Illeanna (LoveXtreme)

Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,835
44 Ratings (4.5)

[Siren LoveXtreme Forever: Erotic Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M/M, HEA]

Illeanna Aubert is held at gunpoint by a killer. Rescued by two private investigators she knows very well along with federal agents, she tries to put the bad situation behind her. The Boudoux men are smothering her, and she’s not quite ready to face the attraction she’s had for years. She pushes them away, and it nearly costs her her life.

The Boudoux brothers, Julien, Louis, Franco, Gustave, and Johnny, are all in love with Illeanna. The problem is trying to convince her that she’s the one while her life is being threatened because of a case Louis and Julien are working on.

Protecting Illeanna becomes their sole purpose besides getting to know her better and working on their relationship. However, she’s now become a target and so have the Boudoux brothers as they work with the feds to figure out who wants them dead.

Note: There is no sexual relationship or touching for titillation between or among siblings.

A Siren Erotic Romance


Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.

Illeanna (LoveXtreme)
44 Ratings (4.5)

Illeanna (LoveXtreme)

Orchidea: Love on the Bayou 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 67,835
44 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
Great series. Ms. Dwyer is an awesome author and I have most of her books.
This book was so captivating, I immediately purchased the other two in this series. There were a few times that the characters being written about were given the wrong brother or sisters name but, if your paying attention, you won't become confused. All in all, a great book and a wonderful read.



It took about twenty minutes to get rid of Julien and Louis. Thank God the Feds wanted to speak with them. She took the food from Aubert’s and placed it on the counter in the kitchen. Then she decided that she had been stressed out enough and needed a bath. She got undressed and in between turned on the faucets to fill the bathtub with water. Julien and Louis had made certain that she saw the doctor as soon as they arrived in Orchidea, and he verified that she in fact had sprained her ankle. She unwrapped it and got into the hot bubble bath to enjoy the peace and quiet when she heard her doorbell ring.

“I am so not answering that. I couldn’t, even if I wanted to,” she whispered as she closed her eyes and hoped that the caller got the hint and went away.

There was no such luck as about thirty seconds later Sheriff Johnny Boudoux, and his brother Deputy Gustave Boudoux barged into the bathroom, guns drawn.

Illeanna gasped as she sat up, unintentionally flashed the men, then quickly covered herself and yelled at them.

“For crying out loud, what in God’s name are you doing barging into my bathroom, never mind my home?”

They placed their guns in their holsters and stared at her as if she had been the one who committed a crime.

“Why didn’t you answer the door?” Johnny asked with his hands leaning on his holster.

“Duh!” she blurted out as she lowered herself to her chin in the tub of bubbles and hoped they hadn’t seen too much of her when they entered.

“Don’t you get sassy with us, sugar. Franco, Julien, and Louis were worried about you. They’re on their way over now, said for us to check on you and keep an eye on things,” Johnny added as Gustave took a seat on the closed toilet bowl as if he had every right to be in the bathroom while she was bathing. They were out of their minds. She felt her cheeks warm and her insides do a series of somersaults.

Both men dressed in their Orchidea Sheriff’s uniforms looking sexy as damn ever and cocky as damn hell. She was certain they had seen their share and then some of naked women in bathtubs, showers, and beds, but that didn’t give them the right to invade her privacy.

She pointed to the door, trying her hardest to not allow their dark good looks affect her rational thinking. She didn’t need to have perfect eyesight to see that both Gustave and Johnny were sporting hard-ons and were obviously aroused and ready for action. The material near the zippers of their pants revealed their arousal, and she was annoyed at herself for even looking there. They had been trying to get down her pants for years, but she wasn’t biting.

“Get out!” she yelled at them, but they stood their ground.

“I told you to get out, Sheriff, and take your deputy with ya. This is my house, and I want my privacy!” she yelled. Gustave remained where he was with his arms crossed, staring at her face. She wondered what the hell he was staring at and hadn’t even noticed that Johnny now stood directly by the side of the tub. Thank goodness the bubbles were covering the water or he would be getting a hell of a show.

“The guy did that to your forehead and neck?” Johnny asked, and she swallowed hard and suddenly felt bad for yelling. They were just being concerned. She had known them for years, and neighbors in Orchidea were family.

She raised her fingers to her neck and to where the bandage was.

“I’m fine, Johnny.”

“We’ll determine that,” Gustave stated firmly, and she felt a tingling sensation travel through her body. Damn, did these Boudoux men have charisma and nerve. She was shaking again despite the heat.

“Can I please just soak a bit? I’m achy and feel drained. Please just leave,” she asked, but they remained where they were, so she closed her eyes and leaned her head back.


* * * *


Johnny watched Illeanna soak in the tub. When he and Gustave had first arrived at Illeanna’s home, they were impatient to see her and ensure for themselves that she was in fact okay. After hearing about what had happened in Monte at Carlile’s, they were in a panic to see her. To top things off, Julien and Louis were concerned for her safety and the fact that one gunman was still at large. The news was broadcasting up-to-date information on the manhunt and the fact that the senator was present during the time of the shooting.

