Two Stone Brothers for Tessie (MFM)

Love in Stone Valley 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,767
21 Ratings (4.2)
[Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, sex toys, HEA]
Tessie Holland has dealt with some loss in the last five years. Her father is dead and she had to move out of her family ranch with her mother. She works at the local diner as a waitress to help pay the bills. The only highlights in her life are the mystery packages that are left on her doorstep. Who could be sending her these gifts?
Markus and Brant Stone have been in love with Tessie for a long time. They never want to see her without and have made sure she gets everything she wants by leaving her gifts, anonymously. However, they cannot wait anymore. They intend to tell her the truth and to claim her as their woman.
When the Stone brothers try and buy back Tessie’s home ranch they stumble upon some distressing revelations. Soon they are diving into something that neither brother can protect her from.
It’s a race against time to protect Tessie from the truth and to also protect her from the man who wants to end it.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Two Stone Brothers for Tessie (MFM)
21 Ratings (4.2)

Two Stone Brothers for Tessie (MFM)

Love in Stone Valley 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 52,767
21 Ratings (4.2)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
A good story with a happy ending
Awesome series!!! I love this book.




“If you guys don’t tell her then I will,” Ruby said.

Markus and Brant had left the diner to go to Ruby’s place. The red-haired woman stared at them as she filled shelves with new stock. She kept glaring between them.

“You heard?” Markus asked.

“What? Did I hear about the way Tessie was ranting in the kitchen at the diner? Of course I heard. No one can keep many secrets here.”

Ruby slammed the shoes down on the shelf before turning back to them. “I agreed to help you because I thought you’d have done something by now. All you’re doing is hurting her. She thinks the gifts are charity.”

He would never get the sound of Tessie’s distraught voice from his mind. When she served him, it had looked like she was going to burst into tears. He couldn’t bear to see her crying.

“We were going to ask her this weekend,” Brant said.

The woman shook her head, walking toward them. “No, no more gifts. I’m done helping you. Either you find a way to date Tessie this weekend, or come Monday, I’m telling her the truth. I’m not being part of this charade anymore. I don’t hurt anyone with my secrets.”

She left them to go to the back of the shop. They walked out and made their way over to his truck. Markus climbed into the driver side and waited for his brother to settle in.

“We fucked this up,” Brant said.

“We’ve got this weekend to sort it out. We’ve not lost our chance and it’s not fucked.” Markus headed back to the ranch.

“Do you even know what this weekend is?”

“Yes.” Markus yelled the word at his brother. “Yes, I know what this weekend is, but we’ve got no other choice. It’s either date her or our secret is out. I don’t think she’s going to take too kindly to being told we’re the ones giving her gifts.”

They’d waited too long and now they were close to drowning if they weren’t careful. When they got back to the ranch, Brant went inside while Markus headed to the fields. He needed to walk, clear his thoughts and check on the fences in the surrounding fields. Stone Valley rarely had any poachers and they’d never suffered with missing cattle, but fences needed to be kept working.

Here was where Markus allowed himself the time to think through his troubles. The love he felt for Tessie was pure and absolute. For five years, he’d waited to claim her. He waited for his brother and then he’d waited for the right time.

No time ever felt like the right time. It was like he was always fighting with himself to ask her to be theirs. The only thing he could think to make it any better was to tell Tessie how he felt that weekend.

He couldn’t hide from his feelings anymore.

Markus checked each fence, going across the fields until he had no choice but to head on back home. Brant was in the barn rubbing down one of the horses when he returned.

He acknowledged several of his workers as he passed them.

“Did you get your thinking done?” Brant asked.

“Yeah. We’ll go and see Tessie this weekend. Donald will be there for Lillian, which leaves us with our woman.” Markus walked over and stroked a hand down the horse’s body. He loved working with animals and using his hands. How Brant managed to stay indoors behind a computer desk all week was beyond him.

The open air, the smell of freshly cut grass, and hearing nature was what called to Markus. Even if he didn’t suffer with dyslexia he’d prefer the outdoors than staying in. Even when he was younger, he loved being outside rather than inside.

