Convincing Ethan (LoveXtreme)

Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,279
54 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M/M, werewolves, sex toys, spanking]

Ethan has been in love with Eve since he met her. He knows that she is their mate. Still, he feels drawn to her mind as much as her sexy, curvy body. Since she is the one who nursed him back to health after his attack, he thinks that her feelings spring from saving his life. But, for him, that is enough.

As Eve works side by side with Ethan, she finds a kindred spirit. He respects her mind and understands the way she thinks. It doesn’t hurt that he seems to know what she needs even before she does. She knows he thinks she doesn’t love him, and Eve decides to pull out all the stops to prove to the stubborn wolf she truly loves him.

But, someone is still bent on attacking the pack, and as the violence escalates, Eve and the Dillons find they have no one to trust but each other.


CAUTION! Only six books have been published in the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska collection. This series has been abandoned by the author. No conclusion is in the works.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Convincing Ethan (LoveXtreme)
54 Ratings (4.3)

Convincing Ethan (LoveXtreme)

Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 21,279
54 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
This is a great addition to the series. It makes you want to read more. Some of the sex scenes are predictable but still steamy. I would suggest you read the others in the series first and if you like them you will like this book.
Kiera West has done it agin with the third installment to her series Great Wolves of passion. I was skeptical about purchasing the first book Seducing their Mate but once I was was done I was craving the next book! I highly recommend this series to those who enjoy an amazing paranormal romance book.
Professional Reviews

RR.jpg"Eve MacMillan, scientist and woman in love, has to spend time trying to convince Ethan Dillon that she is in love with him. He is convinced that while he has loved her from the start that she only loves him since she has helped nurse him back to health. He knew the first moment he met her that she was his mate, and the mate of his brothers and cousins, but how could a woman as amazing as Eve love him? While Ethan and Eve work side by side to try to figure out who is maiming and killing the wolves in the area, before there are any more deaths, Eve grows to love him more and more. She decides to pull out all the stops and teach this werewolf that she means what she says and that she loves him no matter what he thinks. Sigh. Ethan, the hot man, who is not only a little bit geek, but a lot werewolf and very insecure when it comes to Eve. I loved that we got to see him finally let her know what was in his heart and to see how they complement each other. I absolutely love the storyline behind the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska and Convincing Ethan is just another reason why. This is not a standalone story and, in fact, you will be cheating yourself if you miss out on the previous two parts of this story (Seducing Their Mate and The Alpha’s Fall). If you are even remotely intrigued by the idea that every woman deserves more than one man to keep her happy, then you need to RUN out and get this series." -- Tanya, Joyfully Reviewed

4.5 CHERRIES: "Ethan may be the smart, reserved member of the Dillon pack but Eve has no problem bringing him out of his shell or teaching him a thing or two about true love. Author Kiera West brings us back into the exciting world of the paranormal by way of Passion, Alaska. When we last visited the once sleepy little town an unexplained evil had begun randomly attacking the wolves, shifter and pure blood alike, as well as the townsfolk that protected their long kept secret. During the attacks, Ethan had been seriously injured but was recovering with the help of his mate, Eve, a young scientist that was in Alaska to study the wolves. Book three picks up with Ethan healed and ready to spend more time helping his kin discover who was out to start a war among the shifters. He also hopes to find some quality time to be with Eve but has convinced himself that they will never have the strong connection she has with his older brother and Alpha of the Dillon pack, Noah. Lucky for Ethan, Eve has no such preconceived notions. Ms. West gives a sneak peek into the future where the strength Eve shows in defending her mates will be put to the test. Before the final battle is fought, lives will be lost and it begins in Convincing Ethan. Ms. West is a fairly new author but you wouldn't know it by her writing. Writing a single story about one hero and heroine that flows smoothly and keeps the reader coming back for more is difficult. Beginning you writing career with a series where the heroine takes on not one but six men is amazing in my book! Each book in the series focuses on the relationship between Eve and one of the Dillon men. Ms. West does a terrific job of keeping the other men in the story involved while maintaining the integrity of each book's premise. If a romantic paranormal of fated mates and suspenseful villainy is what you're craving, look no further than the Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska series. The passion burns hot even when the weather turns cold!" -- Honeysuckle, Whipped Cream Reviews

