Land of the Brave: Forbidden Spice (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,319
5 Ratings (4.4)
[Siren Ménage Amour: Erotic Cowboy Historical Inerracial Paranormal Ménage Romance, M/F/M/M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
Comanche braves and wolf shifters Chatan, Maska, Kata, and Dustu capture feisty blonde bombshell Mary Spice after she trespasses through their territory. For Mary, that’s the good news, since they happen to be her mates.
Not one to miss an opportunity, she is thrown into a world of love, passion, and danger. America is progressing, and progress means there’s no room for Native Americans to run wild and free. The buffalo are gone, and their way of life is over—it’s time to find a new way.
Setting off from their territory in the Southwest, she and her mates make a trek to a new homeland, guided by the spirits of her mates’ ancestors. Her alpha, Chatan, leads the way, followed by an old nemesis, a psychotic Arapaho Squaw with a grudge, and a troop of US cavalry. Their trek attracts attention, and they start a new tribe.
Nothing will be the same again.
Note: This book contains double and triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Land of the Brave: Forbidden Spice (MFMMM)
5 Ratings (4.4)

Land of the Brave: Forbidden Spice (MFMMM)

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 55,319
5 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing
I really enjoyed this story. I would highly recommend it.
Karlyn Plett




Screeching in pure rage, Mary lobbed a rock at her nearest captor. She had been bruised and battered, and had her arm broken. She certainly was not in the mood for any romantic shenanigans. She was not about to allow those two idiots to get their puny dicks anywhere near her. Apparently, they thought she belonged to them. Like hell. If she’d had a knife, she’d have sliced their privates down to a stump. She lay naked on her blanket, her arm in a sling, and had to admit, reluctantly, that she was far more irritated with herself than her annoying captors, if she was going to be completely honest.

She had been in the cave for three weeks, having taken a fever after her tumble from the horse. She had caught a chill, which had left her helpless and at the mercy of the two warriors. They had proven her wrong about their kind, treating her with such caring and concern, that she had become used to their presence. Gradually they had made her accustomed to their closeness, to the touch of their hands on her body, so soothing and so gentle. And then, last night, they had lain with her, warming her with their own heat, and she had slept a soundless sleep, feeling safe and secure.

She should be feeling terrified that she had awakened lying between them, her body warm and devoid of clothing, with their equally bare bodies wrapped around her like a cocoon. Instead, she’d felt safe, and a little aroused by their proximity. Her nipples had ideas all their own, forming into hard little nubs without any help from her. That was just plain irritating. Even now, after sending her annoying captors packing, her nipples refused to behave themselves. It was outrageous that she had just woken up next to two naked men. She should be completely horrified. Except her clit was begging for their return.

One of the men had dared to place his hand on her bare breasts, flicking the nipple teasingly with his index finger while his brother stroked the curve of her ass. They had nuzzled at her, like two puppies, sniffing her and making snuffling sounds, which was weird. She felt no real fear of them, which was alarming in itself. Her body seemed to respond to them as though it knew them, as though it wanted to do far more than simply lie beside them. They had been gentle with her, their touch soothing, and her instincts told her that they meant her no harm…it was their other intentions that had her a little alarmed. And her body was embarrassingly responsive. As gorgeous as the braves were, she was not the sort of woman who opened her legs for the first man who was nice to her. She had been married, for goodness sake. She was not some cheap floozy.

She heard hearty laughter as her tormentors departed, and scowled into the darkness, wincing at the pain stabbing up her arm. Not since childhood had she fallen from a horse, and she was not pleased to have been thrown off this time, like a sack of potatoes. Despite her attraction to the pair of dimwits who had captured her, she was smarting at being bested on horseback. Usually, she could literally run rings around any competition. It had kept her alive for the past five years as a Pony Express rider.

Settling down, Mary glanced around, observing the flickering firelight dancing off the walls, and was puzzled that her captors had not killed her already. From all the stories she’d been told, the Comanche did not usually take prisoners in this neck of the woods. Taking a shortcut through their lands had been a gamble, but she’d been sure the local tribe was far away, chasing buffalo or whatever else they did to stay alive. She had not anticipated coming across the two gorgeous warriors, clad in buckskin pants and not much else. Their skin was a deep coppery hue, with sinewy muscles rippling as they moved, making her breathless as she’d watched. A far cry from her late husband’s pallid tones and tubby figure.

She felt a twinge of remorse for thinking such things. Her husband had been a lot older than her, in his forties to her twenty-five, and had succumbed to influenza whilst at sea. She had not loved him, but had been loyal. She had been flattered by his attentions, a rich older man interested in little old her. As a seamstress, she had been fairly independent, and had her own small business fixing clothing for the merchant classes. In London, that was no small feat. Accepting Alfred’s proposal after a six-month courtship, she had spent two years married to him before the lure of foreign shores had tempted him to put their life in England’s capital behind him. She had felt an overwhelming urge inside her, as though this was the opportunity she had been waiting for, and had gone along. She had ended up alone, penniless, in a distant land thousands of miles from home.

