Home at Last (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,848
4 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren Menage Amour ManLove: Erotic Romance, Multiple, Partners, Alternative, Paranormal, MMM, HEA]

No one can mistake Hyder Reid as anything other than an undeniably virile alpha. He has the looks, build, and confidence, and he's highly successful. His scent screams pure alpha. He should have been mated long ago, but unlike most male alphas, what he truly desires is to feel another male alpha inside him, preferably beyond a one-night stand. Although the society doesn't condemn relationships between two or more alphas, it isn't that accepting either.

Hyder is more than a little envious upon discovering Wilfred Chapman and Archer Robinson, his new alpha neighbors, are in a long-term relationship with each other. Their amicable friendship soon leads to something more romantic. However, Hyder is still dealing with issues from his past. When he sees his family at a party, their cold and aloof attitudes toward him remind him that a romantic relationship among alphas isn't normal.

Will Hyder's issues destroy his relationship with Wilfred and Archer in the end?

Home at Last (MMM)
4 Ratings (4.5)

Home at Last (MMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 41,848
4 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Hey, man.”

Archer also greeted Hyder before stepping aside so his and Wilfred’s guest could enter the house. After that, he led Hyder toward the living room.

“Take-out from that Japanese restaurant that you like,” Archer said while pointing at the paper bags on top of the table.


“Beer or iced lemon tea?” Wilfred inquired as he approached the living room.

“Beer, please,” Hyder replied before yawning briefly and wiping his face with both hands. “Thanks for the dinner invitation, guys. I really appreciate it.”

Archer nodded. “You’re welcome. A long afternoon?”

Hyder grimaced. “Yeah. The company has three projects due within approximately the same time next week.”

“And you all need more time to finish them?” Wilfred asked.

Hyder shook his head. “We’re actually ahead of schedule, but we’ve been working on them for so long now. I just want them to be over and done with.”

Archer snickered. “Understandable.”

“Enough about me,” Hyder muttered loudly as he picked up the bottle of beer. “Tell me what happened after I’d left the store earlier.”

“Nothing exciting.”

Hyder grinned at Wilfred. “Oh, come on! Anything will be better than my boring afternoon in the office. I’m sure of it.”

As the three of them began to eat, Archer decided to humor Hyder. He shared about the customers that came in earlier that afternoon all the way until closing time while Wilfred interjected with a few details here and there. Dinner passed by in the blink of an eye, and Archer started to feel anxious again when he realized that it was time for him and Wilfred to talk to Hyder about possibly exploring a romantic relationship among the three of them.

“Let me grab some more beer from the fridge.”

“Oh, no, you don’t!” Archer exclaimed while wrapping his hand around Wilfred’s wrist to prevent his boyfriend from moving away. “You will have to accompany me.”

Wilfred glared at Archer. “Baby, I’ll be back—”

“No! Let’s get it over with. Now!”

Wilfred pouted a little, but he didn’t utter a single word in protest. Meanwhile, Hyder darted his eyes back and forth between Wilfred and Archer.

“Uh, what’s going on, guys?”

Wilfred chuckled, but he obviously sounded nervous. “Well, you see. Archer and I…uh, we’re wondering if you—”

“Do you like us?” Archer cut Wilfred off midsentence before proceeding to ignore his boyfriend who was gaping at him.

Subtlety wasn’t his thing. At all. Wilfred knew that. Archer didn’t like to beat around the bush. He could be way too straightforward, and he was aware that it made him seem rather insensitive at times, but he preferred to be direct. It saved him plenty of time and energy. Hyder stared at Archer. He appeared to be more than a little astonished by the question.

“I…yeah. Sure. I like you both.”

“Enough to go out on a date with us?”

Wilfred’s mouth opened even wider now. Archer pretended not to notice.


“Wilfred and I feel some sort of connections with you,” Archer explained. “We both want to explore that possibility with you. I’m not going to sugar-coat it for you. Right now, what I feel for you is a mixture of affection and lust, but nobody knows what the future holds. Maybe the three of us can even mate with one another someday soon. What do you think?”

Hyder remained quiet for another few seconds before he abruptly burst out laughing. Archer immediately felt irritated by that. He folded his arms across his chest and glared at Hyder.

“Sorry,” Hyder said while chortling and panting at the same time. “It’s just…damn! That has to be the most blunt proposal in the world. I don’t expect chocolates and flowers, but for you to blurt it out like that is a bit of a shock. Then again, knowing you, I shouldn’t have been so surprised by it. That fits your personality perfectly.”

Archer expelled a sigh of relief. Hyder didn’t agree yet, but he wasn’t rejecting the likelihood of being in a relationship with Wilfred and Archer either. Archer could feel the hope blossoming somewhere deep in his gut.


Hyder chuckled while gazing into Archer’s eyes. Then he looked into Wilfred’s eyes for a moment before glancing away. The seconds ticked by, and Archer could feel his confidence eroding, but Hyder suddenly stared into his eyes again.


“Really?” Wilfred half yelled before Archer managed to utter a single word in response.

