[Siren Publishing: The Lynn Hagen ManLove Collection: Erotic Alternative Fantasy Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]

Running from a past he wants to forget, Kyle ends up at Zeus's large estate. Kyle never stays in one place for too long, always fearing his past will catch up to him, but Zeus won’t allow him to take off. When Kyle's best friend drops by for a visit, he brings a few winged beasts with him, and one of those beasts is his mate.

Nikoli has always been pretty laid-back. But when he discovers that Kyle is his, he refuses to let the little impala run from him. He claims his zaterio the first night, promising to keep Kyle safe.

When Kirk finally catches up to Kyle, Nikoli isn’t so sure he can keep that promise. Kyle's ex is dark and depraved and will stop at nothing to get his pet back, but Nikoli is just as determined to stop Kirk at all costs.

A Siren Erotic Romance
Lynn Hagen is a Siren-exclusive author.
Holding Tight (MM)
37 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Emma Nicole




“I can’t believe you left me here for fifty-thousand years,” Kyle complained as his best friend walked through the front door of Zeus’s estate.

“It was more like two weeks,” Morgan corrected him and then pulled Kyle in for a hug. “Stop bitching. You were surrounded by gorgeous men the whole time.”

“Taken men,” Kyle pointed out with a pout. “It isn’t any fun when none of them are available. I don’t poach, so all I could do was look. No touchy.”

“You remember Renato?” Morgan waved to the thick, muscular man standing beside him. How could Kyle forget the guy? He’d been part of the reason all hell had broken loose back at Kyle and Morgan’s apartment.

“Yes.” Kyle turned his glare to Morgan’s mate. “I remember him bossing me around, his friend threatening me, and then being dragged from my home.”

“No one dragged you,” Renato argued and then shook his head. “I’ll leave you two to catch up. I have a meeting, and already he’s given me a headache.”

“You’re just as migraine inducing yourself,” Kyle shot back and then furrowed his brows. “What meeting?”

Morgan shrugged. “Renato and some of the other winged beasts need to talk with Zeus.”

Leaning in toward Morgan, Kyle whispered, “That’s one scary-ass alpha. Have you seen how big Zeus is? And damn, he looks like he can scare eight lives out of a cat.”

“I’ve never met him personally, but I’ve heard about him,” Morgan replied. “That bad?”

“You have no idea,” Kyle said. “But he’s nice. He lets me go jogging with him sometimes. Have you seen the back of this house? It’s like a secret garden out there. Real swanky.”

Morgan said something, but Kyle didn’t hear the man. He was too busy staring at the gorgeous god who had just walked through the front door. Thick body, dark, wavy hair to his shoulders, brown bedroom eyes, and lips that looked so kissable that Kyle’s mouth began to water.

“Who is that?” he whispered to Morgan.

Glancing over his shoulder, Morgan said, “That’s Nikoli.”

Sweet Jesus. Kyle was in lust. “Please tell me he’s not taken.”

“As far as I know, he’s single,” Morgan said. “The only mates in the castle are me, Jaycee, and Theo, so I can only assume—”

Kyle tuned out the rest of Morgan’s words. All he’d heard was that Nikoli was single. That was all Kyle needed to know.

He’d started toward Nikoli when he noticed Nazaryth entering through the front door. Kyle gave a low growl and spun on his heels, heading in the opposite direction. Nazaryth had been the one who’d threatened Kyle, and Kyle wasn’t feeling too friendly toward the jerk. He was also the one who had stuck Kyle at Zeus’s.

“Where’re you goin’?” Morgan called after him.

Kyle spun, ready to tell Morgan about Nazaryth. Morgan had been unconscious when Nazaryth had threatened Kyle. His best friend didn’t know what had been said. Instead of Morgan right behind him, it was Nikoli. Kyle yelped as he was pushed against the wall, trapped between the man’s arms.

“Nikoli!” Nazaryth barked the man’s name. “What the hell do you think you’re doing?”

Kyle shook like crazy as Nikoli nuzzled his neck, sniffing along his skin. The man was all up in his personal space, and Kyle was about to flip the hell out. “Get off me!”

Zeus and Renato came barreling down the hallway. Kyle stared at Zeus, begging with his eyes for help. Nikoli was hot, but his aggressiveness scared the crap out of Kyle.

“What the fuck do you think you’re doing?” Zeus wasn’t a small man. The guy’s muscles had muscles, and he had to be close to seven feet tall. He was dark-skinned, bald, and intimidating as hell. Kyle hoped that was enough to scare Nikoli away.

The gray wolf alpha snatched Kyle from between Nikoli and the wall. He shoved Kyle behind him, and Kyle stayed put. He was an impala shifter for Christ’s sake. He didn’t do confrontations, and he didn’t fight.

“Give me back my zaterio, or I’ll gut you where you stand,” Nikoli said in a low and lethal voice. He reached for a blade that had been sheathed at his belt. The guy meant business.

“Oh crap,” Kyle murmured to himself as all eyes turned to him. He’d heard that word at Morgan’s the night his apartment had been invaded. Zaterio meant mate. This couldn’t be happening. Kyle was already dealing with his own set of problems. He didn’t need a dominant male to…just…crap.

