Violette's Vibrato (MF)

Golden Dolphin 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,701
4 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, spanking, cropping, sex toys, HEA]

Violette O'Reilly, concert violinist, is injured by a fall down the stairs in the subway after an evening performance at Lincoln Center. Her Dom, a well-known Manhattan real estate developer, Nik Rossiter, convinces her to recuperate aboard the Golden Dolphin, the 300 foot super yacht, on a BDSM cruise to Rio De Janeiro for Carnival while he looks into the incident. Violette can't believe anyone would hurt her on purpose, but Nik is sure it's not an accident.

Can Nik protect Violette from a jealous friend and the Russian mob and convince her she wants to spend the rest of her life with him? Throw in some sexy jewel thieves and you're in for a hot trip to Rio.

The usual suspects are aboard, including Captain Con Cortelis, First Mate Alex Dragados, Saltydawg, and Jamie Devereau and Anne Sutton.

A Siren Erotic Romance

Violette's Vibrato (MF)
4 Ratings (4.0)

Violette's Vibrato (MF)

Golden Dolphin 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 54,701
4 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
Hi Everyone! Here is Book 3 of the Golden Dolphin series. I hope you enjoy it. I loved writing it. We have a hero and heroine who are stubborn and not perfect, some sexy jewel thieves and the Russian Mob to vanquish - not to mention a visit with our friends Jamie Devereau and Anne Sutton from Book 3 of the Le Club Series. It's so nice to catch up with old friends. It's sexy and fun! Enjoy!
Skye Michaels
Good story, a little choppy with the Alex story kind of thrown in there; a little more story about Alex would have been better- more start and defintly more of an end to his relationship. (it could have been its own novella even). Great beginning and end to Violette's story.
Iris gardens





Nik Rossiter’s Fifth Avenue Penthouse Condo in Rossiter House overlooking Central Park, New York City, Saturday morning, January 4, 2014


Nikolai Rossiter rolled over and snuggled up behind Violette O’Reilly. She was still deeply asleep and had a slight smile on her face. Her wavy, dark-red hair was spread over the pillows with abandon. He loved her scent—Bvlgari’s BLV, a soft lavender and violet fragrance. He picked up the blanket and checked the luscious heart-shaped bottom that was tucked up against his morning hard-on. It was still pink from their session last night at Le Club Eastside-Manhattan. Although his Dom side loved to see that spectacular bottom a bright shade of pink, he didn’t like it to last until the next day. He ran his hand over her butt and leaned down and placed a light kiss on each round cheek before he carefully got out of bed. He pulled on a navy-blue velour robe and padded into the state-of-the-art kitchen of his Fifth Avenue penthouse to put on a pot of coffee. He loved to bring Violette coffee in bed. It was just a small way to spoil her since she didn’t allow him as many opportunities to do that as he would have liked. Her stubborn sense of independence was a sore point between them.

He was extremely proud of Violette’s position as first violinist of the New York Philharmonic Orchestra and her solo concert career. He wished, however, that she would make use of his chauffeur and security team. Her trip home from Lincoln Center after performances that ended late at night was a particular problem for him. She claimed he wanted to wrap her in cotton batting and that it would stifle her creativity. That sounded like a load of crap to him. He just wanted to be sure his woman was safe on the sometimes dangerous streets of New York. Taking taxis was bad enough, but he especially hated having her ride the subways although she had grown up in New York and had ridden them all her life. That was an invitation to disaster as far as he was concerned. They had had an argument about that very issue the night before at the club, and that was perhaps why he had been a little harder on her than he had meant to be. As a Master Dom, he viewed any loss of control on his part as a failure, and he was annoyed with himself. He wanted to make it up to her.

When Nik walked back into the master suite with a carafe of strong coffee and plates of hot buttered croissants, Violette was still asleep. He climbed back into bed beside her. He rolled her over, brushed her hair out of her face, and kissed her gently. You are so beautiful and such a pain in the butt sometimes.

“Wake up, sleepyhead. Coffee’s ready.” When she merely grunted, he kissed her neck and nibbled on her ear. Her ears were one of Violette’s highly erogenous zones, and he always took advantage of that fact. Nik Rossiter missed few opportunities—either in his business or personal life. His relationship with Violette O’Reilly was precious to him, and she was the greatest treasure in his life. He would like to make their arrangement permanent either by collaring or marrying her, but he knew she wasn’t quite ready for either option.

She squirmed and murmured, “Go away. I’m sleeping.”

“Is that any way to address your Master, especially when he comes bearing coffee?” He had to grin. She simply was not a morning person.

She sniffed the air delicately although her eyes were still closed. “I don’t smell any coffee. Are you sure this isn’t a tricky ruse to rudely awaken your devoted sub so you can have your nefarious way with her?”

“It’s in a carafe, silly goose.”

“Oh. In that case…” She struggled up from under the blanket until she was resting against the pillows. Her glorious breasts were peeking out above the rumpled sheets. She still looked sleepy.

Nik poured her coffee and passed her a plate bearing a flakey warm croissant from the French bakery on the next block.

“Do you have a performance tonight or just a matinee?”

“Matinee and also a performance tonight,” she answered succinctly.

“What time will you be done? I’ll have Daniels waiting for you with the car. Do you want to come back here for a late supper or go directly to your place? I can meet you there.”

“Nik, I thought we hashed this out last night. I don’t want to be picked up by your driver. I only have to go a few stops on the subway. It’s no big deal. Really.”

