[Siren Ménage Everlasting: Erotic Cowboy Paranormal Ménage a Quatre Romantic Suspense, M/F/M/M, shape-shifter, HEA]
Did Linda Brewster’s Dear John letter indirectly cause her ex-boyfriend’s death while serving in Iraq? If so, she needs to ask his family to forgive her.
Linda is catnip to werecat cousins Gabe and Adam Price and their werecat friend, Daryl Jackson. She makes them go wild, and she makes their cats need to mate. The fact that her ex-boyfriend still haunts her bugs them, but until she faces his family, they’ll do their best to distract her in any way they can.
Linda’s ready to let them claim her, but just when everything seems to be going her way—just when she’s finally gotten the courage to face the family—her life is threatened.
The men will do anything to save her, but what they may have to do is beyond daunting.
Note: This book contains double penetration.
Note: this book contains triple penetration.
A Siren Erotic Romance
Jane Jamison is a Siren-exclusive author.


Purring in Fate (MFMM)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




All three of them grew closer. How they did so, she wasn’t sure. If they kept getting closer, they’d soon be sitting on top of her.

I’d rather be sitting on top of them, bopping from one to the other as I screw their brains out.

She imagined them all in one bed, naked, as she rode each man for a few minutes before sliding over to the next man. Their hands would be all over her, their sexy words of love in the air.

“We’re searching for our mate.”

Her imagination came to a screeching halt. “What’d you say?” Daryl couldn’t have said what she thought he’d said. No way.

“We’re looking for the woman who will be our mate. Our lover. Our woman.”

She studied him as though what he really meant could be found reflected in his expression. “Do you mean you’re looking for a wife? All of you?”

“Call it what you want. Wife, mate, it’s all the same thing,” said Gabe.

“What is this? Seven Brides for Seven Brothers?” She started to laugh, but they were serious, not a smile among them.

“No. Just a mate for three.”

She studied Gabe harder.

“Honey-pot, we’re looking for one woman to share.”

He had to be kidding. But if he was, why didn’t Adam and Daryl say he was kidding? “One woman? For all three of you? Not separate women? Not one for each of you, but just one for all of you? Together?”

Now they grinned, obviously amused by how she’d clarified the situation.

“Wow. That’s something.”

Daryl dipped his head, catching her attention. “Do you get what me mean, sugar-pie? We want you to be that woman.”

She finally did laugh. But not because what he’d said was funny. It was too incredulous to be funny. “Come on. You got me. That’s one hell of a joke.”

“We’re not joking, babe.”

She still tried to shake it off. “Well, at least you called me something normal. Babe.” She snorted, sounding very unladylike. Very un-mate-like. “But sugar-pie and honey-pot? Seriously?”

Why were they watching her so intently? As though she was the crazy one?

“We’re serious, sugar—” Daryl stopped in time. “We want you to be our woman.”

She dragged in a deep breath. “You really mean this? But we don’t even know each other. This is our first date, for God’s sake.”

Adam shrugged. “When you know, you know.” He checked with his cousin and friend. “And we definitely know.”

“You’re crazy,” she whispered. Yet, somewhere deep inside her, she was thrilled. Who’s the crazy one now? she asked herself.

“Just give us a chance.” Daryl leaned back. “Let us prove we’re meant to be together.”

Yes. “No. I’m not going to commit to being your mate. Not to three men I don’t even know.”

“Don’t you?” Adam took her by the chin. “Ask yourself this. Do you think we’re good guys?”

She should’ve taken time to answer, but she knew right away. “Yes. Shawna said as much, too.”

“Good to know.” His gaze dropped to her lips then back to her eyes. “And tell me this. You’re attracted to us?”

Tell him no. “Sure. I mean you guys are very good-looking.”

“It’s more than that.” Gabe slid his hand behind to cup her neck, turning her toward him. “You know it’s more than the fact that you’re beautiful and we’re good-looking. There’s something primal, raw between us.” He closed his eyes and drew in a long, slow breath. “I can smell how much you want us. And we want you, too. More than any woman we’ve ever known.”


“Still…” Still what? Still, she was undeniably attracted to them on a level she’d never experienced before? Still, she didn’t know them, but at that moment, she didn’t care?

“Still nothing,” added Daryl. “You’re going to be our mate, Linda. Get used to the idea.”

Was he prophesizing? Or ordering her? Either way, it was a turn-on.

“Look at those people.” Gabe pointed toward the center of the bar. “Don’t you see how many women are surrounded by at least two men? That’s the way it is in Fate.”

“Look at them hard, sugar-pie.” Daryl chuckled, the sound low and very sexy. “And yeah, sugar-pie is a silly name, but it’s what I’m going to call you. Because it fits.”

“He’s right,” added Gabe. “Although honey-pot fits you better.”

