Sweet, Seductive Wolf (MM)

Mating with Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,402
15 Ratings (4.3)
[Siren Everlasting Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, HEA]
Sam Turner is still getting used to the fact that werewolves exist, and he's not sure he likes it. When Alain Lake, a man who has been making eyes at him more than Sam is comfortable with, is forced to subdue him, he's pissed off. The whole thing scared the hell out of him, even if Alain had a good reason, being a stupidly strong, gorgeous werewolf and all.
But Alain, though he might be a werewolf, has all the desires and needs of a man, and he makes them known again and again, apologizing for dragging Sam into this whole mess, and then pressing him up against the wall and kissing him senseless. Sam, despite thinking of himself as being a girl-liking guy, cannot deny how good that kiss felt, but he's not ready.
That's all right, because Alain is willing to fight for what's his, and defend his mate from those who would do him harm.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Marcy Jacks is a Siren-exclusive author.
Sweet, Seductive Wolf (MM)
15 Ratings (4.3)

Sweet, Seductive Wolf (MM)

Mating with Wolves 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 37,402
15 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Professional Reviews

"As I hoped, this third book tells Sam and Alain’s story. Not just do the two of them struggle with Sam’s reluctance to admit he may be bisexual, but there are forces in the pack that don’t agree with Jake having told Sam and Josh about the existence of werewolves. Between struggling to find their footing as a couple and dealing with some newly emerging bad guys, Sam and Alain are pretty busy. A good story with lots of action inside and outside the bedroom, a few unexpected revelations, and some promising hints for the next volume in the series. Sam is conflicted. Initially, he is so deep in denial about his interest in Alain that he doesn’t even realize there may be an attraction. Also he is still mad at Alain for tying him and Josh up, never mind the whole Alain being a werewolf thing. As it gets more and more difficult to ignore how interesting he thinks Alain is, he focused on the fact that he “can’t be gay”. I shook my head, but what can you do? Eventually, of course, he realizes that resistance is useless and once he does, he discovers a whole new world of loving is out there just waiting for him to be honest with himself. Alain is a werewolf going through a few changes himself, triggered by the events in the previous book. He may realize that Sam is his mate, but he also knows he has to give Sam time to come to terms with everything. That doesn’t stop him from kissing Sam senseless, and if ever there was a helpful tool for seduction, this one seems to work on Sam. When the newest baddies turn up and try to harm Sam and Josh, Alain goes on the warpath, and very successfully so. If you like men dealing with paranormal revelations as well as the fact they may be falling for one of the newly identified beings, if two men struggling with their attraction in different ways sound interesting, and if you’re looking for an entertaining read that is as hot as it is suspenseful, then you will probably like this novella." -- Serena Yates, Rainbow Book Reviews

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So good. Alain shut his eyes, pressing his chest so close that it was up tight against Sam's body, and Sam could feel the beating of the man's heart. It was fast, and then Alain's knee pressed up and between Sam's legs...

The soft slide of that knee against Sam's jean-clad cock and balls was too much. Too damned much. The pleasure rocked through him and pounded like the bangs and crackle and sizzle of fireworks, and he swore he nearly came.

It was the pleasure of that that scared him so damned much, that made him moan and push back against Alain's body with more strength than he thought he had inside of him. Whether it was enough to get Alain to back off, or Alain had just done it because he wanted to let Sam go, he wasn't sure.

Sam wasn't too interested in examining that either as he panted for breath. He wiped his mouth on the back of his hand. He never took his eyes off of Alain. He was worried, and kind of hoping, that the man would make his attack again.

Alain didn't move. He had a little smirk on his face, something victorious that let Sam know this had been just a game to him. "So, do you think a human couldn't do that to you?"

Sam blinked and shook his head. "What? What the hell are you talking about?"

Pissed off. That's what he was. Sam was totally pissed off right now and he didn't care how good Alain looked, his dark chestnut eyes all twinkling with lust, or the way his deep brown hair looked mussed up, even though Sam was pretty sure he hadn't had his hands in it to mess around with it.

