Order of Rogrithy Bane (MM)

Blue Platoon 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,407
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Romance, Contemporary, Alternative, Paranormal, Werewolves, Fantasy, MM, HEA]

While tracking down a mysterious new group, Jile winds up being kidnapped and thrown into one of their facilities. He's instantly smitten by Nate, one of the shifters he rescues. The man is a mysterious shifter with no living family, and connections Jile's beginning to hate. The pair, along with Jile's demon crew, need to uncover who's pulling the strings. Why is there such hatred? Is it just a game?

Or is there a bigger agenda?

Nate discovers that he has special qualities - and is expendable. His so-called protector has been careless, and Nate refuses to have any more to do with them. He finds himself embroiled in an age-old feud between another mystery group led by Master, a demon who's determined to leave his domain and take over the world.

Jile and Nate's worlds collide as they race against forces of evil to save their friends from a deadly attack.

With the help of Blue Platoon, Jile and Nate take on a battle that might force Jile to make the ultimate sacrifice.

Order of Rogrithy Bane (MM)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Order of Rogrithy Bane (MM)

Blue Platoon 7

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,407
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Nathan Dabriel relished the luxury of a soft mattress and clean bedding. He’d taken so much for granted over the years, but he’d never again dismiss the simple pleasures in life. The kidnapping and brutality by his captors had changed him forever. Never again would he allow himself to be a victim. Pacifism may work for some. He’d been trying that way for years. No more.

His senses returned one by one. A tantalizing scent of coffee and bacon, fresh flowers—roses and carnations, he thought—and something else. Something that had his dick quivering and his skin tingling. Cracking one eye open, he tried to focus on the silhouette that loomed over his bed, fighting fear.

“Hi.” The deep voice caressed his eardrums, the baritone slightly husky yet with a wealth of concern and a hint of nerves. The scent was intoxicating. Sweat and musk. The same as he’d smelled in that awful torture chamber. Right before he’d passed out. Right before he’d been rescued by a stud of a man with muscles to die for and the most gorgeous eyes ever created.

He blinked rapidly, gazing up at the tall, dark-haired, and gorgeous guy who stepped into his line of vision. His rescuer. Nostrils quivering, Nathan felt his heartbeat quicken instantly as he inhaled the man’s intoxicating scent. A hint of coffee, a swirl of musk, and a tiny dash of expensive cologne had Nathan’s senses in a tizz.

His visitor had the most hypnotic eyes. Dark brown, almost black, with a thin ring of what looked like real flames around the iris. It was like looking inside a dormant volcano’s crater, staring into pitch-darkness with a hint of the power simmering beneath.

Thick braids covered his head, secured with a thin piece of leather at his nape, the braids knotted into a half-bow, the kind he’d made when attempting to tie his shoelaces as a child. Sort of messy but it did the trick.

“Hi,” he said, still trying to focus.

“Vision still playing up?”

“Er, yes. How did you know?”

“Craig told us your CT scan showed damage to the optical nerve. Nothing permanent, and your shifter blood will speed up the healing. You took a beating.”

“I was a punchbag for several weeks.” Nathan ducked his head. “Your medic said it was temporary. The doctor was impressed by my recovery.”

The guy dragged a chair over and sat, manspreading, leaning forward with his forearms on his knees. Nathan forced his gaze away from the dominant bulge between the man’s legs, obvious despite his poor visual acuity. His nostrils quivered as he inhaled a seductive scent, his libido going haywire. He tuned in to what the man was saying, struggling to focus on pleasantries while fantasizing about ripping his savior’s clothes off and fucking him into the nearest horizontal surface.

“It will pass. Craig was a combat medic in the British Army. He’s done extra training since he left, too, to keep his skills sharp. And our doctor is the best. He said you’d be fine with rest and good nutrition.”

“Who are you?”

“Call me Jile.”

What are you?”

Jile sighed. “Demon. Blood demon.”

Nathan tilted his head. “They’re for real? I thought Granny told me stories to keep me in at night.”

Jile sniggered. “She was right to. We raised a ruckus like you wouldn’t believe. Though we’re fully reformed now,” he added hastily.

Nathan smiled. “Your idea of reformed might be different to most people’s. Do you get much practice kicking in steel doors? I thought the roof was caving in when you burst through.”

Jile chuckled again. “I had a lot of motivation.”

Nathan snuggled back into the pillows, weary of the memories assaulting his brain.

“Thanks,” he said.

Jile reached over, squeezing his hand lightly—and forgot to let go. Nathan didn’t bother to remind him. A shiver of awareness ran through him as Jile stroked Nathan’s knuckles with his thumb, gentle as could be. Fate had chosen an interesting mate for him, it would appear.

“We rescued the other six,” Jile said gruffly. “In similar condition, though not as freshly tortured as you. Do you remember much?”

“I was a recent addition.” Nathan closed his eyes, remembering. “They snatched me weeks ago. Ripped me from my home in the middle of the night, bundled me into the boot of a flashy black Range Rover, and kept me sedated until I was thrown into a cell. No pain relief once they began smacking me around,” he added bitterly. “The lab techs enjoyed their work.”

Jile’s fingers tightened, his tone rough with anger. “We’ll deal with ORB,” he said. “Their methods are as outdated as their mentality.”

Nathan smiled drowsily. “I’m safe now. Wherever here is.”

“I’ll keep you safe,” Jile promised. His gravelly voice was a caress in itself, his thumb returning to its hypnotic rhythm on Nathan’s knuckles. “I spent a lifetime fighting worse morons than ORB.” He hesitated. “I don’t know your name,” he murmured.

