Light in the Dark (LoveXtreme)

Taking Chances 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,634
6 Ratings (4.5)

[LoveXtreme Forever: Contemporary Menage Romantic Suspense Romance, M/F/M/M/M, reverse harem, HEA]

Samantha Grey lived a totally ordinary, boring life.  So she is totally unprepared to have someone fixated on her.  It all started with a note then escalated to the point where she no longer feels safe in her home.  When her friend Cassie suggests leaving town for a few weeks to get away and offers her cousins' ranch as the perfect place to go she accepts.

When David, Cash, Lance, and James get a phone call from their cousin Cassie asking if her friend Sam can stay on the ranch for a few weeks, they agree.  What they didn’t expect was for their lives to be turned upside down from the sexy, sweet Samantha. Now all they have to do is keep her safe from her stalker and convince her that they are meant to live happily ever after together. 
Light in the Dark (LoveXtreme)
6 Ratings (4.5)

Light in the Dark (LoveXtreme)

Taking Chances 1

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,634
6 Ratings (4.5)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing




Lightning lit up the sky again, casting out the shadows briefly. Instead of being comforted by the fact that she couldn’t see anything out of place, it just made her more unsettled. Knowing that sitting in her car all night wasn’t an option, Sam got her keys ready, grabbed her purse, took a deep breath and left the relative safety of her car.

Three months ago, Sam had left her favorite coffee shop to find a note left under her windshield wipers. At first, she wasn’t overly concerned. The note wasn’t threatening, it just said that she was beautiful. A few days after the note, she found flowers on her hood and thought it was cute that she had a secret admirer. She kept waiting for him to introduce himself, but he never did.

Over the past three months, she had received over sixty notes, notes that had gone from sweet and complimentary to just downright scary. She had quit leaving the house because almost every time she did, she got another one.

Sam went to the police after she received a note at her home. She filled out a report and was politely told that there wasn’t much they could do for her. To say that she had been frustrated by that conversation would be an understatement. With no idea who could be stalking her and no help from the authorities, Sam was left feeling completely out of control and at a loss as to what to do about it.

Breathing a sigh of relief, she made it inside and had her front door locked between her and the stormy night. She didn’t know how long she could keep living with this kind of stress. Sam felt as if she was going crazy. For goodness sake, she had herself convinced she was going to be attacked walking to her front door.

Walking further into her home, she could feel the exhaustion she had been fighting making itself known. All she wanted to do was lay down and sleep. She knew Cassie had been trying to help by getting her out of the house, trying to take her mind off of everything, but Sam had felt as if someone had been watching her all night and couldn’t relax and enjoy herself.

Thunder boomed loud enough to shake her windows. Her lights flickered then went off, and Sam cursed the storm that must have finally hit, taking her sense of security as it took her lights.

Sam walked toward her bedroom and the flashlight she kept in her bedside table. Finding her flashlight, she clicked it on and let out a scream at what she found waiting for her on the bed—a white corset with white lace panties accompanied by the words “next time” scrawled across her mirror with lipstick. Backing out of the room, she turned and quickly made her way out. Her hands were shaking so bad she fumbled the flashlight, letting out another scream when it went out, plunging everything back into darkness.

Sam knew she needed to calm down, get her phone call the cops, and get out of the house. She made her way carefully toward the front door and her purse, where her phone was.

Sam sat in her car, her whole body trembling as she waited for the cops to arrive, thinking of what she had discovered upon entering her bedroom. She didn’t even know where to begin to process all of this. What would have happened to her had she refused to go out? What would this guy have done if she had been home? Would he have raped her? Murdered her?

When the police finally showed up, she was grateful to have something to distract her from the thoughts she had running rampant in her head. Her brain had been going around in circles, and that didn’t do anything but upset her. Now as she answered the cops’ questions and watched her home being turned into a crime scene, she was exhausted and scared.

