and passion. Through their connection, Keenan could feel how close Eric was to coming.

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