A sound at the cave’s entrance had her looking up, and she shelved thoughts of Alfred to scowl at the familiar intruder. He sauntered confidently closer, a naughty glint in his eyes that did nothing to ease her temper. He seemed to know that most of her ill will was bluster. His glance at her now-covered chest confirmed that fact. He knew that she had responded to him and his companion.

He carried a bowl filled with something that steamed gently. Kneeling, he eyed her cautiously, obviously expecting an attack. Crossing her arms, Mary gave a sharp cry, forgetting her sore arm. She clasped it gingerly and winced. Immediately, he looked concerned, which was odd really. He should not be tending to her. She’d just thrown a rock at him, for goodness’ sake.




Kata slid closer to the warm bundle that was Mary, savoring the softness of her womanly form against him. He lifted her leg, hearing her soft sigh, and hooked it over his hip. The position left her open for him, and he took full advantage, tracing an explorative path along her slit, feeling the moist heat. She shifted restlessly, still asleep, tired from their long ride. He’d been thinking of nothing else all day but waking her like this, and then sinking his cock deep inside, claiming her as his. He’d also wanted to get some payback, and beat his idiot brother, Dustu who had already claimed her but seemed to take delight in preventing Kata doing the same.

Mary sighed, her thighs parting wider as Kata stroked her slick folds and rubbed her little bud. He was enjoying her soft, sultry moans. Even in sleep she responded to their every touch, seeking them out. It was a heady experience, and made him so proud to be her mate…something he planned to finalize right here, right now.

Finding her wet and ready, Kata slid his cock home, hearing the slight hitch of breath as she came awake fast, clutching at his shoulders. Her breasts filled his hands and he squeezed them reverently, idolizing the heavy globes and testing their weight. She had a truly inspiring pair of breasts, and when they had completed the mating, and she was with child, he would enjoy watching them blossom even more. He had a dirty little fantasy that involved having a taste of her breast milk, and having her come from his mouth alone, before fucking her slowly, and bringing her to completion a second time, so he could plant his seed again. He could think of nothing sexier than seeing her heavy with child, her breasts ripe and magnificent. He would pleasure her over and over, sinking his cock into her warm sheath from behind as he stroked her belly.

“Kata,” she husked, pulling him down. He went willingly, feeling her legs wrap around his waist, her heels digging into his buttocks as he began to make love to her slowly. His cock slid in and out easily, her damp core welcoming him with tiny quivers, contracting around him as he made love to her. Her nails were sharp as she gripped him tighter, and he buried his face between her breasts, licking at them and sucking at the succulent fruit. Her nipples ripened under his mouth, and he spent long moments rolling them on his tongue, sucking at her relentlessly as she moaned into his shoulder, trying to muffle the sound.

They had found a secluded corner of the large cavern, but sound traveled, and the slightest noise reverberated. Everyone would know what they were doing, and Kata grinned to himself, thinking of Mary’s blushes in the morning when everyone gave her knowing smirks.

Upping the tempo, he felt her gripping his long hair, massaging his scalp as he plowed her silken pussy. Panting now, he lifted his head, staring at her with passion-glazed eyes, loving the wildness in hers. Her back arched, her breasts pouting and red, her mouth open on a soundless moan. He kissed her, the scorching heat of her body sending his cock into a frenzy as he pounded at her, never wanting it to end. The feel and taste and scent of this sexy siren drove everything from his mind, but the need to make her his at last. He felt his cock swell, his balls draw up and then he let out a strangled yell, his fangs dropping. Wrenching away from her tempting lips he struck, biting deep into her shoulder, beneath Chatan’s mark, and felt his cock lock into place, the barb extending and depositing his own chemical mark. He felt her teeth bite into his neck, muffling the sound of her scream, and bucked, holding her tightly to him as his seed spurted deep inside her giving channel. He felt her convulse, her pussy clenching around him, milking every ounce of his seed that he could give. He shuddered as he felt claws where her fingernails had been, and knew that she was almost ready to shift. Once the final piece of the mating bond clicked into place, she would shift completely, and be ready to carry their child. To him, that meant everything, the start of their family, the continuance of their lineage.

“I love you, little dove,” he whispered, dragging his fangs from her and kissing her tenderly. She melted against him, stroking his back gently and kneading his buttocks as they both came back to earth.

“I love you too, Kata,” she murmured back. “You’re all so special to me, I don’t think I could live without you.” They lay for a long time, kissing and cuddling, enjoying the aftermath, lost in each other. 

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