Were Trilogy Complete Collection (MFMM, MFMMM)

Were Trilogy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 207,290
7 Ratings (4.3)

Box Set #75: The Tigers of Texas, Volume 1 (All 4 books for $3.99)

In Were She Belongs, Lexi has been abducted, is unable to escape, and is about to be murdered. There is growling, bodies flying…and the next thing Lexi knows, she’s staring into the eyes of some sexy wolf she met at the club. Along with her old friend Sierra, the three Alpha males helped save Lexi, but although she is attracted to them, she knows she can only bring them danger and pain. But Paul, Saber, and Andre have found their mate, and they are ready to claim her body and soul. The only problem is that Lexi trusts no one. She’s lived on the streets, survived on her own, and refuses to be pampered. But her mates know that she is in danger and that she is safest with them. It’s going to take some sneaky, dominant sexual tactics to convince Lexi that she is where she belongs.

In Were Love Found Her, the Sinclair, McFay, and Crimson packs are not out of the woods yet. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Lexi’s cousins Jacob and Troy Crimson are about to be murdered. They are attacked at a party in their club VALERIES and, if not for the quick reflexes of one sexy blonde, Jacob would have been killed with a silver blade. Antoinette is stunned by her reaction to the two Alphas, and she is absolutely floored when two more Alphas also claim her as their mate. She’s not sure she can handle all four. But there is an evil force set on destroying all Alphas and ruling the world, and he’s set his sights on Crimson, McFay, and Sinclair first. Lexi and Antoinette must combine their powers, and with the help of their Alpha mates, destroy their enemy and save their packs.

In Were Love Conquers All, Princess Charity Mossano of Milan is the Chosen One. But she is forced to remain hidden as a rogue wolf named Devlon continues to hunt her. He wants to mate her to gain her powers, destroy the circle of elders, and rule the world. In response, Charity establishes a security firm to protect the last Royal were-family: the Venificus triplets. Maximus, Luther, and Dante are incredibly powerful, wealthy, charming, and dominant males. And when Fate leads Charity to the Venificus estate, she realizes that the Royal Alphas are her mates. But while she is still coming to terms with this, Devlon sends an assassin to kill Dante, and Charity has to reveal herself to save him. The battle of all times begins, and with the help of her spirit sisters—Lexi and Antoinette—and their Alpha mates, Charity must fight to save their lives and the world. 


A Siren Erotic Romance
Dixie Lynn Dwyer is a Siren-exclusive author.
Were Trilogy Complete Collection (MFMM, MFMMM)
7 Ratings (4.3)

Were Trilogy Complete Collection (MFMM, MFMMM)

Were Trilogy 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 207,290
7 Ratings (4.3)
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“Bedroom, now!” Saber ordered in a deep, demonstrative voice. He looked so demanding and forceful, and as he pulled his shirt up and over his head, she saw his tattoos. He had the body of a warrior, made for fighting and defending, all the way down to his perfectly cut abs to the small patch of dark hair that disappeared below the waist of his camouflaged cargo pants. He was so damn sexy she felt her body’s reaction, and so did Paul as slurping, sucking noises echoed in the air.

Andre lifted her from behind, causing Paul’s mouth to leave her momentarily until his fingers took its place engaging her cunt. She wrapped her legs around his waist as he continued the in-and-out motion with his fingers harder and faster.

“You’re ours, Lexi, all ours,” he growled before licking her skin.

Andre held her back against his chest as they walked in unison toward the bedroom.

What a slut she must have looked like. Sprawled out in midair between three of the most charismatic, controlling men she ever had the pleasure to be touched by. They were hot. There was no denying what her body, mind, and soul wanted. This was it. She was about to lose her virginity and had no idea what she would be giving in to or gaining.

Lexi continued to pant with need until the feel of their hands all over her and the anticipation of what was to come overtook her body. She screamed her release as Andre muffled her cry with his mouth. They turned her around and placed her on the bed spread-eagled. Andre lay on her left, holding her arm up above her head with one hand while the other caressed her inner thigh.

