[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Fantasy Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romance, M/F/M/M, shape-shifters, werewolves, HEA]
A dark wizard has cursed Shelby Winters. Even her skills as a witch can’t save her. Knowing she’ll die soon, she leaves her home to find a place to spend the rest of her short life. Seeking peace, she finds her way to the small island town of West End.
Werewolf J.B. Legacy, his hybrid brother, Taylor, and their werebird friend Bryton Carlyle sense something is wrong with Shelby. They’d go to hell and back to help her, but she distrusts shifters, making it difficult to get close to her. Still, they’re determined to make her their mate. When at last she tells them she’s dying, they’re heartbroken. Changing her into a shifter might cure her, but her distrust of shifters holds her back.
Can they convince her to trust them? Or will they have to settle for what little time Shelby has left?
Note: This book contains double penetration.
Note: This book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


When Hell Freezes Over (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




 Bryton lay down next to her, his hand supporting his head. He skimmed his other hand along her arm. “But talking about noticing things, we’ve sure noticed you, sugar, and we sure appreciate you, too.”

She giggled. “Is that so? What about me do you appreciate?”

“Your mouth for one.” He kissed her, softly at first then growing harder, more insistent.

She let herself go, pushing aside the worry that always seemed present. Her hand snaked around his shoulder, giving him encouragement to keep kissing her.

He broke the kiss sooner than she liked, but perhaps it was because of Taylor. Taylor rolled onto his side and put his lips to her. His kiss wasn’t gentle. Instead, it was urgent and needy, his tongue slipping into her mouth, his teeth tugging on her lower lip. He moaned, the sound guttural and filled with a craving that matched her own.

Today was all she’d been promised. Today was all she’d expect.

She kissed him back, putting every ounce of need into it. He moved closer and pulled her closer, her chest pressing against his. Bryton’s hand trailed along her hip then down her leg as she rolled to face Taylor.

To be fully alive required her to be active in her life. They were giving her a chance to find happiness, however fleeting, and she’d take it. She tugged at Taylor’s shirt, pulling it out of his waistband. 

“Are you sure, sugar? We might not be able to stop,” warned Bryton.

Her answer came easily enough. Slipping her hand behind her, she grabbed Bryton’s shirt and pulled. 

Take it off, she told him silently.

There on top of the cliff with the breeze flowing over them, the scent of the ocean surrounding her and the orcas playing in the water, she made her choice. She’d have the men and throw caution away for a tomorrow that might never come.

A growl startled her, breaking apart her desire. She was up and on her feet fast and facing the dark wolf. “A werewolf.” It wasn’t any regular wolf. Not as large as he was. The human intelligence behind the eyes was proof of the man dwelling inside the wolf.

Taylor and Bryton jumped to their feet, but they didn’t seem alarmed. “Take it easy, baby.”

“Not on your life. I don’t trust werewolves in their human forms. I’m sure as hell not going to trust one as a wolf.” She stood her ground, ready to use her powers. “Get out of here, you beast. Now!”

The wolf didn’t move, confusing her. Most wolves wouldn’t attack, even if they were unaware that she was a witch. This one, however, stood his ground.

“Leave him alone. He’s not bothering anyone.”

He was bothering her. Not only was he a predator but he’d interrupted their time together. Precious time she’d never get back. Enjoyable time she might never have another chance to experience.

“Get out of here now.” Anger and frustration welled inside her. She lifted her arms, ready to chant. She wouldn’t kill the animal, but she’d make him get the hell out and leave them alone.

“Hang on. Don’t go casting a spell on him,” urged Taylor. “I told you about knowing a few shifters in the area. This is one of them.”

“So he’s a friend of yours?” Her attention flicked to the horses that were strangely calm with the beast around. Were horses on the island used to seeing werewolves?

“Yes. He is.” Bryton tossed a look at Taylor’s direction. “In fact—”

The wolf growled, interrupting Bryton. Snarling, he backed up several feet. With a swish of his tail, he disappeared into the surrounding foliage.

What had she been thinking? They were friends with shifters. That alone should’ve kept her away from them. Glaring, she stalked toward her horse.

“What’s wrong?”

She shoved Taylor’s hands away. “I can get on the damn horse by myself.”

“What the hell’s the matter, sugar?” Bryton was on the other side of the horse, the reins in his hands.

“This was a mistake.”

“But why? How was it a mistake?”

She fought back tears. No way would she let them see how weak she was. “It just was.” She held out her hand, palm up. “Please give me the reins.”

“Hang on while we get mounted.” Taylor hurriedly swung into the saddle. “You shouldn’t go back on your own. You don’t know the way.” His smile was teasing. “Besides, you’re a really lousy rider.”

She gritted her teeth, unable to answer. It didn’t matter that he’d spoken the truth.

