Vaughn's Awakening (MF)

The Black Dahlia Hotel 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,467
2 Ratings (4.5)
[Siren Everlasting Classic: Erotic Consensual BDSM Romance, with F/M/F not including the heroes, spanking, flogging, paddling, cropping, whipping, HEA]
Vaughn Rawlston, Savannah Preparatory science teacher, catches the daughters of Dom Jeremiah Wade cheating and turns them in. Trouble ensues and follows her from Savannah to the new, discreet, luxurious BDSM Black Dahlia Hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach for Christmas vacation.
Vaughn signs up for sub classes and meets handsome, wealthy Savannah restaurateur and Master Dom, Paul Proffit, who has had his eye on the newbie sub for a while. He is captivated by her curvy body, sharp mind, and sense of humor, and is determined to introduce her to the pleasures to be found in the dungeon. Paul isn’t the only Dom with his eye on Vaughn. Jeremiah Wade is determined to force Vaughn to drop the cheating charges against his daughters in one way or another and develops a dangerous obsession with her. Can Paul save Vaughn and convince her she doesn’t want to run away from him as well as the ugly, dangerous results of Wade’s obsession?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Skye Michaels is a Siren-exclusive author.
Vaughn's Awakening (MF)
2 Ratings (4.5)

Vaughn's Awakening (MF)

The Black Dahlia Hotel 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 40,467
2 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
I’m happy to announce the release of VAUGHN’S AWAKENING, Book 2 of The Black Dahlia Hotel Series, set in Fort Lauderdale. This BDSM series is a spinoff of The Black Iris Club but the books are stand alone. They will tell the stories of new and exciting couples against the back drop of the luxurious and secret BDSM hotel on Fort Lauderdale Beach purchased by Jack Dalton Brown and Jamie Devereau with occasional visits from old and new friends from other series. Hope you all enjoy it. Vaughn Rawlston is a science teacher at the prestigious Savannah Prep when a cheating incident brings her to the attention of a dangerous sadist. Will her new Dom, restaurateur Paul Proffet, be able to save her from this sadistic stalker?
Skye Michaels




Vaughn Rawlston, Alexa Baker, and Cynthia Adams were enjoying coffees at the Starbucks a few blocks from Le Club Waterfront. The club was located in an old, restored cotton warehouse on the Savannah River. The girls were enjoying double-shot grandes and cookies while she was having a small, no-fat, decaf latte. Sometimes life just was not fair. They were making plans for their trip to Fort Lauderdale beginning the day after Christmas.

“I don’t know about this, guys. I don’t think I’m really ready to jump into this BDSM thing whole hog.” Vaughn had enjoyed several physical relationships in her life, but she had never made a soul-deep connection. She was hoping that the BDSM aspects of sex at the club might provide that something—that connection—that had been missing.

“Come on, Vaughn. You’ve been to the club several times, signed all the paperwork, and made your reservations. Don’t wimp out on us now.” Alexa looked concerned. Vaughn knew she really wanted her to join the club because it was such an important part of her and Cyndy’s social lives, and they were determined to drag her along, kicking and screaming if necessary. The three had been friends since elementary school and had gotten into plenty of trouble together over the ensuing years. Vaughn had lived with Alexa’s family after her mother died until she finished high school and went off to college. Her father had been killed in military service when she was eight, and her mother had died of cancer when she was fourteen. The two might as well have been her sisters.

Alexa and Cyndy were both subs and loved it, although neither had been collared yet. She wasn’t sure either of them really wanted to be. They were having too much fun playing the Dom field. And she had to admit that it was a really fertile field. The men at the club were, for the most part, extremely good looking and sexy as hell. Even the men who were not particularly handsome had a sexual edge that was appealing.

“I know. But something happened at school yesterday, and I’m concerned about it.”

“What does school have to do with the club?” Vaughn knew Cyndy would back Alexa up no matter what.

“Well…I caught the Wade twins cheating and turned them in. Mr. Bishop suspended them for two weeks after vacation. The thing is I’ve seen their father, Jeremiah Wade, at Le Club, and I really can’t afford to have any problems at school. Having my interest in BDSM come out could cost me my job.”

“But even if he saw you, he’s signed the confidentiality agreements as well as you have. He can’t out you any more than you can out him.” Cyndy looked confused.

“I know. It just makes me nervous.”

Alexa jumped in. “Jeremiah Wade? He’s different. Vaughn, stay away from him—he’s a little scary, and not in a good way. I’ve heard some of the other subs talking about him. Apparently, his tastes are a little extreme.”

Cyndy said, “Well, we don’t even know if he’s planning on going to The Black Dahlia Hotel. Come on, Vaughn. Fort Lauderdale. Christmas break. You can’t pass that up. You don’t have to participate in the dungeon activities if you don’t want to. I’ve seen pictures and the hotel is gorgeous. Maybe you should take a couple of the sub classes that will be offered to get in and get your feet wet.”

“I can see I’m going to have no peace unless I agree.”

“Exactly correct.” Alexa was smiling and Cyndy was nodding. Peas in a pod.