She twisted and tried to turn. The cool air touched her lips, and she tried to pull her legs closed. No one had ever seen down there, and here she was shoving it in their faces. It was too much. She felt so much, her body burned for more. Paul lay on her right, holding her arm above her head. She was left at their will and mercy, open for them to do as they wished and desired.

Her head rolled side to side.

“That’s it, little one. This is what you waited for. You weren’t meant for anyone but us, our little virgin,” Saber whispered, and when she focused on his voice, she saw him standing at the edge of the bed between her legs and completely naked.


* * * *


“Oh my God!” she choked out between heated breaths. He was huge. Beyond huge, he was way bigger than anything she imagined.

“I know you’re scared, Lexi, and we’re hung way bigger than average, but I guarantee you’re gonna love it. Now just relax, and let us pleasure you,” Paul whispered with that cocky little arrogant grin of his. But he wasn’t lying. Saber was the whole package from head to toe just like she was certain his brothers were. Any woman in her right mind would be throwing herself into this situation or fantasizing about it happening to them. Paul’s words repeated in her head.

Hung way bigger than average? What was that supposed to mean? They all had garden hoses for dicks? Above average? Average? What did she know?

The panic set in until Saber moved closer and Paul pulled his fingers from her. She watched as he sucked the juices off each digit and moaned. Andre took that moment to pinch her nipple and lick the slight pleasure-pain away.

Saber bent down before the bed, his face mere inches from her mound, and inhaled, closing his eyes. When he opened them to look at her, they were green and yellow.

He licked her clit and twirled his tongue around her lips before plunging into her. His tongue felt long and thick. Before she could even think about whether it was human or his wolf, the sensations took over.

He growled, and she felt his hot, heavy breath, the vibrations were too much and she tried to move. She moaned and inadvertently lifted her pelvis toward his mouth. Andre and Paul chuckled between licks and sucks.

“I can’t hold back. My wolf needs inside you.”

He growled and lifted his face from her. She felt disappointment, but then the tip of his cock tapped against her vagina.

“He wants in, Lexi. Touch him. Show him where you want it to go,” Paul grunted as his hands continued to caress her inner thighs.

She could see how badly Saber was holding back. The veins looked more defined by his eyes and throat and his teeth were clenched. She wanted him to take her virginity. She wanted all three of them.

With a shaky hand, she reached for his long shaft, surprised at how smooth and solid it felt. It was thick and pulsating with her touch. She watched mesmerized as precum lingered, then dripped from the mushroom top.

“Please, baby, tell me you want it.”

“Yes, Saber. Now.”


* * * *


Saber pushed slowly inside her, feeling the vaginal walls grip his flesh. He was only inches in, yet he felt the need to come surge through him. He begged for full penetration, urging his beast to wait to claim her fully.

“She’s so fucking tight. I can’t move,” he ground out through clenched teeth before grabbing her hips and preparing to go deep.

Lexi moaned as Paul and Andre tweaked her nipples, sucked on her neck, and eased her tension. Andre kissed her, swallowing her moans. Paul reached down and played with her pussy lips, sending Lexi over the edge and Saber deep into her.

She screamed her release, and the moisture was enough lubricant to get Saber fully inside of her. He moaned with satisfaction as he grabbed her hips and plunged in and out. At first he moved slowly. It was so slow and torturous she begged him for more. She pushed her hips toward him, and he got the message.

“You okay, baby? You want more?” he asked.

Andre released her lips as she panted and barely got the word “yes” out of her mouth.





“Baby, here I come,” Jacob whispered as he held his beautiful, engorged cock in his fist, smiled, then lined it up to her entrance. They locked gazes, and he smiled, then pushed forward, slowly and carefully. It was completely different from the first few times. They truly wanted her to feel loved and appreciated, not just their possession. She felt the bond grow stronger and her love for them growing as well.

