The Firebrand (MF)

The Blood Coven Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 109,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

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Rein, a Vampire mixed breed, plunged into the abyss of bludfrenzy. With icy resolve, he crawled out to become a Firebrand. He doesn’t make rash decisions.
Braelyn takes a shortcut through an alley musing about what she can’t have. A new job. Adventure. A cancer-free brain. Instead, she writes for a paranormal tabloid. No, she doesn’t believe such nonsense, but she’s heading to Cleveland on assignment. Oh, and her tumor is back.
Rein kidnaps her and takes her to his realm, igniting a fiery romance.
An ancient threat hunts for descendants of the Blood Coven who divided the world into three realms fifteen hundred years ago to protect humans from savage Aeternals. Then, they scattered across Earth, marrying, raising children, dying, burying their secrets in time. Generations grew, unaware of their legacy.
Braelyn is squarely in the hunter’s sights, and Rein is her best chance to survive.

The Firebrand (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

The Firebrand (MF)

The Blood Coven Series

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 109,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

He whipped his head toward the sound, his warrior instincts kicking in. A female stood midway in the alley, a drink in her hand, purse on her shoulder, and cellphone to her ear.

“…family’s story about the winged demon…” Her lyrical words trailed off. Her arm dropped, and she stared through over-sized sunglasses at a flat-against-the-wall Malok. With her head angled toward Rein, her lips parted in confusion.

The naked, hairy Kalli struggled against invisible bonds, his tusks whipping from side to side in his frenzy.

On full alert, Rein scoped out the stunned human. He tapped a wrist, his stoic voice reporting the situation. “Chay, are you in position? Got a problem. Malok’s coming back through the Whorl alone.”

Not laying a hand on the Kalli, Rein tossed him through the portal with a teleportation spell. He jammed the unauthorized jumper into a pocket and turned on a boot heel to face the problem.

A human female.

In a blur of motion, the Firebrand stood in front of her, disabling her cellphone with a flick of his wrist.

Eyes fixed on her, Rein edged closer, sizing her up as an opponent. Tall for her species and gender, maybe five-ten. Running shoes. Baggy sweats. A threadbare twelfth-man Seahawks T-shirt molded to small round breasts. A slightly square chin, high cheek bones, a nose dotted with freckles. Short, spiky auburn hair framing a narrow face. His gaze lingered on her full, unadorned lips. Overall, a lean, attractive package. For a human.

Not my usual fare, but compelling.

The female presented no physical challenge, but she was a problem he had to handle now.

 Thump. Thump. Thump.

He stared at the pulse throbbing in her long, luscious neck and struggled to keep his mouth closed. His fangs wanted out to play.

She stretched to peer around him, focusing on where the Kalli had been suspended in the alley. “What was that thing?”

Rein arched his brows. “What thing?”

“The thing you were with down there. The big hairy naked thing with tusks and an erect … um, man bit.”

“Man bit?” He stifled a grin.

With a disdainful tilt of her chin, she blurted out, “Penis.”

Speaking of cocks, Rein’s twitched when her sunglasses centered on his groin.

Well, isn’t this just great? A hard-on for a human. I don’t need this shit. I only need to neutralize her.

 Rein’s heart drummed against his ribs. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Ba-boom. Unable to see the color of her eyes, he peered into her dark glasses while inching closer, stopping when they were boots-to-sneakers. When he smoothed fingers along her temples, a mild electric charge traveled through him to take up residence in his … what had she called it … man bit. Fighting unexpected urges, he ignored the sensual heat and tight pants to finish his job. “Hold still.” He mumbled a few words, backing away to distance himself from the human female who aroused more than a blood hunger.

Done and done.

She would fog out long enough for him to jump back home. When she came to, she would nurse a headache thanks to the black hole in her memory, not recalling anything that had happened in this alley. Humans knew nothing of Scath and Darque. That’s how it had to remain.

“What are you doing?” The female did an about-face, screamed for help, and lifted a leg to run.

What the…! She remembers!

Rein had only a second to decide. He had to stop her before she drew attention to his presence.

When he fisted her arm and caught her in mid-stride, a jolt slammed into his body, once again beelining for his groin. Despite a what-the-hell moment, he spun her around, pulling her in chest to breast. “Shut up.”

The human ignored his command, slapping at his hand while she continued shouting. Rein’s eyes narrowed to slits, his breaths shallow. All action slowed. Peripheral sights and sounds faded. His focus locked onto the struggling female, and his predator-prey instinct kicked in. The alley contained only him and his quarry.

He snarled, ancient urges at the wheel, driving him on. “Stop fighting me. I’m warning you.”

“Screw you.”

Rein’s brows drew down to menacing slashes. “What a great idea.”

She tugged harder against his hold.

He sniffed the air. Fear. But a scent floated beneath it. Arousal. His eyes shifted to the female’s neck where her pulse beat in a rapid rhythm as it pushed blood through her veins. With his shaft a painful press against his zipper, his fangs tore from his gums. His muscles coiled, preparing to act.

“I’ve got no choice.” Rein spoke aloud, but really more to himself. He seized her shoulders, body-slammed her into the wall, and braced a knee between her legs. Hungry eyes probed her thin form as he grabbed a fistful of short, spiky hair, jerking her head back.

She stopped screaming, no longer pounding on him with her fist. Instead, she opened her hand. Her warm fingers trailed over his pecs, caressing his chest.

He was about to do something he shouldn’t, and he didn’t care.

Hell, I don’t want to stop.

Rein crushed his mouth against the human’s. His greedy tongue swept across her lips, savoring their intoxicating flavor and soft fullness. He pressed for entry. When she opened, he invaded. Retreated. Attacked. His appetite unleashed.

He tested her scent once again.

Hesitation, fear, fascination, desire. Rare. I like the combo.

She wanted him as he wanted her. Then their tongues met, stroke for stroke, sliding across each other, tangling, entwining.

Fuck. I can’t stop.

She sucked him deep into her mouth, lollipopping him.

Rein pressed closer, depraved cravings racing through his mind, the blood in her veins thundering in his ears. His leg rubbed her sweet spot. Up and down, her heat singeing his pants.

She moaned.

Holy hell.

Rein’s hands circled the human’s hips, molding their bodies together, curving her into him, letting her feel the jut of his erection.

All of Rein’s senses zeroed in on the female. The soft groans. The warm flesh. The demanding tongue.

Damn. What is my problem?

Her palms pushed lightly against his chest. He struggled against his longing but broke the kiss. As he stared at the perplexing human, a crease tightened the skin between his brows.

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