* * * *


On the dining terrace at The Black Dahlia Hotel, Fort Lauderdale Beach, Florida, Saturday morning, December 26, 2015


Vaughn, Alexa, and Cyndy were on the terrace overlooking the beach having a second breakfast of coffee and pastries after their early morning flight from Savannah.

“Well, the hype seems to be deserved so far. This is a very nice hotel considering it’s not one of the big chains,” Vaughn said.

“You can’t expect to have BDSM facilities in a Hilton or Hyatt, that’s for sure.” Alexa continued, “I can just see the brave soul proposing to the board of directors that they convert the top floor to a BDSM dungeon and theme rooms.”

Cyndy said, “This rubber bracelet system is very interesting. I like it. There is no question about what anyone is or is not into. You just look at their bracelets.”




“Rise.” When she was standing he pulled her into his arms for a hot and demanding kiss. Her plump breasts were crushed against his chest, and he grazed his hands up and down her back and over her butt. He whispered in her ear although there was no one else to hear him. “Subbie, it’s going to be okay. Relax.” Then he directed her over to the small, elegantly upholstered spanking bench. “On the bench, sub. I think I need to warm you up a bit.”

“I’m not cold, Master.”

He laughed. She was clearly still a little confused. “No, I can see that you’re not, but you are shortly going to be warmer.” He felt the slight hesitation in her movement toward the bench. “Move, sub. Every time you hesitate, you will earn another smack on that beautiful ass. I’m sure you’ve figured out that I am very eager to smack your ass.”

Now she looked worried. He’d better get this first time out of the way in a hurry. He waited patiently as she bent over the bench until her glorious butt was raised in the air. The act of getting into position was an act of submission and probably hard for her. He quickly fastened her cuffs to the supports. Her legs were spread wide by the design of the bench, and he could see her damp pussy. She was shifting as though she was extremely uncomfortable. “Sub, I’m going to teach you to love your beautiful, world-class ass almost as much as I do.” He rubbed the globes of her butt to warm the skin. The first smack landed square on her tender “sit spot,” and she flinched. “We are not going to count. I’ll stop when your ass is nice and pink.” He thought she might be about to protest, but she still said nothing.

He followed up with a barrage of quick, sharp slaps until he felt her skin begin to warm and his hand begin to sting. She probably didn’t realize that she was lifting her bottom into his strikes, and he could see the cream beginning to glisten on her pussy lips. Subbie had enjoyed her spanking whether she knew it or not. Paul thought that was enough for the first time. Her experience in the sub class really didn’t count. He ran his hands soothingly over her red butt and squeezed her cheeks. He hoped the added attention to her ass would help to desensitize her to the embarrassment factor. He’d love to play with her little pink rosette right now, but he thought it would be wise to wait for that.

He released her cuffs and picked her up. He walked to the silk chaise in the corner of the room and sat down with her in his lap. He settled her against his bare chest. “I wanted to get that out of the way, subbie. I like to greet my subs with a nice fanny warming. You do know that there is a difference between punishment and play. That was play.”

“That’s a hell of a way to say ‘hello’, Master. I don’t think I like it.”

“No? Let’s see.” He slipped his hand down between her thighs until he encountered her well-groomed pussy. Apparently she’d had a bikini wax in honor of the trip, and the area around her labia had been waxed clean. That was all right with him, but he really didn’t care for a full Brazilian. “Nice and damp, but not drenched, subbie. Let me see what I can do about that.” He ran two fingers over her slick pussy, glanced over her clit, and she shuddered. It wouldn’t take much to tip her over into an orgasm, but he decided to wait. He wanted her to come on his cock. He began to skim his fingers between the lips of her pussy with a light pressure while he kept a firmer pressure on her clit. Soon she was shifting on his lap as she tried to increase the friction, and he felt the slick moisture begin to gather. “That’s better. I like my sub to be wet and ready.” He slipped two fingers between the lips of her pussy and rotated them until he found her G-spot. He rubbed the inside wall of her vagina, and she groaned. “Do you like that, subbie?”

“Yes, Master.”

“Do you want more?”

“Yes, Master, I want more.”

“What do you want? You have to ask for it.”

“I want you inside me, Master.”

He shifted her weight until she was astride his lap. He reached down and popped the buttons on his leathers. Ah, relief. His hard dick sprang out of the opening at full attention. He pulled her over his cock. “Rub that sweet pussy over my cock, subbie. I want to feel that slick honey.”

She began to stroke her hot, wet pussy over him with enthusiasm. “No coming until I give you permission. You have to hold back no matter what.” If anyone was going to have a hard time holding back, it would be him. The feel of her wet, slippery center contrasted with the short blonde hair cushioning her plump mound was exquisite. When he could stand the friction no more he efficiently rolled on a condom. He lifted her and brought her down on his hard shaft. “Work that fine ass, baby. Serve your Master.” Was that too much? She had blinked at that one. Well, she’d have to get used to submitting to his desires sooner rather than later. He reached around and slapped her bottom. “Faster.” She curled her fingers over his shoulders and began to ride him. He tightened his hands around her small waist and directed her strokes. Her bottom slapped against his thighs. “Harder.” She increased her speed and the length of her strokes.

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