“Nathan Dabriel.”

Nathan sighed, snuggling further into his soft bed, and drifted off to sleep.





Jile laid Nathan on his bed, running his hands over every inch of Nathan’s luscious curves, stripping off clothing as he went. Nathan moved restlessly, his nipples already peaking, his plump cock moist at the tip, flushed and ready for action.

With a smile of retribution for Nathan’s earlier teasing, Jile dipped his head, lapping up a bead of pre-cum before licking his way up Nathan’s rigid dick, scraping his teeth along the thick, throbbing veins as he went. Humming his pleasure, he cast his attention upward, viewing Nathan’s pleasure-dazed expression, and ramped up a gear.

Nathan moaned profusely as Jile lifted his legs, shoving his knees up toward his ears, then sucked each testicle into his mouth, sucking hard before rolling them around with his tongue.

“Oh god,” Nathan cried, writhing helplessly.

Jile popped off Nathan’s succulent balls, immediately switching his attention to the thick rod bobbing enticingly. Swallowing it to the hilt, he worked his throat muscles, Nathan’s cries rising shrilly. With gusto, Jile gave Nathan the blow job of his life. Deep throating his mate, he fondled Nathan’s balls with one hand and probed the delicate ring of muscles between Nathan’s gorgeous ass cheeks with two fingers of his other hand.

Nathan’s skin was divine. Smooth as silk, his inner thighs had a fine coating of blond hair. Cupping the twin globes of Nathan’s butt, he abandoned Nathan’s dick and nuzzled along his crack with his nose. Inhaling the musky aroma, Jile swiped his mate’s twitching sphincter with his tongue, probing deeper.

Nathan’s moans trailed into whimpers for mercy. Jile gave none. He shoved his tongue deeper still, fucking Nathan’s hole repeatedly, while pumping his mate’s dick in time to his thrusts. Nathan gave a low, thin wail and erupted, shooting his load up his chest.

Jile immediately left Nathan’s craving hole and scooped thick wads of cum up with his tongue, cleansing Nathan thoroughly as Nathan subsided, panting hard, his body covered with sweat, then returned to Nathan’s limp dick and began sucking again.

Nathan jolted as though electrified…and jolted again when Jile shoved a finger into his loosened hole again, thrusting steadily with slow, shallow strokes. Adding a second finger, Jile scissored them gently. After several seconds, he dug for the tube of lube he’d placed under his pillow, slicked his fingers and dick, and added a third finger to Nathan’s clenching chute.

He spread Nathan’s legs wide and positioned himself for entry.

“Okay?” he murmured, resting on his elbows, his cock tapping at Nathan’s portal.

Nathan smiled seductively, his face flushed with passion, his eyes droopy with desire. “Never better,” he said.

Jile leaned forward, kissing Nathan’s smile until he moaned passionately, and sank into Nathan’s welcoming sheath. He felt Nathan’s tension, felt the seductive quiver of his inner muscles, and soothed him with soft caresses and murmurs of approval. Nathan relaxed incrementally, allowing Jile to push further, one inch at a time, shallow-fucking him to add to his pleasure.

Their mouths fused, tongues playing like seals, moist and agile. Jile’s pulse had rocketed the second Nathan’s moist heat enveloped him. He was lightheaded with desire, his senses fully in tune with Nathan’s every need. This was different. He was no untried youth, and he’d had sex many times before, but…this was different. His emotions were engaged, not just his dick. This time…aah, god…this time, he was making love and wanted to make it the best experience for Nathan.

Rocking slowly, sinking deeper, he bottomed out, his nine inches fully seated, and took a deep breath, centering himself to stop his urgent need to come. Closing his eyes, he felt Nathan’s soft hands on his back, stroking him as though he were a big cat. He purred. And rocked faster, returning to Nathan’s lips, hungry for the taste. Nectar so sweet he was sure he was already an addict.

They moved as one, entwined as intimately as two people could be. Slick flesh glided against slick flesh. Sweat lubricated limbs, easing friction. The window was wide open, and a fresh breeze cooled their heated skin. The cheerful trill of a robin provided the tempo.

Jile’s passion ramped up, his muscles bunching as he eased up onto his haunches, gazing, mesmerized, at the perfection laid bare on the bed. Nathan Dabriel. An angel fallen to earth. An angel gracing his sorry self with the priceless gift of his body and soul. And his trust.

Grasping Nathan’s thighs lightly, he spread them wider, pumping harder into his mate’s silken sheath. His balls spanked Nathan’s glistening ass. He pumped faster, back arching as his balls clenched, primed and ready, and he came on a roar, shouting his pleasure.

Lurching forward, he nailed Nathan with his fangs, lightly nipping his pulsing throat, piercing the skin. He felt Nathan jerk, felt a sticky warmth against his abs as Nathan spurted again. Felt the sting of fangs in his shoulder. He roared his triumph, enveloping Nathan in heat, soaring higher than the most skillful flyer. Then, slowly, they fell back to earth, replete.

Falling to the side, Jile rolled Nathan with him, still joined, and curled him against his chest, draping Nathan’s thigh over his hip, calming him with gentle caresses and tender kisses.

“You blow my mind,” Jile crooned. “Mate.”

Nathan’s laughter tickled Jile’s cheek. “Glad you came? Mate.”

Jile cracked up, his cock plumping again as it jostled inside Nathan’s snug, cream-filled depths. He rolled his mate onto his back again, grinning wickedly into Nathan’s sapphire eyes.

“Practice makes perfect.”

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