[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Paranormal Ménage a Trois Romance, M/F/M, shape-shifters, light spanking, HEA]
Sexy tiger shape-shifters Sam and CJ Goldclaw have a strict rule—they don’t get involved with guests on their vacation ranch. When Rachel returns to the ranch, she’s not a guest anymore. All bets are off as they spend steamy summer nights together. But she lives and works in New York, and they won’t leave Texas. Rachel’s boss, Mason, also wants to stake a claim. Can they work out a long-distance love affair, or is their hot and heavy attraction too much to resist?
When danger rears its ugly head it threatens to separate Sam, CJ, and Rachel forever. Sabotage threatens their relationship and the future of the ranch. If they don’t discover the culprit in time it could mean the end of all their dreams.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Em Ashcroft is a Siren-exclusive author.
Tigers in Her Bed (MFM)
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Cover Art by Les Byerley
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Sam narrowed his eyes. “And he’s just your boss?”

Indignantly, Rachel slammed her glass down. “Yes he is. Did you think he was anything else?”

“It crossed my mind. When we saw you with him this morning, CJ and I both thought you were very close.”

Rachel sighed. That wasn’t the first time they’d had that reaction. “I just like him, that’s all, and we’ve spent a lot of time together.” She found Sam so easy to talk to. None of the inherent anxiety that led her to talk too much affected her when she was with him alone. It wasn’t that she felt entirely comfortable, not that because a prickle of awareness always crackled between them, but… She groped for the explanation. That was it. She trusted him. He would not judge her, and he never had. After her roomie, Brooke, had moved into the main house, they had made sure she was looked after, spending more time with her than the other guests.

It was just a pity she hadn’t been able to persuade one of them to go the extra mile. She hadn’t even been in this house before. Now she shook her head. “He’s just my boss, but he’s a good boss.”

“Not even fuck buddies?”

Her laugh was awkward. She hadn’t expected him to be so blunt, and she didn’t like the insinuation. She lifted her chin and glared.

He gazed at her, his stare intent.

“No,” she said, when it was obvious he wasn’t about to stand down. “I don’t think Mason would do that. He respects people.”

“So do I.” He leaned forward, his chair emitting a light creak. “But I want to be your fuck buddy.”

Shock jolted Rachel. It caught at her throat. “What?”

“You heard.”

“But I thought you didn’t—you know, with guests?”

He laughed, a light, happy sound. “You’re not a customer or a guest. You’re here to work, just as I am. That puts us on a more even footing, wouldn’t you say?”

Her heart started beating again, double time as if to make up for when everything stopped. “Are you kidding me?”

The smile gone, he shook his head. “Not one bit. I wanted you before, and that’s not changed.”

“You did?” The squeak returned to her voice.

“Sure. But it wasn’t right. Listen, Rachel, I don’t want to sound swell-headed, but women hit on me.”

“I can believe it.”

He glanced away then back at her. “Thanks for that. That wasn’t what I meant. I’m a shape-shifter.”

“I know that. Why, do you shift during sex or something?” Her pussy dampened, and she had to work not to rub her thighs together.

“If I want to. The shifting is under my control. It’s not that. Since human women became potential breedmates, I’ve had women come on to me even more. Before that, just being here seemed to be enough. Now they try to trick us.” He drummed his fingers on the table, a soft, thudding sound, and a slight frown creased his forehead. “Do you know how breedmates are made?”

Rachel shook her head. “I never really thought about it.”

“Two breed partners have sex with a woman. Straight up, vaginal sex. They are both unprotected. The magic happens when the sperm hits the womb, and they are bonded. They also make a child. Or two.”

“Like Brooke?”

“Just like that.” His face relaxed. “Except they fell in love.”

Rachel had never heard these things before, not even from Brooke. “Do ordinary people know that?”

He shook his head. “Not many. They don’t know exactly how it happens because we haven’t told them. We’ve agreed to keep certain things to ourselves.”

He was trusting her. That meant so much to Rachel. “You know I chatter, right?”

A smooth smile curled his lips. “I’ve also noticed that you don’t say anything important when you run on. I think it’s cute.”

She gaped at him. Cute? “Nobody’s called it that before. Annoying, infuriating, irritating, sure. Even I find it annoying sometimes.” He’d given her a confidence. She could only give him one in return. “I can’t help it. I just start, and I watch myself, and I can’t stop.”

“Don’t stop. I love it.”

