Jana's Fierce Biker (MF)

Viper's Crew MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,000
0 Ratings (0.0)

The only time Jana feels safe is with Gunner and the bike club, which is ironic since every one of them are violent and have broken the law. At any other time, she might have felt fear, but this wasn’t a normal situation.

Gunner didn’t want a relationship. Sure, he kind of envied the brothers with old ladies, but he didn’t know if he had what it took. His brothers spent a lot of time looking after their women because they tended to get in trouble a lot. He doesn’t think he has a choice but to help Jana, but he certainly didn’t intend to fall in love with her.

Be Warned: anal sex

Jana's Fierce Biker (MF)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Jana's Fierce Biker (MF)

Viper's Crew MC

Evernight Publishing

Heat Rating: Scorching
Word Count: 31,000
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Jay Aheer

Gunner walked out of the bathroom and froze. He would remember that moment forever. She sat in the middle of the bed, slowly brushing her hair. It was a feminine thing he’d only seen his sister do a few times when they were growing up, and it never made him feel like that.

He’d wrapped a towel around his hips to appease her until he got her flat on her back and tucked under him. Her eyes skated to him as he turned off the overhead light but turned on the lamp on the nightstand.

Her eyes went back and forth. “Do we really have to have that on?”

He grinned and nodded. “Hell, yes. I want to see every part of you I’m touching. And your expressions as I fuck you.”

Gunner lay down on his side toward her and rested his head on his palm. He waited, watched her for another minute, and guessed she was trying to delay them. “Are you about done?”

He held out a hand. He grinned when she sighed and handed it over. He set it on the nightstand and then pulled her against him. Before she had a chance to take a breath, his lips covered hers and devoured her. Her taste went to his head, and her scent made his cock harder than ever before.

The kiss seemed to last forever, but he wanted to taste more of her. He slid down until he got to her neck. A smile crossed his face when she shivered, and her nails started to dig into his shoulders.

From her neck, he went to her breasts and spent a long time attending to them, and he didn’t stop until her nipples were hard and red. She gasped when his tongue probed her belly button. Fuck, even that was beautiful. There was nothing about her that didn’t appeal to him.

Gunner pried her legs apart, ignoring her when she tried to push him away. He grinned, like that could happen. He was finally in his little heaven. It would take a bomb to get him away from her right now.

He used one hand to separate her cunt lips and then blew on her swollen clit. She screamed, just about jackknifed off the bed, and then collapsed against the mattress. Jesus. She was incredibly sensitive, and he would have fun making her come repeatedly. He wouldn’t hurt or even make her sore but would be in her body somewhere whenever he could.

“Let’s see how my finger does.”

His one finger glided into her cunt, making them both groan. “Jesus, Babe, you’re so fucking tight.”

One of her hands gripped the blanket under them, and her eyes were closed tightly. “Look at me.”

He waited for a moment. “Okay, let’s see how two fingers feel.”

She tried to protest, but he was already working his fingers into her.

“Ahhh,” she cried out.

“Does this hurt?” he asked.

She nodded and then shook her head, making him grin.

He spent a long time stretching her and pushing her to a level of desire that would help him get into her. When he could work three fingers into her, he pulled out and reached for the condom under the pillow.

He rolled the rubber on and was in between her legs within a minute. He cupped her face in one hand, and the other went to her hip to keep her steady.

“Just relax.”


He didn’t like the anxiety he heard in her tone. “Are you in pain?”

She shook her head. “It’s just … so much.”

“You can take me. We’ll take it slow this first time.” He slowly worked his cock into her. When he got it all in, sweat rolled down his back and forehead. He couldn’t describe the feeling at that moment. The closest he could describe it was their souls were being affected. He was content at the same time, hornier than ever before.

Gunner had no idea how he could hold still when every cell in his body screamed to fuck her. The slow glide in and out didn’t last long before both were moaning, and she was begging for more.

“Please, Gunner…”

“Shhh, Babe. Everything’s okay.”

He bent down and kissed her lips as his hips worked to push her over. He felt the tingling start in his spine, and his balls swell.

“Come for me,” he demanded.

He could see her struggle against the pleasure. That wasn’t going to happen. He reached under her and used one of his thick fingers to spear into her tight ass. She screamed and immediately tightened on his cock. He could feel her lose control and started pounding into her.

“That’s it. Another one.”

She shook her head, and her breath was billowing out of her throat. “I can’t.”

“The fuck you can’t. Let’s try this.”

Before she had time to tighten, he pushed two fingers into her ass, sending her right over. He pounded into her a few more times and finally let himself go.

He couldn’t seem to get close enough. His strength left his body, and his forehead dropped to her shoulder.

His cock was still in her cunt and his fingers in her ass, but it was next to impossible for him to get the strength to move. He did have the presence of mind to keep his weight off her.

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