[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifers, werewolves, HEA]
After Andy Lapin’s brother falsely accused him of theft, he was taken away to do his time. Luckily, the crime is petty, and he can get out by selling himself to an alpha who needs a temporary mate for breeding. The only problem is that he actually has no choice in the matter, and the alpha is already here to collect what’s his.
Istvaughn Kristoff is at an age where he should be producing pups, heirs who will take over the pack when he’s gone, and he needs a human to drink his blood and act as his mate so he can get them. Only humans can carry shifter babies, but the problem is they often die when doing so. Still, Vaughn is willing to pay good money for Andy to take the risk, even if Vaughn is risking that his children end up with terrible red hair.
What he doesn’t expect is the instant attraction that hits him—or wanting this human so badly.
But surely it’s just a normal attraction. He can’t possibly have a natural mating with this human…could he?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.


Mate for Sale (MM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley




It was bad enough the mating was going to make them want one another. The only upside was that a mating could be severed if the alpha wanted it enough, and Vaughn had no intention of spending his life with a human, let alone getting emotionally attached to someone who might very well die giving birth to his heirs.

An attendant met them, handshakes were exchanged, and Vaughn was brought through the rest of the facility.

“We received your choice. He has been sent to the shower room to prepare for meeting you, though I must warn you that he has, I should say, been a little difficult.”

“Difficult?” Bruin asked.

“We had to force him into the shower room. He is still fighting his sentence. Are you certain there is not another potential mate we could interest you in? There are others who would be much better suited to—”

“No,” Vaughn said. “This is the one I want.”

Bruin glanced at him from the corner of his eye. Vaughn looked back at his friend, and he shrugged.

He had been on the fence on the ride here, but hearing that the man had a little spunk in him was enough to make Vaughn smile.

The attendant brought Vaughn to an elevator. The man used his key card to activate it, and they were brought up several floors.

“He is ready for your inspection. We put him in the room that has been prepared for you should you require one.”

“Thank you, but I doubt that will be necessary,” Vaughn said.

He’d almost forgotten. This place was often used as a love hotel, as well, usually amongst alphas who simply wanted to get the deed out of the way. Some alphas kept their purchased mates here, only coming to visit them to get them pregnant and then releasing them from their contracts when the child was delivered, and if they survived.

The attendant nodded, still smiling pleasantly.

He handed Vaughn a clipboard. “If you should need to ask any more questions, please do not hesitate. Otherwise, when you make your decision, you may sign on the bottom three pages. If not, then simply return and ask whatever you like.”

Vaughn nodded, but really, he was getting antsy.

He was eager to meet his new mate for the first time. It wasn’t a mating that Vaughn planned to last for a long time, perhaps only a year or a year and a half, however long it took to plant his seed and get his heirs. After that, they would go their own separate ways.

If the man turned out to be too much of a pain in the ass, then Vaughn simply wouldn’t take him home with him. It was as simple as that.

They exited the elevator on the proper floor then walked down the well-lit hall that could have been in a high-end hotel.

Vaughn would never take the risk of impregnating someone who was potentially dangerous. He didn’t want to risk the lives of his staff, or his unborn, should the mother turn out to be unhinged.

“And here we are,” said the attendant cheerfully, stopping at a door with gold plated numbers on it.

He used his keycard again, opening the door.

“Everything is inside should you need it. I know you said you would not be using the facilities, but just in case, for policy reasons, we will be waiting for you downstairs at the front counter. You may use the phones to reach us. All lines will link to the front.”

Vaughn nodded. “Thank you for your help.” Then he looked to Bruin, who was giving him the most shit-eating smile the man possibly could.

Vaughn shook his head. He hadn’t made his choice yet, and even if he had, he wasn’t going to have sex with the man here.

Vaughn had his own home to do that in.

“The door will lock behind you, though it will open again if you call down and ask someone to buzz you out. For safety reasons, in case he tries to run.”

“Of course.”

He stepped inside, the door shutting behind him. Vaughn heard the click of the lock and was comforted in the knowledge that the lock itself would never be enough to hold him back.

It would take so much more than that to hold him, but it was more than enough for a human. The red-haired man would never be able to break down a door like that.

Vaughn stepped farther into the bedroom. Once again, he was met with the impression of a room that could have been in any five-star hotel he’d visited across the globe.

The lighting was excellent, the carpet lush, the furniture excellent, and the bed…

The bed was a king-sized bed. There was a bottle of champagne and two glasses in a bucket of ice on the table in front of it, along with several bottles of varying types of lubricant.

Standing next to the bed, messing it up as he pulled the sheets over his naked body, even over top of his nipples, was the red-haired man that Vaughn was going to take as his mate.

He glared hard at Vaughn, holding the sheets over his naked body.

Right, of course they would have left him naked in here. Policy. Everything was about policy.

Vaughn cocked his head to the side, the dire wolf inside him catching the man’s scent, and it stood up tall, taking note of it.

