[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA
Cody Smith pines after the gorgeous alpha, Dante McCloud. But Dante prefers to be by himself, and Cody isn't willing to take a chance with his heart, until the two end up spending one amazing, glorious, drunken night together.
But Dante is still mourning the death of his previous mate, and when he wakes up and realizes that he mated with Cody without his permission, he can only see disaster on the horizon. As a former slave, Cody would have every right to be angry with having this forced upon him.
But Cody's heartbroken when Dante is not there the next morning, and feels worse still when he discovers his pregnancy. Now, with a mating scar and Dante not there to sate his needs, Cody's body is giving off a very potent scent that calls to other alphas, some of whom would have no trouble claiming Cody for their own, with or without his consent.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Cody's Savior (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




Dante was bringing his whiskey glass to his mouth for another gulp when his body woke right the hell up, blood turning hotter than any whiskey could do for him, his cock hard and throbbing as he realized that it was Cody fucking Smith who was walking up to him.

The man had a slight sway to his step, which suggested he was drunk. Dante thought it was actually somewhat cute that the man couldn’t hold his alcohol that well. Dante was certainly doing a better job of it.

There was no mistaking where he was heading. He wasn’t going to walk by Dante so he could get to the bathroom or something. He was walking straight toward him, and Dante’s stupid worthless body was reacting this way when he was supposed to be at least making himself appear respectful for the dead.

Thank God this wasn’t Brutus’s actual wake. He’d be going to hell for sure if it was.

Dante stood a little straighter and waited for the smaller man, the one he fantasized about during the night, come closer to him until he was damn near in Dante’s personal space.

He had to be nice. He was going to be calm about this. “What can I help you with?”

Fuck. That sounded like he was one of the waitstaff here.

But Cody didn’t cringe, or look like he was scared of Dante, which Dante had begun to think was the case after a while. Instead, the man leaned up on his toes, gently took Dante by the shoulders, and pressed a soft kiss to his mouth. He tasted like the alcohol that he’d been drinking, and it was on his breath as well, but not in that disgusting way of someone who’d been drinking nonstop for hours on end.

It was nice, and Dante moaned and put his hand on Cody’s lower back, pulling the both of them closer together.

His ears were ringing as they kissed, and the floor beneath him swayed just slightly. Maybe he was more drunk than he thought he was, otherwise he wouldn’t even consider doing this. Not when the pain of his mate’s death was still like an open wound in his chest.

Cody’s hands were fumbling with the bottom half of Dante’s shirt, and then his fingers were touching the skin of Dante’s abs, and they were slowly trailing up right to his chest.

And he was doing this in public. Yeah, the omega was definitely drunk.

The fact that Dante was letting him was proof that he was beyond the point of tipsy as well.

“I want you,” Cody said, and his puffy, kissable lips were back on Dante’s mouth, tempting him with their sweet taste.

Dante’s mind was starting to swirl in ways that his whiskey just hadn’t been able to do up until now, and he started to think of all the reasons why he was fighting this.

His mate was one reason. But he was gone now, and Dante was alone and so fucking lonely and miserable. Cody had been barely legal when he came into the pack, and he was still so damned young right now, but he was throwing himself at Dante in a way that Dante never imagined the shy omega was capable of.

Cody’s hands weren’t just up Dante’s black shirt now, but one of them had sunk lower into the warm space of Dante’s pants.

Yeah, there was no mistaking what the omega wanted out of this, and Dante’s inner wolf howled.

He looked up and had to force his eyes into focus just to see what was going on around him. Because they were off in the corner, the rest of the pack didn’t even notice what was going on as they ate and spoke quietly amongst themselves.

Well, maybe Conner noticed. There wasn’t much that man didn’t notice and it looked a little too much like he was purposely trying to keep his eyes away from where Dante and Cody were standing. He had far too much of his attention focused on his mate as they spoke.

The waitstaff had no such reservations, however.

One of the female waiters was blushing and giggling up a storm with another of the girls by the bar, and it looked like there was a manager over there as well, who was having a hard time deciding if he should come over and tell them to take their activities somewhere else.

Well, this was supposed to be a classy sort of bar, after all. There would be no dungeons or back rooms for him to take Cody and then be back before anyone noticed.

This bar was, however, attached to the hotel. There were ten stories of rooms, a lot of which had to be nice and empty for Dante to use, and he knew that Conner had made sure to rent some of them out so that no one would be driving home drunk.

Dante was going to make use of one of those rooms, and he grabbed Cody by the wrists to gently ease himself away.

Cody’s eyes gave off that hurt, and scared to death of being rejected, sort of look. If that was even a look that existed. Either way, the omega pulled it off nicely.

“Just a second. Stay here,” Dante said, and he walked over to the manager.

Yeah, his legs were wobbling a little. What the fuck? He was pretty sure he hadn’t drunk that much. Maybe it was a good thing that Cody was keeping him from driving back to the pack tonight.

