Home at Last (MM)

Suncoast Society 40

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,566
31 Ratings (4.8)
[Siren Sensations ManLove: Erotic Alternative Consensual BDSM Romance, M/M, bondage, caning, spanking, HEA]
Ben didn’t know his Master and boyfriend would leave him homeless and in the lurch. Throw in identity theft just to add insult to injury, too. When his best friend and co-worker, Jake, invites him to move into his spare bedroom, it’s the answer to a prayer. Ben knows Jake’s straight, but it doesn’t stop him from fantasizing about the handsome Dom.
The last thing Jake wants is to take advantage of Ben and come off looking like a douche. That’s why, for now, he keeps his carefully guarded secret—that he’s bi, not straight. Toss in a pair of homophobic parents and keeping that fact quiet has made his life easier.
But as he realizes Ben is perfect for him, Jake’s forced to confront the realities of life. The choice to be with Ben means facing down his parents and confronting darker, more dangerous realities that he never encountered before as a “straight” man.
But can he admit his feelings before someone else steals Ben’s heart?
A Siren Erotic Romance
Tymber Dalton is a Siren-exclusive author.


Home at Last (MM)
31 Ratings (4.8)

Home at Last (MM)

Suncoast Society 40

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 90,566
31 Ratings (4.8)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I love a good friends to lovers story and this was one of those. Tymber Dalton has shown in many of her books that love is fluid and that although a person may be gay or straight, that person can fall in love with a person of the opposite gender and be homoflexible for that person. As I grow older, I believe that love has no gender and this book is a celebration of that. Even the parents who were homophobic, through love, started on the path to acceptance. Great book with laughs and tears -- well worth your time to read
Tymber Dalton has done it again! Home at Last is the story of Ben and Jake. Ben has just been betrayed by his long-term boyfriend/Dominant, Mort. While Mort hadn't cheated on him, he had ripped him off in the worst way, by stealing his identity. Ben was in debt up to his eyeballs when Mort disappeared, owing him several months' rent, running 3 of his 4 credit cards up to their limits, and stealing a significant amount of money from Ben's bank account. But worse than the monetary betrayal was the loss of trust. Ben had trusted Mort as his Dominant, and Mort broke that trust in the worst way possible. Would Ben be able to trust, or love, anyone ever again?

Jake is Ben's best friend. They've known each other for more than 10 years, through work and their memberships at Venture (the BDSM club they belong to), and the Suncoast Society munch group. He's not happy with his relationship with Allison, a childish, self-centered 31-year-old "little girl who wants far more from their relationship than Jake does. She plays at being "submissive," but has become less willing to participate in BDSM play with Jake. The final straw is when she threatens to start playing with other tops. When Jake calls her bluff, it's the beginning end for the couple.

When Jake realizes the seriousness of Ben's financial situation, it's a no-brainer for him to ask Ben to move in with him. He owns his own house with plenty of room to spare. It's cheaper for Ben to move in, pay rent, and help with chores. It's a win/win situation for both men. Once the move is complete, however, the attraction Ben has always felt for Jake soon becomes apparent. But Jake is straight, not gay. As feelings change and accelerate, complications arise. Will Ben be able to trust anyone ever again? Is it possible for Ben to move past what Mort did to him? What about Jake? A relationship between a straight Dominant and a gay submissive isn't exactly what either man is looking for. The future seems uncertain with so many obstacles. Is it even worth it to put their friendship at risk?

Ms. Dalton takes the reader on an incredibly realistic journey through the world of BDSM as seen through the eyes of Ben and Jake. Ms. Dalton has been an active participant in the BDSM lifestyle for many years, and the details and knowledge of that lifestyle as portrayed in her novels are incredibly accurate. She is one of the very few authors I have found who has the ability to craft real, believable, relatable characters that the reader becomes invested in. I always feel as if I'm actually living in the story with the characters. I know from the minute I pick up a new Tymber Dalton novel that I won't put it down until I've finished it.
If you enjoy hot, erotic BDSM romances, I highly recommend Home at Last. As with every Tymber Dalton book, I give it my highest rating without reservation! Thanks for reading my review and happy reading!
Pam S.

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Ben made sure to be ready to go early, while at the same time not saying anything to Jake about the time. If he was going to bottom to the man—and hopefully open the door to doing more of that in the future—he needed to act the part of the good submissive. Not top from the bottom.