“Yes. I like you both very much. As long as you’re both sure this is what you want.”

“Of course it is!” Archer exclaimed.

“A relationship between two alphas is difficult enough, but one that involves three alphas without an omega or a beta present in it will be subjected to many unpleasant criticisms.”

Archer scoffed. “Fuck those jerks.”

Hyder snickered. “I think I’ll pass. I’m not sexually aroused by assholes.”

Archer was amused by Hyder’s response. “Me neither.”

“Same here,” Wilfred interjected before he picked up his glass of iced lemon tea. “A toast for our brand-new adventure is in order then.”

Hyder raised his beer bottle. “Cheers.”




“This is amazing,” Hyder muttered softly as he groaned and laid his head down on the side of the hot tub.

“It really is,” Archer agreed as he submerged himself slightly deeper into the heated water inside the tub right across from Hyder. “And I think it should be all right for us to do this. It’s nearly half past ten, so our breakfast has more than an hour to be digested inside our stomachs.”

“This is definitely incredible,” Wilfred mumbled a bit incoherently next to Hyder. “We should install one in our bathroom when we return to Green Island.”

Archer chuckled. “Great idea.”

“I’ll be spending more time at your place then,” Hyder interjected as he looked toward the blue sky in the distance. “I wish I could stay in here forever.”

Archer snorted. “You will turn into a prune.”

“Worth it,” Hyder retorted. “A hot tub out on the balcony is awesome. Maybe not so much in winter or even summer, but it will be perfect in spring and fall.”

Archer and Wilfred simply grunted in response as they both shut their eyes and leaned against the tub. The three of them had gone out to the balcony and taken off their bathrobes before climbing into the hot tub. They were all totally naked now. Hyder made good use of the opportunity to peek at Archer’s and Wilfred’s dicks. In their flaccid states, they weren’t as huge as him, but they were still considerably large. Even their ball sacs were impressive. Archer and Wilfred were, without a shadow of a doubt, impressive alphas. Hyder was startled when Wilfred abruptly nudged at his arm. He raised his head and gazed into Wilfred’s eyes. Wilfred was smirking at him at the moment.

“I guess you liked what you saw then.”


Wilfred peered downward in the direction of Hyder’s crotch. Hyder instinctively followed suit, and he was mortified when he realized that his full erection was throbbing visibly. The head was a couple of inches above the surface of the water inside the hot tub, and there was a copious amount of precum leaking from the slit and dripping down from all sides.

“Nice,” Wilfred complimented.

“Sorry, man.”

“What for? I’m flattered.”

“So am I.”

Archer’s voice took Hyder aback, and he glanced at the other alpha’s direction. Then he gulped when Archer waded closer toward him until they were pressed flush against each other. He could hear and feel Archer’s breath against his own. The sensation of Archer’s hairy body, groin, and legs against his own was causing his dick to pulse over and over again. There was also no mistaking the heat and hardness of Archer’s erection rubbing against him. He peeked at it, and even though Archer was slightly less well-endowed in comparison to him, the other alpha’s erection was still a formidable weapon for sure. He gasped when Wilfred scooted toward him until they came into contact with each other. Wilfred was also sporting a healthy erection, and it was just as long as Archer’s, but it wasn’t as thick.

“Damn!” Wilfred exclaimed as he grabbed Hyder’s cock and stroked it gently. “My hand is bigger than yours and Archer’s, but I can’t fully wrap my palm around it, and I think I’ll require two more hands to cover the shaft. Even then, I won’t be able to reach the top half of the head of your dick. You must be the envy of all male alphas out there.”

Hyder was pleased and even more aroused at the same time. “Do you like it?”

Wilfred nodded. “Fuck yeah!”

“Why don’t you put it in your mouth and get a taste?”

Wilfred snickered briefly. “I think I will.”

Hyder expected that Wilfred would start out slow and easy. He was aware that even among the population of male alphas out there, he was considerably much more well-endowed than most of them. Hence, he gasped in disbelief when Wilfred steadily swallowed the length of his dick until it was buried in its entirety inside the other alpha’s mouth and throat. He was also impressed when he could feel the tip of Wilfred’s nose rubbing against the dense mound of pubic hair that grew all over his groin area. His amazement didn’t end there. Wilfred managed to remain in the same position for several seconds, breathing in and out loudly and somehow massaging Hyder’s cock by constricting his throat muscle in the most incredible manner. He even suckled and licked at Hyder’s shaft with his mouth and tongue for quite a while before pulling off and displaying a smug expression on his face.

“Holy motherfucker…”

Hyder trailed off in disbelief. Wilfred didn’t seem as if he was tired out by his earlier exertion. In fact, he looked even more aroused and energized. Archer’s abrupt snickering startled Hyder out of his thoughts.

“Oops! I think I’ve forgotten to warn you that Wilfred has zero gag reflex. Was he good or what?”

Hyder nodded with as much enthusiasm as possible. “The best! Nobody had ever done that before. In the past, I counted myself lucky when my sex partner could even take nearly half of my cock inside his or her mouth.”

Archer chortled. “Is that so?”


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