Her Best Bad Decision: MMF Menage Romance

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 61,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

A cocky baseball player falls for, the off-limits billionaire who owns his team, and the sassy curvy girl who moves in with him uninvited. Laughter follows in this feel-good romance that will have you tearfully cheering for the sexy threesome by the end.


As a curvy American girl spending her senior year in Japan, the last thing Lexi expected was to find a guy. But, it wasn’t just any guy she found. It was Forrest Wolf, the drop-dead gorgeous American star of Japan’s baseball league. Thousands of people chanted his name every night and it was Lexi he crossed the bar to meet. So, she could be excused for having a few doubts about him. And, when his interests turn out to be genuine, she could be excused for immediately considering names for their future Wolf pups?

Too bad that after the most incredible night of her life, she never heard from him again. Did it have to do with him being traded to a Major League team in Portland, Oregon days after they met? Maybe. So, when Lexi gets a dream job offer and it’s dependent on getting an interview with Portland’s newest baseball star, what is she to do? Could this be a second chance at love? Or was that ruined when, after again staring into his gorgeous eyes, things immediately got “complicated”, this time in the bathroom of a popular restaurant… where everyone could hear. Yikes!

Forrest Wolf
Forrest was the biggest thing in baseball… during college. In the majors, he was a bust. But then he went to Japan and became the biggest star in the country. So, why is it that when he is then made the face of Portland’s new team, he again crashes and burns? It’s because Forrest has a huge secret. His name is Bradley Morrow and he is the sexy billionaire owner of Forrest’s new team. Before Forrest knew who he was, the two hooked up. Now Forrest can’t get his off-limits boss out of his mind.

Was that what went wrong between Forrest and Lexi? Maybe. Could he explain that to Lexi, who has amazingly reappeared in his life? And, would Lexi mind pretending to be his girlfriend to convince his boss that their night together meant nothing to him? Forrest has never fallen in love with a guy before. And, as sexy and charming as Bradley is, Forrest needs to keep a tight grip on his heart.

Bradley Morrow
Ley believes that the fastest way to make a billion dollars is to find someone with a great mind. And, the fastest way to lose a billion dollars is to find someone with a great body. Not only does his star player have the best body he has ever seen, but so does his sexy girlfriend Lexi… that is if she really is his girlfriend.

Whatever is going on between those two, Ley knows that they are both off-limits. He’s Forrest’s boss, after all. Could the three of them even attempt a secret relationship with the whole world watching? On the other hand, what’s the use of having all of the money in the world if you don’t have love?

‘Her Best Bad Decision’ is a steamy, funny, standalone with explicit MF, MM, MFM and MMF scenes.

Her Best Bad Decision: MMF Menage Romance
0 Ratings (0.0)

Her Best Bad Decision: MMF Menage Romance

GoBeBi Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 61,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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You know that feeling when you are comfortably staring at some scrumptious eye candy and the eye candy has the nerve to catch you staring? Well, let me tell you, it doesn’t feel great. And, you know that feeling when you had five shots too many and your reaction time slows down to a crawl? Yeah, me neither. But, according to a friend, it feels like you’re being eye fucked by a famous baseball player in a Japanese-only bar.


“Is he staring at you?” Saki asked making me feel so proud.


“No,” I replied finally able to look away, but knowing that he totally was.


“Lexi, he was staring at you!” She said way more surprised than I felt she should have been.


“Come on. Stop it. He wasn’t staring at me.”


He totally was.


“You should go talk to him,” Saki suggested.




I get that Saki assumed that all Americans were very forward, but what the hell did she take me for? I wasn’t about to go up to some hot, famous baseball player in a bar. I had some self-respect. Sure, those shots were doing a great job of convincing me otherwise. But, as of this moment, I still had some self-respect.


As I considered how many more shots it would take to unburden myself of that self-respect, I looked up at Saki to see her eyes enlarge.


“What? What is it?”


Was something happening with Haruto that I wasn’t seeing? Was he trying to touch her under the table, that bastard?


When Saki’s eyes darted to something behind me, I realized that wasn't it. Something was happening and Saki seemed to be using every ounce of girl telepathy she had to get me to not react. My heart thumped as I felt doom overtake me. Was this it? Was this when my new life as a sex slave worker was about to begin? I hope it came with healthcare.


“Hi, can I buy you all a drink?” The most gorgeous voice said in English.

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