“Are you going to continue to argue with me? I don’t see the necessity for this strife.” He was starting to get annoyed with her again, and he tried to tamp down his temper. He never made much progress with her when his temper was up. She was a typical stubborn, redheaded Irishwoman and had a hot temper of her own. He had better luck when he could reason calmly with her, but that was damn hard. This stubborn streak of hers rode right up his butt.

“Well, I do. I don’t want to be coddled.” Her bright-green eyes sparkled with temper. “I’m an adult woman, and I can make my own decisions. You know I don’t want a full-time D/s relationship. I love our play, but I’m not going to allow you to take over my entire life.” She frowned at him as she took a bite of her croissant.

“You know damn well I’m not interested in taking over your entire life. I just want to make it a little easier and safer for you. I don’t know why you can’t accept that.” He knew she loved to submit to him at the club or in the bedroom for that matter, but she was opposed to submission in all things on general principles.

“Nik, let’s not argue. I’m not going to give in on this. Let’s have a lovely morning in bed and relax. Did you bring in the Times?” He could tell that she was trying to change the subject, so he gave in for the moment. However, this argument was not nearly over as far as he was concerned. But she did have a point. It was too great of a morning to waste on arguments when he could be buried balls-deep in his sub.




When they had finished their coffee and croissants, he got up and brought in the paper, which they split between them—arts and leisure to her, news and real estate to him. They read in comfortable silence while they finished second cups of coffee. When he had completely gotten over his ire from their previous conversation, he threw his papers on to the floor and took hers from her hands. He pulled her into his arms for a stunning kiss.

“Good morning, Ms. O’Reilly. Care for a morning quickie?”

She leaned into his kiss and opened herself to him. She was a responsive and loving woman who thoroughly enjoyed their very active and slightly unconventional BDSM lifestyle. He rolled her over and stuffed a pillow under her belly, elevating her glorious butt. He patted her ass.

“Still a little pink, babe. I’m sorry about that.” He spread her legs and began to stroke her damp core with his hot cock, teasing and tantalizing. She raised her bottom for him, and he found her pussy wet with her sweet honey. Her natural wild honey scent drove him nuts. He could never get enough of her.


* * * *


Violette smiled her secret smile. “Don’t be sorry, Nikki. Just love me now. You know I love what we do, and I did give you a hard time last night.”  She knew she was a trial and tribulation to him at times, but she had been crazy about him since their first meeting.  He had been so tall and handsome in his evening wear.  It hadn’t taken her long after that first night to realize she was in love with him, as unlikely as love at first sight had seemed.  Even though she hadn’t known about his interest in BDSM at first, she had sensed his dominant personality, and it had drawn her in like a bee to honey despite her wildly independent streak.  Oh, well. Opposites attract.

He lightly smacked her bottom, shocking the nerves of her tight pussy awake. “Yes, you did.” He grinned. She knew he loved every minute of her insubordination. Well, most of the time. There were occasions when she knew he hated it. His dark-blue eyes sparkled with laughter and lust. He was so handsome. His wavy dark hair and sleekly muscled body literally took her breath away. He was a Dom from top to bottom. She knew he couldn’t help the urge to dominate her, to make everything safe and secure for her, to wrap her in the safety of his arms. But she also knew that if she let him take total control of her life, he would stifle her creativity and free spirit in his need to keep her safe from all possible harm. Submitting to Nik was like walking a tight rope. A fall to either side would be devastating. Oh, but the glorious thrill of walking the straight and narrow rope between being a good and obedient sub and being a disobedient one who often topped from the bottom was irresistible. He made her heart sing and her bottom sting, a truly awesome combination.

Nik ran his hands up from her knees to the juncture of her thighs, teasing but never quite touching her pulsing core. She raised her butt in invitation, and he quickly smacked it again. Then he soothed the red handprint she could feel on her round cheek. She wished her butt was not quite so big. Nik said it was opulent and luxurious and that he loved the round sweetheart shape. She had to take that with a grain of salt to say the least. She had a lush hourglass figure. The Rubenesque fashion in women’s figures had not been popular since the last century. She knew she wasn’t fat, but she surely wasn’t slim either— no matter how she dieted or exercised. It just wasn’t in her genetic makeup to be skinny. Nik said she was perfect, so she had to accept the word of her Dom, didn’t she? He would paddle her butt if she doubted him. Excitement rose in her belly like the tide. He never failed to arouse her. He ran his fingers through her wet folds lighting a slow burn in her pussy.

“Oh, baby. That is so good.” She moaned her delight to urge him on, but she had to be careful. She knew he wouldn’t allow her to direct the proceedings. She would just have to wait for him to up the ante.

“Call me Master.” Finally, he bent down and took her clit gently between his teeth and began to suck.

“Master.” She gasped and began to quiver. Her desire for him was beginning to blaze out of control. She was completely at his mercy in this position as he continued to torture her. With her butt temptingly up in the air, she was in the perfect position to be spanked or fucked. He quickly took advantage of it. He smacked each of her cheeks sharply, and a spear of desire rocked through her system. “Oh, God, Nikki.” She cried out in ecstasy as he plunged his rock-solid cock into her hot core until his balls were snug against her bottom. When she had stretched to accommodate his girth and length, he began a slow, rocking stroke that slammed into her G-spot as pleasure battered her senses. He reached up and lightly bit the back of her neck, and a frisson of goose bumps rippled down her spine.

She arched into him as his cock pumped hard and hot. She flew over the mountain on wings of fire as she convulsed with pleasure. She felt him quickly follow her to his own soaring completion. It had been hard and fast and totally satisfying. She sighed into the mattress as he fell on top of her. His weight on her back was sublime. She loved to feel his body collapsed in satisfaction against her.

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