Adam's Act (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,940
1 Ratings (5.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic Romance, Historical, Menage, MMF, HEA]

Adam Hawk, Baron Vale, lives the life of a privileged nobleman, but his estate is his solitude and prison. His mother doesn’t want him to be like the other Hawks, and he has fought his beast and baser urges for all of his adult life. When he is invited to Hawksfell Manor, he welcomes the opportunity to let down his guard.

Blossom Brite has worked at Hawksfell Manor for two years, and is now at last a lady’s maid. She values her position, but her attraction to the earl’s valet, and the newest Hawk, threatens her hard-won independence.

Philip Grey is the earl’s valet and his confessor, at least where the man’s worry over his coming child is concerned. He has fallen for Blossom, and with Adam’s arrival he believes he can have love and passion with them both.

Will Adam accept their love?

Or act like this is only pleasure?

Adam's Act (MMF)
1 Ratings (5.0)

Adam's Act (MMF)

Lords of Hawksfell Manor 15

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 26,940
1 Ratings (5.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


Adam stepped out and turned to stare up at the imposing edifice before facing the older gentleman who now stood in front of him.

“Welcome to Hawksfell Manor, Lord Vale. I am Carstairs, the butler.”

“Thank you, Carstairs.”

“And this is Mrs. Holmes, the housekeeper.”

Adam inclined his head to the tall woman in a precisely- pressed uniform. The ring of keys at her waist told of her position, but the warmth in her eyes gave her the air of a motherly figure.

“Welcome, my lord,” she said. “Please let us know if you are in need of anything during your stay.”

Adam glanced down the line of servants, spotting a handsome man just behind the housekeeper. The earl’s valet then, unless he missed his guess. And next to him was the prettiest woman he’d ever seen. She stared back at him with wide hazel eyes, and Adam felt a whisper of the beast within him. He risked a glance at the valet again, and the whisper became a growl.

“Do you have a man with you?” Carstairs asked.

Adam pulled his attention from the two servants and attended the butler. “I do not.”

“Not to worry, my lord. One of ours will attend you during your stay. And our chauffeur will put your car in the garage if that suits.”

“Yes, thank you.”

“The earl is waiting in his study.”

Adam nodded and followed the butler as the line of servants parted. He passed very close to the valet and maid, and couldn’t help but catch his breath. This might have been a mistake. He had just slaked his beast’s desires and here he was lusting after the earl’s servants before even meeting the man himself?

Thankfully, once he was within the manor, he could put the compelling servants out of his mind.

“Right this way, my lord,” Mr. Carstairs said as he led him down a hallway.

Adam could read the earl’s success in every piece of furniture and artwork, yet the manor felt as welcoming as his own home despite its austerity.

Carstairs rapped on an open door midway down the hall. “Lord Vale, my lord.”

“Ah, send him in,” the earl said from within.

The butler nodded to Adam and left him there. Adam was seized both with trepidation and an eagerness to meet a relative at long last. Steeling himself, he stepped into the study. What met his gaze caused him to catch his breath again.

“My God,” he whispered.

The earl’s brows shot upward. “Lord Vale, I presume?”

Adam blinked. “Y-yes. Forgive me, but I hadn’t expected the resemblance to be so…”

“Striking?” The earl smiled, which took a bit of the severity from his very familiar face. “Yes, we Hawks do have a certain appearance in common. You look as much like me as any of the brothers I’ve uncovered over the past year and a half.”

Adam continued to stare, finally returning the earl’s smile. “I have never met another Hawk relative.”

“That does not surprise me.” The earl waved him into the chair facing the desk. “Do sit, please.”

Adam did so. “Thank you, Lord Hawksfell.”

“Gabriel, please.”

Adam inclined his head. “Gabriel. And you must call me Adam.”

“Adam.” Gabriel smiled again. “The first man.”

“Apparently not.”

Gabriel laughed, a sound Adam scarcely made himself. “Our sires sowed their seed far and wide, didn’t they?”

“I assume so. My mother has never told me one word about him.”

Gabriel’s expression was compassionate now. “That is more than likely a very good thing, Adam.”

“I suppose.”

“Do you wish to know his identity?”

Adam’s stomach churned at the possibility. “I am not sure.”

“I do not believe we share a father,” Gabriel said. “My man-of-affairs is very thorough in his searches for wayward Hawks.”

“Hawks?” Adam folded his hands and leaned forward. “How many have you met?”

“Over a dozen.”

“A dozen?”

“Yes, but only a handful of them turned out to be my brothers. I count them as cousins. Friends, really.”

Adam nodded. “I would like to meet them.”

“My brother Matthew lives here on the estate, Adam. He is sure to dine with us during your stay.”

That brought up a question to Adam’s mind. “I am not sure how long my visit should be, Gabriel.”

