Three Winters: Open Case (MFMM)

Ten Seasons 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,343
1 Ratings (4.0)

[Siren Menage Amour: Erotic romance, Suspense, Reverse Harem, Crime/Mystery, Paranormal/Vampires, MFMM, HEA]

Evelyn Sullivan’s life takes a sudden turn. A deep secret is revealed, and a powerful vampire comes for Eve’s memories at all costs. Victor Cardal, Troy Carmine, and Duke Hughes fight to protect her. They suggest marking her for her future safety, yet they don’t anticipate the side-effects that end up making them ask a vampire for help.

Alec Montoya’s case grows more and more bizarre. A breakthrough leads the team to the serial killer’s hideout, as well as to the possible involvement of a vampire. Yet three more bodies are found with a new code, while an unreliable witness is spared.

Their homicide unit, along with a new rookie team of criminal investigators, are finally closing in on the murderer. A name is revealed, and the puzzle pieces begin to fall into place. However, the clues might lead them to a case impossible to solve.

Three Winters: Open Case (MFMM)
1 Ratings (4.0)

Three Winters: Open Case (MFMM)

Ten Seasons 3

Siren-BookStrand, Inc.

Heat Rating: Sextreme
Word Count: 35,343
1 Ratings (4.0)
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Cover Art by Harris Channing


“Luke Barron will be available for another interview tomorrow morning at nine-thirty,” Duke said.

Eve nodded. “And we’ll be ready. We can’t let this opportunity pass us by, but I’m already expecting him to say he was at home that night,” she said. For now, she had no idea how she would turn the tables. They had to come up with a way to use Matthew’s statement against Luke. That was, if Luke had truly been Alec Montoya all along.

After a quick lunch, Eve went back to the office area with Victor and Duke, and Troy had to work on the autopsies. By the time Troy would be done, there was a chance they could use something more against Luke. Eve planned on getting Luke’s fingerprints and DNA, in case they’d need them in the future.

Their afternoon was occupied with paperwork and waiting for Troy to get any possible results. Eve opened the laptop and played the surveillance footage of Luke’s house. It was past her time to leave work, yet she didn’t want to leave her mates to meet with Raphael. She had an hour and a half left, and Raphael lived in the middle of the woods. Her will to go was gone, even if she wanted to get this whole thing over with.

“Maybe you should get there early,” Duke said, drawing Eve’s attention. “There’s always work to do, but you also have a schedule. Matthew Moreau’s arrest statement is in the system, the van and other evidence have reports, and his custody report is done. The logs are updated as well. You can go, Eve. Unless a homicide is called in, you can take it easy.”

Eve grumbled. “Fine, I’ll go. If I don’t remember anything soon, it was nice meeting the three of you,” she said and stood. She noticed Victor’s and Duke’s gazes. “I’ll do anything to see you again, okay?”

Victor smiled. “It’s going to be all right,” he said, mostly to himself.

“Call us if you need anything,” Duke said and awkwardly pointed his pen at Eve behind his computer.

It was clear they didn’t want her to go, but there was nothing they could do about it. Eve left the precinct, got into the car, and drove toward East Ultima. Raphael lived at the end of the long road there.

What mattered to Eve now was that this would finally come to an end. Earlier in the day, she’d thought the opposite. It had crossed her mind that if she’d extended the trial, she could prolong her time with her mates. Yet she had a bad feeling she couldn’t shake away.

Upon arriving at the rustic estate, Eve parked near the front of the house. She stepped out, resting her feet on the gravel. Her thoughts kept telling her to leave. Eve took a deep breath and approached the front door. As she’d expected, it opened before she could ring the doorbell.

“You must be the human the highest elder is expecting. Come in,” a blonde, tall young woman said. “I’m Nadia.”

Eve went inside when the young woman stepped aside. “I’m Eve,” she said quietly. She followed Nadia along a hallway after she closed the door. The inside of the house looked like a modern home. Everything was black and white. Only a few vases and paintings gave some bright colors to the place.

“Wait here and have a seat. He’ll be here in a minute,” Nadia said and motioned Eve into a large office.

“I can wait.” Eve watched as Nadia left the room with the door open. She sat at the table, on the chair at the farthest side. A large desk sat by the window. The office connected to a living room, yet could be closed by wide doors. A loud sound came from far away, and Eve looked toward the door.

The loud sounds continued, as if someone had boots on made of thick metal. This was the first time Eve had heard something like this. As the heavy stomps grew louder and closer, Eve’s fear increased.

Finally, the deep clacking reached the door. A man almost seven feet tall with slicked back dark hair walked in. He wore a black suit just like the Council of Vampires, yet his demeanor was completely different. He carried himself like royalty, his back straight and his head held high.

Eve swallowed hard when his intense blue eyes turned down toward her. “Good to meet you. I’m Eve,” she said, more quietly than she’d intended.

Raphael walked up to the table. Thick golden metal surrounded the front, sides, and back of his black shoes, as if to weigh him down. Eve couldn’t help but stare once Raphael sat next to her.

“Humans are always curious about these shoes,” Raphael said with a deep tone, and Eve looked up at him. “Highest elders like myself naturally glide. Our feet don’t touch the ground. Wearing these isn’t a fashion statement, it’s not to reveal our identities to humans.”