Bryton ran back and snatched up the blanket before getting on his horse. “Don’t let the wolf ruin the day, sugar. Or ruin what’s happening between us.”

She met his gaze, saw the confusion and yearning there, and hated saying what she had no choice but to say. “There’s nothing happening between us, and there never will be. Now take me back to Reagan’s.”




 With a sigh, Shelby lay back on top of the bed. Taylor’s shoulders pressed against her inner thighs as she spread her legs. A wild craving surged through her as a naked J.B, his body more spectacular than even her vivid imagination could have conjured, eased above her head and bent over her to cup her breast. His curved, purple-veined cock bobbed in front of her face, and she welcomed it into her mouth.

His flavors were unimaginable. Tangy with a hint of something untamed, no doubt his shifter side adding to his taste. Fondling his balls, she slicked her tongue over the loose skin to take part of it with her teeth, just enough to have him sucking in a breath, his stomach muscles tightening.

“Careful, baby.”

She’d be careful, all right. She wouldn’t want to damage anything vital.

Taylor, however, snatched her attention from J.B.’s cock by slipping two fingers into her pussy. She was the one to suck in a hard breath now. Taylor pumped his fingers in and out, making more juices flow. His thumb played havoc over her clit, rubbing hard then soft, bringing her to a fever pitch, only to stop right at the edge of a release. She squirmed, wanting to get away yet wanting never to leave, but he kept her firmly with him. 

“That’s it, pretty lady. Moan for us.”

She’d been moaning without even realizing it. A whimper followed her next moan.

“Easy, sugar. Don’t go losing it now.” Bryton slapped her butt cheek then added another spank to the other cheek. “Your ass is great. Round yet firm.” He planted a kiss to her flesh that soon morphed into a nibble.

Bite me.

She barely kept the words back. But what kind of bite would she want? A playful sex kind? Or one that could possibly save her life? Again, she wouldn’t let the thought take hold.

Taylor lifted her legs, placing them over his shoulders. If she’d wanted to turn J.B.’s cock free, she would’ve looked down to see his face and the color of his eyes. Instead, she sucked in another breath when Taylor’s tongue swiped along the slit of her pussy.

He attacked her, driving his tongue into her wet sheath as he replaced his thumb with his palm against her clit. She cried out, sending warm air along J.B.’s length and earned a pleased sigh from him. Taylor ate her, his tongue a frenzied lapping machine that drank up as much of her as he could. His panted breath, whenever he came up for air, beat against her, chilling the wetness. Just when she was certain he’d finished, he renewed his attack, using his tongue as a cock to fuck her.

J.B. rocked his hips up and down, doing most of the work. He captured a nipple in his mouth and tortured it with tongue-lashings and nibbles much like Taylor’s. The downward thrusts of his cock grew stronger, deep-throating her until, at last, she had to put her hands on his thighs and push back, warning him to take it easy.

Bryton pulled her ass cheeks apart and used his tongue to circle her dark hole. Fondling her butt, he swiped his tongue over and over then suddenly pushed it into her anus. She tensed, but the tension spread outward, enveloped into the primal sensations tingling every inch of her. When he began probing with his finger, he pushed on her, urging her to twist at the hips, putting her lower torso on her side.

“Good, sugar. Just the way I want you.”

Her body was on fire, caught between the kindling of their passion. She sucked harder on J.B.’s cock and tightened her pussy walls, tempting Taylor to give her his cock. He caught onto her message and lifted up, supporting her as he lowered one of her legs and lifted the other higher.

“Whatever you want, pretty lady. I’m here to serve.”

No doubt he’d meant it as a joke, but she had no time to laugh before he slammed his cock inside her pussy, driving her toward J.B.

They surrounded her, not only with their bodies but with their love. For the first time in a long while, she felt alive and safe. For the first time in a long while, she forgot about the darkness eating away at her. The men were giving her their light, pushing the terrible curse to the back as they renewed her spirit.

Taylor’s soft grunts echoed J.B.’s moans of pleasure. Bryton worked his finger inside her asshole, stretching her tight rings, preparing her for his entry. She moaned and tried to relax as he added yet another finger.

“Take it easy,” he murmured. “It’ll hurt at first, but then the hurt becomes something else, something pleasurable. Just breathe.”

He positioned his cock at her dark hole and, after a gentle shove, pushed his cock inside her hard. She cried out, never turning J.B.’s cock free as she did. His flavors filled her mouth. Their cocks filled her butt hole and her pussy. Four becoming one, their love filled her heart.

They came together, connected both emotionally as well as with their bodies. Finally, letting go of J.B.’s cock, she reached for J.B., her gaze on his amber-filled one. “I want you to fuck me, too.” Her words came out in short burst of staccatos.

Raw hunger filled his face. “Damn it, Taylor, hurry the hell up.”

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