Thank God he was wearing jeans. They were dark jeans, though. He had to be respectful enough for that, and with the denim it wouldn’t be immediately noticeable that he was walking around with his cock erect.

“I need one of the keys for the rooms upstairs,” Dante said when he made it to the counter.




Dante was warm, and his touch was sending all sorts of pleasurable tingles up and down the nerves in his body, shooting off tiny electrical sparks that made his toes curl and his balls tighten up and throb.

“I want you inside me,” Cody said, and he grabbed onto Dante’s shirt in his fists and started pulling the man backward to the bed.

They were slower about it this time, which was good, and Cody sat down on the side of the bed.

The bed was big enough that, because of Dante’s size, Cody only had to lean in a little bit before his face was just at the same height as Dante’s cock.

He started to fumble around with the alpha’s belt. His fingers felt a little numb as he did that, which meant that he had to work at it, pulling and tugging before he was finally able to manipulate the buckle and get the belt off. Then it was just a matter of pulling down Dante’s jeans, and that was a lot easier.

“Oh, yeah,” Dante said, and he put his hands in Cody’s hair, which he really liked.

Dante definitely knew what Cody was about to do, and Cody was again comforted by the fact that Dante’s hands weren’t gripping him so tightly that it hurt, or that he was forcing Cody’s head forward and whispering filthy words into his ear or calling him names.

Some of the alphas had liked doing that, calling him a little bitch and telling him what to do as they held him down. He hadn’t liked that at all.

Dante’s fingers were gentle, and despite his size, Cody didn’t feel backed into a corner.

And now, thanks to his reaction from before, he also knew that the man would back off if Cody said he wasn’t feeling comfortable with this.

Why the hell had he avoided this for so damned long?

Dante’s cock was hard, and it practically sprung free from the man’s tight boxers when Cody pulled them down.

Damn, he was big. But instead of being worried about that, all Cody could feel was anticipation. His mouth even watered, and he wet his lips before leaning in and sucking the man’s dick into his mouth.

He tried to look up, but that hurt his eyes, so he only caught a glimpse of the other man, the way Dante shut his eyes and let his head roll back.

Dante’s cock throbbed inside of Cody’s mouth, and lust the likes of which Cody never felt before in his entire life overcame him, blanketing him and filling his head with all kinds of courage to do the things he’d always wished he could do for this man.

Cody hollowed his cheeks and moved his head back and forward. He used Dante’s moans as his road map of sorts to know if what he was doing was right, and from the soft groans and sighs that were coming out of his mouth, and the way he was gently thrusting forward and back, Cody was definitely doing something right here.

“Fuck, that’s nice. You’re good at that.”

A not so pleasant thrill shocked Cody still, but only for a half a second, and Dante didn’t seem to notice it before Cody continued on.

He didn’t think he was doing that well. He couldn’t even get half of Dante’s length in his mouth because the man’s cock was so damned big. And was it a bad thing if Dante thought he was being too good about this? That would imply that he knew Cody had been with other people, and as far as he knew, alphas hated that.

He tried not to think about it as he just continued what he was doing. Dante liked it, and he wasn’t angry, and didn’t seem to be getting ready to let his anger loose.

Cody reminded himself for the tenth time that night that Dante was not the same as those other alphas. He was a decent man, kind, and he was letting Cody be here with him.

For whatever reason, he just liked being by himself, and Cody was going to consider it a gift that Dante even wanted to be with him at all.

Dante’s thrusts became just a little bit too strong, and Cody tried to keep control and take as much of the man in as possible, and he even managed to get beyond the halfway point, but he couldn’t deep throat him like he wanted to, and he so fucking wanted to.

But once again, when Cody even so much as gave a hint that it was too much by putting his hands on Dante’s hips and pulling back just a bit, Dante got the hint and stopped.

Dante’s cock was shiny and wet with Cody’s saliva, and the man was panting and smiling, his large chest rising and falling as he took in deep breaths.

“Get up on the bed, I’ll be back,” Dante said, and he rushed into the bathroom.

He would be searching for something they could use as lube. When Cody had been a slave, some of the alphas, or even the vampires he’d been with, had been kind enough to take the time to do that before they’d fucked him.

He wasn’t so lucky other times.

Cody quickly stripped out of his clothes and tossed them on the floor. His first thought was to get on his hands and knees, but what if Dante didn’t want to fuck him like that?

He frowned at himself and shook his head. What the hell was he thinking? He was supposed to be in just as much control here, that was the point to getting drunk, right?

Or, wait, no that didn’t sound right at all. Fuck.

“You got out of your clothes.”

Cody looked up. Dante was standing in the doorway to the bathroom, a small bottle of something in his hand, and he was smiling at Cody with that same lusty smile as before, the one that showed off the whites of his fangs.

Cody blushed, but he didn’t look away from the man. He met his gaze. “I got impatient,” he said.

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