“You are welcome to stay as long as you like. A fortnight, at least.”

Adam fidgeted in his seat, finally voicing another question that had been rapping in his brain. “Surely you do not want a visitor during such a delicate time.”

“A visitor?” Gabriel grinned now. “You are not a visitor, Adam. You are family.”




“Are you ready for tonight?” he asked, coming to stand in front of them.

“Yes,” she answered. “Philip and I are both ready.”

Adam’s cock hardened at her simple declaration. He reached for her and kissed her, driving his tongue into her mouth. He had seldom kissed before meeting these two, and now it seemed that he could not help himself. She clung to him as he pulled away a bit to capture Philip’s lips. He kissed Adam back with ferocity, moaning in the back of his throat.

“Oh, watching you two kiss!” Blossom exclaimed.

Adam felt his cheeks heat, but he found a smile for both Blossom and Philip.

“And I cannot wait to see you two do far more than that, Blossom.”

She pinkened, and he was seized once more with the desire to have her and to protect her. It was a strange sensation, and one he did not wish to explore this evening.  No. This evening was about the physical. About all three of them experiencing the pleasure that could be shared.

Philip undressed Blossom as Adam watched, amazed by both the dexterity in Philip’s fingers and the silken flesh he was revealing with each button he unfastened. Soon she stood bare of all of her trappings, her full breasts tipped with dark pink nipples, her narrow waist and flat belly that flared to tempting hips and shapely legs.

“Blossom, you are a treasure,” Adam said.

Philip nodded and shed his clothes with almost as much speed as he’d shown with Blossom’s. Adam stood there, a little lost. He found he couldn’t quite remove his clothes fast enough, and Blossom used her delicate and skilled hands to assist him from his. Soon they were all three naked, equal in their desires and intent.

Adam kissed her again, his tongue delving into her mouth. She clutched at him for a moment before leaning back to look at Philip. “Philip, will you take me this evening?”

“God, yes,” Philip said from behind her.

She giggled, and Adam chuckled. He had a deuced good time with these two.

“Are you ready for him, Blossom?” Adam asked. “He is surely ready for you.”

She glanced down at Philip’s lovely cock, an expression of awe fixed on her features. Adam felt his own passions rise, which amazed him, as he was already as hard as the slate tiles on Hawksfell Manor’s roof.

He and Philip shared another kiss, and it was as sweet as Blossom’s.

“Come,” Adam said, taking Blossom’s hand in his. “Let’s make certain you are ready for Philip’s loving.”

He lifted her, his hands beneath her round bottom, and tossed her onto the large bed. She giggled again, and Philip laughed. Adam joined her, stroking her breasts until she was begging for more of his touch.

“Your mouth, Adam.,” Sshe sighed. “Oh, please!”

He closed a mouth over one nipple and was rewarded by a delighted moan from her lips. Philip was between her thighs now, licking her as her breathing grew faster.

“Yes!” She held herself still as Philip feasted. “Oh, my!”

In the next moment she came, arching toward both their mouths as Philip finished her. Adam was filled nearly to bursting, but he wanted to see Philip take her.

“On your knees, Blossom,” Adam said.

He and Philip exchanged a look of import. “Yes,” Philip said. “I want to fuck you from behind.”

Her mouth was an O of surprise, but there was acute interest clear in her gaze. She hurried to comply, her lovely backside hiked upward.

“Look at that, Adam,” Philip said, rubbing his hands over her cheek before giving her a pinch. “Her bottom is almost as pretty as her face.”

“Really, Philip,” she gently admonished. “That is so silly.”

“Not silly in the least.” Adam made his way beside Philip, gazing at her ass. “You look delectable, and not just the pretty pink petals of your pussy peeking from below.”

“What do you mean?” she asked.

He licked his little finger and dipped it ever so lightly into her secret hole. She gasped, and then shivered when he removed it.

“Adam, that is my…”

“Your ass, Blossom,” Philip said. “That will have to wait for another time, but we will take you in that pretty puckered hole.”

“Ooh, such words,” she purred.

Philip positioned himself behind her, placing the broad head of his cock at her pussy’s entrance. Adam watched, longing to stroke himself but knowing to do so would only bring pain into this encounter. There was no place for that here. This was a time for pleasure. He expected it to surpass anything he had experienced thus far, which was saying quite a lot.

The next moment, Philip was fully seated within her. He held on to her hips as he thrust in and out. His face wore his ecstasy, and he threw his head back as he let out a low groan. Adam held Blossom’s hair away from her flushed face and nuzzled her cheek.

“Do you like that, Blossom?”

“Mmm, yes!” She fisted her hands, pushing her bottom higher still. Her gaze lit on his shaft, swollen and hard and needing release. “Come closer, Adam?”

Adam shifted, easing beneath her as she closed her mouth over him.

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