Madison's Choice (MF)

Le Club 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,991
8 Ratings (4.3)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Contemporary Romance, light consensual BDSM, HEA]

Madison Snow returns to Ocala with her young son to take a job as assistant to the manager of the very private, luxurious BDSM club known as Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala. Ross Hamilton, successful horse trainer, is in for a big surprise.

Ross and Madison had broken up almost nine years ago when Ross was still in college and Madison was an exercise rider at Eden Creek Farm, the Hamilton Thoroughbred breeding farm. The whole family gets involved when Robbie Hamilton discovers that Madison’s son, Nickie, looks exactly like a Hamilton.

Sparks fly when Ross finds out he has an eight-year-old son he knew nothing about! Can they work through the feelings of betrayal they both felt and forge a strong family?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Madison's Choice (MF)
8 Ratings (4.3)

Madison's Choice (MF)

Le Club 5

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 47,991
8 Ratings (4.3)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
This is my favorite from this author so far!!! Great story!!! Excellent writing. Couldn't put it down. Loved the characters. Looking forward to more.
Fantastic series
Barefoot Okie

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On a beautiful Thursday morning in June, Madison Snow arranged some mementos and pictures of her son on the credenza behind her desk in her new office at Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala. She was pleased with the office. It was elegant and comfortable without being ostentatious. She was also pleased to have finally started her new job as assistant to Anne Sutton, the manager of Le Club. The salary was extremely good, and the hours were flexible and could be adjusted to accommodate any meetings at school or other activities for her eight-year-old son, Nicholas. It was important to Madison that she have the time to devote to Nickie’s needs as well as the financial means to raise him. She had remained a single mother. Nickie was the light of her life and the most important person in her world. She didn’t want him to have to do without anything, either material or emotional, since he was already having to do without a daddy.

It had been a long haul. It had taken nearly a year to sell Grammathas’s house in New Jersey, pack up, and make the move back to Florida. She had also had to contend with Nickie finishing his school year. Thankfully, Anne Sutton had been willing to hold the job at the club for her since finding the right person for this job was not easy. The fact that the job involved helping to manage a BDSM sex club on the down-low in her hometown of Ocala, Florida, did not bother her in the least. She also had not minded signing the confidentiality agreement that was part and parcel of the job. She certainly had no intention of telling anyone what her job actually entailed! She also did not have any intention of participating in the sexual activities at the club. She had been thrilled when her old friend from high school, Kelly Anderson, now Kelly Devereau, had contacted her about the job opening at the club. She was extremely well qualified, but she had been having a hard time finding a good position with the flexibility she needed. When her grandmother, Madison’s only family still living in New Jersey, had died, Madison had missed her family in Florida even more, so she had decided to sell Agatha’s house and move back home.

Le Club Laurel Oak–Ocala, a private BDSM club located at the edge of the historic Ocala residential and business district, catered to an exclusive membership of only ten members. The abandoned and rundown Laurel Oak Estate had been ideal for a club patterned after Le Club Beaudelaire–New Orleans, which had been started by Justin Devereau’s father many years ago in the French Quarter.

The members had each contributed an initial investment for renovations and startup expenses and paid hefty annual membership fees to cover the substantial operating costs. While some of the club’s employees participated in the BDSM activities, some did not. Nonetheless, all of the employees were extremely loyal and discreet due in part to the confidentiality agreements signed by one and all.

The acronym “BDSM” stood for Bondage & Discipline, Dominance & Submission, and Sadomasochism. It represented an alternative lifestyle as varied as the people who practiced it, spanning a wide range of practices from spanking and whipping, to bondage, blindfolding, role-playing, and dominance and submission, all in varying degrees and extremes. The purpose was to increase sexual tension and pleasure for all participants.

The door to Madison’s office opened, and the wife of one of the members entered with a smile. “Hi! I’m Robbie Hamilton. Welcome to Le Club, Madison! Kelly has been telling us about you for some time, and Anne has been really anxious for you to start.”

“Thanks. Everyone has been so nice and welcoming. What can I do for you?”

“I just wanted to drop off a check and get a copy of our bill. I seem to have misplaced it,” Robbie said with a smile. The tall, gorgeous redhead appeared to be in her midforties and had green eyes and a warm sprinkling of freckles.

“Let me get your file, and I’ll make a copy for you. Did you need anything else?” Madison asked as she walked to the bank of file cabinets, pulled the file, and walked to the copy machine.

Robbie looked around the office. “No, that’s it. It looks like you are settling in.”