Zeus turned and glanced at Kyle. His deep brown eyes softened as he asked, “Do you feel the pull?”

Kyle had, but he’d been too frightened to realize what the feeling in his chest had been. He wanted to haul ass out of the house, but a bigger part of him wanted to go to Nikoli.

So not happening.

He shrugged as he looked around at the men staring at him. “Maaaybe. But then again, it could be heartburn.”

“Kyle?” Morgan’s brows were slightly raised. “Is Nikoli your mate?”

“I just…he might…” Kyle spun around and raced down the hallway, heading right for Jasper’s bedroom. He rushed in and slammed the door, slumping against the wood as his heart beat so fast it felt as if it would burst from his chest at any second.

“Well, okay then,” Jasper said as he turned to gaze at Kyle. “Just come right on in.”




Strong, sure hands slid under Kyle’s shirt and pinched his nipples. He moaned, leaning heavier into Nikoli’s chest. He felt his mate’s erection pressing into his lower back. He wanted to stop and think things through, but his body had other ideas. Kyle’s cock was hard as nails, and it felt as if he needed to get fucked in the next five minutes or go crazy.

If this was anywhere close to what Nikoli felt, Kyle didn’t understand how Nikoli hadn’t fucked him into oblivion as soon as the heat surfaced. Kyle hadn’t been this turned on in a very long time, and it was killing him to take things slow.

Nikoli’s hands slid down Kyle’s chest to disappear under his pants and then wrap around his shaft. Kyle hissed, pushing to his toes as his head lulled to the side.

“Your skin is so soft,” Nikoli whispered into his ear. “Yet you’re so hard for me. Silk and steel.”

Kyle lifted his arms when Nikoli released his cock and pulled his shirt upward. The fabric was tossed to the floor. His mate unfastened his pants. As his pants were lowered, Nikoli kissed his exposed skin. Kyle jerked and moaned when his mate licked one cheek and then the other before spreading them and circling Kyle’s puckered hole with his tongue.

Oh hell. Kyle wasn’t going to survive this. Not when such a masterful tongue was invading his hole. He stood there shaking, trying to work his pants past his shoes so he could spread his legs wider.

Nikoli stood, and Kyle wanted to protest. He didn’t want Nikoli to stop licking him.

“Finish taking your pants off and then get on the pillows.”

It took Kyle seconds to kick his shoes off and then finish undressing. As he did, Nikoli slid his jacket down his arms and tossed it aside. His dark eyes watched Kyle like a predator watches its prey. The intense stare made Kyle nervous. “Are you going to get undressed?”

“Yes.” But Nikoli didn’t make a move to undress. Kyle headed over to the pillows, and just as his mate had said, they were heavenly soft. It felt as if Kyle had just lain down on fluffy clouds.

He devoured Nikoli with his eyes as his mate removed his shirt. Damn, the man’s pecs were pure perfection. His chest had a light sprinkling of hair, and Kyle was dying to run his fingers through it.

It wasn’t until Nikoli removed his jeans that Kyle nearly lost his nerve. The thickest erection he’d ever laid eyes on sprang free. Holy mother of pearl. Kyle’s mouth watered at the same time his hole clenched.

“You look worried.” Nikoli crawled up the pillows to rest beside Kyle. “Come here so I can help you relax.” He patted his chest. “Sit right here.”

Chewing his lower lip, Kyle straddled Nikoli’s wide chest. He pressed his hands against his mate’s pecs and moaned.

“I love that sound.”

Nikoli wrapped his hand around Kyle’s waist and pulled him closer before taking Kyle into his mouth. Kyle had died and gone to heaven. That was the only way to describe how Nikoli made him feel. There was no bedpost to grab hold of, so Kyle had to hold the lower half of his back as he thrust forward.

Nikoli grabbed Kyle’s hips and lifted him slightly, taking Kyle’s cock farther down his throat. Wow. The man was strong. He held Kyle’s body with no problem as he licked and sucked and teased the slit on the head. Kyle bent backward, closing his eyes as he enjoyed every touch, lick, and sound Nikoli made.

You shouldn’t be doing this. You should be running as far away as you can. He’s a dominant male, moron. Think! But Kyle couldn’t think. Not when his dick slid in and out of Nikoli’s mouth. Not when his body felt as if it had gone up in flames. All his blood had fled his brain, pooling at his groin. Anything logical had evaporated like a thin wisp of smoke. Kyle only felt now, and damn if being with Nikoli didn’t feel good.

Soon he felt his cum working its way from his balls. Kyle panted harder, his legs quivering. “Close.”

That single word seemed to spur Nikoli on. He sucked Kyle’s cock to the back of his throat and then deeper. With a swirl of his tongue, Nikoli had Kyle crying out, his seed spilling down his mate’s throat.

Nikoli thoroughly cleaned him before easing Kyle back down to his chest. But Kyle didn’t stop there. He slid down until he was lying on top of his mate. The room slowly came back into view as Kyle panted. He lay there with his head on Nikoli’s chest, using his tongue to play with the hair as two wet fingers slipped inside of him.

Kyle stiffened.

“You have to relax, my little impala.” Nikoli used his free hand to tuck his fingers under Kyle’s chin and lift it. “Scoot up and kiss me, Kyle.”

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