Fighting the Call of the Wolf (MM)

The Pregnant Mate Series 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 17,548
14 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, werewolves, HEA]
After being rescued from captivity, Aelius is tired of fighting against his lust. He's straight, he thinks he is, but he can't stop thinking about Kyle Snow, and he wants him. Badly. After a near death experience leaves him with a lot of yearning, he decides to go for it, if only to get the devastatingly handsome younger man out of his system for good in an experiment he thinks he will forget.
But he doesn't forget, and five months later, he returns for Kyle, just to discover the man is pregnant and not so sure he wants to have his emotions played with anymore. Aelius will have to convince the man that he's done making excuses for himself, but whether he will be in time before the people who had kidnapped and tortured Aelius come for Kyle and their unborn pup remains to be seen.

Note: This for-sale version has been revised and expanded and is at 17,548 words. The original short version at 12,660 words is available for free only inside the BookStrand App.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Fighting the Call of the Wolf (MM)
14 Ratings (4.3)

Fighting the Call of the Wolf (MM)

The Pregnant Mate Series 12

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 17,548
14 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




The door was yanked open abruptly and without warning, and Kyle would’ve fallen forward had he not caught himself in time. Kyle righted himself and took two steps back. At first his brain wasn’t properly functioning. Otherwise he wouldn’t have been so flabbergasted that it was Aelius who was standing right there in the doorway, staring down at him with the most quizzical expression on his face.

Kyle nearly died on the spot from embarrassment at being caught, but at the same time, that former lust and admiration he’d felt for Aelius flared to life now that the man was right in front of him.

Despite everything that he’d been through, the horrors he must have dealt with and seen, he was somehow so much more handsome now than he was the last time Kyle had stared longingly at him from across the room.

His blond hair was shaggy around his shoulders, as if he’d just rolled out of bed. Aelius had a bit of stubble growing on his cheeks, chin, and jaw as well, a look that Kyle always fell for when he was with anyone. His chest was bare, with the exception of the bandages that were wrapped around him. They covered only one of his nipples, leaving the other exposed for Kyle to see. It was hard and budded, and Kyle wanted nothing more than to put his mouth on it, kiss it, lick it, and gently bite down on it.

Aelius’s feet were also bare, and the only bit of clothing on him were the plaid pajama bottoms that hung so low on his slim, muscled hips, that when Kyle looked from the man’s navel, following his happy trail downward, he could’ve sworn that he saw the light dusting of pubic hairs that were just barely above the man’s clothed cock.

Kyle’s mouth filled up with moisture, and his dick swelled between his legs, throbbing for attention at just the most casual thought of what was beneath those cotton pants. He was pretty sure that Aelius wasn’t wearing any underwear.

Miraculously, Kyle managed to put his eyes back up onto Aelius’s face before the man had to reprimand him for staring so lewdly. Or maybe Aelius did notice and was just deciding not to mention it today. The steely look in his hard blue eyes was sure hint enough that something was annoying him.

Aside from a patch on his cheek, there were no other bandages on him. He didn’t have his eyes gouged out, and from what Kyle could see, all of his fingers and toes were still in place as well.

They hadn’t maimed him. Whatever they had done to him, at least they’d left him physically whole. Kyle was glad for that, glad that Aelius wouldn’t have to suffer with that, though he would’ve thought Aelius the most handsome man in the world even if both of his eyes were missing and all his fingers were taken. Nothing could ever change how much Kyle loved him.

His heart drummed in his ears just thinking that.

“I–I thought you would still be in bed,” Kyle said, and then realized what that might sound like. “I mean, I didn’t think you would be recovered enough to be walking around.”

“I could hear you breathing out here,” Aelius said. “I could practically feel you just standing outside of my door, waiting, and now I can smell you.”

Shit, Kyle smelled like lust and heat. He always got that smell whenever he was around Aelius, or knew that the man would be coming to Mason’s pack. Other wolves had told him he smelled like a mated wolf who was being denied sex from his alpha. That was one of the reasons why Aelius constantly avoided him.

Alpha wolves were known to get a little sex crazed when an omega had that scent on them. Straight, gay, it didn’t matter. Since Aelius claimed to be straight, then it only made sense that he wouldn’t want to be around a male wolf who was suffering from the heat like that.

Kyle ducked his head, feeling his face flaring up. Shame washed over him like someone had dumped wet garbage over his head. “Sorry. I just wanted to make sure you were all right, you know?”

Aelius continued to stare at him. His eyes were dilated and his nostrils flared. Maybe the scent was having more of an effect on the man than Kyle thought? He should probably get out of here before something happened that Aelius didn’t want.

“I should get go—ah!

Without warning and quick as the strike of a whip, Aelius reached forward, his strong hands grabbing Kyle by the hips as he yanked him closer, pressing their bodies tightly together as his mouth, his warm and wet mouth, came down on top of Kyle’s lips. Aelius completely took command of him, and Kyle only wanted to go limp and let Aelius do whatever the hell he wanted with him.

The kiss was wet and deep, and all Kyle’s brain was able to process was that Aelius was kissing him, that his hands were on him, his tongue inside of Kyle’s mouth, and through the thin layer of cotton separating them, he could feel the long, hard length of Aelius’s cock.