“I understand,” Eve uttered, even if she didn’t understand how that was possible. She tried not to fiddle with her fingers on her lap. “I’m sure you can tell I’m quite nervous. Balthazar Lioncourt told me you’re going to decide whether I can keep my memories or not.”

Raphael nodded and leaned closer. “I am going to erase your memories,” he said.

Eve stared at him, wide-eyed. Her heart pounded. “What?” she said, almost in a whisper. Her mind went blank.




Eve swallowed hard. “You can drink from me,” she said quietly, and Troy sank his fangs into her skin. She flinched, yet the pinch subsided within seconds, replaced by pleasure. Her breath got caught in her throat once she felt Victor sliding one of his fingers into her pussy.

Duke held her wrist and wrapped her hand around his hard cock. He leaned in and kissed her lips as he guided her hand to pump his prick. “Is it too much this early in the morning?” he asked.

“It’s perfect,” she moaned out. Since she’d always taken a while to reveal more of herself to the people she knew well, she couldn’t yet bring herself to say she had a high libido. It was as if having her mates in her life had increased her libido tenfold. Her focus had no longer been solely on work.

They kissed and touched for the next few minutes. Victor thrust two of his fingers into Eve’s pussy and nibbled her inner thighs. Eve noticed Troy drinking from her slowly, only his soft lips on her neck. She put her hand on Victor’s broad shoulder, drawing his attention. “Can we continue?” she asked quietly.

Troy licked Eve’s neck and moved away. “Pass me one. We have work soon,” he said, his hand open to Duke, who handed him a condom. He reached between Eve’s thighs and curved his torso with ease to put the condom on, looking over her shoulder.

Eve watched as Troy worked on covering his cock. She looked up when Victor got in the way. They shared a slow kiss. She jolted when Troy held the base of his cock and guided the tip into her pussy. As he stuffed her hole from behind, Victor cupped her breasts. She was glad Duke’s hand was around hers on his prick, because her arm would’ve gotten tired by now.

After a hard thrust, Troy let out a grunt at the sound of Eve’s prolonged moan filling the room. He held her sides with his lukewarm hands and arched her back up. He pounded his cock deeper into her and parted her legs with his thighs.

That got Victor’s attention. Victor went down and flicked Eve’s clit with his hot tongue while Troy held her in place. He sucked on it hard, causing her to grab his hair.

Eve welcomed the orgasm that rushed to the surface. She came hard, and both of them picked up the pace. Troy fucked her faster, and Victor flicked her clit with his tongue. Eve shook between them in strong jerks, her toes curling.

She clenched her hands around Troy’s wrists and moved her hips against his. She rode the orgasm as much as she could. Troy wasn’t done yet, so he didn’t stop. Eve’s heavy breaths mixed with prolonged moans.

Troy wrapped his arms around Eve into a tight hug and thrust hard into her pussy several times. He came within the condom in erratic motions. His muscles stiffened around Eve. “Damn it,” he grunted. His climax took over his body.

The way Troy squeezed her was pleasant, but she needed to breathe. “Loosen up,” she said quietly, patting his arm, and he eased on the tight hold immediately. Eve looked to her left and gazed at Duke coming. His ropes of spunk gushed upward and landed onto his hand. His hand covered most of hers. She locked eyes with him when he released her hand, and they kissed.

“I’m the one left,” Victor said. He raised Eve’s hips so Troy would pull out. He pulled at the condom over his own prick and replaced Troy’s cock with his own. He filled her wet, throbbing pussy. “Do you want to change positions or is this better for you?”

Eve switched her attention to Victor. Before she could answer, Troy hugged her again. “Like this,” she said, still trying to catch her breath. She already knew Victor wouldn’t last long either. His dark eyes lost focus as he watched his engorged cock thrusting into her. Her moans were back, and even more so with Victor’s prick rubbing her inside over and over again.

Victor moved onto Eve and put his hands next to her and Troy’s sides. He rolled his hips against her pussy in short, deep pumps of his prick. She barely rocked on top of Troy. Victor took the chance that Troy held her in place, and searched for the best angle to pleasure Eve.

A loud cry of pleasure escaped Eve. “Right there,” Eve blurted out. Her eyes widened and she arched her back. Victor pounded into her at the same angle. She couldn’t resist the overwhelming rush of intense pleasure and came hard. Her entire body twitched and heaved, yet Troy kept her from moving too much. Her throat closed against her will. Victor continued to fuck her at an inhuman speed. She couldn’t help it and pushed at Victor’s strong thigh with her foot.

A beastly growl came from Victor’s mouth at the way Eve clenched around his cock. He pressed his groin against Eve’s pussy, his dick deep inside, and he came as well. His vampire fangs grew over his bottom teeth, his jaw clenched.

Eve’s legs went limp. Instead of pulling out, Victor moved his knees over her extended legs. He thrust slowly into her pussy and gave her neck several kisses. She moaned quietly. With a tilt of her head, Victor went ahead and bit her neck. A pleasant wave of pleasure coursed through her. He drank from her and continued to pump his engorged cock into her pulsating pussy.

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