“I’m just putting out a few personal things and pictures of my son,” Madison responded with a smile.

Robbie looked at the picture frames behind Madison’s desk, and the color drained from her face. Out of the corner of her eye, Maddie saw Robbie walk closer to the credenza and pick up first one picture of the black-haired infant and then another of the chubby toddler. Finally she picked up a school picture of the eight-year-old Nickie with his wavy, black hair rumpled and electric-blue eyes sparkling. Robbie sat down in the chair next to Madison’s desk, and Maddie could see that she appeared agitated.

“That’s a handsome boy you have there,” Robbie said softly as Madison turned back to the copy machine.

“Isn’t he though? He’s a handful and into everything! Since school is out, he’s spending the summer keeping my dad out of trouble. Or maybe my mom is keeping them both out of trouble!”

Robbie took a deep breath and went on, “What brought you back to Ocala?”

“Well, after Grammatha died, I didn’t really have any ties to New Jersey, and I wanted Nickie to have a good family life. As a single parent, I think that cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents are really a big help in providing a stable environment for a child. I missed my family, and it just seemed like a good time to come home. This job was really the icing on the cake!”

Robbie looked thoughtful and a little strange. Madison gave an internal shrug. People were always drawn to Nickie. He was an extremely good-looking boy with a gleam in his eyes and mischief in his heart. He was sweet and gentle and loved animals.He’s a really great kid! Deciding to have him was the best thing I ever did!




She snuggled into his strong chest. It felt like coming home, although she was nervous, and her stomach was jumping a mile a minute. Oh my God. It had been nine years since she and Ross had been intimate. She hoped she hadn’t forgotten how. Not very likely, but one never knew. Use it or lose it. She had had a few dates during those years. Grammatha had encouraged her to try to have a social life, but it had just never felt right, and she had never met anyone who measured up to the Ross who lived in her memory. Now he was back in her arms. Was she strong enough and sure enough of the woman she had become to reach out and grab for the happiness she wanted again? She thought she was. She stood up, took Ross’s hand, and headed for the bedroom.


* * * *


Ross was delighted but a little nervous as well. He had been waiting for months to make love to Madison again. He knew that she had not really dated much while they were apart. He was cognizant of the gift he was being given—a second chance at happiness with the woman he loved, as well as a chance to have a family and the son he adored. As eager as he was, he was determined to make this special for Maddie. He would not rush the moment although he was hard as steel and could not wait to bury himself inside her. When they stood beside the bed, he turned her into his arms and kissed her with a soul-shattering thoroughness that he hoped would allay any misgivings she might have.

His lips softly began the slow journey down the silky column of her throat past her collar as he began to unbutton her shirt. He unbuckled her belt and pulled the tail of her shirt out of her jeans as he slid it off her shoulders. He slid her zipper down, pushed her jeans down, and she stepped out of her sandals. When she was standing in just a pink demi bra and bikini panties, his breath rushed from his lungs. She was stunning. She had matured, and her body had filled out although she was still slim and long legged. She was a gorgeous woman, not the beautiful, coltish girl she had been. He stripped her out of her underwear, and when she was completely naked with her long, dark hair falling around her shoulders and down her back, he stared at her in appreciation. She still had the delicate pink-tipped nipples he remembered, but her high, round breasts were full and lush. He buried his face in them then he sucked first one and then the other, swirling his rough tongue over the sensitive tips.

She reached to unfasten his buttons and push the shirt off his shoulders. He had to steady her as her knees began to weaken. He hastily stripped out of the rest of his clothes and, pulling her to him, toppled onto the quilt-covered, antique, mahogany four-poster bed. He ran his hands over her body, trying to memorize every inch. Her high, round bottom had looked great in jeans but looked even better without them. His hands itched to cup that luscious ass as he drove his throbbing cock into her, but he held back, determined to bring her as much pleasure as possible.

He knew she was a little anxious, and he murmured encouragement as he slowly spread her legs. Her pussy was damp, and he could see that she was beginning to tremble with want. He ran his finger around her pulsing clit, barely touching her heated flesh, and moisture flooded her sex. She moved restlessly as she strained for a firmer touch. Taking his time, Ross played with the little bundle of nerves between her legs, rubbing in firm, tight circles as she came apart in his hands. She was glorious. The look of wanton pleasure on her face delighted him.

Unable to wait any longer, he positioned his steel-hard cock against the center of her pleasure and drove into her with a firm thrust.

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