He trusted Jake with his ass. Hell, he trusted the man with his life.

He damn sure needed to trust him with something as basic as time management.

Unless, of course, Jake put that responsibility on him.

He’d packed a couple of towels, a leather jock, a swimsuit, spare clothes, his ball gag, and his own leather wrist and ankle cuffs in a backpack to take with them. He wasn’t sure what Jake might have planned, but he wanted to be prepared.

He’d long since thrown away the leather collar he’d had, a cheap one that Mort had given him. The wrist and ankle cuffs he’d purchased himself before Mort.

With the casserole he’d made for their contribution to the potluck wrapped up and ready to transport, Ben headed to the living room. There, he turned on the TV and aimlessly channel-surfed.

When Jake left his room, Ben heard him head straight for the spare bedroom, where Ben had left the implement bag by the door as ordered.

Jake left the door open and Ben resisted the urge to get up and go help him.

If he needs me, he’ll call for me.

When Jake emerged from the hallway a few minutes later, he carried the implement bag and left it sitting in the entryway by the front door.

That’s a good sign. Ben sat up a little straighter, watching.


He’d be a good boy, even if that wasn’t exactly the stipulated dynamic between them for tonight. He’d show Jake how good he could be for him as a submissive. That it didn’t have to be a gay or straight thing.

That it could be a full-time thing between them, even without sharing a bed.

Jake walked over and sat in the chair at the end of the coffee table. “I want to talk one more time before we leave. About tonight.”

Ben nodded and kept his mouth shut.

“Any changes to your hard limits?”

“No, Sir. We’ve covered them. No marks that’ll show at work. Nothing harmful. No blood drawn on purpose. No scat, no watersports. Don’t share me with someone without asking me first if it’s okay if they top me.”

“Red, yellow, green for safewords.”

“Yes, Sir.” Ben glanced at Jake’s brown eyes when he realized what he’d been saying. “Sorry. I know we haven’t discussed that. It just kind of came out.”

“It’s okay. I’d feel a little…weird if you called me that at work or something. In this context, I’m fine with it.” And he gave Ben that smile, the one that threatened to harden Ben’s cock every time he saw it.

Why can’t he be bi?


* * * *


Hell, Allison hadn’t called him Sir most of the time, even when playing.

When she did, it was frequently tinged with more than a little sarcasm. Usually, enough sarcasm to kill what enthusiasm he’d managed to muster to play with her.

The word seemed to fall naturally from Ben’s mouth and sounded right to Jake’s ear.

“Do you have a blindfold and ball gag, or do you want me to use mine?”

“I have those, Sir.”

“I bought a little surprise for you that I’ll show you when we get there.”

“A surprise?”

He couldn’t hold back his smile. “Yep. You’ll find out when we get there. So here are our protocols for tonight. I really like you calling me Sir, so keep doing that. I’m going to refer to you as my boy. Okay?”

Ben nodded. “Yes, Sir.” It broke Jake’s heart just how eager Ben looked.

I need to tell him.

“I’ll decide when we play, but if you feel you can’t, you call red. Understand?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“So do not pester me to play. I’ll decide the how and where and when, as long as you haven’t safeworded. When we finish, we’ll find a spot for your aftercare.”

More eager nodding.

“When I ask you for a color, regardless of when or what we’re doing, I expect a green, yellow, or red from you immediately, even if we aren’t playing. If you don’t respond, everything stops as if you safeworded.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Our protocols for tonight will be you ask for permission to leave my side or to go get something to eat or drink. You’ll serve me first, when I request it. You may speak to others without permission, and you may hug friends or shake hands, unless it’s someone you don’t know or don’t want to. If it’s someone you don’t want to, you look at me and give me a quick shake of your head, and I’ll tell them no for you. Got it?”

Ben’s whole body seemed to relax. “Yes, Sir.”

Jake’s cock ached, throbbing, and he needed a moment to breathe through it. Hell, by now, Allison would have been protesting the rules.

Ben thrived on them.

“From the moment we’re done with this talk, even before we leave, I expect you to be in protocols unless you safeword. And let me repeat—you can always safeword, at any time, for anything. Understood?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Any time I snap my fingers and point at the floor, I expect you to kneel in front of me immediately.”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Any questions, comments, concerns, or adjustments you wish to make?”