Alain stepped closer again. The only reason why Sam didn't move back and away from him was because he was already pressed against the wall, and there really wasn't anywhere else that he could go to hide.

"I'm talking about that little human comment you made, like it was supposed to be cute or something that you think I'm an animal."

Alain clearly sounded annoyed about that, but he still wasn't growling or glaring at Sam. He was still wearing that same smirk.

A game, this was totally a game, and Sam's stupid heart wouldn't stop pounding in his chest. He could feel that thumping all over his body and especially hear it in his ears. Sam couldn't seem to catch his breath.

"You're a werewolf, you're not human," Sam said, shaking his head. "Don't ever touch me ever again."

Alain tilted his head to the side and put his hand on his chin, then he shook his head. "No," he said.

Sam would have jerked back had it not been for the barn wall behind him. "No? What do you mean no? Just don't fucking touch me again!"

It was simple enough? How could he not get it?

"Or you'll do what?" Alain asked, leaning forward, still smiling, and his eyes flicking down to Sam's lips.

Sam shivered.

Alain barked a laugh. "See? You can't not have a reaction to me even when I'm just looking at you!"

"I do not have reactions to you!" Sam snapped. He was totally going to deny this forever and ever. Fuck Alain.

"Sure," Alain said. "That's why I can hear your heart beating like a jackhammer, right? Oh, and being a werewolf also makes me incredibly aware of your scent. You're totally hot for me right now. I can smell your musk."

Sam's face went so damned hot that he was pretty sure he was as red and bright as any stop light in the street. "I am not hot for you."

"Are you sure?" Alain asked. The man leaned forward even more. He pressed the flat of his palm against the wall, not trapping Sam inside. Sam could still slide the other way and get away from the man, but he couldn't seem to move. He couldn't get his feet or his legs to properly cooperate with him, because he was still looking at Alain's pink lips. They were naturally that color, and it contrasted really nicely with his dark hair and eyes.

He had a slight squared chin, high cheekbones, long lashes for a man, and Sam was still very interested in the dark stubble around Alain's mouth.

Sam didn't like the look of beards. It was why he shaved his own face. The look just wasn't something he enjoyed. But that stubble...and the way Alain pulled it off...Was Sam going to have little red scratch marks on his face now from that kiss? And how utterly fucking insane would it be if he did?

He wasn't even sure if he meant insane in a good or a bad way.

"You sure you're straight?"

Sam snapped out of it, and he firmly planted his gaze back onto Alain's eyes. He felt kind of like he'd been caught staring at a girl's cleavage for way longer than appropriate, and his stupid face was starting to heat up again.

"I am straight. I like girls."

"Uh huh," Alain said. "You know, I'm not exactly the type of guy who likes to see if they can turn straight boys or whatever, which is why I keep pushing this. I think you're either bisexual and don't want to admit it, or just gay and really don't want to admit it. At the very least, you're bi-curious."

"And if I am, it's only because you're a freak and you're doing something to me. So cut it out!"

The sparkle left Alain's eyes, and his face turned stone-cold.

Fuck. Maybe he'd gone too far with the “freak” comment.

Sam opened his mouth to take it back, to apologize, something, but only a soft croak came out of his mouth.




"I won't hurt you," Alain said, his words slurring a little.

The teeth shrank away just a little bit, but they didn't completely change back into normal human teeth. All the same, Sam wasn't scared. He could tell that much about himself.

He should have been scared. Seeing golden, glowy wolf eyes on a person was one thing, but teeth that sharp? He should have been scared out of his mind that Alain would want to do something crazy, like rip Sam's throat out, but he wasn't worried. He shook his head. "Not scared. Too horny to be scared."

Alain laughed out loud, and at least that sounded normal, all right. There wasn't anything wrong with a sound like that.

