His Dragon's Fate (MM)

Crimson Light Clan 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,220
13 Ratings (4.8)

[Siren Publishing: The Stormy Glenn ManLove Collection: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Shape-shifters, Fantasy, Paranormal, MM, HEA]

Elam Frazier was a simple farmer with a simple life. He never expected to find a dragon shifter hiding inside of his barn. Dmitri was the High Commander for a dragon prince and he takes his duty very seriously. It didn't leave any room for love life, but one night together changes all of that and throws them into a dangerous situation that threatens all they hold dear.

Dmitri had been raised from birth to do his duty and protect his prince. It was a duty he would have until he took his very last breath. When he has to take his prince on the run to save his life, he encounters a man that makes Dmitri rethink his duty, and that could be very dangerous. Warriors like him didn't get mates, but that doesn't stop Dmitri from wishing Elam was his.

When the danger to his prince lands on Elam's doorstep, Dmitri is put in a situation where he has to choose between his duty and the man he wants to keep at his side forever. There is no possibility he can have both...or is there?

Stormy Glenn is a Siren-exclusive author.

His Dragon's Fate (MM)
13 Ratings (4.8)

His Dragon's Fate (MM)

Crimson Light Clan 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 42,220
13 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Jess Buffett
A great start to a new series!


Elam set the bag of grain down on the floor and pulled out his knife. He cut the edge of the bag and then lifted it, pouring the grain into the feed bin. His dad had built the feed bins years ago. They didn't have too many problems with rats, but they did get the occasional raccoon. The metal feed bins had proved to be raccoon and rat proof.

After taking care of the grain, Elam folded the burlap bags and stacked them with the others. If they weren't too torn up, Henry would buy them back from him. Every little bit of money he could earn helped.

He had less than six months to finish getting his balloon payment to the bank together and he was only half way there. If things didn't start looking up, he might have to consider selling off part of the farm and that just made Elam's heart hurt.

Elam closed the door to the feed room and grabbed the brush off the shelf by the tack door. He walked down the corridor between the ten horse stalls until he reached the one at the end where Bessie was housed.

"Hey, girl," Elam said as he opened the stall door and stepped inside the large enclosure. "How are you feeling?" Elam brushed his hand over Bessie's neck, down her back to her hip, and then down over her distended belly. "Looks like you're getting pretty close, Bessie."

Elam began brushing Bessie's coat, knowing she loved the gentle ministration. Besides keeping her coat shiny, it helped calm her. Bessie always relaxed more when she was brushed.

Elam paused and tilted his head for a moment before glancing toward the stall gate. He could have sworn he heard something. It was just a small sound, the simple rustle of hay, something that was heard often in a barn.

Except, it sounded odd to Elam's ears.

Maybe he was tense because of what had happened in town. Maybe he was too used to being on his own that any little sound was odd to him. Maybe he was just paranoid.

Elam chuckled as he shook his head and went back to brushing Bessie. "I think I need a vacation, Bessie. What about you? Hmm? Henry said we should go to Monte Carlo. How's that sound? All that sun and sand? Dark haired stallions running along the beach?"

Sounded like heaven to him. It just wasn't going to happen. Besides the point that he could never afford a trip like that, he could never relax if he was away from his animals that long. He depended on them a just as much as they depended on him.

Elam froze when he heard another rustle. This time he knew he wasn't imagining the noise. It came accompanied by the sound of a boot stepping on the wooden floor of the barn, and there were only three places that had a wooden floor inside the barn—the feed room, the tack room, and the hay loft.

"Sorry about this, girl," Elam said as he patted Bessie and then moved toward the stall gate. "I'll bring you back some apple chunks a little later."

Elam scanned the interior of the barn as he made his way back to the shelf outside of the tack room. He set the brush down and then opened the door to the tack room, flipping on the light. The room looked exactly as it should—saddles sat on stands, bridles and harnesses hung from hooks in the walls, blanket and brushes were neatly stacked on shelves. Nothing looked out of place. Next, Elam went to the feed room. He only needed to open the door to know that no one was inside.

That left the hay loft.

Not knowing what—or who—might be up there, Elam hesitated to go up. He didn't want to have his head handed to him if Jeb and his buddies were up there. He didn't feel good about leaving Bessie in the barn with someone so running was out as well.

When several stalks of hay fluttered down from the edge of the hay loft, Elam knew he had to go investigate. There was definitely someone up in his loft. Knowing he was more than likely going to regret it, Elam walked up the stairs to the loft. He was glad his dad had put the stairs in so he wouldn't have to climb the ladder at the other end of the loft. He wanted to be able to see where he was going.

"Hello?" Elam paused at the top of the stairs and scanned the loft. Bales of hay were stacked nearly to the ceiling on the far wall. Elam started to dismiss them until he realized that several bales were out of place. They should have been stacked neatly against the far wall.

Elam strained his ears when he heard a small whimper. He tilted his head to listen, in no doubt that someone was up there with him, and it sounded like that someone was in pain.

"Hello?" he called out again. "The temperature is supposed to drop down into the low forties tonight. It's going to get pretty cold. I'm sure you'd be a lot more comfortable inside the house than out here in the barn. Why don't you come inside where you can warm up?"

Elam's breath froze in his throat when the biggest man he had ever seen stepped out from behind a stack of hay bales. A moment later, another man stepped out, and then another and another. He was momentarily speechless as he stared at the four largest men probably in history.

His stomach clenched tight when one of them stepped forward.

The man bowed slightly at the waist, his long black braid falling forward to slap ominously against his broad chest. "We accept your hospitality."

Well, hell in a hand basket.