Nobody had said that to her before. Everyone she had ever come across either walked away from her or told her to control herself. Either he took no notice or, like Mason, told her to shut up. She preferred Mason’s approach best of all. Mason must have come to the same conclusion as Sam because she was still working for him, and she’d given nothing important away. They were right. She chattered on, but she never revealed confidences or privileged information.

Sam’s attention gave Rachel something she rarely felt. A sense of self-worth was the nearest she could get to describing it, although that wasn’t exactly right. “You can talk to me like this? Do we make an informed decision or something?” She was out of her depth here. Her sexual experiences were mainly in the heat of the moment, easy come, easy go, although she didn’t indulge very often. Too many dangers in the big city for a girl to be wary of.

“I want you to know. That’s all. You know why I’m sitting here, across the table from you?”

She shook her head.

“Because if I didn’t we’d be in bed right now.”

His low tones thrilled her to her soul. “How?”

He got to his feet and held out his hand. She knew he was offering more than to help her to her feet. If she took his hand, she was accepting something. Accepting him, and maybe his breed partner. But he wouldn’t force her. She knew that too. That talk sitting at the kitchen table, with him holding himself so still, so carefully away from her until he learned more, showed her he could control himself.

She took his hand and let him pull her to her feet. She kept coming until her breasts pressed against his chest and he curved his arms around her. His cock pressed against her, hard and insistent.

Then he kissed her.




The rustle of clothing came from her left when Sam stood too, leaving her alone, lying on the sofa, legs spread wide and juices leaking from her slit. Sam was getting undressed. CJ kept his jeans on, but the ridge of his erection pressed hard against his fly. Shit, he looked enormous. Did shape-shifters have bigger cocks?

She was about to find out.

Sam came into her field of vision. Rachel’s eyes went wide when she saw that column of muscle that reared up between his legs. A brief wave of panic rose and then was gone, as if soothed away by an unseen hand. Sam gripped his cock and held out his other hand. CJ slapped a foil packet into it. Did they make condoms large enough?

It seemed they did. He smoothed the rubber over all that straining flesh and came down to her. He knelt between her legs, gazing at her pussy. Far beyond embarrassment now, she bathed in his appreciation. Reaching down, she spread her pussy lips for him, her fingers slipping on the wetness.

“Honey, I knew it. You’re for me, Rachel.”

She was, she couldn’t deny it. “Then fuck me, Sam.”

At last, after a year, she was about to get her wish.

He slid his cock against her crease, a bulbous invader, but one she welcomed. Flicking a glance to her right, she saw CJ watching intently, hands on hips, powerful shoulders and broad chest on blatant display. The tip lodged in her opening. Sam pushed, and wet though she was, she couldn’t take him in. CJ moved to sit behind her, lifting her shoulders onto his leg so she could see what Sam was doing. Sweat beaded on Sam’s forehead and he eased in a little more. Her cunt stretched wide, and she gasped, but she held still and let him push in some more.

A sense of release flooded through her as he went past the opening and pushed inside. He tunneled into her, relentlessly sliding within her, seemingly endlessly. He slid past the neck of her womb, deep inside, to a place she hadn’t been aware of before.

His pubic hair nudged the bare skin of her pussy, added a prickling sensation to the full-to-bursting deliciousness of his possession. He owned her right now. He could do what he wanted, and she wouldn’t care.

“Don’t stop. Please.”

“Hey, we need to take it easy.” He groaned low in his throat. “Fuck, you feel so good. You’re pure honey, hot and irresistible.”

A faint sound came from CJ. He had his hand in his open fly, but he wasn’t jacking off. He was holding his cock, pressing at the base to stop himself from coming.

Then Sam moved, and her world came apart. He pulled nearly out and then back in, a slow, deliberate stroke that pushed her so close to the edge she hovered there, waiting.

He stopped and glanced down at where they joined and then up at her face. He said nothing, but his eyes burned her, singed her into a crisp of needy desire.

“Fuck me.”

“If you don’t think that’s what I’m doing, then I’m doing it wrong.” With a tight grin, he pulled out again then pushed deep. “You’re ready.”

Of course she was fucking ready. She wanted to yell at him, but as she opened her mouth, he thrust and slammed into her, their bodies slapping together. Instead of yelling, Rachel howled, an animalistic shriek as she finally tipped over and plunged into the abyss.

Above her, Sam went nuts. He slammed into her, his cock rooting deep, making itself part of her. Sharp, unbearable heat hit every part of her, invading her. She wasn’t sure where her orgasm ended or began. It just went on and on, burning her with the kind of heat she could bathe in forever.

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