A gentle brush to her cheek gave her full attention to Luke. The intense look in his eyes and the sight of the mushroom top inches from her lips brought on a surge of desire and determination. The man was huge, and she wondered if she would ever feel confident enough to take him all the way inside her mouth. Perhaps it was impossible.

She swallowed hard, licked her lips, and lowered her eyes right before he pressed forward.

“Oh, baby, you drive me crazy when you look at me so innocently. You’re more than I could ever have hoped for.” Luke’s words touched her soul, if that was even possible. It felt that way as he brushed his thumb across her bottom lip before he pressed the mushroom top between her lightly parted lips.

Eagerly she opened for him as Jacob remained still inside of her.

She felt Jacob’s gaze on her as she took Luke inside her mouth. It was empowering and the most erotic feeling.

Toni closed her eyes as Luke caressed her hair and cupped her head. It was a gentle hold yet commanding. She allowed them to lead her, make love to her, and set the pace.

Thrust after thrust, her two wolves made love to her, Luke to her mouth and Jacob deep inside her core, while Brad and Troy looked on.


* * * *


Luke tried to remain in control, but Toni was sucking him in hard, sensual strokes, leaving him panting for air. He felt the tightness in his chest, the triumphant roar of his beast’s spirit as the feel of Toni’s moist, sexy mouth devoured him whole.

“That mouth, baby. I can’t take it,” he roared as he exploded inside of her.

He could feel the rhythm of Jacob’s thrusts as he continued to pump into her, grabbing her hips and lifting her higher.

Luke caressed Toni’s cheek as she panted, trying to catch her breath in between thrusts from Jacob. She released her hold on him, and the feel of her teeth and tongue releasing his rock solid cock made him ache with excessive need.

He wanted inside her just as Jacob was, and seeing her naked, lips swollen, chest pink, and her body spread for them to ravish, he knew he had to feel her depths.

“Jacob,” he whispered, and one look at Jacob’s distorted expression and Luke knew he was about to lose it.

They had a silent understanding as Jacob pressed his body to Toni’s then rolled to the side, taking her with him so she now straddled his body.

“Ride me, baby, let me feel how badly you want it.” He growled at her, holding one hand against her hip while the other held her neck and head in place.

Luke absorbed Toni’s expression. She looked wanton and exotic. Her golden locks wild and untamed while her breasts bobbed in the air with each thrust from Jacob.

She threw her head back despite Jacob’s hold on her, and when Jacob held her throat, caressing his thumb possessively, Luke wanted in.

As Toni thrust up and down, showing her desire, the men growled with anticipation.

Jacob scooted lower so his legs hung off the bed, and Luke took position behind Toni.


* * * *


Toni felt invigorated and desirable. She rode Jacob hard and fast, her insides filled with need, and her muscles ached from overuse. She didn’t care. She wanted her men touching her, tasting her, all over her.

When she felt Luke’s hand pressed against her back, she paused, feeling a knot in her gut. Luke was huge. Would he fit in her back entrance? Would it hurt or be the best thing that she ever felt before? She wanted them all touching her or inside her at once, but it wasn’t possible. She knew that, but her inner desire to have them possess her was overpowering her rationale.

“It’s okay, Toni. I’m going to go nice and slowly. You stop me if you’re not ready.”

She took a deep breath and pressed her chest to Jacob’s, lifting her rear to Luke.

She held Jacob’s gaze as he rubbed a hand along her backside while his other hand held the base of her head.

“I want to. I’m ready Luke,” she whispered, then closed her eyes.





In a flash, they laid her body on the table and spread her legs. Luther lifted her hips from the table, placed her thighs over his shoulders, and then plunged his tongue between her soft feminine folds. He licked her pussy lips and nibbled and pulled the sensitive flesh with his teeth while Dante focused on her breasts. She panted and twisted beneath their ministrations until Luther growled and rose higher. She heard his zipper and felt his movement before sensing his cock by her opening.