“Do you think Mom and Dads would have liked her?” Brant asked.

Out of the two of them, Brant had spent the smallest amount of time with them. He was away at college when the accident happened.

“Yeah. They would have loved her. I know it.”

“I miss them. There are times when I think our Dads would have had the perfect answer. They would know what to do about Tessie and our situation.”

Looking at his little brother, Markus was struck again by how young he actually was. At twenty-five years old, Brant was the baby of the family. Their parents made sure he didn’t have to worry about the pressure of running the ranch or dealing with the men who worked for them. A surprise baby, but a welcome brother for Markus, Brant would never have the pressure of running a ranch. Throughout their history, the Stone men had only ever given birth to two boys.

“Our Dads would probably be horrified that we’ve lavished all of these gifts and yet done nothing about our intentions. Five years is a long time to be loving a woman.”




The sound of her zipper being lowered echoed throughout the small room. Her gaze stayed on him as Brant lowered the first strap of her dress, and then the other strap. Markus didn’t drop his gaze even when her glorious, full, round tits were displayed. He fought the battle, but his desire to see how red and tight her nipples were was too strong to deny.

“I need to see you,” he said.

She nodded her head. Her gaze never left his, even when he looked down and entered heaven.

Her nipples were hard red buds and nicely rounded. He circled one bud then the other feeling them instantly tighten against him.

“So beautiful,” he said.

Brant reached around, lifting her breasts up for him to gaze at and admire. “They’re so perfect. They fill my hand perfectly. I can’t think of a better pair of breasts to devote my time to.”

“You’re killing me. What you’re doing is unfair.” She gasped as Markus lowered his head and took one hard bud between his teeth.

Markus skimmed his fingers up the inside of her thigh. She looked so lost with pleasure. Her sundress was down to her waist as he pulled the hem of her dress up.

Letting go of her breast, he looked over her shoulder.

“See how wet she is for us.”

The sound of tearing filled the room. Markus glanced down to find her panties torn and on the floor.

“I liked those,” she said.

“I’ll buy you a new pair.”

He wished he could tear the dress from her body to see what Brant was doing. Instead, Markus watched her face. She was so transparent with her emotions. Her eyes gave away everything she was feeling.

“She’s so wet, Markus. Her cream has drenched my hand. I can’t wait to get my tongue on her sweet, beautiful pussy.”

“Taste her on your fingers,” Markus said. He didn’t break eye contact with her. He kept looking at her as his brother continued to fondle her pussy.

His hand came up to the light and Markus saw Brant’s hand glistened with her arousal. In the next breath, Brant was sucking on his digits. The scent of her arousal permeated the air.

“How does she taste?”

“Like a dream.”

“What are you doing to me?” she asked. Her body shook within his arms.

“We’re giving you pleasure.” Markus pushed the fabric of the dress down past her hips until it pooled on the floor. He took a step back, admiring the hot, curvy body before him. She made to cover her breasts, but he stopped her. “Never cover yourself, baby. You’re so fucking beautiful you make me ache with need to take you here and now.”

Running a hand around her body, he squeezed her ass, tightening his hold on the round flesh. He rubbed his cock against her stomach and watched her eyes widen. “That’s all for you, Tessie. No other woman makes me hard. The thought of you alone makes me ache for hours, days at a time.”

She rested her head against his. “I never knew this. We’ve wasted so much time.”

“No more time will be wasted, Tessie. You’re our woman and we intend for all of Stone Valley to know it,” Brant said, brushing his lips against her shoulder.

Taking Tessie down to the floor, Markus went down next to her.

“Wait, why am I the only one naked? That doesn’t seem fair at all. I want you both naked along with me, otherwise I’m not going to be happy. You can see me, but I can’t see you?” She shook her head, folding her arms over her large tits. “Nothing else happens until you give me something to look at.”

“You’re a fiery little vixen.”

“You bet your ass I am.”

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