“No, Sir.”

“What’s in the backpack?”

Ben told him, and Jake had to hold back his grin. He wanted the cuffs and collar to be a surprise for him. Jake stared into Ben’s eyes for a moment and then softly snapped his fingers before pointing at the floor in front of the chair he occupied.

Without hesitation, Ben rose from the couch and practically levitated into position in front of him, waiting.

Jake smiled down at him and stroked his head. “Such a good boy,” he softly said. “That’s exactly what I wanted to see.”

He thought a soft moan escaped Ben.


* * * *


Ben struggled not to sink deep into subspace. This was so unlike anything he’d experienced before. Mort always had trouble dropping him into subspace, and that was usually only after he’d started scening with Ben.

And it never felt like this.

That Jake could already have him spinning down that rabbit hole just from talking?

Holy shit.

Jake crooked his finger at Ben, indicating for him to rest his head against Jake’s leg. He did, his eyes falling closed at the feel of Jake’s fingers tenderly stroking his hair. “Who’s going to be my good boy tonight?”

“Me, Sir.”

“Who’s going to do everything I tell him to?”

“Me, Sir.”

Ben gasped when Jake’s voice whispered in his ear, his cock throbbing, aching. “Whose ass is going to bear my marks by the time we’re back home tonight?”

“Your boy’s ass, Sir.”

Jake chuckled, his hand pausing on Ben’s head. “That’s right. I’m going to take my time and warm you up nice and slow so you can take the hard strokes I know you need.” Another stroke of Jake’s hand in his hair.

It was all Ben could do not to wrap his arms around Jake’s legs and nuzzle his face against his jeans. “Thank you, Sir.” He couldn’t believe how perfect this felt, and hell, Jake wasn’t even gay!

I couldn’t ask for a better friend than him.

“Tomorrow, we’re going to have a long talk about what happens tonight. That’s when we can get into the other discussions we’ve talked about. I want you to have a taste of what I’m like in full-on Dom mode before going there, though. All right?”

“Yes, Sir.”

“Good boy.” He patted Ben on the head. “Let’s get going. I don’t want to waste a moment of tonight.”




After wiping down the bench, Jake snapped the leash to Ben’s collar, grabbed his bag and Ben’s backpack, and led him away from the bench. The couches were full, but there was a quiet corner along one of the walls where they could sit on the floor and chill out for Ben’s aftercare.

He led Ben there. Setting their bags down, he unzipped his toybag and grabbed the fleece throw from it. After settling in the corner, able to lean against the wall, he spread his legs and patted the floor in front of him for Ben to crouch before Jake draped the throw over Ben’s back, completely covering him.

Ben settled between Jake’s legs, his head resting against Jake’s left thigh.

Jake reached under the throw and stroked Ben’s hair. “Good boy,” he softly said, glancing around and realizing no one was paying the slightest bit of attention to them. “Such a good boy.”

Jake’s cock ached, and he realized he’d conditioned himself over the years. Whenever he’d scene with Allison in private, it nearly always finished at some point with him making her come before busting his own nut.

Even before Allison, when he was in a relationship with someone, that’s what he did. Or he’d go home and rub one out after he played.

However, tonight he’d be going home with Ben, although they didn’t share a bed.

Ben wasn’t just sitting there with his face touching Jake’s thigh, he was nuzzling him. So Jake reached under the throw with his other hand and stroked Ben’s cheek.

Jake’s cock painfully hardened like steel when Ben’s warm mouth closed around his fingers and started sucking.

Holy. Shit.

No, they hadn’t talked about this. Not at all. Still, he couldn’t bring himself to pull his fingers from Ben’s mouth. It wasn’t like he’d made him suck his fingers, right?


And they were only fingers.

Except right now, Jake’s fingers felt like they were connected directly to his cock, and every sweep of Ben’s tongue up and down them might as well be along his shaft and not his hand.

Jake leaned his head back against the wall, the hand on Ben’s head stroking, slowing, fisting a handful of hair and holding on. Ben’s responding moan vibrated not just through Jake’s fingers in the man’s mouth, but through Jake’s thigh, too, where Ben’s cheek was still pressed.