Holy shit.

Kyle’s body was on fire. He was burning up with the sudden raging inferno within, and he couldn’t take in enough oxygen through his nose.

He’d heard people talk like that plenty of times before in his life, and he even thought he’d felt it a time or two, but he never knew what it meant until now. He was scorching hot. There was the best bonfire in the world building inside of him, and with his lips tingling because of Aelius’s kiss, that burning turned to throbbing pleasure as he melted in the man’s arms, submitting to the alpha’s roaming hands, and to his eager mouth.

Kyle was losing air and he was going to pass out, but he didn’t care. Let it happen. He’d fall into unconsciousness as the happiest guy on the face of the planet.

The best part about all of it was when Aelius, still holding tightly to Kyle, started walking backward into his room. Kyle’s feet followed, moving on autopilot, and then Aelius slammed the door shut and twisted the lock into place.




Aelius was a fool. He’d known what it was. He’d known the entire time, and he’d denied it to himself because…what? Because he didn’t want to mate with a man? Maybe Aelius really wasn’t gay. He had more of an affinity toward women, but there was clearly something about Kyle that couldn’t be denied. At the very least, this meant that Aelius was bisexual, and he’d already been with Kyle once before, so he knew there was nothing painful or disgusting about two men having sex.

Now that he was getting ready to make love to the man for the very first time, without the excuse of being doped up on painkillers and fresh from the chains he’d been put in while locked up at that vampire mansion, he knew. He finally knew it and was willing to admit it to himself.

Kyle really was his mate. Aelius couldn’t blame the man for accidentally choosing him. He hadn’t much of a choice, and now that Aelius was willing to see everything with clear eyes, he was grateful that his mate had done it.

Aelius’s heart was slamming around beneath his ribs, and it was so utterly sexy watching Kyle pant and moan, fisting the bedsheets beneath him as Aelius thrust his fingers into that tight space. He couldn’t help the selfish thrill of pleasure that rumbled through him, making his wolf growl in approval. No one else had been here since him. He was the last person that Kyle would ever have.

“You like that, don’t you?” Aelius asked.

Kyle managed to open those pretty dark eyes of his, and they were incredibly dilated, as though he was experiencing the high of some drug. “Y–yeah.”

“Good,” Aelius said, pushing his fingers even deeper into the man’s hole and scissoring them apart. Kyle opened his mouth and wailed, his back arching and his cock jutting forward as he humped against the intruding digits.

“That’s it, keep on doing that,” Aelius said, and he used his free hand to fist Kyle’s prick, feeling the smooth skin over the hard flesh.

It wasn’t so bad, touching the man like this. It wasn’t much different from when he’d touched himself, and when Aelius looked down at the drop of pre-cum that formed at the slit, his curiosity, and his urgency, got the better of him.

He leaned in and thrust his tongue out, licking the tip along the slit of Kyle’s dick, tasting his pleasure, and feeling the shiver that passed through Kyle’s entire body.

“Oh my God, h–holy shit. I can’t believe you just did that!” Kyle said, but he looked very pleased as he stared down into Aelius’s face.

Aelius smiled back at him. “You taste so fucking good,” he said. “I’ve got to have more of that.”

Aelius pulled his fingers free from Kyle’s asshole, and he leaned up and pressed his body down on top of Kyle’s, as much as he could without harming the pup that was growing between them. Aelius thrust his tongue back into Kyle’s mouth as he lined up the head of his cock with Kyle’s stretched hole.

Kyle moaned, his grip strong and pinching at Aelius’s shoulders, but that was all right. Aelius thought about putting his tongue onto Kyle’s pucker, thrusting it inside, and seeing how much he could make the man moan and wail for him then. Would Kyle call out Aelius’s name? It was exciting and the idea brought a shiver to Aelius’s body, but ultimately it was something that Aelius wasn’t ready for. One day, yes, but not today.

He pushed his cock inside of Kyle’s slick hole, the tight space swallowing him up and fitting him tighter than any fist and warmer than a furnace. It was so fucking good that Aelius was damn near paralyzed with the pleasure he felt when he was balls deep inside, and he had to stop.

“Goddamn, I’d forgotten,” he said, panting.

Kyle, however, was still gripping Aelius’s shoulders, his nails digging into Aelius’s skin and probably cutting, but Aelius couldn’t give a damn about that.

“Fuck! Move, for the love of God, move. I’m close,” Kyle said, begging with those deep, dark eyes of his. He looked good when he begged, and how could Aelius not give the man what he wanted?

Kyle’s thighs were strong, and they squeezed Aelius tight as his hips shot back and forth, his cock bulldozing ahead, taking, claiming. There was nothing but noise in the air now as the bed creaked with the force of their movements, and they moaned and hissed, kissing and nipping at each other.

The pleasure built up just behind Aelius’s stomach, his cock and balls ready to release, but he wanted this to go on for as long as possible. He didn’t want to stop.

His wolf teeth were coming out, the animal side of him already knowing what he was about to do, and Aelius leaned down and put his teeth on the corner of Kyle’s neck and shoulder, biting down, giving the man his mating scar.

Kyle moaned, and his asshole clenched tightly around Aelius’s surging prick to the point that he was pained, but it was good.

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