Lawfully Wed (MM)

Love Wins


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 12,209
0 Ratings (0.0)

Edgar Lopez and Scott O'Hara from Shawn Lane's best-selling story Unobtainable are back! The duo are long time partners in the Haydon Cliff Police Department's homicide division. And romantic partners as well. But now, even though they know it will split them up in the department, they want to take their relationship to the next level ... marriage.

Planning a wedding ends up being more complicated and costly then Edgar imagined, until his mother proposes the perfect solution, her backyard. With Scott on board with the wedding plans and the honeymoon cruise, it's only a matter of time before the now former partners are Lawfully Wed.

Lawfully Wed (MM)
0 Ratings (0.0)

Lawfully Wed (MM)

Love Wins


Heat Rating: Sizzling
Word Count: 12,209
0 Ratings (0.0)
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Cover Art by Written Ink Designs

Rivers smirked. "As I was saying, congratulations. I expect to be invited."

I nodded. "And?"

"I'll talk with Callahan and Mantegna. You'll be partnered with them. You guys set a date yet?"

I exchanged a look with Scott. "No. We're still trying to decide if we're having something small or something big."

The smirk widened. "Who wants the big and who wants the small?"

Scott snorted. "Take a guess, Cap. See how well you know us."

"You want the small and Lopez wants the big."

"Right you are."

"Hey," I said. "I only plan on doing this one time. It needs to be momentous."

"Okay. So get out of my office. As soon as I can tell the other guys, and get an official date, I'll let you know. Got it?"

We both rose.

"We got it."

* * * *

Scott was quiet most of the rest of the day, but I decided not to push it. Not there at work. When we left to go home would be a different story.

But when we finished for the day and left the station, I eyed him. "Well?"

Scott shrugged. "I hate that we have to break up to stay together."

I laughed as I clicked open the locks of the car. "That's some weird ass logic there."

"You know what I mean. As partners. We worked great together. Well beyond what I figured."

Frowning, I got in the driver's seat. "You had doubts we'd do well?"

"I'm the one who said we shouldn't be partners, remember?"

I glanced at him. There wasn't even a trace of a smile. "But because we were having sex and you thought it didn't mix and you thought I slept around."

He rolled his eyes. "You did sleep around, Edgar."

"Not when it mattered," I insisted.

"Okay," Scott agreed, his voice softening. "But I meant before all that. When Rivers was first going to pair us."

My frown deepened as I started up the car. "You ... wait. What?"

"I had doubts. You were cocky and had a rep. And I was attracted to you. While in the closet."

"Still. Wasn't I known as a good cop?"

"Yeah. You were. Which is why I ended up agreeing. But I'm not going to lie, Edgar. I fought the idea at first and in the first few weeks I thought, yeah, my trepidation was right."

"And you were a closed mouth, cold son of a bitch," I replied. "Or I thought so." I grinned. "Guess we were both wrong."

Scott finally did smile then. "Guess so."

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