Ben inched farther up between Jake’s thighs without Jake even tugging to urge him in that direction. Closer, closer still, until his nose brushed against the front of Jake’s jeans, along the zipper where his cock painfully pressed against it through his briefs.

This was getting…

Jake wasn’t sure what it was getting. Getting him harder than he ever remembered being in his life, for sure.

Especially once Ben’s nose brushed along the length of Jake’s cock through his jeans. Nuzzling, sucking Jake’s fingers harder as Ben gained confidence when he realized Jake wasn’t stopping him.

Wait, why am I not stopping him?

Because in all honesty, Jake didn’t want to stop him.

It felt like the rest of the party disappeared around them, the world shrinking, drawing in, until it was just the two of them in their private-ish corner, and all Jake felt was Ben there with him.

Ben grew bolder, nuzzling harder, making it obvious what he wanted to do, rubbing his nose up and down Jake’s bulge, zeroing in on the head before traveling down his shaft again.

Jake wasn’t inclined to interrupt.

Ben’s fingers had curled around Jake’s hand, the one he was currently sucking. When Jake slipped his fingers out of Ben’s mouth and reached for his zipper, at first Ben resisted a little, trying to keep Jake’s fingers in his mouth, until he sussed what was going on.

Then, Ben released Jake’s hand and took over, pushing Jake’s fingers out of the way and sliding his fingers along Jake’s zipper, finding the tab, slowly easing it down, even as his mouth sought and recaptured Jake’s fingers.

All this taking place under the throw, out of view. Not that anyone would honestly care with, among other sexy activities currently going on, Scrye fucking June’s brains out on the lanai, where he had her strung up on a portable suspension frame. Or with Sean and Cali tag-teaming Max in the family room, said man securely fastened to one of their new prototype bondage frames and spread wide open while being speared at one end by Sean’s cock, and at the other by Cali and her strap-on.

Ben’s fingers walked up the outline of Jake’s cock and located his belt, working the buckle loose and free, opening it, then the button on his fly.

The fingers Jake had buried in Ben’s hair tightened as Ben slowly brushed his fingers over the outline of Jake’s cock through his briefs. Meeting no resistance, Ben started nuzzling Jake’s cock through his briefs with his nose, even as he still sucked Jake’s fingers.

It was all Jake could do not to start humping the other man’s face. Ben’s slow explorations were no longer tentative. They were sure, sadistically so, as if the other man savored this moment.

Hell, Allison hated going down on him and only did it if he worked her up first. Here was Ben, eager to oblige.

Fuck it.

No, they hadn’t specifically talked about this, or negotiated it. Jake was beyond caring, though. He slowly pulled his fingers from Ben’s mouth and they joined his other hand on Ben’s head. Careful not to pull, not to force, he just rested them there.

“That’s my good boy,” Jake softly said, letting Ben make the next move. “If you want to, go for it. It’s up to you. Your decision.”

Jake knew this was taking things farther than they ever had before. If they did this, it meant he needed to admit to Ben he was bi, that this wasn’t just a random fluke, and that he was attracted to Ben as way more than just a friend.

Jake wasn’t prepared for how fast the other man could move. Still hidden by the blanket, Ben worked Jake’s briefs down and exposed his cock, burying it in his mouth before Jake could even blink. Jake glanced down but all he could see was the outline of the other man under the blanket, his head now slowly bobbing up and down as he proceeded to give Jake the best blow job he’d ever had.

No. Shit.

Closing his eyes again, he rested his head against the wall and stroked Ben’s hair. Hot, wet heat engulfed his cock as Ben’s tongue slipped around his head and flicked along the slit before going deep again.

At this rate, he’d be blowing quickly. Ben must have sensed it, because he circled his fingers around the base of Jake’s cock, pressing against the underside and helping Jake hold back his climax as Ben slowed his strokes.


Of course he hadn’t considered this as a likely possibility for tonight when he’d suggested topping Ben. They were friends and roomies, and Ben hadn’t expressed an interest in him before. Jake had hoped tonight would open the doors to them talking about exploring options at some future point.


But there was no denying the man was good at giving a blow job.

Damn good.

Even with Ben slowing down and trying to prolong it, Jake felt his impending release draw close. “I’m gonna blow,” he hoarsely said.

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