Lawful Domination (MFM)

Uniform Fetish 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,246
24 Ratings (4.4)

[Ménage Amour: Erotic Consensual BDSM Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, light spanking, sex toys, HEA]

Stephanie Vasquez can’t seem to keep the law off her back. Officers Grayson Myers and Dominic Weston are dead set in teaching her to abide by the rules of the road. As much as she’d love to give in to their flirtation, she’s hesitant to trust any men—even if they do look delicious in their police uniforms.

After she’s caught in the middle of a major crime investigation, her two cops take her into their protective custody. They teach her that it’s okay to trust them, to give in to their raw domination of her body and soul.

Grayson and Dominic have a lot invested in the feisty brunette. They want to keep her for themselves, to finally commit to one woman. But will the criminal element get their hands on her before they can prove their love?

A Siren Erotic Romance

Lawful Domination (MFM)
24 Ratings (4.4)

Lawful Domination (MFM)

Uniform Fetish 2

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 34,246
24 Ratings (4.4)
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Cover Art by Jinger Heaston
I love Stacey's books. This one was really good!
Great reading. Stephanies kink with men in uniform is obvious throughout this story. This book is well written and the sexual aspect is hot between these three.



Stephanie stepped out of her car without being told and waited with her arms crossed. She tapped her low heel, resting her hip against the driver’s side door.

When she saw him, her bravado quickly diminished. She stood up straight, dropping her arms to her sides. As he strode toward her, she fiddled with the hem of her jacket. She was surprised that he didn’t remind her of the Saturday night drama. All she saw was the uniform and his dark eyes completely trained on her. She felt a delicious violation, as if he undressed her with just a look.

“Ms. Vasquez, we meet again.”

“Have I done something wrong, Officer Myers?” She was surprised how easily the flirting came back to her. One minute she’d been pissed off with the world. Now everything was sunshine and daisies.

“It’s a one-way street.”

She looked up and sure enough there was another arrow pointing in the opposite direction. He’d set her up.

“You signaled for me to pull over.”

He shook his head, pulling out his ticket pad and pen. He flipped over the cover and tapped the pen to his thick lips. “You chose to turn here. I gave you a break last time. This is a second offense.”

His face was so void of emotion, she wasn’t sure if he was playing or serious. Then she noticed Dom exiting the passenger side of the cop car. Maybe he’d be more reasonable, like last time.

“What do you have against me?” she asked. “I really can’t afford a ticket for this. Just because you saw me at that high-priced gala doesn’t mean I’m rolling in money. I was just covering it for the paper.”

“I know.” He wrote on the ticket, not looking at her.

“How do you know? Does it say where I work on my police record?”

“You don’t have a record.”

The late-afternoon sun highlighted the strands of gold in Dom’s dirty-blond hair as he neared. She couldn’t help but stare at his broad shoulders, the way the navy material clung to his hard muscles. “Problem here?”

“Yes. Why am I getting a ticket?”

“You must have committed a crime.” They stood side by side, a massive wall of authority. She felt weak in the knees as a wave of want and need slammed into her. “Turn around and face the car.”

She frowned, wondering what he was doing, but complied.

“Hands on the car.” They were treating her like a common criminal. When Dom’s hands locked around her wrists from behind, her breath caught. “Now, don’t move.” She couldn’t even speak, never mind move. Stephanie should be furious, venting steam for the treatment, but she only wanted more. Her fantasies were playing out and she expected to wake up to the alarm clock buzzer any second.

He squeezed her arms from wrist to shoulder in slow, measured increments. It felt like a sensual massage more than a frisking.

“Aren’t female officers supposed to search women?”

“I’m just patting you down, sweetheart. Don’t get excited.” He skimmed the backs of his hands down both her sides at once. Her eyes lolled back in her head, her nipples pebbling. What she really wanted was for his hand to reach around and cup her mound. When he bent down and ran his hands down her bare legs, she nearly cried out for him to reach under her skirt. She was glad she’d freshly shaved her legs this morning.

“She clean?” asked Officer Myers.

“Very.” His voice was anything but professional. It was deep, promising hours of depraved pleasure. Was it wrong to hit on a cop? She wondered if these nuts would charge her for harassing an officer if she tried.

“Can I turn around now?” She still had her hands on the hood of the car as told.

“Good girl. You can follow instructions well,” said Myers.




“Protective custody, remember? That means you’re mine for the weekend. My property. Whatever I say goes.”

Her breathing picked up. There wasn’t enough air in the whole city to meet her needs. “I understand,” she said. This was the ultimate turn-on for Stephanie. She craved to be dominated, which was a key part of her uniform fetish. The uniform symbolized power, authority, dominance, and male strength. Her pussy cramped, aching to be fucked. How long would he make her wait? Would he spank her for giving Dom head and not him?

