To the Moon and Back (MFMM)

Slick Rock 26

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,190
9 Ratings (4.6)

[Siren Menage Everlasting: Contemporary, Romantic Suspense, Cowboy/Western, MFMM, HEA]

Just as she’s facing financial ruin, Jodi Regan is offered the chance of a lifetime. She agrees to a partnership for a new shop, and though her life is changing for the better, she’s exhausted after three months of disturbed sleep. Someone is trespassing on her property and terrorizing her.

Whenever the police come, the cops can never find evidence of trespassers or foul play. Jodi wonders if she’s paranoid.

Deputies Walt, Dirk and Emmet Kyson are mesmerized by Jodi when they meet her and know she’s the woman for them.

Deeds from her childhood make her wary of men, but there’s no denying the attraction she feels for the brothers.

Jodi realizes she’s happy and in love, but the danger lurking in the background escalates and she’s abducted.

It’s a race against time for the Kyson brothers and their colleagues to figure out who’s abducted Jodi and to rescue her.

When a gun is put against her head, she thinks her life is over.

Becca Van is a Siren-exclusive author.

To the Moon and Back (MFMM)
9 Ratings (4.6)

To the Moon and Back (MFMM)

Slick Rock 26

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 69,190
9 Ratings (4.6)
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Every now and then she got mad and tried to use her anger to her advantage, but her swinging emotions were getting out of hand. There was only one highlight in her life and that was being able to see and work alongside Talia in their new specialty shop. If it hadn’t been for Talia Maxine, Jodi would likely have been out on the streets and bankrupt.

Her internet café business had been floundering, and if Talia hadn’t approached Jodi with her idea about selling gourmet cheeses and other gourmet food that was grown and produced locally, she would have had to sell her business. As it was, Talia, who’d looked at the shop Jodi had owned with the intention to buy, had offered her a partnership. The shop had only been open about two months but business was booming and they were making tidy profits.

While Jodi should be over the moon that she was now able to afford to pay her rent, her utility bills, and buy herself food, she was too scared and weary to be elated.

The noises in and around her home had been going on for around three months now, but no one, including her, had found the source.

Jodi wasn’t sure how much longer she could continue this way without breaking down or going insane.

She’d caught Talia watching her with concern often since they’d begun their business partnership, but Jodi wasn’t about to unload her problems on her new friend. Talia was ecstatically happy with her three fiancés and Jodi didn’t want her troubles to mar her friend’s happiness.

When she heard another loud thud, she almost screamed but thankfully caught herself in time. If someone was deliberately trying to terrorize her, she didn’t want them knowing their plan was working.

The house she was renting was a few miles outside of the town of Slick Rock, and she’d been here for a little over twelve months. She’d loved the cottage style house and the beautiful gardens as soon as she’d seen them, but right now, she wished she was holed up in an apartment or condo with other people close by.

She frowned when she realized the next noise was further away from her room. Was whoever was trying to scare her getting tired of her lack of reaction? She hadn’t bothered calling 9-1-1 after the first five times because she’d ended up doubting herself and so embarrassed she hadn’t been able to look the officers in the eyes anymore.

Flinging the covers aside after unlocking her arms from around her legs, she got off the bed, gripping the baseball bat so hard her knuckles ached, and crept through her house on silent bare feet.

As she moved through her house, she peered out windows wishing she’d remembered to close the blinds when she’d gotten home from work, but she’d been so exhausted it had slipped her mind. At least she’d remembered to make sure the doors were locked before she went to take her bath before crawling into bed.

It wasn’t until she entered the kitchen that she saw two large shadows standing outside her kitchen window. Since she hadn’t turned on any lights she was hoping that the men couldn’t see her, but she sank down to her knees just in case. Now that she’d had her suspicions of foul play confirmed, she needed to call for help, but she’d left her cell phone on her bedside table in her bedroom. She’d never bothered connecting the house phone since she already had a phone and didn’t need the added expense.

Slowly backing up using on one hand since she was still holding the baseball bat in the other and her knees, she listened intently trying to hear what the men were doing. However, her heart was thundering so loudly, all she could hear was her own rapid heartbeat and her blood rushing through her veins. When she was sure she was out of sight of the kitchen windows, she shoved to her feet and hurried toward her room on trembling legs. Grabbing her cell phone from the nightstand she called 9-1-1 and whispered to the dispatcher to call the police after giving her address and telling her about the men.

Even though she was told to stay on the line until the police arrived, Jodi dropped her phone onto the bed and raced back down the hall on her tiptoes.

She stopped outside the kitchen doorway trying to get her harsh choppy breaths under control, but in the next moment she was screaming as something crashed through the window, shattering it.

She spun around, her hand over her mouth trying to stifle her sobs as she ran to her bedroom, slamming and locking the door behind her, then she hurried to the adjoining bathroom on trembling legs, closing and locking that door behind her, too.

Jodi stepped into the bath, pulling the curtain forward to hide her body from sight, sank down into a crouch, clutching the baseball bat in both hands while praying that the police didn’t take long to arrive.