"Dmitri… please," he begged.

Dmitri interrupted Elam's words, covering his mouth with his own, drawing him into a deep kiss. He felt like he was flying with happiness. Elam was giving him far more than he had ever thought he'd have.

He rolled over on top of Elam, settling between his open thighs, his aching cock brushing against Elam's. His hands slid across Elam's muscular abdomen as he kissed his way down his throat, his tongue caressing stiff nipples.

He paused to kiss Elam, whispering his love for each part of the man's delicious body as he fought his need to take Elam. He had an uncontrollable urge to take Elam. He just knew that he had to be inside of him in the next few moments.

His very life depended on it.

Grabbing his shirt, he pulled it over his head, absently hearing material rip. Unzipping his pants, he grabbed them by the bottoms and pulled them all of the way off, dropping them on the floor. It took him mere seconds to get Elam's boxers off.

Elam's throaty whisper of his name was all he needed to hear as he lowered his head and engulfed the man's jutting cock. He swiped his tongue over the top before diving down and swallowing all of Elam's gorgeous cock. Dmitri moaned at the sweet taste of the pre-cum leaking from the small slit in the top.

He tasted so damn good.

"Dmitri," Elam cried out.

Dmitri couldn't help but smile when Elam's hips began humping up, his hands clenching in Dmitri's hair. He loved how responsive Elam was to his touch. Dmitri lifted his mouth from Elam's cock to reach for the lube he'd spotted on the table next to the bed when he leaned his scabbard against it.

Squirting some out on his fingers he quickly starting rubbing the lube around Elam's hole, pushing in gently with one finger.

He couldn't explain the deep need he had for Elam to come apart for him. He just knew that he needed to drive him crazy, to have him so aroused that Elam would never forget him. He wanted to burn his touch, his image, into Elam forever.

"Elam, on your hands and knees," Dmitri commanded, slapping Elam lightly on the hip. As soon as Elam turned over, Dmitri pushed two fingers into him, stretching him until he could add a third.

He pushed in as far as his fingers would reach, feeling around until he could feel Elam's sweet spot. The little shudder and low moan let him know he had found it as Elam began moving his hips, impaling himself on Dmitri's fingers.

"You like that?"

Elam nodded his head eagerly. Dmitri chuckled as he rolled onto his back and pushed himself up between Elam's legs. "Then you're going to love this," he growled just as he swallowed his cock again.

Three fingers in Elam's ass, stroking his prostate, one stroking his nut sac, and lips wrapped around his hard cock, Dmitri went to town. He alternated between stroking his sweet spot and thrusting his fingers in and out of him. His tongue and lips lavished Elam's cock, licking and sucking. The soft moans coming from Elam increased in volume and length until he was giving out one continuous cry.

Feeling Elam suddenly stiffen, Dmitri thrust his fingers in just as he swallowed the seed pumping from him in great spurts. Crawling back out from underneath Elam, he quickly lubed his cock up and pushed against Elam.

Looking down at him, he felt tears forming in his eyes when he saw the man shudder. "Are you sure, Elam? We don't have to do this."

He had to be sure.

"I'm sure, Dmitri."

That's all Dmitri needed to hear. Grabbing Elam's hips he pushed in until his hips met Elam's ass. He pulled almost all of the way, until only the head of his cock remained inside then slowly pushed back into Elam again.

He did this again and again, in a slow methodical manner, until Elam trembled beneath him, his hands clenching in the sheets beside his head. He was pushing back against Dmitri with every slow withdrawal, as if he didn't want him to leave.

Dmitri pushed against Elam's hip. "Turn over, Elam. I want to see you." Dmitri pulled out and waited as Elam rolled onto his back. He grabbed his cock and pushed it against Elam's tight entrance until he was once again seated to the root.

"Okay, here we go," Dmitri encouraged as he began thrusting into Elam, holding him by his hips to direct his movements until Elam got the rhythm. Dmitri began thrusting harder, faster, his breathing getting harsh.

"Touch yourself, Elam." Dmitri's gaze dropped to the hard erection jutting up from Elam's groin. "Get yourself off."

Dmitri's arousal only increased as he watched Elam reached down and grab his cock, starting to stroke him to the same rhythm Dmitri was fucking him with. He heard little moans coming out of Elam's mouth with each thrust of his hips.

"Dmitri," Elam cried out, his head dropping back, arching into the mattress as his hand strokes became erratic. Dmitri knew his man was close. He wanted him closer. He wanted Elam to totally lose control.

Dmitri reached down and grabbed Elam's head, pulling him up until their lips met. He didn't just kiss Elam, he devoured him, thrusting his tongue in and demanding the response he wanted.

Elam did not disappoint him. His hands came up to grab at Dmitri's shoulders. He thrust himself against Dmitri a few more times before his body became stiff, his head arching back as he let out a long wail, his cock erupting and filling the space between them with his release.

Dmitri groaned, feeling Elam's inner muscles tighten around him. Grabbing Elam's hips he thrust into him hard and fast until he joined Elam in a climax, crying out Elam's name as he filled him.

"So...so hot," Elam whispered as his eyes slid closed.

Dmitri's dragon roared in his head as bright hues of blue and gold flashed behind his eyes. Something burned across his chest and up the side of his neck. Dmitri grit his teeth, both from the burning sensation and the intense orgasm racking his body right down to his soul.

He slumped down onto the mattress. As his vision began to clear and his breathing returned to normal, he pulled Elam to him. He lightly kissed Elam on the head before tucking the man's head under his chin. Dmitri wrapped his arms around his lover, softly caressing his back until his breathing returned to normal.

What in the hell had he just done?

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