The home she had been building over the last two years had been violated. Most people might think she was overreacting, but this was her first true home. Sam had been left at a fire station when she was three weeks old. A so-called safe haven baby, she had no idea who her parents could be. She had spent the next thirteen years bouncing around foster care until she was put in the Fredericksons’ home. Sandra and Curtis Frederickson had taken her in with open arms. Not having been able to have kids of their own, they had decided to become foster parents. She was the first kid to be placed with them, and for the first time in her life, she had felt as if she was home. They had been so patient gaining her trust and affection. She spent three years with them before they died in a car accident. After that, she went back into the system, went through three more homes before turning eighteen.




James was there kissing her as he stroked her body with his hands. He nipped at her lips, causing her to gasp. She opened her mouth for his tongue to dive in, rubbing against hers as his hands explored her body. They seemed to be all over the place, tracing along the swells of her breasts before running along her ribs, drifting over her rounded belly to play with her swollen pussy lips.

His hands felt so good playing in the slick heat of her cunt. Dragging her cream up to her clit and circling it slow and soft until she was arching into his hand, trying to get more. Just a little more and she would go flying, again.

Sam was starting to think that they were trying to kill her with pleasure. What they were doing to her body wasn’t fair. She couldn’t tell if she was coming or going anymore, she just felt like an aching mess of need, and the only thing that could take the ache away was James’s thick, hard cock pounding it away.

Every time he brought her right to the brink, and she thought she would feel some relief, he backed off, bringing her back down before ruthlessly driving her back up.

“Please, James, please. I can’t take it. Please,” she sobbed. Staring into her eyes, he slid his fingers through her drenched folds, pausing to dip them in and out of her pussy a few times before sliding them further down to her ass. She was shocked by the sensation of him massaging her rosette, causing her muscles to relax before pushing the tip of his finger in her back entrance. She had never really thought about anal sex before, but as the initial burning sensation from his finger entering her faded, nerve endings she didn’t know she had started lighting up.

“Unh,” Sam groaned as she let her eyes roll back, breaking the eye contact they had maintained as he started to play with her ass.

“Look at that, brothers. She likes a finger in her ass. I bet she would like a cock even more. What do you think, sugar? You want to try taking me in your ass as Cash fucks your pretty little pussy?”

“Yes! Yes, I want to. I want to try and take you both,” Sam replied and then moaned as James slipped another finger in and started to scissor them, stretching her.

“Honey, you look so fucking hot with James’s fingers in your ass,” Cash said as he moved closer, sliding his fingers in Sam’s empty pussy.

“Oh God! I can’t take it. I need you in me. I need both of you in me!” Sam growled as she pumped her hips, searching for that little bit more she needed to send her over.

Sam licked her lips when she caught sight of David pumping his cock in his fist. She wanted to take him in her mouth and suck him till he came, wanted to taste his essence.


* * * *


Cash lay on the bed watching James pull his fingers from Sam’s ass. He gripped the base of his cock, anticipating the feel of her slick pussy enveloping his painfully hard dick.

“Climb up on Cash, sugar. Ride him while I get this sexy ass ready to be fucked,” James said after taking her mouth in a kiss.

“Come on, Sam. I need to feel that sweet pussy on my cock,” Cash told her. He watched her sit up before straddling his waist and teasing her dripping opening with the tip of his engorged dick. The sight of his cock splitting open her lips as she slowly, oh so slowly sank down on him.

She worked his hard length into her, moaning the whole time.

“Mmm, God you feel so good, Cash,” Sam groaned out when he was finally balls-deep in her. Cash agreed it felt fucking incredible to be in her. In fact, he didn’t think he would ever be the same after experiencing exactly how good it felt to be buried deep in her.

He couldn’t tear his eyes from the sight of his cock tunneling in and out her. His cock glistening with her juices was so visually stimulating that he would never be able to get the image out of his head. After what felt like forever, James was pushing her down over Cash’s chest so he could have better access. Cash growled as James’s fingers slid back into her ass, making her pussy feel even tighter around his cock.

“Shit, James, hurry the fuck up and get in her before I lose it.”

“Are you ready for me, sugar?” James asked.

“Yes, God, yes,” Sam cried out. Cash moaned as he watched Sam’s eyes close and her mouth go slack as his brother started to forge his way into that delectable ass of hers.

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