“Do you know who I am?” Vaughn asked, stuffing his hands into his pockets.

The red-haired man swallowed. “You-you’re the guy who wants to buy me for an incubator.”

“Something like that,” Vaughn said, his eyes traveling up and down the man’s body, wishing with everything inside him that he could see what was beneath the sheets.

And he knew right then and there that he would be fucking this man in this room before taking him home.




His entire body was alive, on fire with the sort of lust he’d never before felt in his whole life. He couldn’t believe this was actually happening, but the more this alpha kissed him, grinding their cocks together, the more Andy wanted it.

Had the man already secretly given Andy his blood? That was the only reason Andy could think as to why he would be this horny for a man he should probably hate with all of his guts.

Whatever. He was going to think about all of that later because, right now, the only thing on Andy’s mind was how good it felt to have that tongue licking the inside of his mouth, making him hotter, making him horny, and Andy’s hips thrust forward, almost of their own free will.

He moaned, a small, pathetic noise as he curled his ankle around the alpha’s calf, desperate to get him closer, to suck on his tongue for as long as Andy wanted to.

He could do this for the rest of his life and everything would still be amazing.

More. He wanted so much more.

The alpha pulled back with a hard gasp, his eyes glazed over and red. Andy could swear he even saw a wolf within those eyes.

It was sexy as fuck, and Andy let out a guttural noise, trying to pull the alpha back down on top of him, but he wouldn’t be moved. Not right away.

“Give me a minute,” said the alpha, the corner of those sexy-as-sin lips pulling up at the corner in the sweetest smile. “Christ, you’re eager.”

Andy nodded. He was eager. He didn’t care about anything else except for what they were about to do.

And Andy was forced to press his lips together, trying to contain the soft moan that threatened to rise up out of him when the alpha pulled himself out of his suit jacket, tossing the thing onto the floor as if it hadn’t been hand-tailored just for him. He did the same thing with his tie, and then his shirt, before pushing down his pants.

His exposed cock sprang free from the confines of his pants and black underwear. There wasn’t an ounce of fat on him. His thighs were tight and toned, his stomach nothing but abs, and his thick cock curved gently against his stomach, a drop of pre-cum forming at the slit and calling to Andy in the most inviting way.

It was only when the alpha kicked off his shoes that Andy noticed they weren’t dress shoes. They looked almost like sneakers.

He frowned. “Do rich alphas wear sneakers?”

The alpha shook his head at what he no doubt thought was a stupid question.

“Humans wear the kinds of shoes that make your feet hurt, not shifters. I actually need my feet to be able to run from time to time.”

Andy supposed that made sense, and then the alpha was kissing him again, pressing him down onto the bed, his hands touching and rubbing at Andy’s chest, his fingers playing and pinching his nipples. They were already hard, but the sensation, the sweet aching feeling Andy was left with everywhere this man touched him, made his head swim.

It was as if the alpha's hands had hot coals just beneath the flesh, and Andy burned everywhere the alpha touched him, everywhere the alpha kissed him, and he seemed intent to kiss Andy all over his body.

Andy squirmed on the bed. He put his hands over his face, not sure why but just feeling as if he had to hide himself away from the embarrassment of the pleasure he was facing.

“Are you a virgin?”

Andy lowered his hands. He heard the question just fine, but it left him feeling a little on the stupid side as he stared down at the other man. “What?”

Those red eyes flashed, and the alpha actually let his tongue out to slide along Andy’s stomach, from the very top of his pubic hair, to his navel.

The act turned his brain into liquid.

“Are you a virgin?” He growled the words this time. “It’s in your file that you said you were, but people lie to get more money.”

Andy swallowed hard, and he knew that in no uncertain terms was he supposed to beat around the bush on this.

“I am.”

“I’ll know when I’m inside you, so you might as well be honest.”

Andy frowned. “How will you know?”

It wasn’t as if he was a girl, and even then, sexual education had taught him that it wasn’t always possible to tell these things for a woman either.

“I’ll just know.”

The alpha pushed himself up suddenly from the bed. Andy moaned, reaching out for him, but the alpha was already beyond his grasp.

Andy couldn’t even breathe a sigh of relief when he noted where the alpha had gone.

The table that had all the alcohol, the lube, and, ridiculously enough, even condoms in varying flavors.

He had no idea why those were here. It wasn’t as if there was much of a point to them when the entire purpose of this facility, and these rooms, was to make babies.

The alpha reached for one of the champagne bottles. He actually popped the cork with his teeth and spat out the cork. Andy watched as it went flying across the room before the alpha put the bottle to his lips and took a drink.

He stared at the man, his head back, stomach and neck elongated, exposed, and looking, by far, more sexy than what should have been remotely possible.

Some of the champagne dripped from the alpha’s mouth and slid down each muscular curve of his body, highlighting him somehow, and Andy groaned again.

“Come back here. Please. I can’t take this anymore.” Andy reached for his cock. He gave it a few pitying strokes, desperate to relieve some of the ache he felt building up there.

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