"Good, because I'm too horny to stop," Alain said, his voice still a little bit on the rough side, but that was perfectly fine with Sam. Especially when Alain pulled his hips back just a little, and then slammed forward hard.

The force of the thrust had Sam pressed harder into the bathroom counter. He had to press his hands down hard just to keep himself from hitting his own dick on the edge. He would have put his hands on the mirror, but Alain was still holding onto his wrists. That was fine. Sam was pretty sure he had a good grip as it was.

"Oh, you have...no idea...how long I've...been wanting to fuck you like this," Alain said, speaking through moans and jerks of his hips.

Each thrust was shallow, but hard. Good. Sam really didn't think he could handle it if Alain decided to pull all the way out, or even most of the way, just to slam forward. At least this was easing him into it a little.

Logically, he knew it shouldn't have even felt good. This was Sam's first time, and he was still feeling the burn and stretch. There shouldn't have been any room for pleasure, but there was. Alain's cock slid over Sam's prostate every single time, and that pleasure that had calmed down quite a bit since Alain first entered him was now back with a raging vengeance.

Sam moaned and bucked as Alain slammed his hips against the back of his ass again and again. Their flesh made a lewd slapping noise as it came together, and it was so damned good. Why the hell had Sam bothered with fighting this? He was insane. This was by far the best thing he'd ever felt in his entire life and it wasn't over yet, and he already wanted more.

He was hurting his ankle as he clenched every muscle in his body, his arms, his legs and feet, and even his asshole around Alain's surging and retracting cock. The pain didn't bother him. The pleasure was so great that he could hardly notice any pain at all. He didn't want to feel anything else but this. He wanted to fuck Alain all night and not stop until they were both collapsed from a lack of energy.

"Look at me," Alain said. Sam had his eyes squeezed shut and he hadn't even realized he'd done it. He snapped his eyes open to look in the mirror and...

It was better than any porn he'd ever watched online. Sam watched himself getting fucked, watched the way Alain held onto his wrists, keeping a tight grip on him as his hips slammed forward, and Sam was bounced forward and back on the man's cock.

That sight sent him right over the edge. Oh, fuck. Sam fought it, he really did, because he wasn't ready to come yet and he wanted this to last longer, but he couldn't stop himself. Every nerve in his body seized up as the pleasure inside of him that had been building behind his belly shot forward and burst free.

The noise Sam made was embarrassing and broken, but he couldn't help himself as he spasmed and shut his eyes again.

He rode out his pleasure, vaguely aware of Alain grunting hard behind him as he collapsed on the bathroom counter, all of his energy spent. He couldn't even hold himself up anymore. Alain's cock still surged forward and back as the man reached for his own pleasure, and then something hot and wet shot inside of him, warming Sam up from the inside.

His mind was so pleasure-fogged that it took him a second to realize what that was, and Alain didn't stop until he was completely done, and he practically fell down on top of Sam’s back.

They were both a panting, sweaty mess. Sam never thought the sound of breathing alone could be so loud, but he was warm, and he was buzzed, and he so didn’t want to move.

He got about thirty seconds of peace before he felt something interesting happening back there. Alain’s cock was still hard, and the man was pushing it forward and back, thrusting very shallowly inside of Sam once again. Sam groaned as the movement drew out the last of the pleasure he thought he had inside of him. It started to feel a little uncomfortable, but he liked the way Alain was still licking, kissing, and paying a whole lot of attention to his throat, shoulder, and even his ear.

He laughed a little. “For real? Is this a werewolf stamina thing?”

Alain let his warm, wet tongue trace around the shell of Sam’s ear. He never thought he would like something like that, but apparently he did. “You like it?”

Sam shivered, and as Alain continually, softly, slowly thrust his cock forward, another interesting thing happened.

It started to feel good again, and Sam’s dick woke right up.

“Y-yeah,” he said. “I like it.”

Alain groaned. “Good.”

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