“We will fill your body with our scent, mark you ours, and there will be no need for a formal announcement. You belong to Venificus.” He growled his words then shoved forward, sending her body into immediate combustion. His long, thick shaft penetrated her vaginal walls, sending tiny vibrations of lust through to her soul. Her vaginal muscles gripped his hard cock with such need and desire she lost her breath. She felt every sensation, every bit of need Luther desired with each of his thrusts. He needed to possess her when and where he wanted to. He was her Alpha, her lover and mate for life.

In and out he rocked his hips, thrusting his cock deeper into Charity’s core. His brothers cheered him on and helped to intensify the love making. A lick to her right breast, a tug on her left nipple. She was too caught up in the depth of Luther’s thrust to distinguish what mate did what action.

She felt Luther’s claws at her hips and his cock elongate inside of her just as Dante pinched her nipples. The sharp, hard claws somehow didn’t break the skin and instead soaked her pussy and caused Luther to somehow penetrate deeper. She moaned her release as Luther pumped two more times before exploding his seed into her womb as his balls slapped against her ass. He fell against her, biting into her shoulder next to his brother’s mark.

Before she could completely recover, Luther pulled from her body then moved to the side as Dante took his place. She panted before him, eyes heavy but her body ready for round two. She had an overwhelming desire to be everything these three men wanted and needed in a mate.

Dante stared at her breasts and then her face while he caressed her needy breasts. Her bosom somehow tingled with need to be touched, licked, nipped at, or just devoured by him. It felt as if she could lose her mind if they didn’t touch her there. When Dante caressed his thumbs across each sensitive nipple then rolled it between his fingers, she moaned a small release. He bent down and licked between his fingers, taking her right nipple between his teeth and teased her. After a few licks, nibbles, and fondling, he moved to her other breast and did the same. Charity moaned and arched her hips off the table. Dante removed a hand from her breast and pressed her back down. His large hand encompassed almost her entire stomach as he began to press his large body forward. She wiggled with need.

“Dante, please. I need you,” she panted, and he smiled while his long, thick erection pressed against her wet folds. She felt her body tingle with desire. Her vaginal muscles gripped him tight as he pressed against her sensitive spot. She closed her eyes and moaned while she tilted her pelvis upward. He leaned forward, pulling her thighs over his shoulder, while he licked her breasts and then her belly. It was amazing, and she was compelled to touch him anywhere she could reach.

He pulled from her body, and she whimpered from the loss of him being inside of her. When she looked at him, she saw the intensity of his facial expression.

Then her focus shifted to the feel of his tongue trailing a pathway to her pussy. He licked between her wet folds then nibbled the delicate flesh. He was filling her with more desire and need.

“Please, Dante. Please.” She begged for more.

He growled at her. “I needed to taste my princess’s cream. It’s too delicious to ignore.”

He squeezed her inner thighs, and she thrust her pelvis toward his hands in desperation for more.

Dante smiled then lined his cock up to her swollen pussy and slowly pressed into her. It was torture as she moaned and pushed her pelvis toward his, trying to get quicker penetration.

“On my command, I am in control. You belong to Venificus.” He ground his teeth then shoved forward, forcing her breathless and open to his desires.

In and out he thrust his cock through her tight vaginal muscles, trying to find release and to fully claim his mate.

She lifted her arms up, leaning on her forearms, shoving her pelvis toward him, trying to meet him thrust for thrust. Each time his cock massaged against her inner muscles, the deep ache she felt seemed to settle down. She wanted more and needed more from him.

Dante reached to her neck and hair then leaned forward, covering her mouth in a voracious kiss while he thrust against her. She felt his balls slap against the crack of her ass, and the table creaked as she panted in this sensitive position.

She could hardly stand it any longer. Her body was about to explode with lust for her men, her mates, her protectors. 

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