She was scared out of her mind and shaking life a leaf in a stiff breeze.

Even though she had a weapon, she wasn’t sure she had the strength or the will to use it. If she didn’t find the gumption to take a swing at one of the men, the other guy was sure to make his move while her attention was directed elsewhere.

Whomever had been scaring her shitless had just upped the ante and Jodi had no idea what to do, or who or why she was being targeted by.

What frightened her most was that the offenders would get inside and kill her before the law arrived.

Where they here to kill her? Or where they terrifying her for another reason?

Jodi wasn’t sure she wanted to find out.


They’d all been so honest with her, she needed to do the same. Her cheeks were probably very pink because they felt so hot, and though she hoped they’d put the hue down to the kisses they’d shared with her, she knew she was only fooling herself.

“I’ve never been with… I’ve never had sex before,” she whispered.

Walt moved toward her. “Are you on the pill, baby?”

She met his gaze briefly, nodded, and lowered her eyes again. When her gaze snagged on his hard cock, she closed her eyes and tried to get herself under control. She was trembling and breathing way too fast.

Walt grasped her chin, raised her eyes up to his. “We’ll go slow, baby. We’d won’t ever hurt you. Do you trust us to take care of you?”

“Yeah,” she said.

“Thank you, Jodi,” Walt said. “Lift your arms.”

She frowned at him, puzzled over his demand, but she lifted her arms above her head. Walt bent at the waist slightly, grasped the hem of her shirt, and eased it higher up her legs. She inhaled and held her breath. He looked at her questioningly, silently asking her if he could continue, and she nodded.

He moved fast then, whipping the shirt up her body and off over her head. Dirk and Emmet stepped closer gasping noisily as they sucked in deep breaths.

“So fucking sexy,” Dirk rasped out.

“You have the most gorgeous breasts I’ve ever seen,” Emmet said hoarsely.

“Fucking perfect.” Walt skimmed his hands from her hips up her sides only stopping when his hands were on the outside of her breasts.

Jodi tried to resist the urge to arch her chest toward him, but the craving won out. “Oh!” she cried out when Walt covered her boobs with his big hands. She started panting when he kneaded and molded her breasts with his hands and when he squeezed her nipples between his fingers and thumbs, her legs shook harder.

“We need to get her on the bed,” Emmet said.

“You’re right.” Walt nodded, scooped her up into his arms, pressed his knee onto the mattress, then lowered her into the middle of the bed. Then he climbed up and crawled closer.

Dirk and Emmet moved around the end of the bed to the sides of the mattress and got up on either side of her.

She squeezed her eyes closed when they cupped a breast each and gasped when Dirk licked over one of the hard peaks. Emmet swirled his tongue around her other nipple then drew it deep into his mouth. She moaned when he suckled in her sensitive nipple.

She opened her eyes when Walt caressed his hands up the outside of her lower legs, then higher and higher until he reached her hips. He gripped her pelvis, nudged her legs apart, and maneuvered between her thighs. When he leaned forward, she gulped. He pressed his mouth to her belly, and she shifted her legs restlessly. He sat up again and moved out from between her legs.

Dirk palmed her cheek, turning her head toward his then he was kissing her. Emmet was plucking and pinching at one of her nipples while sucking on the other.

Jodi was on fire and felt as if she was about to burn to ashes.

Walt hooked his fingers in the side of her panties, tugged them down over her hips and from under her ass, then pulled them down her legs and off. Once more, he parted her thighs by pressing her knees apart and then he was back between her legs.

Dirk broke the kiss, pushed Emmet’s hand from her breast, then sucked the nub into his mouth.

Walt glanced up her body, meeting her gaze, holding her spellbound as he caressed a finger up through her folds. “Oh!” she gasped.

“You like that, baby?” Walt asked as he dipped the tip of a finger into her wet pussy.

“Yes.” She groaned.

“You’re so fucking responsive, love,” Emmet said after releasing her nipple from his mouth with a wet pop.

She blinked up at him. When he leaned closer, she reached up to cup the back of his neck, tugged him down, and met his mouth with hers. She caressed her hand down over his cotton-covered chest until she found the hem, tugged it up, and slipped her hand under the material to his warm skin.

The mattress dipped between her legs when Walt moved just before he wrapped his arms around her upper thighs and parted her legs wider. When he blew out a breath of warm, moist air onto her pussy, her muscles clenched and she bucked up toward him.

She screamed softly when he licked up through her folds and lapped at her clit. The pleasure was so exquisite, she couldn’t stand it.

Jodi writhed, or tried to but the three brothers held her down.

Walt lapped at her clit while rimming her pussy entrance with a finger. Her legs quivered, and she gasped when he pushed the tip of his finger into her soaked hole, then he stroked in even further.

Pressure invaded her muscles and limbs. Air sawed in and out of her lungs as he gently pumped his finger deeper and deeper into her pussy. The tension grew higher and higher until she thought she was about to combust.

Jodi wasn’t sure how much more she could take.

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