“And you’re supposed to be my partner,” he said to Dominic. “That means sharing everything.” He came closer, forcing her to back up. When her back hit the cold, hard wall, he drew her arms high above her head.


“No speaking,” he said. He secured her wrists with one hand and lowered his head to take a breast in his mouth. It felt so fucking good, the energy from his mouth scattering through her body like electricity. She felt the blood rush out of her arms as he kept them upstretched, but when she’d wiggle her fingers, he’d tighten his grip. “Keep your arms up,” he said before crouching in front of her. Her arms felt like lead. When she finally dropped them he stood back up.

“I can’t just hold my arms up forever,” she said in defense. He reached behind him and unhooked something from his utility belt. Grayson dangled the silver cuffs from a fingertip.

“We’ll be late for fishing,” she said.

“I don’t need long, baby girl. Regardless, we’re not leaving this basement until you’re filled with my cum.”

“Yes,” she whispered, barely able to speak. She wanted it hard, fast, and dirty.

“Yes, Officer Myers,” he corrected.

“Dom, tie her to the waterline.” He tossed his partner the cuffs. She felt surrounded, excited, and confused. What did he plan for her? She already felt exposed with no shirt on, her nipples swollen and sensitive.

Dominic was eager to help his partner. He attached one end of the cuff to her wrist and the other to a heavy metal bracket embedded in the concrete wall. The low position forced her to sit on the hard ground. This wasn’t exactly a magical, romantic place, but it added to the naughtiness with its dungeon-like feel. She was Gray’s prisoner, forced to do his bidding. It wasn’t too difficult from her point of view. Not when he had a killer body and fuck-me eyes.

Gray returned from the darkness, his cock in his hand. He’d rubbed salve on it, now slowing stroking the thick length. “You’re going to remember this moment,” he said. Before she could question him, a beam of light caught her attention. Dom was videotaping them.

“What’s going on, Gray?”

Officer Myers.”

She exhaled, feeling anxious. Stephanie had never videotaped sex. It seemed sleazy and suspicious to her. “Officer Myers, what the hell is going on? What do you plan to do with that tape?”

“It’s just for us, sweetheart. Don’t forget—we’re the law.”

Dom aimed the recorder at her lap just as Gray reached up her skirt and tugged off her panties.

“Nice tits, Steph,” said Dom, looking at her through the recorder.

She had one free hand so she reached out to touch Grayson. His shoulder was so warm, his muscles firm. He shook his head in disapproval. “You have one hand to touch yourself. I’ll be busy with your pussy for a while, so play with your tits. Show Dom how good they feel.”

Stephanie had no desire to be an actress, but she did love to please these two men. Their approval was suddenly the most important thing in her life. She wanted their love and affection, not just their bodies.

Grayson spread her legs so wide she thought they’d snap off. Her skirt rode up to her waist, and the beam of light from the recorder bounced around her pussy. “I’m going to double fuck you again, but not with Dom. He didn’t want to share so now he gets to watch.”

“Then who?”

He held up a chubby black dildo. It was thicker than the nightstick, but more forgiving in texture, slightly wobbling as he held it. “Not who, what.”

“For a couple guys who live alone, you two have an awful lot of playthings.”

“Would you rather us be inexperienced?” asked Gray.

She supposed she benefited from their skills, but didn’t like to think she was just another conquest on their road of discovery. Stephanie wanted to be their last stop, the woman to make them honest.

The slippery phallus was pressed against her anus. She wasn’t expecting it. Her pussy was pulsing, desperate to be filled. “That thing’s too big to go in there,” she said.

“It’s made from a mold of my cock. We both had one done.” Gray wedged the thick silicone into her tiny asshole. She was leaning back against the concrete wall on an angle, her legs forced wide open. Dom filmed every move.

“It’s too big!” she squealed. Stephanie felt ready to burst, but she knew it was only that first inch that caused discomfort. After he passed her tight anal ring, she’d be flying high.

“Stephanie, behave.” Gray’s voice was deep with a menacing tone. He shoved the slick chubby into her ass. She gasped, her chest rising and falling as if she’d run a marathon. He smacked the side of her ass, creating an instant burn. “Take it!”

She willed herself to relax as he worked the fake cock deep into her ass. From her awkward position, she could watch all the action. Soon the black phallus was only a stump, the entire length impaled inside her.

“Touch yourself,” he said. She reached down and gently rubbed her engorged clit. When she attempted to close her legs, he held them open by the knees. “Dom’s filming this. It’ll be our entertainment this weekend.”


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