“Look at the people, babe.” Adam pointedly stared at the tables filled with men and women. “Do you see how much they’re drawn to each other? That’s how it is with us. And the attraction will only get stronger.”

She gazed over the crowd, seeing the people through fresh eyes. “Are you saying everyone in Fate is into ménage relationships?”

“A good, solid majority of them are. It’s considered normal around here,” answered Adam. “So what do you say, babe? Want to be our mate?”

They had to be playing her. Why else would they bring up such a strange conversation? Yet she scanned the room again, this time going toward the bar. Who she saw there had her tensing up. Seeing Will’s father at the bar was enough to make her forget about the men.




Adam wrapped one arm around her, picked her up off the ground, then set her on top of the car’s hood. Suddenly, he had her on her back, her legs spread. She whimpered not from fear but from need as he tugged her shirt out of her jeans and pushed the material up to her neck. His mouth found her nipple through her bra. He sucked and cupped the other breast.

She clung to him as he put his teeth to the bra and tore a small hole in it. A chuckle flowed over her exposed nipple a second before he swiped his tongue over her taut bud.

Shit. Yes.

She hooked her ankles together behind his back and held him to her. He covered her completely as his hands roamed under her bra then yanked it away. A yelp escaped her. Her hands worked at the buttons of his shirt but couldn’t make sense of them. She moaned her frustration, but it wasn’t to be.

“Turn.” This time it was Gabe uttering the one-word command.

“Damn it.” Yet Adam pushed away from her.

For one moment, she was alone, the light from the overhead lamps casting shadows around her. The night air chilled her breasts. But she wasn’t alone for long.

Gabe fell on top of her, his face between her breasts as he cupped them and pushed them against his cheeks. She grabbed hold of his hair, determined not to let him leave as Adam and Daryl had done.

Sliding his tongue between her breasts, he licked his way from one nipple to the other. Supporting his weight on one arm, he kept at her breasts as he struggled to undo her jeans. At last, he popped the button then yanked the zipper down.

Adam and Daryl tugged off her shoes. Her jeans followed after them.

Her panties were gone in the next moment as Gabe looked up once, grinned at her, then put his head between her legs. She gasped as his tongue found her throbbing clit. Grasping for anything to hold to, her fingers raked over the hood.

“Please. Oh, yes, please.” Her head spun as the sensations his tongue and fingers gave took possession of her.

Bending her legs at the knees, he put them over his shoulders. His thumbs held her open as he devoured her, swirling his tongue around her clit then diving into her pussy. She moaned, squirming at the pleasure-pain. His slurping, sucking sounds added yet another layer of sin that had her whimpering, silently begging him to replace fingers and tongue with his cock.

“Turn,” said Daryl.

She couldn’t have said anything if she’d tried. Gabe’s tongue had taken her speech.

“Damn it. Turn,” demanded Daryl.

Again, she was left alone, bereft of his touch as Gabe moved away, wiping her juices from his mouth and chin with the back of his hand.

Daryl took her by the legs and yanked her lower torso upward, her legs over his shoulders. His eyes flamed amber as he crushed his mouth to her pussy. Hard and fast. Soft and slow. Daryl took her to the point of no return, only to back off and let her relax for a moment. She cried out, sure she’d lose her mind before a climax came.

His fingers found her asshole and pushed their way inside. She cried out again as he matched his fingers’ strokes to his tongue’s licks.

Adam leaned over the hood to take a nipple into his mouth. Gabe did the same with the other side. They tortured her nipples as Daryl lay seige to her pussy and asshole.

She couldn’t breathe, yet she couldn’t stop squirming. How could something so good feel so bad at the same time, driving her to the point of screaming, begging them to stop while making them promise to never turn her loose?

“Turn,” muttered Adam. He, too, had to repeat the order before Daryl let her free.

Adam put her bottom back on the hood but spread her legs wider than ever, so wide she couldn’t wrap her legs around him. He pushed at her inner thighs and brought his mouth to her pussy. Lapping at her, he drank from her, his tongue sliding from her pussy, around her clit, then back to her pussy.

She cried, almost in tears at the need to let go. “Please. Fuck me. Please.”

Adam lifted his head, her sweetness a shining layer around his mouth. “Damn straight I will, but not before you come for me.” With a wicked smile, he put his face to her pussy again. His tongue flicked over her clit, again and again, driving her insane.

Her climax came, hitting her hard. For a moment, the world spun and grew dark as the intensity almost knocked her out. Tremors racked through her as her orgasm spun free, terrorizing her body as it plundered its way through her. Over and over the waves came, releasing her pent-up need as Adam drank her cream.

“Oh, wow.”

Adam straightened up. “I hate like hell to say this, but you might want to pull your clothes on. Rasmussen and a few others are coming this way.”

Will’s father!

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