When they arrived and she didn’t answer the door, they were concerned that she was hurt or that the gunman was after her. Immediately they went into police mode and entered the home. When he opened the door to the bathroom, he hadn’t expected to find their little chef naked and submerged in bubbles. As she jumped up, they got a nice view of her large, round breasts covered in suds with only the pretty pink nipples showing. Instantly his dick was hard, and he was no longer in police mode but harder than a steel beam.

Their woman, and she was going to be their woman, was a knockout. Her soft, light-green eyes sparkled with innocence. Her long, shiny black hair was pulled up in a messy style atop her head. She looked adorable. Her cheeks were flushed, and he hoped it was more so from seeing him and Gustave than from the heat of the bath water. She was their innocent angel. She lost her virginity to Louis a year ago and acted as if it never happened. They all wanted her for their own. They were all attracted to Illeanna and wanted to explore that attraction to the fullest. She was scared but definitely interested.

Now that her sister Angelique was involved in a ménage, maybe Illeanna would give their relationship a chance. It was something he and his brothers hoped for, but Illeanna and all the Aubert sisters were stubborn.

Well so were Boudoux.

He noticed that she appeared to have fallen asleep and was sinking lower into the tub. He told Gustave to grab a towel as he squatted down and touched a finger to Illeanna’s cheek to slowly awaken her.




“This is not your problem, it’s mine.” She felt Louis’s hand smooth up her belly, between her breasts, brushing along the mounds, infusing heat throughout her body and straight to her core, and then he cupped her chin and cheek.

She stared into his eyes, rich like chocolate, as the panic of his next move set in.

“We’re here for you, and we’re not leaving you on your own,” he stated, and she felt Julien squeeze her knee. She glanced toward Julien just as Louis placed his lips against her own and kissed her, keeping her facing him.

She was lost in that kiss a moment and the sensations running through her body. Louis kissed her deeply, making love to her mouth, exploring every inch with his tongue, as his hands held her firmly. She felt the rumble of a moan escape against his mouth then a set of fingers caress the waist of her shorts and the seam of her top. Julien glided his hands along her torso and straight to her breasts, igniting the fire within her and causing her to scoot lower onto the couch.

Her breasts swelled with excitement, the nipples hardened, and a need so deep caused her brain to malfunction and forget why she had resisted their moves in the past. But Louis kept kissing her, caressing her mouth with his tongue as his brother simultaneously felt her up. She felt her core tighten and tiny spasms of heat filter through her system.

“That’s it, Illeanna. Don’t fight what you feel, what your body knows is right,” Julien stated.

She kept her legs crossed and hoped that she didn’t come from their touch alone yet knew that she could easily explode right now. She adjusted her hips, trying to get Louis to release her lips so she could regain some composure, when she felt Julien press his hand away from her breast down her torso to her shorts. She uncrossed her legs. She was consumed by the sensations. His fingers scraped along her mound, eliciting a moan as her legs parted of their own free will, helping Julien gain better access to her now-sopping-wet pussy.

“That’s it, sugar. Oh yeah you feel so wet for us, Illeanna,” Julien stated then began to inch his way down to the rug. He began to pull her shorts down and lift her rear so he could pull her shorts off of her when she panicked.

Louis released her lips but kept her face between his hands as he panted for breath. His lips were red and swollen, and she was certain hers appeared the same way. “Please, Julien,” she pleaded but held Louis’s gaze.

“Let us pleasure you, Illeanna. Let us show you how good it will be with us,” Louis stated. She hesitated a moment as Julien removed her shorts and panties then pulled her lower to the edge of the couch.

She squealed a moment, and Louis covered her mouth in another lethal kiss just as Julien placed his mouth against her pussy lips.

Illeanna moaned against Louis’s mouth as Julien ate at her pussy, nibbling, licking, and sucking her clit as she thrust her pussy toward his face.

When she felt a digit press between her pussy lips and enter her vagina, she screamed her release into Louis’s mouth as he devoured her cries of pleasure. Julien continued to lick and suck away her cream as he added a second digit and pressed in and out of her pussy. She was on fire and felt the urge to orgasm again when Julien bit lightly on her clit, and she pulled her mouth away from Louis so she could gasp for lost breath.

“Oh God, Julien! Oh my God, what are you doing to me?” she asked as she looked down, now chin-to-chest to watch Julien continue to feast on her pussy. His face was red, the veins by his eyes raised, as he ate at her wildly between thrusting his fingers in and out of her pussy.

Louis took that moment to push the material of her tank to the side and cup a breast, releasing it slightly from her bra so he could taste her flesh as well. They made a feast of her, and all she could do was sink deeper into the couch and succumb to their sexual tactics.

“That’s it, sugar, just lie back and feel what we do to you. Feel how much we want you, Illeanna. We’ve always wanted you,” Louis stated before he licked her breast then pulled a nipple between his teeth.


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