4 STARS: "Kiera West continues the story of Eve and her men in this third installment of The Great Wolves of Passion, Alaska. Ms West continues to develop strong relationships between the characters while ramping up the tension. The series overall is my favorite of all of Siren's serialized imprints. In the previous books, the small town of Passion, Alaska has been experiencing attacks on their wolves. Ethan had been attacked, injured and recovering with the help of Eve who like himself is a scientist. Now healed, Ethan is driven to help discover who is attacking the wolves. Having fallen for Eve the moment he met her, Ethan also wants to have his own time with Eve. He knows she's their mate but has convinced himself that they will never have the strong connection she has with his older brother (and Alpha) Noah. He is determined to make peace with this, dismissing her feelings, believing that her feelings really only exist because of her role in nursing him back to health after the attack on him. As Eve works with Ethan in his lab, she connects with him intellectually, appreciating how he respects her intelligence and understands the way she thinks. Eve is aware he thinks she doesn't love him, and Eve decides to do everything she can to prove to her stubborn mate just how much she loves him. It's charming to see this big wolf shifter be so affected by his mate when finally he realizes her love for him. CONVINCING ETHAN felt like a transition book as the story has now begun heating up with the suspense and tension building at the same time the multi-mated relationship is developing. The cliff-hanger is even bigger than the others and I am hopeful that the publisher will not have such a gap between the release date of the next because I absolutely have to know what happens next." -- Rebecca, The Romance Reviews

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Noah’s voice deepened with the same arousal she felt coursing through her body. Both the cousins had already abandoned the towels and were moving their hands over her body. Noah slipped his hands up her body as he rose and took her face between his palms. Without breaking eye contact, he took her mouth greedily, sliding his tongue into her mouth. She sucked on it and earned a healthy moan from him.

He pulled back. “Maybe we should take this into the bedroom.”

“Yeah, I’ve been waiting for you,” Shane said.

Noah picked her up and carried her into the bedroom. It was a good thing because she wasn’t sure she would have been able to walk. Her knees were so weak she was sure to disgrace herself.

Shane was already on the bed, gloriously naked. His cock was hard, jutting out from the thick nest of dark-blond hair. She licked her lips, thinking of taking it between her lips. He followed the movement with his gaze and groaned. He wrapped a large hand around his shaft and pumped his cock.

“You are going to drive me insane. Those big green eyes and the softest skin make you look so innocent. Then you do something like that.”

She laughed and leaned up to take his cock in her hand and then slipped it into her mouth. As she sucked him in, Rand slipped between her legs and, without a word, pressed his mouth against her pussy. She sucked in a breath, then let it out on a breathy moan. Lord, these men knew just what buttons to push. He lifted his tongue to brush it against her clit each time he slipped between her pussy lips.

Soon, she could barely think straight and didn’t want to. All she wanted was to surrender to these three men. She wanted nothing more than to lose herself in the pleasure they would give her.

“Eve,” Noah said. She stopped working on Shane and looked at Noah. She hadn’t even heard him come up to the bed. He was holding a tiny black silk blindfold. He didn’t ask, didn’t even say a word as he sat next to her and slipped it on over her eyes. She was immediately thrown into darkness.

“This way, it will be a way we can drive you crazy. You won’t know who is doing what to you, and you won’t know what is coming.”

She shivered at the thought as he urged her up. Someone, probably Shane, slipped behind her, and two sets of hands moved her to straddle him. His cock pulsed beneath her pussy. She knew she was dripping juices all over it. He raised his hips, sliding it along her entrance, and she moaned. The chuckle that came from him told her she had been right. It was Shane. The other two pairs of hands moved away as Shane slipped his down to her hips. He lifted her, then entered her in one hard, swift move. She sighed the moment he entered her. It was like that with each one of them. The moment they were in her, her world seemed right.

She sat up and started to move up and down, pivoting her every now and then. She smiled with each groan she pulled from him. He slipped his hands up to her breasts, teasing her nipples. It sent little sparks of little energy through her and made her clit throb. Without her sight, she could feel and hear things more. And smell. When Noah approached, she knew it was him from his scent and the sound of his footsteps. Shane dropped his hands to her waist, then to her back, urging her down. She expected Noah to move behind her and take Shane’s place, but instead, she felt the hard smack of his palm against her ass. The sting feathered out over her flesh. She shivered as he spanked her again—the sting worse this time and so much more arousing. Then from the other side, there was another slap. That was Rand because it wasn’t as hard, but it was just as arousing. They took turns spanking her. All the while Shane fucked her pussy. With each slap, each thrust, she moved closer. Every part of her body wanted this, needed this, and she couldn’t seem to get there. Shane shifted again, changing the direction of his thrusts, and she realized that he was keeping her on the edge, not letting her come.

She wanted to complain, but she knew Noah would punish her more. The spanking stopped. Her flesh was hot and raw. Then she felt two sets of mouths on her, moving over the red skin, their tongues flicking out, easing her pain. By the time Rand moved behind her, she was barely able to form any kind of thought. Her brain had dissolved into one thought. She needed a release.

A gel-coated finger slipped into her puckered hole, then another. Soon, Rand moved closer. Shane stopped moving as Rand filled her ass with his hard cock, easing in slowly.

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